Wella Invigo Volume Boost Shampoo vs. Matrix Volumizing Shampoo

Here Is My Review Of Wella Invigo Volume Boost Shampoo vs. Matrix Volumizing Shampoo

In this article, I will be comparing Wella Invigo Volume Boost Shampoo vs. Matrix Volumizing Shampoo in terms of their ingredients and packaging.

I have tried getting root lifts and using root volumizing products in order to make my hair look more voluminous, but they didn’t work too great. That’s when I decided that maybe trying a volumizing shampoo could do me good.

Volumizing shampoos are specifically meant to help improve the texture of the hair and increase hair volume by expanding the fibers of the hair strands, by penetrating into the hair shaft. This is what makes the hair look fuller and gives the hair body.

So after learning about the benefits of using a volumizing shampoo I got down to trying out a few. While some didn’t work at all, the two shampoos did quite a good job in increasing and boosting my hair volume.

Here’s my review about the Wella Invigo Volume Boost Shampoo and the Matrix Volumizing Shampoo.

Wella Invigo Volume Boost Shampoo vs. Matrix Volumizing Shampoo

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Wella Invigo Volume Boost Shampoo vs. Matrix Volumizing Shampoo

Who Is Wella?

Wella is a German brand that has been around for over 140 years! It was founded by Franz Stroher, a professional hairdresser. From hair care products to hair styling products, Wella has it all. Today, Wella is one of the world’s leading haircare and beauty companies.

They have won several awards in the field of hair care over the years, because they deliver high-quality products made from the best and finest of ingredients.

wella shampoo

At Wella, they are committed to developing products that are safe, not just for the people, but also for our planet, Mother Earth.

That’s why they believe in sustainability in all aspects of their products including their manufacturing, packaging, sourcing, and delivery.

They also aim at ending animal testing in the whole of the beauty industry and strictly do not test their products on animals.

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At Wella, they make sure that all their products are made in compliance with the law, in terms of manufacture, packaging and sourcing because their products are sold all over the globe.

Who Is Matrix?

Matrix is yet another one of the leading haircare professional brands that is based in the United States. It was founded in the year 1980 by Arnie and Sydell Miller.

Arnie Miller was a professional hairdresser and that’s how he decided that they wanted to provide other professional hairdressers with products that are of a wide range to be able to suit people with all hair types and textures.

Matrix Volumizing Shampoo

They believe in maximizing their product development while minimizing the effect it creates on the planet. So this means that they create their products with more natural ingredients and use recycled packaging to create sustainability.

Since quality is always a concern, Matrix, believe that it shouldn’t be, because they make their products with the best and finest quality ingredients, in order to be able to deliver excellent products consistently.

At A Glance

 Wella Invigo Volume Boost ShampooMatrix Volumizing Shampoo
Top IngredientsCotton seed oil, salicylic acidProtein, glycerin, salicylic acid
Main product benefitsHair volumizingIncrease in hair volume
Gentle on the scalpYesYes
Free from harsh chemicalsNo, contains both SLS and SLESNo, contains SLES
Safe for colour-treated hairYesYes
Item formThick liquidThick liquid
Quantity1 litre (33.8 Fl. Oz)300 ml (10.1 Fl. Oz.)

Wella Invigo Volume Boost Shampoo

The ingredients:

This shampoo contains the ingredient cotton seed oil. This was the very first time I had seen a shampoo contain this ingredient. It is known to be a good moisturizer and can help reduce the loss of protein from the hair.

wella invigo volume boost conditioner

This is important as the loss of protein in the hair can contribute to the loss of hair and reduction in hair volume.

Salicylic acid in shampoos can contribute to the reduction of the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT), thereby reducing hair loss and loss of hair body.

The texture of the shampoo:

Well, the texture of this shampoo was a thick liquid, which felt more like a thin gel-like consistency, which I really liked. It also lathered very well on my hair and was easy to use as well.

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How well it worked on my hair:

I have fine hair that had absolutely nobody. It took a few washes for the results to start showing and once it did, I soon noticed that my hair started looking much fuller than before and gave my hair more volume.

wella invigo volume boost shampoo review
Source: Instagram @bossacosmeticos

Its usage:

I used it just how I’d use any other shampoo. I wet my hair with lukewarm water and then diluted a little shampoo on the palm of my hands, rubbed my palms together and lathered it over my hair.

