Are Monat hair products vegan

Are Monat Hair Products Vegan In 2024 | Is It Also Cruelty-Free, Natural And Good For Hair?

Are Monat hair products vegan? Discover the truth about Monat Hair Products and their vegan status in our comprehensive article. We delve deep into Monat’s product ingredients, sourcing, and cruelty-free practices to determine whether they align with vegan values. Uncover the transparency behind Monat’s claims and explore the ethics of their product line.

In the present day, a lot of people are often concerned about conscious consumerism and ethics when they buy products. 

People consider whether their products are vegan or whether they are tested on animals and other such things.

However, more often than earlier, people are very concerned about buying purely “vegan” products.

Monat has been a very popular brand that sells hair care products and has been world renowned for many years now.

But the question that remains is whether this global brand, Monat, makes their hair products completely vegan?

How about we find out everything you need to know then? Check out more below.

Are Monat Hair Products Vegan

Here’s the answer all of you have been looking for – yes, they are! Monat hair products are vegan. 

So, as per research, the official website of Monat states that their products are both vegan and also animal-friendly.

This means that they do not use any ingredients which are derived from animals or even animal byproducts. 

Also, they confirm that they do not engage in any sort of animal testing either.

They state that their products are also certified by Leaping Bunny (a non-profit organization), which is an internationally recognized cruelty-free certification. 

For those products that have this certification, it means that their products haven’t been tested on animals, during any stage of the product development.

What Are Monat Hair Products?

Monat is a world renowned company that sells hair products of different types from shampoos, conditioners, hair styling products, hair masks and much that can be used for different purposes like to restore hair lustre and shine, improve hair quality, reduce dryness and frizz and much more.

They have products to suit different purposes like color care, scalp care, hair damage, etc., and are made to suit people with different hair types like curly hair, coily hair, wavy hair or even straight hair.

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Special features of Monat hair care products:

  • Their products are formulated using only clinically tested ingredients, which are considered completely safe for the hair.
  • They do use fragrances in their products, but only those which are approved as safe by the RIFM (Research Institute for fragrance Materials) and IFRA (International Fragrance Association).
  • Their products are completely vegan and are also animal-friendly, meaning that their products aren’t tested on animals in any stage of the product development. Monat is also certified by The Leaping Bunny, which is an internationally recognized non-profit organization that works towards ending cruelty to animals.
  •  Monat products do contain colorants, but only those which are approved by the FDA and are completely safe for the hair.

My Review of the Monat Hair Products

So far, I have used three products by Monat and I’d like to give you all a brief review of all the three products I’ve used.

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1. Monat Advanced Hydrating Shampoo

This shampoo cost me $58.99 for a bottle of 240 ml of shampoo. Yes, I know guys, super pricey indeed! But talking about the results, well, this shampoo worked really well on my curly hair.

So I have been using this shampoo for around five months now and currently on my second bottle.

Well, my curly hair before this was really dry and was extremely frizzy. It had lost its lustre and shine.

Once I started using this shampoo, I began to see the results within the second week of using it (approximately five hair washes). 

I noticed that my hair had become softer, smoother and more manageable as well. I also experienced less hair breakage and my hair fall was reduced a lot.

 Overall, a good product and I’d highly recommend it for curly-haired people.

2. Monat Smoothing Anti-Frizz Deep Conditioner

To go along with the Monat Advanced Hydrating Shampoo, I bought the Monat Smoothing Anti-Frizz Deep Conditioner. I paid $66.99 for it (Which was way out of my budget!). But was it worth it? Well, it definitely was!

I would just use a little conditioner to condition my hair after using the shampoo and I would only condition my hair after every alternate hair wash (to avoid product build up) and it did a great deal to my hair.

I noticed that my hair felt very smooth, with hardly any frizziness and flyaways. I found it easier to manage my hair and the dryness reduced considerably as well.

