Types of headbands for women

27 Best Types Of Headbands For Women And Men To Try In 2024 | Updated List

Check out this list of the types of headbands for women and men. There are several types of styles you can choose from. You can find headbands best suited for different occasions like parties or the gym. 

Like all the fashion trends of the past years, headbands are making a comeback. And how! All the rage in the 80s and 90s, the modern headbands are now catching up with the times. 

Popular TV shows like Gossip Girl and celebrities like Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner are responsible for reviving this trend. There are several different types of headbands for women. 

Headbands can have different materials, shapes, designs, and embellishments. So if you’re not confident wearing the typical girly Alice band, you can find something like a scarf headband or a gym sweatband to work for you.

Types of Headbands For Women 2023

Types of Headbands for WomenBest ForLink
Scarf HeadbandsRetro Look View on Amazon
Turban HeadbandsCurly HairView on Amazon
Bowknot HeadbandsMakeup ApplicationView on Amazon
Fabric HeadbandsSecuring Bobby PinsView on Amazon
Toothed HeadbandsFine, Thin HairView on Amazon
Knitted HeadbandsWinters and Colder DaysView on Amazon
Plastic HeadbandsSchoolgirls, Themed OutfitsView on Amazon
Gym HeadbandsWorkouts, Yoga, RunningView on Amazon
Alice HeadbandsMatching with OutfitsView on Amazon
Ponytail HeadbandsLong HairView on Amazon

Scarf Headbands

types of headbands for women

Scarf headbands are an interesting mix between a scarf and a traditional headband. You can tie it on your hair in different ways just like you’d a scarf. 

But unlike a scarf it doesn’t keep sliding off your hair. The headband is also easier to tie than a regular scarf. And there are several different patterns and styles available. 

You can choose from simple, monochrome scarf headbands or go for the ones with glitter, stones, or other embellishments for a party-time look.  

These headbands are usually a type of fabric headbands. You wouldn’t find a scarf headband in plastic. The fabric used can vary from simple nylon to glamorous velvet. 

We also suggest experimenting with different patterns while wearing scarf headbands. You can choose one to match your clothes for examples. 

Floral Elastic Hair Scarf Headband 

floral headband

Turban Headbands

turban headbands

Turban headbands are called so because they look like you’re wearing a sort of mini-turban on your head. These types of headbands for women come with a criss-cross design on the front. 

Sometimes, the criss-cross pattern is embellished with a bow-tie, flower motif, jewel or other designs. These headbands mimic the turban look popular with women in the 60s and 70s. 

The best thing about turban headbands is that they keep your mass of curls in place. So it’s great for those with thick locks or for Black women’s hair. 

You can choose pieces in nylon, satin, or other non-absorbent material too. This helps keep your curls from drying out. 

But this style of headbands isn’t just for the thick-haired girls. If you have fine hair, it can work just fine. A lot of women use turban headbands to keep hair away from their face while applying skincare products or makeup. 

Huachi Turban Headbands for Women

turban headbands

Bowknot Headbands

types of headbands

Apart from turban headbands, other types of headbands for women that give off a retro-vibe are the bowknot headbands. As the name suggests, these are bands with a bow and knot design on them.

In fact, if you look at several actresses of the bygone era, you’re sure to find a picture of them in these colorful bowtie headbands. 

Like turban bands, these too are a type of fabric headbands. So they’re easily washable and reusable if you get them too sweaty or stained.

And this is likely to happen as bowknot headbands are the perfect accessory for your makeup, skincare, or shower routine. If you want your baby hairs out of your face, this is a go-to headband. 

Chloven 2 Pack Microfiber Bowtie Headbands

types of headbands for guys

Fabric Headbands

types of headbands for babies

Fabric headbands for women are a vast category! You can find several fabrics, designs, and embellishments within the realm of fabric headbands. 

Some of the more traditional fabrics for these types of headbands for women include cotton, nylon, and polyester. But in modern times, you’ll see a lot of women turning towards silk or satin headbands.

These fabrics do not have large fibers that cause tangles or breakages on your strands. They do not absorb moisture like cotton does either. So a silk or satin headband prevents your tresses from drying out. 

