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7 Different Types Of Wax For Hair Removal 2024

Want to wear that mini skirt in your closet with confidence? Having smooth hairless legs can help.

But does this mean you have to go to the beauty parlor and spend time (not to mention so much money), every other day?

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Nope. You can wax at home. And don’t worry, these latest types of wax for hair removal ensure a painless experience. Yes, even if you’re doing a Brazilian wax.

There are several entrants on our wax name list. You can simply pick one that feels right for you.

The different types of waxing methods suit different skin types. It’s also important to use the right types of natural wax while waxing sensitive areas. 

Types of Wax For Hair RemovalRecommended ProductSuitable For
Warm Soft WaxGiGi All Purpose Honee Hair Removal Soft WaxLegs and forearms
Warm Hard WaxKolua Hard Wax BeansFacial hair and bikini line
Fruit WaxGigi Super Fruit WaxAll skin types
Pre-Made Wax StripsSally Hansen Hair Remover Wax Strip KitSmaller areas
Chocolate WaxStarpil Chocolate WaxSensitive skin
Sugar WaxVidaSleek Full Body Sugar WaxFacial hair, forearms, legs
Rica WaxRica Milk Liposoluble Wax Easy removing

So if you want to know what are the different types of wax for hair removal. And which one is suitable for you, read on below:

Types of wax for hair removal 2023

Warm Soft Wax

Warm soft wax is fantastic if you want to cover large areas like your forearms and legs in one go. It spreads very easily and can remove even finer strands of hair from your skin. It’s mainly used for strip waxing. 

This means a strip of cloth is used to cover the waxed area and pull out the strands. 

A traditional soft wax contains honey or resin as its base. But there are a few newer ones in the market today that have a cream base. To use a soft wax you need to warm it and apply it over the skin.

A lot of aestheticians do not recommend soft waxes for sensitive skin or bikini areas. These waxes stick to the skin as well as the hair.

So while soft waxes might be super-efficient at removing body hair, they can leave your skin irritated. 

However, the latest cream-based waxes come with ingredients like titanium dioxide that protects your skin from the wax and prevents inflammation. 

Check out your favorite soft wax kit from Amazon below:

GiGi All Purpose Honee Hair Removal Soft Wax 

wax name list
hard wax

Warm Hard Wax

Hard wax is among the best wax for hair removal at home as you are strip-free. This means you don’t have to cover the waxed area with a cloth strip. The hardened wax acts like a strip itself. 

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Most aestheticians prefer using this type for Brazilian wax as hard wax helps remove coarse pubic hair efficiently. The different types of hard wax are great for more sensitive areas of the skin like the upper lip, eyebrows, nose, bikini area, etc. 

What we loved about hard waxes is that they coat only the hair and not the skin. So you won’t feel any pain while waxing. 

But there are certain things you need to keep in mind while using hard wax. As it clings to the hair, the strands must be long enough.

We suggest keeping it at 1/4th of an inch at the least. That would be about a week of no-shaving. Also, it’s important to apply the wax in the direction of the hair growth. 

Hard wax is not very suitable for larger areas unless you’re applying it in sections. If you apply spread hard wax on a wider area at one go, it can cause the hair to break. 

A lot of folks prefer soft wax to hard wax as the latter isn’t strong enough to hold the strands from the root.

So you might have to go over the same patch of the skin two or three times. This can cause trouble for people with sensitive skin. 

Kolua Hard Wax Beans

types of waxing methods

Fruit Wax

Fruit wax is another type of wax without strips. In fact, it is very similar to hard wax. Its application, prepping process, dos and don’ts are exactly the same for hard wax.

But there’s one major difference. It’s amazing for your skin. 

Yes, it’s not just a great wax for sensitive skin, it is in some ways a skincare product in itself.

This type of wax comes packed with fruit extracts. Berries, plums, papaya, cranberries, etc. being the most common. 

These are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals and help nourish your skin from the inside out. 

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that a fruit wax is much costlier than others on this list. 

Gigi Super Fruit Wax

fruit wax
types of wax strips
Source: Unsplash.com

Pre-Made Wax Strips

Pre-made wax strips are the best type of wax for hair removal if you are a beginner. They are essentially little strips pre-coated with soft wax.

So you can take them directly from the pack and use them without any pre-heating. You don’t even need an extra cloth strip.

It is recommended that you heat them a bit by warming them between your palms. But that’s all that is required! This is also a great option if you are traveling. 

These strips have cold soft wax. So using them won’t hurt your skin either. 

There’s just one drawback to this type of waxing. And it’s that the wax isn’t spreadable! So you’ll probably have to use multiple strips in sections. 

Sally Hansen Hair Remover Wax Strip Kit

types of waxing strips

Chocolate Wax 

Want to get rid of those pesky peach fuzz? Chocolate wax is among the types of wax for the face! We also suggest you try this one if you have really sensitive skin.

It can either be a hard wax or soft wax. So you can use it on more sensitive areas like bikini lines and spread them on larger skin areas like legs.

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Yes, chocolate wax has to be applied warm. But don’t worry it has a low melting point. So it won’t hurt your skin. 

The best part about chocolate wax is the nourishment it provides to your skin.

