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What Is A Two Block Haircut | 15 Awesome Kpop Hairstyle Ideas To Try In 2024

Today, you’ll see every fashionable person with a two block haircut. So I’ve decided to give you a few examples of what is a two block haircut and you can try it for yourself.

The two block haircut was popularized in South Korea by K-pop groups (no surprises there!) and now it’s made its way all over the world.

A lot of influencers are sporting this haircut and it’s a favorite of the popular kids at school as well. 

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You might have several questions regarding the two block haircut… 

  • What is a two block haircut
  • How do you ask for a two block haircut?
  • Is a two block haircut the same as an undercut?

Well don’t worry, I’m going to answer all these questions and more in this article.

First off, let’s learn what a two block haircut is exactly!

What Is A Two Block Haircut

A two block haircut is a type of haircut where the hair is cut shorter at the sides and at the back while keeping the length longer at the top or the crown of your head.

It’s called a ‘Two Block” haircut as the hair is cut in two different blocks. The top portion which is just trimmed with scissors and the sides and back which is cut short with clippers.

A two block haircut is not the same as a fade haircut or an undercut. It’s very different from these two as the two block haircut doesn’t fade seamlessly from the sides/back to the front.

It has a very disconnected look. There is a clear distinction between the longer top section of your locks and the shorter strands at the back and sides.

what is a two block haircut

The longer section forms one “block” of hair and the shorter ones form another. Hence the name “two block haircut”. 

Two block haircuts will all end up looking very different from each other depending on the length of hair you’re cutting, how you’re parting your hair, the shape in which you cut it, etc.

If you go for a classic two block haircut, it will most likely resemble a mushroom cut. 

But there are several different variations of this hairstyle, so you can shape/style it to suit your face shape or personality.

How To Ask For A Two Block Haircut

A lot of hairstylists in the west might not be familiar with the two block haircut as it’s mostly worn by K-pop artists. 

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So unless you like in a flashier, cosmopolitan area, your stylist might not even know what is a two block haircut.

To avoid any confusion, you should take pictures of the haircut to show your stylist. Takes lots and lots of pictures!

And even then if you find yourself in need of explanation, you can always just tell them you need a bowl cut or mushroom cut with an undercut. Also, explain how you don’t want a fade.

how to ask for a two block haircut

Some of the most important instructions to give them (if the pictures fail) include:

  • Ask your barber to cut the top like a bowl cut, but in a way, that hair falls downwards
  • Ask them to not cut your hair too long at the top
  • If your barber doesn’t know how to cut a two block instead of an undercut ask them to use a No. 6 guard clippers and then, No. 4, followed with No. 2 clippers.

But I’d still say just show them the pictures. There are plenty of Korean celebrities who’ll sport this haircut, so you shouldn’t find it difficult to get inspiration. 

How To Give Yourself A Two Block Haircut

Still not convinced about going to a hairstylist? Don’t worry, you can give yourself a two block haircut at home.

First, make sure you have the following items at hand.

  • Scissors and hair thinning shears
  • Spray bottle filled with water
  • A mirror
  • A fine-toothed comb

Got them all? Good, here’s what you need to do next.

  • The first step is to lightly spray your hair with water, so cutting it becomes easier
  • Then, comb through to remove any knots and tangles
  • Separate the top section of your hair from the bottom with help of duckbill hair clips
  • Using clipper number 4 or 13 mm clipper guards cut the hair on your sides and back
  • I’m starting at a longer length so that you don’t accidentally take a lot off by mistake
  • Then, take number 2 or 6 mm clippers to trim the back and sides even shorter
  • Look in the mirror to see if the hair length is what you desire
  • Remove the hair clips and now trim the hair above your ears and at the top, if necessary
  • I also use thinning shears to cut the ends of the hair on the top section as this adds volume

Two Block Haircut: Things to Consider

Want to get a two block haircut? Here are a few things you need to know.

This haircut needs regular trims – The longer hair on the top portion of your head grows quickly but that’s not where the problem lies. It’s the short, shaves sides and back.

The strands there can grow out very quickly and ruin the whole look of a two block hairstyle.  

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So you’ll need to get regular trims to keep the haircut looking good. You don’t have to go to the barber or hairstylist each time. You can invest in a pair of hair clippers and use them at home.

I suggest trimming an inch or so on the top as well to keep the haircut even. 