Fabric headbands are also available in some niche materials like velvet, cashmere, etc. These are usually geared towards special occasions. 

The best thing, in our opinion about fabric headbands is that it’s super easy to add bobby pins to them. So if you have thin hair and want to keep it tightly in place, a fabric band with clips will work like magic!

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They come in different styles you can match with your outfits too. Prints, polka dots, stripes, checks, and knitted patterns, are some designs you might find on fabric headbands.  

Velvet Headbands for Women

fabric headbands

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Toothed Headbands

Toothed headbands

Toothed headbands are among the more traditional style of headbands. These are usually made of plastic or metal and contain a comb-like inner or “teeth”. 

These teeth help grip your hair and keep them in place. If you want to beat the wind or keep your hairstyles tightly in place, this is a go-to headband. 

And as the “teeth” create a wavy pattern on your hair, it gives an added dimension to your hairstyle. These are the best types of headbands for women with thin, fine hair. 

Lurrose 2pcs Unisex Headbands Toothed Hairbands

toothed headband

Knitted Headbands

types of headbands for babies

How do you stay stylish and warm in the winter? Simple, try out the knitted headbands look. These types of headbands are great if an ear muff or beanie isn’t the ideal accessory to your winter outfit. 

Unlike most headbands that tuck away behind your ears, knitted bands go over them. This keeps your ears warm and yourself fashionable. So win-win!

Most of the knitted headbands are made of wool. These are wide and have come in different crochet or knit patterns. 

VEEJION Women Knitted Knotted Winter Twist Warm Headband 

names of headbands

Plastic Headbands

Plastic headbands are more popular with kids and schoolgirls than with young women. But some like them as a fashion accessory, regardless. What works for plastic headbands is that they are very affordable.

Most plastic headbands come with quirky designs, ornaments, rhinestones and other designs. In fact, you can get creative and add your own DIY touch to a plain black headband. 

But one common complaint most women have about these accessories is that they are too slippery. 

Sure, you can find some with teeth on the inner lining, but we’ve found that they don’t really work for fine hair. 

Modern plastic headbands have now stepped up to demand and come in quirky designs. You can find classy matte headbands, those with fabric coverings, themed headbands for halloween and other festive occasions, and a lot more!

Yazon 8mm Colorful Plastic Teeth Headbands

How many types of headbands are there

Gym Headbands

Gym headbands are a form of sweatbands. They are thinner, made of lighter material, and often come with moisture-wicking properties. 

Most types of headbands for women are designed to keep hair in place. But the main purpose of a gym headband is to keep sweat from dripping down your face. 

types of headbands for women

There are other types of sweatbands like tennis bands which are worn on your forehead instead of in the front of your head. 

You can also find yoga bands which keep your tresses from troubling you during your headstands. 

Alice Headbands

The name Alice headbands comes from the iconic accessory worn by the main character in Alice in Wonderland. It’s usually a plain black headband which is designed in the shape of a horseshoe. 

Sometimes, it even comes with cute bunny ears. Once popular with schoolgirls all over the world, the Alice band is making a comeback as a fashion accessory. 

types of headbands for babies

So we will advise against placing too much trust in its ability to hold your hair back. But it does look really trendy with your outfit. 

Ponytail Headbands

If you’ve worn a fabric headband while putting your hair in a low ponytail, you know the struggle of keeping the back from riding up and ruining your style. 

Or what about the time you have a headband in hand but no hair ties? How are you going to tie a ponytail?

TrailHeads Women's Ponytail Headband - black/black

These headbands take care of it all. Ponytail headbands are fabric bands with a hole cut in the back to accommodate your ponytail or braid. 

Satin Headbands

Satin Headbands
Source: Instagram@grandesigncrafts

Crochet Headbands

crochet headbands for woemn
Source: Instagram@laurascrochettreats

Flower Headbands

flower crown headband for women
Source: Instagram@badrabbitflowers

Types of Headbands For Men

There are different types of headbands for men. They usually have some sort of function but people love to use them as an accessory to create a style statement. 

It can also be a part of the culture for many. They are a very practical accessory that can make your life easier in a lot of circumstances.

Headbands have always been a part of a women’s wardrobe but it is not commonly seen on men. 

