Which nioxin system should you use

Which Nioxin System Should You Use? Choosing A Hair Loss Treatment

Which Nioxin system should you use? What’s the difference between Nioxin system 1 vs 2? Check out the Nioxin systems explained right here.

Have you recently started paying attention to your hair density and realized that it is thinning each passing day?

It might be the case from the last month or even the last six or seven months. The thing overall is that hair loss and hair thinning is the real issue, and it is more common than you think. 

Also, the issue is not limited to any one specific gender. Both men and women of all ages can go through it.

So, if your hair is getting less denser, you know how annoying and frustrating it gets when the shafts fall. 

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According to Nioxin experts, there are various factors that cause your hair to be thin; therefore, there is no one regimen that will suit all.

So, taking that into consideration, Nioxin has created system kits that target different hair concerns and help along with your hair thinning issues. 

If you are facing progressive thinning and are looking out for hair care products to help with your thinning hair, there are so many options out there to try on.

But I personally feel Nioxin is one of the best products you can go for. 

Then again, Nioxin offers various systems, so which hair loss system should you use? 

As the reasons for thinning vary, so does its treatment, so that’s why I will try to help you find your root cause for the issue along with the Nioxin treatment you should go for. 

Which Nioxin System Should You Use

Hair loss experts Nioxin have created six different systems for different factors that cause thinning of your hair. So, here are the systems that Nioxin offers, and based on this information, you can choose which one you need to try. 

Nioxin System 1

Nioxin System 1

If you have natural hair with no color or chemical treatments, but somehow there is a visible thinning in your hair, then all you need to focus on is offering your healthy hair a boost. 

So, if you are thinking of yielding your hair a boost, then Nioxin’s System 1 is the ideal formula that you should go for. 

System 1 is proven to aid you in amplifying your hair texture, strengthening your hair shafts, and protecting them from further breakage. The formula is going to help you get a healthier scalp, along with denser hair and shinier.

Nioxin System 2

Nioxin System 2

If you have never been through any sort of color treatment or anything else, but still you can observe a visible thinning of your hair, Nioxin system 2 is a good option.

And not only that, but you have also lost volume and shine too, then you need to choose System 2 from Nioxin. 

System 2 is specifically formulated to help you get fuller, thicker hair along with protecting it from progressively thinning of it.

I’ve found that using this system consistently will make your hair feel healthier and more resilient. 

Nioxin System 3

Nioxin System 3

So, if you are a person who has gone through color treatments before, but this time you are looking for a solution that might help you get back your hair’s extra volume, texture, along shine.

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Nioxin System 3 needs to be your go-to product for hair slightly thinning or at all. 

It will help your colored hair look more full and vibrant, and as the formula is formulated to get rid of the environmental residue out of your scalp.

This also includes sebum and other build-ups that basically clog your pores, giving no space for the hair to grow. 

The system formula will also aid you in restoring the moisture and providing protection from color damage too. 

Nioxin System 4

Nioxin System 4

Next on the list of Nioxin Systems is System 4, which helps in hair thinning due to dyeing or color treatments. 

So, after you color your hair, you can notice a visible change in the number of strands that are falling out.

And now you are wondering if coloring was really all worth it. But don’t worry, you would need to get System 4 from Nioxin to troubleshoot this issue of yours. 

It helps you grow thicker and more vibrant hair; along with it, the system is going to help you a great deal in unclogging the hair follicle pores and cleaning up all the build-up thoroughly. 

It will also help you retain the shafts’ moisture and protect against the color treatment. With System 4, you can surely get your old healthy hair back. 

Nioxin System 5

Nioxin System 5

So, if you have thick hair and you want to help them gain vitality, then you should use System 5 from Nioxin.

Also, even if you have chemically treated hair and still you want to manage the same, then it is going to work on your hair just as fine. 

This System is similar to System 3, but not precisely the same. It is, for one, specifically made to target the thinning in thick and coarse hair. Adding to that, this is a bit more concentrated formula than System 3. 

It will help you get fuller hair that is vibrant, and the system focuses on clearing the clogged pores, adding moisture in the strands, and more. 

Nioxin System 6

Nioxin System 6

If your hair is thick and coarse, well, I know it might not be the same case right now. I am talking of the times before you noticed them falling off. System 6 by Nioxin is the product you should go for. 

It doesn’t matter if you had or not chemical treatments. The eventual aim is to get your back to how it initially was- thick and healthy. 

Nioxin System 6 helps you get smoother and more voluminous hair, and it removes follicle-clogging 

elements and helps in restoring the moisture in your chemically treated thick hair. 

How To Use Nioxin System Kits

Using Nioxin system kits can be a bit overwhelming at first, but it’s easier than you think. First, choose the appropriate system kit based on your hair type and current level of hair thinning. Once you have made your selection, it’s time to get started. Start with a clean, wet scalp and hair.

Apply the shampoo from your system kit, and massage gently to help stimulate circulation and promote healthy hair growth.

Rinse thoroughly and repeat to ensure the scalp and hair are properly cleansed. Next, apply the conditioner from your system kit, focusing on the lengths of your hair.

Avoid applying conditioner to your scalp as this can end up weighing your hair down and make it look greasy. After rinsing the conditioner, apply the treatment from your system kit. This is generally a leave-in product that helps to enhance the effects of the shampoo and conditioner.