Overall, it is a good product, but honestly, it is quite pricey to use on a long term basis, unless you can afford it of course.

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 3. Monat Studio One Thermal Protect Styling Shield

I bought the Monat Studio One Thermal Protect Styling Shield for $47.99 on Amazon and I’ve been using this product for around 2 months now. This was one of the most recent Monat products I’ve tried out and honestly, it was amazing!

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I have curly hair, which is prone to dryness and frizz. So, being someone who very often uses heat styling tools on my hair, I really needed a product like this and it did a great job to keep my hair protected and reduced heat damage to a large extent.

For the price it was definitely worth it, but as to whether I’d buy it again, well, it is quite expensive and I’d prefer to look for a cheaper alternative if possible.

Top Monat Hair Products

Monat has quite a few products for hair care, so here I have listed 10 of the top best Monat hair products below.

1. Monat Intense Repair Treatment

2. Monat Renew Moisturizing Shampoo

3. Monat Smoothing Anti-Frizz Deep Conditioner

4. Monat Rejuvenique Hair Oil

5. Monat Restore Leave-In Conditioner

6. Monat Volumizing Revive Shampoo

7. Monat Restyle Instant Sculpting Taffy

8. Monat Advanced Hydrating Shampoo

9. Monat Studio One Thermal Protect Styling Shield

10. Monat Studio One Air Dry Cream

Are Monat Hair Products Good for Curly Hair?

Yes! Monat does have some great products for use on curly hair and as a curly-haired person myself, I’ll self approve them!

The good part is that Monat products come in different types from shampoos, to masks, to conditioners, serums and creams, which are specifically designed for curly hair care.

So this means that you do not need to go searching for different products from different brands to cater to your curly hair needs when you can get all your products in just one brand!

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Well, of course, individual opinions will definitely vary and the way these products work on your curly versus another’s, will also vary. So, it is up to you to try and test, to see what suits you the best.

Nevertheless, from my personal experience, I can give you some pointers which you could possibly use while choosing a Monat product to buy to use on your curly hair.

So, keep in mind that curly hair is always drier and frizzier than other hair types. Therefore, choose a good hydrating shampoo and moisturizing conditioner.

You could also invest in a moisturizing serum and a deep conditioning hair mask for extra nourishment and moisturization.

Is Monat Tested On Animals?

No, Monat clearly states on their official website that their products are completely free from animal testing and are vegan as well.

They make it clear that they do not even test their product formulations on animals during any stage of their product development either.

Monat has also stated officially on their website that their products are certified as animal-cruelty safe, by The Leaping bunny organization.

Is Monat Sulfate and Paraben Free?

Monat confirms that its products are completely free from SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) and their products are made from naturally-based ingredients (which are botanical extracts like vitamins, essential oils etc.) meaning that the products are made with ingredients that are the closest to its natural source. Then, it is combined with safe and gentle surfactants to get a safe-to-use formulation.

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Talking about parabens, well, Monat’s products do not contain any parabens either and they ensure it is safe to use on the hair.

Is Monat Silicone Free?

Well, there are some Monat products that do contain silicones. So, not all their products are silicone free and therefore, if you are someone who prefers to use silicone-free products, then do check out the product ingredient list on the label to ensure that the product you’re buying doesn’t contain silicones.


To conclude, we can confirm that Monat’s products are definitely vegan as they have clearly stated on their official website. Also, they do not test their products on animals and their products have also been certified by the Leaping Bunny organization as well.

The good part about using Monat hair products is that they cater to the needs of all hair types and they come in different types to suit different hair problems. So, you can get a product for hair repair, to treat dryness and frizz, color-treated hair, lack of hair volume and much more.

Their products are considered safe to use on the hair as they do not contain sulfates, nor do they contain parabens. Some of their products do contain silicones, but they do make a mention of it on their product label.

Overall, Monat is a great brand for those looking to buy different types of hair products like shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, hair creams and more, which are all available within the same brand!

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