It can get difficult to find an experienced stylist – The two block haircut is a South Korean innovation. So it can get difficult to find a hairstylist who knows how to cut this style in the US or UK. 

I always go out with a few pictures handy to show my stylist exactly how I want my hair to be cut. You can also specify that your locks need to be trimmed at top with scissors and at the sides with hair clippers.

Do not forget to tell your stylist NOT to create fades or tapered ends while cutting the sides and back. And also specify the length that you’d prefer.  

two block haircut vs undercut

You’re styling options can get limited – As you’ll be buzzing off a lot of your hair at the sides and back, it can really limit your hairstyling options.

There are a few ways to play with the top portion of your hair. You can:

  • Slick it back with hair gel or pomade
  • Tie it in a ponytail or man bun
  • Use different partings to create fresh looks
  • Color it in a different hair color
  • Use headbands or braid it

But the fact remains that anything you do will showcase the buzzed portion of your hair to everyone. 

Women might find it difficult to grow out – Don’t like waiting for your hair to grow? This might not be the right haircut for you. If you’re getting the back of your hair buzzed, you’ll be stuck with it for a long time.

The buzzed hair might take months to grow back. And even if you’re ready for this haircut, remember you’ll have to cut your top section of hair to match the buzzed sides. So be very sure you want this hairstyle.

Styling this haircut can take time  – This is the kind of haircut that works best with locks that are very full and bouncy, or those that have natural waves or curls to them. If you have thin, flat hair, you might have to style it daily.

Examples Of A Two Block Haircut

Like I’ve said before, the easiest way to recognize a two block haircut is to see it in pictures. So I’ve decided to show you few examples of this hairstyle.

You can see if any of these haircuts catch your fancy. If you want to try this haircut for yourself, you can even show your stylist these pictures to give them a clearer idea of what you want.

Messy Mop Top

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undercut two block haircut

This is a very classic style of a two block haircut. Here, the top portion is given a messy, just-out-of-bed look with lots of texturizing products. It’s a great haircut if you want to add volume on thinning hair.  

Fast Forward

long two block haircut

In this type of two-block haircut, the top, longer section of hair is straightened and allowed to fall casually in front of your face in a sort of swooping, eyebrow-grazing fringe.

Casual and Clean

pompadour two block haircut

This one is great for sleek, straight hair. The locks are buzzed till the temple and the longer top portion is neatly parted and tucked behind the ears.

Coiffed Top

coiffed two block haircut

Modified Bowl Cut

bowl cut two block style

Sleek Pompadour

pompadour two block haircut for men

Extended Fringe K Pop Hair

two block haircut with fringe men

Brown Two Block Haircut With Side Part

side part two block haircut

Middle-Parted 2 Block

middle part two block haircut

Long KPop Haircut

two block haircut on long hair

Two Block Hair With Rounded Bang

two block haircut with bangs

Medium Two Block Haircut + Layers

what is a 2 block haircut

Slicked Back

do barbers know what a two block haircut is

Curly Mushroom Cap

two block haircut short

Disconnected Undercut Two

two block haircut long
Source: Instagram@fijiicuts

Two Block Haircut With Straight Bangs

types of two block haircut
Source: Instagram@badabing_barbershop

FAQs About A Two Block Haircut For Men

Why is it called the two block haircut?

This particular haircut is called the two block hairuct as the barber cuts your hair in two seperate ways to create two different sections. The first section is the top section which is longer and cut with scissors and the other section is the back and the side of the heat which is shaved using clippers.

Is undercut and two block the same?

No not really. An undercut is a type of haircut where you can have any sort of hairstyle on top but the lower area of your hair is cut in a fade so that there’s fewer hair there. Two block haircuts are more distinct in their demarcation of the upper and lower areas of the head. So you can have a long mop of hair on the top of your head but the lower part will be completely shaved off. There is no gradual fade like how there is with an undercut.

How long should hair be for 2 blocks?

You don’t have to start off with really long hair if you want a two block haircut. This style can be managed if your hair is at least 6 inches long.

I hope that solves your query on what is a two block haircut. 

It’s a fantastic hairstyle if you want something that’s young, cool (in more than one way), and very fashionable.

And with the help of this guide, you’ll be able to get the haircut exactly right!

So if you’re out there lusting over Jungkook’s awesome new hairdo, you now know how to look like your favorite K-pop star! 

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