Does Tresemme Make Your Hair Fall Out

Does Tresemme Make Your Hair Fall Out | Hair Loss, DMDM Hydantoin and Lawsuit Shocker In 2024

Does Tresemme make your hair fall out? Read on to find out the truth behind the popular hair care brand.

No matter how busy we are with our daily schedule, there is no denying the fact that we need to indulge in a great hair care routine. Needless to say, shampooing tops my priority haircare list. 

The Tresemme shampoos are extremely good and there was a time in my life when I used them so often simply because they did the basic role of cleansing my hair and removing all the extra dirt and grime that had accumulated over time.

For those of you who don’t know, Tresemme is a very popular American hair care brand that has a reputable name for its affordability yet luxury packaged products. 

From shampoos to conditioners, to hair sprays, to hair mousse, and other hair treatments, Tresemme does it all.

However, the iconic brand has been under the spotlight for the controversy that some of its hair care products have caused hair loss in some customers. 

Does Tresemme Make Your Hair Fall Out

About Tresemme Shampoos

Tresemme is an American brand of hair care and beauty products that was founded way back in the 1940s and was bought by Unilever in 2010.

The brand was named after female entrepreneur Edna L. Emmé, expert hair care, and cosmetologist.

Does Tresemme Make Your Hair Fall Out

She knew exactly what women wanted, she wanted them to feel more confident and empowered with beautiful hair, so she wanted this brand to be accessible to everyone.

Although, the brand was initially intended to be distributed to beauty salons later on it was distributed to supermarkets and pharmacies as well, making it popular and affordable to more women.

Is Tresemme Brand Sulfate Free?

One ingredient that gets a lot of brands in trouble is sulfates and in the case of Tresemme, it is Sodium lauryl Sulfate which is actually a cleanser meant to encourage gathering of the shampoo but sadly it can be harsh and cause harmful scalp irritation and strip moisture and hair color from the hair.

It’s a common ingredient found in most Tresemme shampoos, though they do offer a few products that are sulfate free. 

The Tresemme conditioners also contain such sulfates that in the long run may be bad for your hair. Their hair sprays and hair mousse contain ethanol which just like sulfate is equally drying to the scalp. 

So, I would advise you to always check the ingredients list before you purchase any of the Tresemme shampoos.

What Is The Tresemme Hair Loss Lawsuit?

After a viral post in 2020, the Tresemme brand faced a deadly lawsuit. A lady claimed that she lost hair due to the  Tresemme Keratin smooth shampoo, and as a result, Unilever was faced with a class action for selling products with harmful ingredients that cause hair loss and scalp burns.

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After investigation, it was discovered that the ingredient responsible for many consumers’ reactions was DMDM hydantoin which is a preservative used in many cosmetics to prevent the growth of many microorganisms such as bacteria in products. 

Despite the claim, the defendant companies said their products are safe but the lawsuit gained a lot of traction through social media which led to more potential 

plaintiffs coming forward with additional lawsuits.

does tresemme shampoo make hair straight

Several customers had voiced their concerns about their reactions claiming their concerns with bald spots and hair falling out in clumps, scalp dryness, irritation, and itchiness.

I would recommend using a shampoo that is free of DMDM hydantoin and any other harmful chemicals that could cause some serious damage to your beautiful hair.

Other Controversies About Tresemme Hair Products

Unilever also marketed its Keratin Smooth line of shampoos to all women searching for shiny, smooth, manageable hair with the application of keratin, a natural protein that gently cleanses and deeply nourishes, and repairs the hair.

Many consumers felt cheated by the false advertising that misled them into thinking they would get silkier, and salon-quality hair after using the product.

In August 2020, the brand was accused of being racist when a marketing campaign in South Africa actually featured an advertisement of a black model with the text- dry and damaged, dull and frizzy.’ It also had a photo of a white model with text saying normal, fine, and flat.

This obviously outraged many consumers which resulted in protests, retail stores threatening to remove all products from their stores, and so on.

The response from Unilever was that they would remove all products from around the world from stores for ten days as an apology because the intent behind the advertisement was not malicious and to only demonstrate the variety of products the company had available.

Also, as mentioned already, the  controversy about ingredients contained in causing hair damage and hair loss, and potentially being carcinogenic were some of the main controversies against Tresemme.