It comes with the goodness of cocoa, almond oil, soybean oil, vitamin E, glycerin, and other emollients. They deeply hydrate your skin and have anti-inflammatory properties too!

As expected, this skin-friendly product comes with a heavier price tag. But trust us, we think it’s worth it!

Starpil Chocolate Wax

waxing sensitive areas

Sugar Wax

Technically, sugaring isn’t the same as waxing. And sugar wax isn’t wax at all! But it’s a common depilatory item that’s been used for centuries. 

Sugar “wax” is a mix of lemon juice, sugar, and hot water. Originating, in the Middle East, this type of waxing is great for sensitive skin. It functions just like a hard wax.

But unlike hard wax, it’s easily spreadable. So you can remove from larger areas like legs or forearms in one go. 

The best thing about sugaring is that the “wax” is awater-soluble. And this makes cleaning up so much easier. 

Pro Tip: Apply a sugar wax in the direction opposite to the grain of the hair. And remove it by pulling in the direction of hair growth. This is completely opposite to how you’d apply a traditional hard or soft wax. 

VidaSleek Full Body Sugar Wax 

wax without strips

Rica Wax 

Rica wax is simply a type of wax that is liposoluble. Rica is actually a patented name.

This type of wax is suitable for more delicate areas of the body like the bikini line and face. And it’s also an amazingly gentle product for sensitive skin. 

Rica wax is made of resin and vegetable oils, unlike regular wax which usually contains sugar, beeswax, or honey. These waxes ensure smooth removal of body hair in one go.  

And as it is liposoluble (dissolves in fatty acids), the wax can easily be removed using a post-wax oil. So it’s much less messy too. 

Rica Milk Liposoluble Wax For Sensitive Skin

rica wax

Hypoallergenic Wax

Most of the types of wax for hair removal given above depends on the formula and the texture of the waxes.

But hypoallegernic waxes can be soft wax, hard wax, or any other type of wax. What makes this product different from other types of wax for hair removal is that it’s designed for sensitive, allergy-prone skin.

So if you’re allergic to certain ingedients like a fruit or honey, etc. these waxes come handy!

Using these hair wax products, you can prevent redness, itching, irritation, hives, and other unforseen allergic reactions some people might have after waxing.

If you want silky, smooth legs, the best way to get rid of unwanted hair and dead skin is by waxing. But going to the salon every other week can be a pain. So with these different types of wax for hair removal, you can go about grooming yourself from the comfort of your home. 

FAQs – Types of wax for hair removal 

How to wax with hard wax beads?

Hard wax beads are painless and an easy way to remove body hair. Here’s how you do it:
Step 1: Clean your skin and make sure it’s free of any lotions, oils, creams, etc before you start waxing. 
Step 2: Take the hard wax beads in a bowl and melt them. You can do it in a microwave. But a wax warmer is much better as it allows consistent heating. 
Step 3: Using a plastic spatula or a good old wooden wax applicator, spread the wax over the area of the skin. Apply the wax in the direction of hair growth, and keep the edges of the wax layer a bit thicker than the rest. 
Step 4: Give the wax layer some time to harden. You can check by tapping your nails on the wax. The layer should look smooth and be firm when you touch it. Using the spatula loosen the edge of the layer a bit. Pull it off in a quick, decisive swipe. 

And there you have it, a patch of smooth, hairless skin! Repeat until you’ve got all the sections of your arms or legs covered. You can even apply some aloe vera gel to soothe any redness. 

What kind of wax do salons use for hair removal?

Most salons use hard or soft wax for hair removal. But some places do offer chocolate waxing services at a higher price. 

What type of wax removes pubic hair?

Hard waxes are better at removing pubic hair as the strands down below tend to be coarse and thick. And hard wax types such as paraffin or beeswax can grip your hair better. 
But make sure you’re buying hard wax with soothing, anti-inflammatory ingredients such as chamomile, honey, or aloe vera to ensure there is no burning or redness in your pubic area after use. 

Which wax is best for removing tan?

To be fair, all types of waxing can help remove tan as they remove the top layer of skin (mostly composed of dead skin cells). But chocolate waxing is better as tanned skin can be sensitive and the natural oils in the chocolate wax help nourish the skin. 

Which wax is good for sensitive skin?

Chocolate wax is a good option for folks with sensitive skin. It usually contains natural oils like olive oil, soybean oil, and almond oil along with cocoa extracts. These ingredients help nourish the skin from deep within. 
Sugaring (which is technically not a wax) is also good for removing hair from sensitive areas such as your upper lips or eyebrows.  

Should you apply oil before hard wax?

This one is tricky. Generally, waxes do not stick properly to oily surfaces. But if your skin is too dry and flaky, waxing can be difficult. In this case, yes.
Applying a few drops of oil on the hair before waxing can help the hard wax adhere to the strands better. But make sure you’re using only 2-3 drops, and blot any excess oil with help of a tissue. 
Also, make sure the oil is applied mostly on the hair strands and not on the skin directly. 



If you want to remove unwanted body hair, waxing is the easiest way to go about it. But all the different names and types of wax for hair removal can be daunting.

Especially if you’re planning to do it by yourself at home.

So knowing the latest wax types, including hard wax, sugar wax, and rice wax is a great way to ensure you pick the right product for your skin types and needs. 

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