The packaging:

I really liked the packaging of this bottle, even though the size is a 1 litre bottle and is not too travel-friendly if you have a space constraint, it still is a great product to travel with because it doesn’t leak out. Yes, its screw-on cap shuts quite tightly and the shampoo remains secure inside.

wella invigo volume boost conditioner
Source: Instagram @akhairuk

The price:

I paid $19.04, for a 1 litre bottle of shampoo and I thought that it was quite a reasonable price that I got it for.

Matrix Volumizing Shampoo

The ingredients:

This shampoo contains protein, glycerin and salicylic acid. Our hair is made up of protein and over time this protein gets depleted.

That’s why when shampoos contain this ingredient, the protein bonds find their way back into the hair strand and contribute to making the hair feel fuller and appear more voluminous.

Glycerin is another ingredient that helps contributes significantly to hair thickness. It keeps the hair hydrated as well and can help reduce thinning down of hair over time.

Matrix Volumizing Shampoo Ingredients

Lastly, salicylic acid in shampoos can contribute to the reduction of hair thinning by the reduction of the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Thus it can improve the body and volume of the hair.

The texture of the shampoo:

The texture of this shampoo is a thick liquid. I found that it works very well when applied to wet hair that is first rinsed with lukewarm water. It helps spread the shampoo evenly all over the hair.

Source: Instagram @ beautysupplypl

How well it worked on my hair:

For someone with fine hair that lacked body and volume in their hair, this shampoo was a lifesaver. It added so much more fullness to my hair volume and I noticed that my hair started looking bouncier than it used to be.

Its usage:

It’s super easy to use, just like any other cleansing shampoo. I rinsed my hair with lukewarm water and applied this shampoo evenly all over and massaged it in for a few minutes, before washing it off.

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The packaging:

I loved everything about this packaging. From its sleek bottle to its flip-open and shut cap. It is super convenient to use while traveling as well and the shampoo doesn’t leak out either.

The price:

I paid a whopping $32.00 for a 300 ml bottle, which I found was super expensive. (The shampoo worked well thankfully, so it didn’t make me feel as bad for paying this hefty price).

Comparison Of Shampoos


Well, both these shampoos contained a common ingredient – salicylic acid. Apart from that the Wella shampoo contained cottonseed oil and the Matrix shampoo contained glycerin and protein.

Even though both the shampoos did a good job at increasing the body and volume of my hair, I personally prefer the ingredients of the Matrix shampoo because our hair is made up of protein and adding protein in the shampoo seems like a good way to substitute the depleting protein in our hair strands.

Effectiveness on the hair:

I have no preferences on this front, as both these shampoos did an equally good job in adding volume to my hair and giving my fine hair a fuller appearance.

Gentleness on the scalp:

Well, what I didn’t like much was that both these shampoos contained sulfates. While the Wella shampoo had both SLS and SLES, the Matrix shampoo had just SLES, which is a milder sulfate as compared to SLS. But luckily for me, either way, they were both gentle on my hair and sensitive scalp.

Source: Instagram @ blonde.kz

Use on colour-treated hair:

I had absolutely no problem using it on my colour-treated hair. Both these shampoos did not cause any drastic fading to my hair colour, so I would have to say that they are safe to use on coloured hair in my opinion.


These shampoos have a mild fragrance, which was pleasant and it also made my hair feel and smell super fresh once it dried up.


Comparing the prices, the Wella shampoo (1 litre) is more value-for-money as compared to the Matrix shampoo (300 ml), which is more on the expensive side for the quantity of shampoo got.

Source: Instagram @ gbox_oficial

Feature-wise Rating

 Wella Invigo Volume Boost ShampooMatrix Volumizing Shampoo
Product effectiveness4.4/54.4/5
Scalp and hair gentleness3.8/54.2/5

Summary: My pick?

If you check out my feature-wise rating, I’m sure you will find that both these shampoos are quite on par with each other, as they are both very good products.

So, if I had to choose just one, for the purpose of restoring hair volume, then I would choose the Matrix Volumizing Shampoo over the Wella Invigo Volume Boost Shampoo, for the only reason because I find that its ingredients are comparatively better, in my opinion.

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