Tresemme Shampoo Side Effects

Tresemme  contains many ingredients such as silicones, sulfates, and phthalates that are all quite harsh  on the hair and scalp that can cause irritation and 

hair loss over time.

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A variety of hair care products that the brand offers claims to promote healthy, smooth, and well-nourished hair but sadly that isn’t the case.

Many chemicals used in these products can lead to your hair becoming dry,  brittle,  and broken in the long term.

A small review on a “Tresemme shampoo review”

On my trip to the supermarket about three months ago,  I picked to review the Tresemme keratin smooth shampoo for dry frizzy hair. My hair is so dry that you can even generate fire by rubbing the ends together (no jokes!)

I am always trying new products that will tame my frizziness so here is my honest review-

tresemme shampoo side effects

Appearance: The shampoo comes in a beautiful bright red colored sturdy bottle with a pump dispenser. 

Consistency: It has neither thick nor runny consistency and is somewhere in between.

Fragrance: It has the most adorable fragrance ever that greets your nose as soon as you open its cap.

Ingredients: Glycerine, Citric acid, Parabens, SLS, and Keratin.

Cleansing ability: Besides smelling nice, the shampoo lathers well and leaves my hair squeaky clean effectively.


-Smells wonderful

-Easily available



-Contains too many chemicals

-Effects do not last long

Worth to buy? I would personally not buy it again.

Tresemme Products That Contain DMDM Hydantoin

  • TRESemmé 24 Hour Volume Shampoo
  • TRESemmé 24 Hour Body Conditioner
  • TRESemmé Clean & Natural Shampoo
  • TRESemmé Clean & Natural Conditioner
  • TRESemmé Expert Keratin Smooth Shampoo
  • TRESemmé Expert Keratin Smooth Conditioner
  • TRESemmé Moisture Rich Shampoo
  • TRESemmé Expert Keratin Smooth Conditioner
does tresemme shampoo contain dmdm hydantoin

Does Tresemmé Cause Cancer?

DMDM hydantoin is classified as a formaldehyde releaser that is harmful to the skin and cancerogenic.

When it is in contact with water, DMDM Hydantoin releases formaldehyde, an impurity released by preservatives, and gets absorbed into the bloodstream which could cause severe skin, lung, and eye irritations and especially cancer.

In the long run, yes, continuous use of this chemical will lead to exposure to a carcinogen. 

Does Tresemme Make Your Hair Fall Out?

While there are many claims and even a lawsuit that the brand’s products cause hair loss, there is actually no scientific evidence to support this claim because to be practical hair loss can be caused by many things such as genetics, hormone imbalances, stress, medical conditions, and more. 

If you are experiencing hair loss, it is best to consult with your dermatologist to find out what could be the underlying cause.

Some of their products can be too harsh and stripping for the hair which can lead to thinning hair over time.

Tresemme Spotlight: My Overall Opinion

It seems as if both Tresemme and Unilever have taken customer concerns about hair damage, hair loss, skin irritation, and other harmful ingredients seriously,  and have taken the allegations and lawsuit very seriously by removing DMDM Hydantoin and parabens from their products.

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Tresemme even has its own dedicated ‘sulfate-free’ range available, which I think is a noble step.

While the controversy is ongoing, the brand has reacted very constructively and addressed all customer concerns with more natural products without any use of harsh chemicals.

I still feel there are many haircare products available in the brand’s collection that are worth mentioning.

The Tresemme  Hairspray is one of the brand’s most popular products which of course contains some synthetic chemicals that may cause skin irritation but is totally free from many of the other chemicals found in their shampoos and conditioners.

Therefore, I  can say that it is good or not so bad for your hair.

If you are also looking for something that is good for your hair and would like a nourishing effect, then opt for the Keratin Deep Smoothing Mask which is a leave-in conditioner containing natural argan oil and keratin to help soften the hair cuticles and tame frizz.

Why You Should Trust Haireveryday?

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To conclude, are you still wondering whether Tresemme products are good for your hair?

 Overall, they are safe to use but probably not the best quality out there according to me.

Although the brand has shown good faith in the reformulation of its entire shampoo line that contains DMDM hydantoin, they still do contain harmful ingredients that could potentially cause damage to hair fall.

Using these products over time may sensitize your scalp so it could definitely make things much worse if you have a sensitive scalp.

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