Love Beauty and Planet vs. Maui Moisture Review

Love Beauty and Planet vs. Maui Moisture Comparison | Which Is Better 2024

Trying out Love Beauty and Planet vs. Maui Moisture? Find out which one is right for you in this Comparison Guide.

If you are someone with color-treated hair, then you will for sure know how hard it is to maintain colored hair and prevent it from fading and damage. The struggle is real!

Being someone who loves experimenting with hair colors and trying out multiple hair color treatments both at home and at the parlor, what I realized is that maintenance of colored hair is key.

Washing your hair with products from a good brand is absolutely important to maintain the vibrancy and radiance of your colored locs. But here is the problem I faced – finding the “good” brand.

I have tried several brands in the past and when I say “several”, trust me, more than you can imagine and all just for saving my colored hair and those brands didn’t live up to my expectations, at all!

So that’s when I decided that I would have to do some digging online and probably need to find out more about the brand, before trying out their products.

Here are two review-worthy brands that I tried out and got all the details to share with you guys.

Check it out below!

Love Beauty and Planet vs. Maui Moisture

About Love Beauty and Planet

Love Beauty and Planet is an American all-vegan global personal care brand that was founded in 2017 and is owned by Unilever.

Currently, Love Beauty and Planet sells their products in over 14 countries all over the world and they have a very wide range of personal care products from hair care, to beauty, to skin care products.

Love Beauty and Planet vs. Maui Moisture

The best part about this brand is that all their products are completely cruelty-free (certified by PETA) and all made of only vegan ingredients (certified by Vegan Action standards), which can thereby cater to the needs of many people.

At Love Beauty and Planet, they make sure that all their product formulas are “naturally-derived” and by this they mean that the ingredient isn’t altered above 50% from its original state in order to ensure the best delivery of its benefits.

They are into environmental sustainability and wish to stay true to their brand name, like literally, Love Beauty and “Planet”! Therefore, they use 100% recycled materials for their product bottles, in addition to using fast-rinse technology for their hair care products, in order to save water.

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They also use ethically-sourced scents, with sustainable ingredients to reduce about their carbon footprint on Earth! Yes, so it is pretty clear that they care as much about the planet, as they care about their customers.

About Maui Moisture

Maui Moisture was launched in 2017 by Johnson & Johnson. Their main aim is to create formulas for their products using ingredients that are found in the tropical islands of Maui, in Hawaii.

Love Beauty and Planet

They have their own team of experts who carefully formulate their products keeping in mind hair moisture and hair health, thus infusing their products with a few common ingredients like aloe vera, and coconut water along with chemically treated natural water.

They make sure to keep their products away from all types of harsh chemicals, so that the hair faces no damage whatsoever while using their products.

Maui Moisture doesn’t specifically talk about environmental sustainability in all forms, but shows it in their actions in terms of the ingredients they use.

They are also deeply involved in maintaining their product integrity and make sure that none of their products are tested on animals.

Brand Comparison

Love Beauty and Planet vs. Maui Moisture

Brand Ethics

Well, if you’ve read about Love Beauty and Planet, you can be for certain that they have super great brand ethics and that’s truly something!

They have a policy which is called “Five Labors of Love”, where they strongly believe in reducing plastic waste and their carbon footprint,  water conservation, use of ethically-sourced scents and use of sustainable ingredients.

Maui Moisture

Their products are all certified as cruelty-free, by PETA, so no animals are harmed during the testing and trial of their products.

At Maui Moisture, apart from the use of environmentally-sustainable natural ingredients, they do not have any other specific environmental sustainability projects.

But they do take care of animal safety, just like at Love Beauty and Planet and aim at making animal cruelty completely obsolete as soon as possible.

They also reaffirm the policy of no animal testing and do not even sell their products in countries where there are regulations on the requirement for animal testing.


The ingredients used in the products made at Love Beauty and Planet are carefully researched upon by their team of experts in order to support personal care of their customers.