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You should apply touch-up products or styling product after it dry, which is done automatically if you have a hair assistant.

Remember, consistency is key when using Nioxin system kits. Follow the instructions provided and use the products regularly to see the best results. With time, you should notice thicker, fuller-looking hair that is healthier and stronger.

How Often Should You Use Nioxin System 2

Using Nioxin System 2 for hair loss treatment requires consistency and commitment, but it is important to understand how frequently to use it.

The recommended usage is daily, during your hair washing routine. Each application should include the shampoo, conditioner, and scalp treatment.

This system aims to target the DHT build-up that can lead to hair loss and to strengthen and nourish hair follicles. Using it regularly will enhance the hair growth cycle and create a healthy scalp environment for your hair to thrive.

However, it is important to note that using Nioxin System 2 too frequently can cause the scalp to become dry and itchy.

To avoid this, limit the use to once a day, and consider alternating with a gentle, moisturizing shampoo or conditioner if your scalp feels irritated.

Overall, using Nioxin System 2 consistently, once a day, as part of your hair care routine can lead to positive results in terms of hair growth and scalp health. Make it a habit and see the difference it can make in the appearance and feel of your hair.

Which Nioxin System Is Best After Chemo

Going through chemotherapy can be traumatic for anyone. Hair loss is one of the many unfortunate side effects of chemotherapy which can lead to further emotional turmoil.

However, the good news is that there are treatments available that can help with hair rejuvenation. One of the best hair loss treatments after chemo is Nioxin Scalp Therapy System 1.

This system is specifically designed for those who have fine or thinning hair. It is enriched with antioxidants, botanicals, and vitamins essential for the nourishment of the scalp. This makes it ideal for anyone looking to ensure that their hair follicles receive all the nutrients they need to grow back stronger and healthier.

Another great option is Nioxin Scalp Therapy System 6 because it is an advanced system designed for noticeably thinning, medium to coarse hair.

This system contains natural ingredients that can soothe a sensitive scalp. In conclusion, Nioxin has several systems that can cater to different hair types.

For individuals who have gone through chemotherapy and want to rejuvenate their hair, Nioxin Scalp Therapy System 1 and 6 would be the best options to consider.

The Various Factors Affecting Hair Loss

Thinning of hair can have many root causes, so here I have sorted a list of the six major ones so that you could look into it and try to find the reason behind your progressive hair loss. 

Hormones and Genetics

One of the most common reasons that cause hair thinning or loss in people is genetic, your existing family propensity. Adding further, this issue is often triggered by hormone changes that you go through at certain ages. 

When testosterone, for example, turns into Dihydrotestosterone DHT it can cause androgenetic alopecia, which can run in your family for generations. 

For instance, your grandfather started losing hair at a certain age, and so did your father, so chances are you might start losing hair once you reach around that specific age.

So, basically, your genes and hormones acting accordingly can be the reason for your hair loss. 

Illness and Health

The next thing that is potentially causing your hair to be thin is the illness or health issues you are going through. In women, for instance, their pregnancy, menopause causing hormonal changes can lead to the issue.

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Adding to that, it can also be a breakdown in your thyroid gland that constrains in producing the necessary hair growth hormones. 

Adding to all that, if you are going through PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome), although this hormone disorder can also cause excessive growth of hair, in some people, there’s a chance of hair thinning too. 

Also, if you have alopecia, that can cause your hair loss as well, and there are so many such health concerns and disorders that add to hair thinning. 

Trauma and Stress

Excessive stress and trauma can cause hair thinning, as it adds to increasing the level of testosterone production that then converts into DHT, a form of toxin that has the potential to obstruct the hair growth cycle. 

Adding to that, trauma and stress can restrain you from supplying blood properly in your capillaries. The low blood supply can lead to less oxygen and nutrients supply to your hair follicles, preventing them from growing to their potential. 

Although stress and trauma cause temporary hair fall issues, if you get stressed regularly, it might turn into chronic and add to permanent hair loss. 

So keep your stress in check and keep on doing meditations and other things that help you with your trauma and stress. 

nioxin systems explained


If your hair is exposed to water and air pollution and even to chlorine, minerals, and metals on a regular basis, chances are they are causing your hair to thin. 

These sorts of pollutants, if left on your scalp for longer, can cause build-up and eventually thinning or loss of hair. 


There are several medications that you go through for treating your current or chronic health issues, but the longer use of these medications as a side effect can cause your hair to thin. 

For instance, if you are taking prescriptions for diabetes, blood pressure, heart issues, even hormones related medications can cause the issue. 


Lastly, one thing that people mostly ignore when it comes to hair thinning is your diet. Amino acids, biotin vitamins, proteins, and even zinc all help in healthier hair growth. 

So, if your diet has a paucity of any of these major nutrients, you might be losing hair because of it. 

First things first, if you are not quite sure of what’s causing your hair to be thin, then maybe it’s time for you to take a ride to your doctor. 

Wrapping Up On The  Nixion System

To conclude, all I have to say is to choose the Nioxin hair loss treatment formula according to your needs. 

Taking into consideration if your hair is all-natural, colored, or chemically treated, you should choose the Nioxin Systems accordingly. 

I am hoping this piece helped solve your concerns. Till next time, keep working on your hair.

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