Biolage Color Last Shampoo vs. TRESemmé Revitalise Colour Shampoo

Biolage Color Last Shampoo vs. TRESemmé Revitalise Colour Shampoo Comparison 2024 | Which Is Better?

Do you often find yourself struggling to choose between Biolage Color Last Shampoo vs. TRESemmé Revitalise Colour Shampoo? Here’s a comparison of the two products to help you make a better decision.

Choosing a brand to buy shampoo when you’re trying a new product can be a super hard task, because of the numerous shampoo brands available in the present day.

I have colour-treated hair and have had many horrible personal experiences after I’ve tried a new shampoo on my hair – from colour fading, to hair dryness, my hair has seen it all and it really was such a disappointment.

Well, over the years, I finally decided that doing my own research and finding a suitable product for my hair is a better option, than simply relying on other people’s reviews.

So that’s how I got down to finding out more about the brands Biolage and TRESemmé, as I had chosen to try out their shampoos meant specifically for colour-treated hair.

I tried out the Biolage Color Last Shampoo and the TRESemmé Revitalise Colour Shampoo and here is my experience.

Biolage Color Last Shampoo vs. TRESemmé Revitalise Colour Shampoo

Who Is Biolage?

Back in the year 1990, Biolage was founded by Arnie Miller, an entrepreneur and hairdresser, who wanted to change the way people look at hair care products, by creating products that can help give a person’s hair care routine a boost, with products that they can consider reliable, one’s that can deliver the best effects in the most efficient way.

Biolage Color Last Shampoo vs. TRESemmé Revitalise Colour Shampoo

Their products use ingredients that are naturally-inspired, to be able to promote hair health, improve hair texture and give their users the effect of a salon, at their own homes.

They have products designed for all hair types and textures so that no one’s hair care is left untreated.

Biolage has been in function for over 32 years now and have been creating products that are made in such a way that they are safe for the environment as they have 100% recycled packaging, while they aren’t tested on animals either.

Biolage Color Last Shampoo

So they are cruelty-free and they are made of plant ingredients, thereby making them fully vegan.

Who Is Tresemmé?

The brand TRESemmé has been around for around 70 years and is one that has been a dedicated hair care product provider for people all over the world.

Their products are made for all purposes from hair care to hair styling, to be able to treat all hair types and textures.

The aim of TRESemmé is to deliver to people a salon quality hair care to, but not at a salon price.  This is because each of their products is salon inspired and salon-tested as well, thus making every user able to have a salon experience, at home.

TRESemmé Revitalise Colour Shampoo

TRESemmé products are made with the best and finest quality of ingredients that are backed by Science and made with professional- formulas by their experts.

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All their ingredients are known to be industry regulator approved and are reviewed by a panel of experts because their product quality is known to be their key priority.

Biolage Vs Tresemme Shampoos: At A Glance

 Biolage Color Last Shampoo TRESemmé Revitalise Colour Shampoo
Top IngredientsOrchid extract, salicylic acidRosemary leaf extract, niacinamide, glycerin, sunflower seed oil and biotin
Main product benefitsMaintain colour vibrancyEnhance hair colour, increase hair shine and smoothness
Gentle on the scalpYesYes
Free from harsh chemicalsNo, contains sulfatesNo, contains sulfates
Item formLiquidLiquid
Quantity400 ml500 ml
Price$21 (Expensive)$8.37 (Reasonable)

Biolage Color Last Shampoo Review

The ingredients:

The main ingredient of this shampoo is orchid extract which is specifically meant for improving colour vibrancy. In addition to this one, there is salicylic acid, which is yet another great ingredient that can help preserve hair colour.

Biolage Color Last Shampoo Ingredients

The texture of the shampoo:

The liquid texture of this shampoo makes it easy to use and it rakes up a very good lather. That’s what I really liked because it also washed off easily and doesn’t leave any residue behind.

Biolage Color Last Shampoo Texture

How well it worked on my hair

I have to say it worked very well on my hair and it didn’t fade my hair colour at all. It definitely maintained the vibrancy of my hair colour.

Biolage Color Last Shampoo Review

The fragrance:

This was the very first time I used a product with an orchid fragrance and it was simply heavenly. I loved the smell, as it made my hair feel so fresh once it dried up.

The packaging:

What I really liked is how sleek the bottle is and it comes with a cap that closes properly and doesn’t leak out (which is a big deal for someone like me who travels a lot).