Some of the ingredients include coconut, rosehip cherry blossom, hemp seed, Indian lilac, sea salt, shea butter, murumuru butter, yuzu, turmeric and many more such naturally-derived ingredients. They have products that have absolutely no silicones, sulfates and parabens.

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At Maui moisture, they use many natural ingredients like sea salt,  shea butter, aloe vera, algae extract, kelp extract, coconut water etc. They have products that do not contain any sulfated surfactants, parabens or silicones.

Range of Products

At Love Beauty and Planet, they have a super wide range of products! The range of their products include hair care products like shampoos, conditioners, shampoo scrubs, shampoo bars etc., which are made to suit all hair types, hair texture and hair problems.

They also have products for skin care and skin cleansing like body butters, lotions, hydro gels, hand wash, cleansing mists, bath bombs, body scrubs and body washes. 

is love beauty and planet bad for your hair

Maui Moisture has a good range of products but only to suit hair care and hair styling, like shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, hair stylers and hair treatments that are made to suit all hair types, hair textures and to treat all hair problems.

They do not have any products for skin care and personal care, unlike Love Beauty and Planet.


Love Beauty and Planet have a wide range of products sold in different quantities and therefore, their prices vary. The hair care products fall in the range $10 and above, while the skin care products start at around $4 and above. Quite reasonably priced and affordable to all classes of people.

The products at Maui Moisture start at around $4.98, which I felt was a relatively reasonable pricing. I also think that it is affordable to all classes of people.

Product Comparison

Before I give any brand comparison reviews, I make sure to test their products myself! So I tested products from both these brands – the Maui Moisture Color Protect Shampoo and the Love Beauty and Planet Blooming Color Sulfate-free Shampoo, both specifically designed for color treated hair and here is my review.

is love beauty and planet good for your hair

The Love Beauty and Planet shampoo did a great job at cleansing my hair and also moisturized my dry hair pretty well because it contained the ingredient murumuru butter, which is a great emollient agent.

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But as for treating my colored hair, it didn’t really do much. I didn’t feel like it maintained my hair color vibrancy to a great extent, so that was quite a disappointment.

The shampoo contained no sulfates, parabens or silicones, so it didn’t cause any dryness or damage to my hair, thankfully.

The scent of this shampoo was rose and it really smelled heavenly and made my hair feel fresh especially once it dried.

Since it didn’t deliver the desired results, I felt it wasn’t really worth the $29.98, which I paid for both the shampoo and conditioner on Amazon, which were 955 ml bottles.

On the other hand, the Maui Moisture Color-Protect shampoo was super good! It didn’t fade my hair color drastically and did maintain the initial vibrancy of my hair colour once it was dyed. So I loved it!

It is also a very good cleansing shampoo and it does keep the hair very well-moisturized as it contains aloe vera juice and coconut water, both being great emollient agents.

are maui moisture products good

This shampoo contained no sulfates, silicones or parabens and felt smooth, soft and gentle on my scalp and hair.

I paid $7.09 on Amazon, for just the shampoo, which was quite reasonable and worth the price paid for the results got!

Love Beauty and Planet vs. Maui Moisture: FAQs

Apart from the Maui Moisture Color Protect shampoo, are their other shampoos safe for color-treated hair?

Yes! All shampoos and conditioners made at Maui Moisture are a 100% safe for color-treated hair, irrespective of the hair problems, hair types and hair textures they are aiming to treat.

They have no sulfates and will not cause any damage or fading to colored hair.

What does fast-rinse technology mean in Love Beauty and Planet hair care products?

This is a technology used by Love Beauty and Planet as their aim to reduce water waste and conserve water by rinsing off their products within no time, reducing the excess use of water.

This means that their product molecules are broken down quicker and gets washed off faster.

Summary: Love Beauty and Planet vs. Maui Moisture

So both these brands are pretty much on par with each other in terms of their products and the ingredients they use in their product formulations.

But there is one reason why Love Beauty and Planet will get a few extra credits here and this is what I’d like to make a special mention of as it caught my attention.

They believe in environmental sustainability and are working towards saving the planet in a major way from their end.

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