what color hair suits brown eyes

What Color Hair Suits Brown Eyes | 18 Hair Colors That Make Brown Eyes Pop

In this article, I’ve talked about what color hair suits brown eyes the best. 

Brown eyes are the most common eye color in the world and according to research about 55 to 79 percent of the global population has brown eyes. 

Also, brown eyes are very versatile. There can be people with a diverse range of skin colors and undertones with brown eyes, so your choices of hair color also increases there! 

Below are some of my favorite hair colors for brown eyes. Check it out! 

What Color Hair Suits Brown Eyes

Caramel Highlights on Brown hair

Best blonde for warm skin tone brown eyes

best blonde for warm skin tone brown eyes

Best hair colour for brown eyes and fair skin

best hair colour for brown eyes and fair skin

Best hair color for brown eyes and neutral skin tone

best hair color for brown eyes and neutral skin tone

Best color hair for brown eyes and dark skin

best color hair for brown eyes

Bronze hair colors for brown eyes and light skin

hair colors for brown eyes and light skin

Red hair olive skin brown eyes

red hair olive skin brown eyes

Ginger hair color for pale skin brown eyes

hair color for pale skin brown eyes

Golden Blonde Hair

best hair color for amber eyes
Source: Instagram@carolyn.euphorik

If you have brown eyes with warmer skin undertones, the best choice for hair color for you will be golden blonde.

The golden shades of the blonde hair enhance the reddish undertones on your skin. This goes for both red undertones in darker skin and lighter skin tones as well. 

However, you need to be careful if you are bleaching your hair to get the blonde color as it might get brassy. So keep the purple shampoo handy! 

Copper Red Hair

what colors look good with black hair and brown eyes
Source: Instagram@alexandra_ferisee

Here is another hair color that is great for brown eyes and both lighter and darker skin tones. 

What I love about this color is that it will go well with skin tones that have warmer undertones, cooler undertones and even yellow undertones. 

However, I suggest you avoid it if you have olive skin as the orange-red hues in the copper hair might clash against the green undertones of your skin. 

Mushroom Brown

what hair color suits brown eyes and olive skin
Source: Instagram@leesablancoartistry

If you’re wondering what on earth is the mushroom brown color, don’t worry. It’s nothing but a cooler shade of light brown. 

So you can even say it’s a type of ash brown or cool brown color. There are no yellow or red undertones in this hair color so it’s a great pick if you have brown eyes and olive skin tone. 

Chocolate Brown

best hair color for black eyes
Source: Instagram@elasalonmiami

Now chocolate brown is such a versatile color. And I love how it suits women and men from all walks of life. So you can wear this hair color to your school or conservative workplace and it won’t draw anyone’s ire. 

Chocolate brown also suits a wide variety of skin tones and undertones. I personally feel if you have brown eyes with fair skin or red undertones, this hair color will be the best for you. 

Candy Pink

unnatural hair colors for brown eyes
Source: Instagram@marisahair2022

Not a fan of conventional? Don’t worry. There’s another way to make your brown eyes pop. Simply pair it with a color opposite to it on the color wheel, but in a lighter shade. Confused? 

Well it simply means pink and brown make a great combo! 

So if you have brown eyes (light brown eyes or hazel eyes specifically), this hair color is a fantastic choice.  

Jet Black Hair 

what eye colour suits brown hair
Source: Instagram@ulahairrrr

Brown eyes are a lot more common in people with darker skin tones. So naturally you might have black hair if you have brown eyes.

But if you’re someone with fairer skin and have brown eyes, don’t dismiss the power of black just yet. 

However, I do suggest going for black only if you have warm or red undertones. If you have a cool undertone and very white skin, black might make you look paler. 

Dark Red Hair Color

what color hair make brown eyes pop
Source: Instagram@ashraetoday

If you want to try red hair and have cooler or yellow undertones, why not try crimson hair instead? 

I love how this hair color is edgy yet classy at the same time. 

Bright Blue Hair Color

what colour suits brown hair and brown eyes
Source: Instagram@crypt.reefer

Yes, you can experiment with unusual colors even if you have brown eyes. My favorite being a dark, jewel-toned blue hair color. 