The price:

I paid $21 for this 400 ml shampoo and bought it off of Amazon, which I found was relatively expensive. But later I realized that if I looked up the original Biolage website, I could have got it for a cheaper price, as they have options for purchase.

Tresemmé Revitalise Colour Shampoo Review

The ingredients:

The TRESemmé Revitalise Colour Shampoo has a lot of natural ingredients like rosemary leaf extract that is known to help maintain colour vibrancy, along with other powerful ingredients like niacinamide, glycerin, sunflower seed oil and biotin that can help boost hair health and increase hair shine and lustre.

TRESemmé Revitalise Colour Shampoo Ingredients

These ingredients are naturally very nourishing to the hair and can deliver powerful benefits to the hair.

The texture of the shampoo:

This shampoo had a liquid consistency which was pretty easy to use, but nevertheless, I diluted it with a little water before every use, thereby making the application process super easy for myself.

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How well it worked on my hair:

It worked really well on my hair. It maintained my hair colour and vibrancy pretty well and what I liked is that it made my hair smooth and soft over time, which is something I didn’t expect.

TRESemmé Revitalise Colour Shampoo  Review

The fragrance:

The TRESemmé shampoo has a rosemary fragrance, which was pleasant, but could have been a little milder, in my opinion.

But in general, it was not too much to my liking because I personally do not like the fragrance of rosemary (whether in shampoo form or even as a seasoning for that matter!).

The packaging:

I didn’t like the packaging of this shampoo too much, solely because of the cap of the bottle. It has a press cap that makes a little shampoo leak out once it has been opened and shampoo residue collects on the bottle cap over time.

The price:

The TRESemmé shampoo is very reasonably priced, in my opinion, and was within my budget as well. I paid just $8.37 (bought it on Amazon) for a 500 ml bottle, which I thought was a fairly good buy!

A Comparison Of The Brands

Biolage Color Last Shampoo vs. TRESemmé Revitalise Colour Shampoo

The ingredients:

In terms of the ingredients, the TRESemmé Revitalise Colour Shampoo definitely has more natural ingredients that not only can maintain hair colour, but can also boost hair shine and lustre. They are also beneficial to hair health in general.

While on the other hand, the ingredients of the Biolage Color Last Shampoo were only targeted for the maintenance of hair colour and minimally looked into the other aspects of hair care apart from cleansing.

Effectiveness on the hair:

Well, the Biolage Color Last Shampoo did a great job at maintaining the vibrancy of my hair colour and didn’t fade my hair colour. So that’s a good thing, but it didn’t really extend the period between colour touch-ups.

Coming to the TRESemmé Revitalise Colour Shampoo, I’d say it didn’t just maintain my hair colour and vibrancy but also made my hair feel soft and smooth. So it had an added benefit as compared to the Biolage shampoo.

Gentleness on the scalp and hair:

Both these shampoos seemed fairly gentle on my scalp and hair; I have no complaints about its gentleness.

I was quite apprehensive about this initially because both these shampoos contained sulfates in the form of Sodium Laureth Sulfate. But I bought it anyway because of its other promising benefits and it worked just fine on my hair.

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Talking about the fragrance of both these shampoos, both these shampoos had a relatively pleasant fragrance.

The Biolage Color Last Shampoo had an orchid fragrance, which I personally preferred as compared to the rosemary fragrance of the TRESemmé Revitalise Colour Shampoo, which I felt could have been a little milder.


In terms of pricing, I’d have to say that the Biolage shampoo was quite overpriced, as compared to the TRESemmé shampoo which was relatively pretty reasonable.

Feature-wise Rating of Biolage vs Tresemme Shampoos

Biolage Color Last ShampooTRESemmé Revitalise Colour Shampoo
Product effectiveness4.3/54.5/5
Scalp and hair gentleness4.2/54.2/5

Summary: Which one would I pick?

Well, it is quite a hard choice to pick the “better” one because both these shampoos worked pretty well on my hair. But if I had to buy one again I would choose the TRESemmé Revitalise Colour Shampoo.

This is because I liked that it contained so many natural ingredients that not only helped maintain the vibrancy of my hair colour, but also increased the lustre, shine and texture of my hair considerably.

In terms of pricing, the TRESemmé shampoo was reasonably priced and suited my budget perfectly.

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