7 Best Korean Hair Rollers | How To Style Your Hair With Them

Want those bouncy, gorgeous curls? It’s easier to create these hairstyles with the best Korean hair rollers. 

These rollers are so much better than a curling iron as some of them do not require heat. And if they do, they keep your hands free to do other stuff while your curls set!

Remember those big, comical rollers that our grandmas used to wear? These new-generation ones are nothing like that. 

From foam rollers that are gentle on your hair, to quick-acting steam rollers that curl your tresses in minutes, there are several options of Korean hair rollers to choose from. 

We’ve decided to make a list of some of the most popular Korean hair rollers in the market today. Take a look below!

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Top Korean Hair Rollers 2021

Korean Hair RollersTypeBest For
Etude House Hair RollerPlastic Hair RollersCurly Hair
SD Korean Hair RollersPlastic Nylon RollersCurly Hair Ends, Bangs
VODANA x EstherLovesYou Hair RollersSelf Grip Hair RollersLong and Short Hair
LiLiy Portable Bangs Hair CurlersClip-Style RollersShaping Bangs
Hurrise Korean Hair RollerUSB Heated RollersQuick Curls
FILLIMILLI Rocket Hair Volume ClipsClip and Roller StyleSoft Waves, Side-Swept Bangs
Yoaokiy 12Pcs Volumizing Hair Root ClipClip-Style RollersVoluminous Parts, Bangs

Etude House Hair Roller

etude house hair roller

The Etude House My Beauty Tool rollers are among the best Korean hair rollers today. We love the quality of these products! These are available in several sizes, large and small. So you can create the type of curls you want.

You can use the larger hair rollers for waves or looser curls, and the smaller ones for bangs and tighter ringlets. 

The best part about the Etude House My Beauty Hair Rollers is that they come with clips to hold them in place. So you can leave them overnight without fear of them slipping away. 

They provide a very tight grip on your hair without causing any damage. These hair rollers are also quite affordable and give you good value for money. 

These hair rollers are plastic. So we suggest using an anti-frizz serum before applying them. And using them gently as they’re liable to break.  

The bright pink color is a cute bonus. 

SD Korean Hair Rollers

korean hair curler

These plastic-nylon rollers are another hair styling tool we love. These DIY hair rollers for bangs are just as good for curling your hair.

And the best part? You don’t need any hair clip or pin! They come with an easy grip mechanism that locks your hair sections into place. 

These hair rollers are slightly larger in size with 70*43*34mm in dimensions. We think they’re great if you want beach waves or loose, elegant curls. 

They are also great for adding that “poof” to your bangs. The SD Korean hair rollers are suited for all hair textures. So women with coarser hair can also try these. 

VODANA x EstherLovesYou 2 in 1 Self Grip Hair Rollers

korean hair roller clips

Different sizes of hair rollers can give you different results. Smaller, more compact rollers give you tighter curls (almost like type 3 hair textures). If you’ve got larger rollers, however, they give you a wavy look.

But with this VODANA x EstherLovesYou pack you can get both! This hair roller is multitasking. You can use it as a one large roller to create waves, or separately for tighter ringlets. 

The self-adhesive styling tools also give a good grip. Plus, we dig the bunny design!

LiLiy Portable Bangs Hair Curlers

diy hair roller for bangs

Bangs can be more versatile than you give them credit for, especially if you’ve these hair curlers handy. They are perfect for transforming your flat, choppy bangs into something more feminine. 

The hair shaping tools are made of nylon-manganese-steel and offer a firm grip on your tresses. They also have a clip-style mechanism that is easy for beginners to use.

But the best thing about this roller is the size. It has a height of 80mm that’s just perfect for adding volume to bangs. 

The inner PP plastic core offers high compression resistance, making sure your hair’s voluminous in no time. 

We do advise using a leave-in serum or spray before using these Korean hair rollers as they might tangle your locks. 

Hurrise Korean Hair Roller

how to use hair rollers

Heated hair rollers are sought after for their quickness. But a new type of these on-the-go Korean hair rollers can even connect to your USB. 

Yes, you heard that right! All you need to do is plug in the wire to your phone or laptop and let the hair rollers get heated up.

You can wear them on your hair to create air bangs, curly bangs, and inner buckles while typing away at your keyboard.  

These fast-working hair rollers take only about 3 minutes to get your curls in place. We also liked that these were small enough to be carried in your purse.

