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25+ Trendy Boys Haircuts 2024 | Stylish Hairstyles For Your Little Man

Be it for the summer or for school, a haircut is important for a growing boy to look and feel great. 

Other than their outfits, the variety of trendy boys haircuts really helps bring out your kid’s individuality.

Being able to find the right style for the impression they wish to make has become much easier and incredibly important with the changing time.  

Expressing their personality through the overall look is possible due to the wide range of styles from short, classic looks to modern takes on longer hairstyles – anything is possible. 

But with such an incredibly large number of choices, finding the best can feel confusing and difficult!

We have put together a list of the best options for your son to choose from with detailed descriptions so you can stay informed on the manageability and comfort. 

Let us get into it! 

Trendy Boys Haircuts 2023

Wavy Shag Trendy Boys Haircuts

trendy boys haircuts

The shaggy look is one of the hottest trends of the year. The wavy shag is well suited for a teen boy. 

Keeping the youthful and playful look. We can thank Harry Styles for popularizing this haircut. This type of haircut works on all hair types but is especially great on thick hair.  

Similar to the straight shag, this look is based on layers. The difference is the wavy shag requires longer layers all around the head.

 Usually, this haircut is achieved with a razor instead of a clipper or scissors. 

This haircut is supposed to look effortless, and in fact, it simply is effortless to maintain.

You can take out a part if you like or leave it be.

Nowadays, it is popular to see a faint middle part to give the hairstyle a more intentional feel.  

Short Afro Trendy Boys Haircuts

black boy hairstyles afro

An afro is a haircut that transcends age and time. An afro looks especially endearing on a little boy. 

Although this look has survived the passage of time, it has done so as it worked to adapt to the changing times.  

The ’80s, as iconic as it is, will not fly with the boys of today. The current most popular version is more controlled. 

The short, tapered look makes the natural curls’ texture much better. 

Although natural black hair does not require a lot of maintenance to keep the curls, you may require some amount of styling to keep the look consistently fresh and neat.  

Getting this haircut at any barber’s would be simple, I would recommend showing them a picture so you can have the style exactly as you like it. 

Creating an afro is always tricky but having the sides short makes this much easier to achieve. 

Smooth Blend and Braid 

14 year old boy haircuts 2022

This is one of those trendy boys haircuts that is very popular at the moment and rightfully so. This is an incredibly neat and sharp look and works well for the age. 

Keeping the hair in place while your boy is kicking up a storm can be difficult. This is also a great haircut for the summers. 

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This haircut keeps the sides short and the top braided, making this one of the easiest to manage hair looks on this list.  

Having a smooth shave on the sides is a part of the trendiest haircuts for boys today. There are many varieties of braids to choose from to come up with your own unique look. 

This is a super edgy yet versatile look that works perfectly in creating an appearance that is both trendy and out of the ordinary. 

You can sift through bold and daring designs to anything more subtle or intricate. The smooth blend and braids can suit any little gentleman.  

Faux Hawk Trendy Boys Haircuts

12 year old boy haircuts 2021

If you really want to go for it with your son’s striking personality, give the faux hawk a chance. The kind of haircut that exudes the cool factor are the ones young boys today gravitate towards. 

A full-on mohawk may be a severe look but a more subtle substitute is the faux hawk much shorter on the top in comparison to the well-known mohawk, but with similar close-to-skin sides.  

This one is sure to make your kid stand out. 

This may have been unusual in our day, now it’s one of the most popular looks for kids. It is natural for little boys to want to look cool in front of their peers. 

Why deny the innocence of this childhood? This type of hairstyle is generally spiked, making it more organized and neater.

However, a messier faux hawk can make it look sportier. Depending on the look you are going for, you can change it up on the go.  

Crew Cut Trendy Boys Haircuts

types of boys haircuts

A Crew Cut is the kind of haircut that never goes out of style. An all-time classic, crew cuts are a go-to for boys everywhere. 

The style is fairly adaptable but is overall an athletic look great for active boys. A crew cut really defines the face. It is also the kind of hairstyle that you can get done at any salon.  

It is almost impossible to find a barber who cannot do a good crew cut. If you are feeling confident, you can try doing it at home as well. You will need a clipper with varying lengths. 

Keeping the top longest. The sides need to be cut shorter and keep going shorter as you reach the back. Try to keep the tapering gradual. 

The Crew Cut is easily a sophisticated look with minimal fuss. This type of haircut exudes confidence and appears remarkably sharp. 

While being all that this short haircut is also easy to maintain and simple to style. Anyone who values looking great without having to expend as much energy is a perfect candidate. 

In this regard, this haircut is a best seller for any growing boy.  

You can also go from a short crew cut to a long crew cut. This is a more modern take on the traditional short crew cut. 

This is an elevated look yet stays true to the sharp appearance that a classic crew cut promises. 

Curly Top Short Sides 

hairstyle boy 2021

Finding a good haircut for curly hair can feel like a challenge because it’s always felt like there has been no effort in styling curly hair. 

This look on the other hand has a sharp put together feel like no other. It is youthful and a smart look for a young boy.

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From everyday casual to sharp in a suit, your boy is going to be turning heads with this look. 

With the flood of trends that sweep the Internet daily, we often see hairstyles for men that are also recommended for younger boys.

This look is the kind that adapts to the age that is wearing it. 

You don’t need to worry about your son looking too “grown-up” with this look. Smart, young and casual is the theme here!