But if we take a look at history, we can see that headbands have been a part of many ancient cultures and symbolise masculinity.

The Greeks and Romans would wear a wreath around their head, especially on special occasions and auspicious events. 

It was also worn by athletes in Greece after victory. They also denote valour and bravery in a lot of cultures.

Types Of Headbands For Men

Benefits Of Headbands

A lot of people are not aware of the different kinds of headbands for men and their uses. They help in a lot of practical ways as well as add to your style quotient. 

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Some of the main reasons why you should add headbands to your wardrobe are:

  • Controls sweat- If you are someone who engages in physical activities like sports, performance art, workouts etc, a headband can make life so much easier for you. It keeps sweat at bay by preventing it from falling to your face.
  • Tames hair- If you have been trying to grow out your hair but find hair falling on your face irritating, a headband will be a great investment. It makes sure that that annoying hair falls nowhere close to your face.
  • Covering up bad hair days– A headband can keep those wild locks away and can even mask a bad hair day or a bad haircut to make you look neat and presentable.
  • Protection from helmets- This is an important reason why a bike rider should own a headband. Helmets can be stinky and cause your hair to smell if you wear them. It can also mess up your hair and even cause breakage! So it is essential to protect your hair using a headband.
  • Protects hair – Your hair can also be damaged by environmental elements such as wind, dust, rain, sun damage etc. A headband helps in covering your hair while outdoors so the damage may be prevented.
  • Makes a style statement– A hairband can be a perfect accessory to upgrade your outfit. This stylish accessory, when paired correctly, can help you deliver a fashion statement for both formal wear and casual wear.
  • Helps you stay cool– A headband can make all the difference during the hot summers when you are trying to tame your hair and put it in place.

There are so many different types of headbands available in the market that cater to men.

In this list, we have divided them based on two factors, based on their purpose and the basis of their category.

Depending on the category, headbands are mainly divided into four:

Athletic Headbands for Men

mens thin headband

These types of headbands are used by people who engage in physical activities. It could be sports, performance art or even your everyday workout. 

Headbands should be an essential part of anyone doing this since it can make your hair stay in place and it also helps in controlling sweat. 

Most headbands absorb or prevent sweat from reaching your face which helps you avoid the otherwise inevitable flow of sweat that comes while engaging in such physical activities. 

Some of the most commonly used athletic headbands are:

Tennis Headbands

Tennis headbands for men

As the name says, these headbands are used by tennis players to keep sweat at bay. It also helps to tame unruly hair that falls on the face. They mostly come along with matching wristbands. 

They are usually made using fast-absorbing fabric so it absorbs sweat easily. Most of them are made with elastic and they stay in place despite rapid movement. They are usually made of cotton and polyester.

Nike Dri-fit Home and Away Headband

Nike headband for men

Runners Headbands

If you enjoy going on a run, these headbands can come in handy. Like the tennis headbands, runners headbands effectively keeps your hair and place and sweat at bay, allowing you to focus on running.

These headbands are also created to stay put despite rapid movements that happen during running. 

They are also aerodynamic and can be used while cycling. These headbands are mandatory for running or jogging but they can also be used for other outdoor activity.

Temple Tape Headbands For Men

temple tape headbands for men

Yoga/ Gym Headbands For Men

types of fabric headbands

These headbands are best suited for light physical activities like yoga or working out. They help in absorbing sweat and taming wild hair. 

They are usually thinner than runners headbands. They can be used during any kind of physical activity to help you stay comfortable and cool.

Obacle Headbands For Men

sports headbands for men

Cultural Headbands

mens thin headband

Headbands have been a part of many ancient cultures. 

These headbands have symbolic values in their own cultures and even today, worn by people for auspicious occasions and as a fashion statement. 

Such cultural symbols should be respected rather than being appropriated. Some popular cultural headbands include:

Japanese Hachimaki

The word Hachimaki means “helmet scarf” in Japan. They are known to be worn by Samurai Warriors to protect their head from the metal helmets they wore. 

These metal helmets may cause cuts and bruises on their skin otherwise.

They also keep the sweat and unruly hair away from the face while fighting on the battlefield. Hachmaki is also said to protect the warrior from evil spirits and give vitality to the warrior.