FILLIMILLI Rocket Hair Volume Clip 2 Pcs

fillimilli hair fringe roller

These Korean hair rollers are not like the others. The rocked-shaped rollers are a combination of rollers and clips. 

These have the dual advantage of keeping your hair in place and adding soft waves to them. We especially liked using them for creating volume on side parts and side-swept bangs. 

All you have to do is wear these clips in the area of your locks you want to create volume. Just make sure the comb-like part is facing upwards and the rollers are secured neatly near your roots. 

You can apply a serum beforehand and blow-dry your hair with the rollers in place. Or you can simply leave them on for 10-20 minutes for a subtle, bouncy look. 

Yoaokiy 12Pcs Volumizing Hair Root Clip

how to use daiso hair curler

These 12 pieces hair root clips are super colorful and cute. They have a self-grip design and can be used to create volume in tresses and bangs.

What we liked about these clip-style hair rollers is that they are good for both shorter and longer hair lengths. You need to clip them directly to the roots of your tresses and then blow dry for volume.

What are the best hair rollers?

After looking at several products and reading through the reviews left by a lot of users we’ve decided that the Etude House My Beauty Rollers are the best Korean hair rollers today.

The Etude House My Beauty Hair Rollers are affordable and come in various sizes. They can be used to create multiple hairstyles, depending on the size and texture of your locks. The rollers come with built-in hair clips for easy grip. 

How do you use Korean hair rollers?

Here’s how to use Korean hair rollers in 5 easy steps:

Step 1: Prep your hair – Before you start using hair rollers, it’s important to prep your hair. We suggest washing and conditioning your hair before you start as greasy locks might not have that volume. 

Step 2: Dry your hair: Yes, it’s always best to dry your hair before using rollers, especially if these are heated rollers. Applying them on wet hair can cause damage and breakage. 

You can towel-dry your hair and brush it with a fine-toothed comb to remove tangles.

Step 3: Apply the serum: Use a heat-protect serum or conditioner if you’re using heated rollers. Even if you’re not using the right serum or leave-in conditioner can keep the frizz away. 

Step 4: Put on the rollers: Finally section your hair and place the roller near the ends of your locks. Now take a thin section of your locks and wrap it around the roller and roll it towards your scalp. 

Step 5: Wait, wait, and wait: The time you need to leave the rollers on depends on the type of Korean hair rollers you’re using. 

Heated rollers require only 15-20 minutes to set your curls, while foam rollers might need to be kept overnight. In which case, we recommend wearing a silk bonnet or scarf.  

What kind of rollers are best for natural hair?

Foam hair rollers are the best for natural hair types. These rollers are gentle on your tresses and do not cause frizz like some other types of hair rollers.

How do you curl your hair like Korean girls?

Some of the hacks Korean girls use to curl their hair with roller are:

Not using rollers on wet hair: Korean girls do not use hair rollers on wet hair like other girls do. Your hair is delicate when it’s wet, so rolling it might lead to damage. 

Besides, it’s not a guarantee of long-lasting bangs. So it’s best to use hair rollers after you’ve blow dried your hair.  

Keep small rollers on your roots: A common mistake most people make is keeping one single large roller under your roots. This results in poofy-looking bangs that seem more comical than stylish. 

So if you want to add a natural volume to your hair,  use two small rollers one after the other under your roots. 

Remove your rollers downwards: Another trick Korean girls use to keep the curls looking great is to remove the hair rollers in a gentle, downward motion. This ensures that the volume on your hair isn’t lost. 

Why do Korean girls walk around with hair rollers?

If you’ve been out on the Korean streets (or watched any K-drama for that matter) you’ll notice a lot of Korean school girls walk around with rollers still in their hair.

While some girls wear these hair rollers as accessories, others simply want to get their hair curled before a later event. Also, a lot of Korean girls are influenced by K-pop celebrities who do the same.  

What are some bangs hairstyles you can create with hair rollers?

Some bangs hairstyles you can easily create using hair rollers include: 

  • Wispy bangs (see-through bangs)
  • Curtain bangs
  • Air bangs
  • Curly bangs

Curls are a very popular hairstyle. And with these best Korean hair rollers, you can have lovely ringlets and waves in no time.

These rollers are better than curling irons as you can just put them on and do whatever you want in the time it takes to set. 

If you have chores to do or work to finish, Korean hair rollers are a better choice than holding a curling iron up for several minutes. 

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Etude House Hair Roller

Korean hair rollers help add natural-looking waves and curls to your hair. The Etude House Hair Rollers are the best ones out there and gently add curls to your bangs without causing damage.

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