This hair color contrasts very well with your brown eyes, no matter if they are light or dark. 

Dark Blonde Money Piece

What hair Colour is best for light brown eyes
Source: Instagram@_amandadoeshair

Light Brown Hair With Blonde Highlights

best hair color for brown skin
Source: Instagram@kuaforsulyman

How To Choose The Best Hair Color For Brown Eyes

Girls and guys with brown eyes! Want to know which hair color to choose for yourself next? Here are some factors to keep in mind before deciding on a hair color.

The Shade Of Brown Eyes – No, brown eyes are not the same. There are several different shades of brown eyes. There’s a dark, almost-black eye color, chocolate brown eye color, light brown eyes, hazel eyes (brown with shades of green). 

And to select the right hair color you first need to know what shade of brown your eyes are exactly! 

For example, if you have chocolate brown eyes, darker and warmer hair colors might suit you better, while golden browns and blondes might help amber eyes pop. 

how to choose hair color for brown eyes
Source: Instagram@cartillibeauty_

Your Skin Tone – There are some hair colors that suit certain skin tones better than the others. If you have darker skin, it’s very rare that you have blonde or lighter hair. And yes, these lighter colors do not suit lighter skin either. 

For lighter skin too, there might be colors like dark brown hair and black hair that suits your brown eyes but it might make your skin look paler and washed out. 

So you need to keep your skin tone in mind too. 

Your Skin’s Undertone – Whether your skin is light or dark, there are several undertones it could have. Some people have reddish undertones where your skin looks flushed most times while others have blue or olive shades which are called “cooler” undertones.

Certain shades of brown like mahogany or auburn go well with yellow and red undertones while others like walnut brown or golden brown suit olive undertones better. 

The Clothes You Wear Regularly – If you have a particular style or “aesthetic” you follow religiously, then it’s worth considering your wardrobe choices before getting a new hair color.

If there are predominantly bright, colorful clothes in your wardrobe something like dark blonde can look faded due to relative color theory. 

Also, if you love wearing blacks or dark colors mostly, then it might be better to have warmer hair colors as black can already make you look washed out. 

FAQs on Hair Colors For Brown Eyes

Still have doubts as to which hair color will suit your brown eyes the best. Don’t worry, I’ve answered a few of your most frequently asked questions right below to help you choose better. Read on below. 

What hair color is best for light brown eyes?

The best thing about light brown eyes is that you can get cooler hair color shades unlike if you have darker hair colors. So you choose from colors like platinum blonde, icy blonde, strawberry blonde and ash tones. 

What highlights make brown eyes pop?

If you have dark hair color you can go for warm undertones on hair to make it pop. So choose highlights in shades of red, maroon, burgundy, copper, etc. If you have blonde hair, then you can choose darker honey, golden and butterscotch tones as highlights to make your brown eyes. 

What is the best hair color for olive skin tone and dark brown eyes?

Warmer hair color shades are best suited if you have dark brown eyes and olive skin tone. Anything lighter can make your skin look washed out. So choose hair colors like dark blonde, golden blonde, honey, wheat-colored blonde, etc. if you’re choosing to go blonde and mahogany, chocolate brown and auburn if you’re choosing brunette hair colors. 

What is the best hair color for amber eyes?

The color amber is a lighter shade of brown. It almost seems golden in the right light. So you can get hair colors that have shades of yellow and golden as this will help your amber eyes pop out. I suggest going for hair colors such as golden brown, golden blonde, butterscotch, sand brown, copper red, etc.

Final Thoughts on Which Hair Colors Suit Brown Eyes

Your hair color can affect your face so much! It can wash out your skin tone or suit it well. Or it can make your eyes pop. It all depends on your choice.

Brown eyes are easy to choose a hair color for as most warm tones go really well with your brown eyes.

I suggest going for warmer shades of whatever color you’re going for if you have brown eyes. So if you want blonde hair color, you could choose golden blonde instead of platinum. 

Similarly, you can choose dark reds or coppers instead of strawberry blondes if you want a red hair color. 

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