Long Buzz Cut Trendy Boys Haircuts

hairstyles for teenage guys

You should consider the long buzz cut if you have grown tired of the work that comes with long hair. 

Unlike a regular buzz cut, the long buzz cut leaves you with hair all around the head with enough length to be noticeable. 

This is a great option for boys who are into sports or other high-energy activities as it requires zero hassle.  

This cut is an obvious choice for anyone who is looking for a low-maintenance cut that works well with their lifestyle but doesn’t compromise on the looks front.

 In addition to being an athletic look, this also caters to any young boy looking for an edgy style.  

This one is the easier haircut that you can achieve at home for your son with your own clippers. You can use a medium-sized blade that will not cut the hair too short. 

You can ask your barber for a fade on the side if you want to change it up a bit. 

Pompadour Trendy Boys Haircuts

long hairstyles for teenage guys 2021

The Pompadour is one of the most recognizable haircuts out there. 

Once made popular by Elvis Presley, the Pompadour has come a long way with multiple variations to please the boys of today. You can have it cut long, short, with an undercut, or disconnected.  

This haircut offers a variety of ways to own the style for yourself. A look that demands attention, smart and stylish, the pompadour delivers. 

The cut itself is rather simple but looks highly fashionable. Nothing looks quite as amazing as a gel-styled pompadour. It is wildly popular to get the sides buzzed or faded with this hairstyle. 

Perfect Tousle 

hairstyles for teenage guys

A throwback hairstyle that has made a comeback is the Perfect Tousle. This one might evoke memories of your own childhood. 

The 70’s ‘it’ look, the perfect tousle is a natural, wavy, full haircut that has a little bit of layering to allow movement in the hair. 

These layers create texture and volume and no doubt, this is one of the looks that boys will gravitate towards. 

This offers a laid-back appearance that requires you to be laid back. You will want to skip a haircut so the ends stick out a bit. This is the best condition for the ideal tousled look.  

Temple Fade 

fade hairstyles for boys 2021

Another versatile look for short hair is the Temple Fade. This is also popularly known as the Temp Fade. 

For someone looking for a clean-cut look, the temp fade works well as it keeps the sides neat as well as the top. 

What is wonderful about this type of hairstyle is that even with being so sharp and sophisticated it doesn’t appear boring. 

Being a young boy, wanting to stand out and express their creative personality is only natural. You can have any type of design simple, subtle or bold, shaved on the sides elevating this look further. 

You can also adjust the size of the fade as you like it. A longer fade can dramatically change the look. 

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If you are still in need of more options. We have got you covered. 

Let me present you with 5 more choices of haircuts that your little kiddo will love. Here, check them out below!

Long Quiff 

bangs hairstyle for boys 2021

Long Fringe 

hairstyles for teenage guys

French Crop 

short hairstyles for teenage boys

Two Block Haircut 

two block haircuts for teens


trendy boys haircuts

Clean Side Part Hairstyle

trendy short boy haircuts
Source: Instagram@mibarbers

High Fade Undercut With Funky Design

10 year old boy haircuts

Short Cropped Hairstyle

french crop hairstyles for little boys
Source: Instagram@missashairhideaway

Low Fade with Side Part

Taper Fade with Curly Bangs

Neat Side Parted Hair For Toddlers

Mid Fade Haircut with Curls For African American Boys

Side Parted Short Layers

How to choose the right haircut for your little boy?

Boys’ haircuts can be pretty varied, but some popular cuts include the quiff, crewcut, mohawk, and bun. When it comes to choosing a hairstyle for your son, keep in mind his personal style and preferences. He may prefer something shorter or more simple than what you’re used to wearing yourself. And remember that whatever haircut he chooses should be easy to take care of – avoid styles that require frequent styling or multiple preparations!

What is the most popular haircut for 2023 boys?

There are several haircuts that are popular this year for little boys. If your little boy has short hair, then you can try the buzz cut or high taper fade hairstyles to give make him more stylish. For medium length hair, you can try styles like comb overs, side parted hairstyles, quiffs etc. You can also make a combination of two hair lengths by giving your boy an undercut or a high top haircut where the hair’s longer at the top and neatly shaven towards the nape of the neck.

What is the TikTok boy hairstyle?

The current hairstyles that are popular in Tiktok right now are the Mop Tops and Wolf Cuts. The mop top is a type of undercut hairstyle where the hair is longer at the top of the head and usually worn very messy and allowed to cover a part of your forehead. These haircuts usually go well with wavy or curly hair. The wolf cut is just a modern variation of the mullet. The only difference is that the hair is layered more evenly and doesn’t have a very stark difference in length from front to back.

Little boys can enjoy any hairstyle that looks good on their parents or other adults. Some popular styles include the undercut, high and tight fade, slick back, afro puffs, quiffs, cornrows braids and twists.

There is no one perfect haircut for every little boy; it’s up to you to find what works best for your son.

The trendy boys haircuts motioned in this list include all hair types and hair lengths that may be of your concern. 

Most looks are adaptable to all hair types and can be easily achieved by your local barber. Hair is a representation of how you wish to be seen.

Your child is now grown enough to choose a style that works with his lifestyle and personality. Hopefully, this list has helped him arrive at a decision. 

Make sure whatever you choose you can maintain and thankfully most trendy styles mentioned above are low maintenance, high value. 

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