Japanese Hachimaki headband HISSHO

traditional japanese headbands for men

Native American Headbands For Men

native american headbands for men

This headband is a huge part of the Native American culture. These were worn by some woodland tribes as a fashion statement to enhance beauty. 

They are usually made using deerskin and adorned with beadwork, feathers and embellishments.

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There headbands are not usually worn on any specific ceremonies or occasions but are used as an accessory. They are worn by warriors and important members of the community.

Pirate Headbands For Men

The main goal of a pirate headband is to keep sweat away from your eyes and tackle long hair. 

They protect the pirates from environmental elements such as wind, water and dust. They are likely to be exposed to sea spray during their physically demanding activities.

It is usually a long bandana that can be tied on your forehead in such a way that it covers your eyes. 

Pirate headbands for men keep your hair and bay and cover your forehead. 

This has grown into a trend and we can see a lot of men sporting this look because of the practicality it offers while performing different activities.

You can use a bandana to try out various styles. Some people cover their whole head like a durag or tied around the head or forehead like a headband. Unlike other headbands, they have long tails.

Helmet Headbands For Men

stylish headband for guys

Helmet headbands can make your head stinky and hair messy. It is essential to cover your head with a helmet headband to make sure that your hair stays neat and clean. 

A helmet headband is usually like a skull cap or bandana that is tied around your head to cover the top part.

Miscellaneous Headbands

These headbands provide various benefits to the users that could range from style statements to practical uses.

Bandana Headbands For Men

types of fabric headbands

These headbands are usually worn as a fashion statement although it does provide some practical benefits. 

They are usually brightly coloured printed towels that can be tied around your head. This can also be used as a helmet headband or a pirate headband.

This relaxed look also helps in covering up a bad hair day. These trends are most often seen on bikers and rockstars.

Soft Headbands For Men

how to wear a sports headband for guys with short hair

These are similar to sports headbands but they are not that practical and sturdy. Hence, they are used more as a style statement than a utility accessory. 

They tend to be looser than athletic headbands and do not stay in place during rapid movements.

Toothed Headbands For Men

mens headband styles

These headbands keep your hair in place while neatly creating a zig-zag pattern on your hair. It is used by both men and women. It is a very stylish and practical hair accessory. 

They are usually made of metal but they can also be made out of plastic. They look very low-key on your hair while making your outfit look sharp.

Winter and Knitted Headbands For Men

These headbands are useful for those living in cold places. They are usually made of warm fabrics like wool to protect your ears from the cold weather. 

stylish headband for guys

It gives you a casual look and makes your hair look neat. Other options like a hooded jacket or a toboggan can mess up your hair but you can be sure that this doesn’t.

And those were the popular types of headbands for men. These accessories are now becoming an integral part of men’s outfits.

Headbands are not just about fashion but have a practical aspect to them. You can choose from the several types of headbands for men for an accessory that fits your needs and personal style.

FAQs About Types of Headbands

What are the different types of fabric headbands?

There are several fabrics that are used to create headbands. Some of the common types of fabric headbands include:

  • Velvet headbands
  • Cotton headbands
  • Satin headbands
  • Stretchable spandex headbands
  • Nylon headbands
  • Knitted wool headbands, among others.  

What is the difference between a headband and hairband?

While a lot of people use the word hairband and headband interchangeably, they are two different accessories. 

A hairband is a circle of fabric that is used to tie up your hair. They are also called hair ties or scrunchies. Hair bands can be made of fabric, rubber, or soft plastic. 

Headbands, on the other hand, are literally “bands” that go over your head to keep the hair back and protect your locks. They are often U-shaped and go above your forehead and tuck back behind your ears. 

What are some types of headbands for guys?

Some of the best type of headbands for guys include:

  • Bandana headbands
  • Knitted headbands
  • Helmet headbands
  • Gym headbands
  • Japanese Hachimaki bands

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A simple headband can have a huge impact on your style. These different types of headbands for women aren’t just to keep your hair in place. They come in fashionable designs and are an accessory on their own. 

The right headband can enhance your outfit, completing your look! All you have to do is find the right design and create your own signature style. 

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