Our Editorial Process

At Haireveryday.com we believe in honesty, transparency, and objectiveness when it comes to the editorial process. 

We believe in bringing you the most accurate content across a wide range of hair-related topics by promoting the most trustworthy brands with the best product quality and applying high standards for our content. 

Our team, which involves hair experts, fact-checkers, and medical reviewers put the articles published on the site through a series of rigorous steps before they can make the cut.

These steps include:

Having An Unbiased Reviewing Process

Yes, we monetize our content through affiliate marketing links. No, this does not mean we are biased or prejudiced in our reviews. The affiliate links have no impact on the products we select to review or how we review them. 

Whenever we are reviewing a hair product, say a shampoo, we make sure to conduct a thorough screening process, which involves having an editor use the product themselves before writing about it. 

This way our writers can give a real-life, fact-based opinion on the product, and it also cuts the risk of bias or misinformation. 

We also strive to be truthful in our written content about certain topics or brands. Even in our list of product suggestions, we detail the disadvantages or cons of a product, if any, and make it a point to suggest better alternatives. 

Doing Thorough Research About Products And Ingredients

Before publishing any content on our site, we make sure that we have done enough research about the brand, product formula, and ingredients, especially when it comes to our “best of” articles. 

Our team of writers is dedicated to finding out the facts about a product or brand they are reviewing through in-depth research, checking multiple sources to weed out false information, and using research papers to confirm their findings. 

We also believe in quality over quantity, so all the topics covered on our site are written with deliberation even if it takes time. And if we encounter any dubious information, conflicting sources, etc. we think it best to not cover the topic rather than give potentially false information to our readers. 

To also make sure that we are thorough in our research we bring in experts including doctors, dermatologists, trichologists, and nutrition experts to give their opinion and fact-check our content. 

Always Bringing You Accurate and Updated Facts

We are also very strict about our updates and regularly add or delete information to our articles as per changing research, market trends, and bringing into light new scientific evidence. 

If we get new information about certain products or information that is vital to the content, you can be sure it will be covered in our articles. 

Apart from adding fresh information, we also remove outdated concepts/ideas from our articles as and when necessary.

With help of our medical experts and team of writers who are very dedicated to fact-checking, we also make sure this information is always accurate. 

Always Giving Experts On The Topics The Platform To Write

We believe it is necessary that the expert on a particular topic should be the one writing/reviewing said content. 

For example, we always assign the content related to curly hair to our editors who have this hair texture and who can use these products on themselves to form an honest, unbiased opinion. 

This, we feel, adds authenticity to our content and helps us better understand our readers’ needs, worries, and expectations from the products reviewed. 

Screening And Editing Content To Deliver The Best

It is not just necessary to have good content. We believe that user-friendly content is also a must. So our articles are often edited to suit accessibility guidelines, be reader-friendly, and robust.

This includes strict editing for language, grammar, and spelling. And it also means adapting the content in a way that suits phone, iPad, and desktop viewing. 

We also try adding pictorial content and easy-to-digest snippets, when and as required to make reading and understanding our content easier. 

About us

It is only through passing through all these filters that our content is added to our site for your viewing. This ensures that the information you get is honest, unbiased, and relevant. 

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