Schwarzkopf vs. GK Hair Comparison

Schwarzkopf vs. GK Hair Comparison 2024 | Which is Better?

In this article, I will be comparing Schwarzkopf vs. GK Hair to find out which one is better for your hair type and needs. Read on to find out which one suits your hair the best!

Well, grooming and maintaining frizzy hair is one of the biggest nightmares every person with frizzy hair has to go through every single morning!  Brushing your hair actually becomes such a hassle.

Trust me, I have also had my fair share of bad hair days and experienced years and years of dealing with frizzy hair and have tried all the possible shampoo brands possible, but was to no avail!

Around a year ago, someone suggested that I try the keratin treatment to smoothen my hair and get rid of the frizz.

Well, being someone who totally detests any sort of hair treatments, I didn’t want to attempt the keratin treatment either and was looking out for an alternative solution.

That’s when I began my own research and I came across a few shampoo brands that are keratin-infused and are known to help reduce frizz. So I tried out quite a few keratin-infused shampoos but liked only two brands in particular –Schwarzkopf and GK Hair.

 So, here’s my review about these brands!

Schwarzkopf vs. GK Hair

Who Is Schwarzkopf?

Schwarzkopf has been in function for more than 120 years now and has been known to be innovating their products ever since then! From developing the very first dry shampoo to the very first hair spray and liquid shampoo, they are pioneers at it all.

Schwarzkopf vs. GK Hair

It was founded by Hans Schwarzkopf, a German who worked as a Chemist and Pharmacist. He believed that whoever uses their products, can use them confidently, be it the general public or even professionals owning salons.

He believed that his products will contain the best quality ingredients, which contain at least 95% of naturally derived ingredients along with using the best haircare technology possible to develop products with reliable expertise from their panel of experts.

He also wanted to support every hairdresser, as each one is unique and they decided to develop customizable products that can give all hairdressers 360-degree support.

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At Schwarzkopf, they also believe in environmental sustainability and have reduced their carbon footprint by 30%, in the aim to bring about a lasting environmental change.

Who Is Gk Hair?

GK or Global Keratin is a hair care brand founded by Van Tibolli in 2007. While it hasn’t been around for as long as the brand Schwarzkopf, it has gained tremendous fame over the last few years and is known to be one of the best keratin hair care product brands in the world!

GK Hair Shampoo

The reason why the brand GK gained so much popularity is that the founder himself developed a unique ingredient, after years of whole-hearted research and called it “Juvexin”.

This is made of a protein blend that is known to be one of the most purified forms of protein and keratin, which together makes a super powerful combination for the hair.

It can help restore hair health to almost its original state and can, more importantly, prevent future damage by protecting the hair.

The founder makes sure that every single product by GK Hair contains this special ingredient “Juvexin”, because of its powerful benefits to the hair.  AT GK, they promise to restore hair health, from within!

Brand Comparison

Schwarzkopf vs. GK Hair shampoo

Brand Ethics:

Schwarzkopf aims at being pioneers in sustainability and wish to shape their business responsibly and simultaneously increase their economic success. They believe in caring for their planet just as much as they care for their people/customers.

Thus at Schwarzkopf, they believe in what they call the “4 pillars” of their approach to sustainability. The 4 pillars are sustainable packaging, social impact, responsible ingredients and climate impact.

It is also known that the brand Schwarzkopf is not completely cruelty-free and nor is their parent company.

The official website does not mention anything specific about the brand GK Hair’s advancements towards sustainability, so this aspect is left unknown.

But they ensure that their products are cruelty–free and are not tested on animals.

Range of Products:

Schwarzkopf has a good range of products for hair care. From hair colouring products, to hair styling products. They also have shampoos and conditioners.

Schwarzkopf Shampoo

GK Hair has a wide range of products and tools for hair care, from shampoos, conditioners, hair treatments, hair tools, hair styling products, hair protectant products and hair colouring products as well.

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At Schwarzkopf, they try to formulate their products with at least 95% of naturally-derived ingredients like keratin, panthenol, apricot oil etc.

They do have products that are completely free of harsh chemicals in their product range.

is schwarzkopf a good brand

GK Hair has its very own specially-developed product that is called “Juvexin”, which is a keratin-based blend of ingredients in addition to other natural ingredients like natural oils, grain and plant extract.

Similar to Schwarzkopf, GK Hair also makes products in their range of products that are completely free from any harsh chemicals.

Price Range:

Schwarzkopf has products ranging from $9 to $47, which I feel is quite reasonable as long as all products are available in all price ranges. But overall, I would still think it is a brand that is slightly on the expensive side.

GK Hair products start at even $1.60 (for a sachet of shampoo) and go up to around $32.00. So the range is similar to the brand Schwarzkopf. Well, while slightly on the expensive side, in my opinion, I would say this brand does have some affordable products suitable to people of all classes.

Product Comparison

If you are reading my review then you can rest assured that the product has been tried and tested by me! Well, this time I tried out the Schwarzkopf Bonacure Keratin Smooth Shampoo and GK Hair Taming System Shampoo. Here’s my review.

The Schwarzkopf shampoo has three very powerful ingredients for hair care – keratin, panthenol and apricot oil. The ingredient keratin helps smoothen the hair strands and reduces frizz to a great extent.

schwarzkopf smoothing treatment

Panthenol helped improve hair strength and the apricot oil which is rich in omega-3 fatty acids help protect the hair and reduce moisture loss, thereby preventing frizziness due to hair dryness. So I liked the ingredients used.

Even though the product description stated that this shampoo is liquid in texture, I’d like to say that it was semi-liquid in texture and not completely runny in consistency, which was nice and smooth.

This shampoo contains SLES (sodium laureth sulfate) and this is something I was a little apprehensive about, whether it would dry out my hair. But luckily it didn’t! It felt gentle on my sensitive scalp and worked super well on my hair.

gk keratin

It made my hair smooth and reduced my frizz to a large extent and also prevented static in my hair every time I brushed it. It definitely made my hair more manageable. It is also a great cleansing shampoo as well.

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The product is super simple and easy to use, just like any other shampoo. I also really liked the packaging of this product.

The shampoo comes with a screw-on cap and also has a flip lid that shuts pretty tight so no shampoo leaks out when not in use (especially good for travel). Also, it squirts out just the right amount of shampoo. The bottle is sleek and easy to travel with as well.

schwarzkopf is a good brand

I paid $14.65 for a 250 ml bottle of shampoo, which I felt was relatively fairly priced as compared to the other such products in the market. While it may be a little on the expensive side, it did a great job on my hair, so I felt it was worth every penny I paid.

On the other hand, the GK Hair shampoo is known to contain the special GK Hair brand ingredient called “Juvexin”, which is supposed to be a blend of protein and keratin that can penetrate into the hair shaft and act as a natural hair conditioner. It can reduce frizz and can increase hair softness.

Along with juvexin, this shampoo also contains natural oils, grain and plant extracts that are naturally-derived ingredients that were beneficial to my hair.

schwarzkopf shampoo

This shampoo too was semi-liquid, just like the Schwarzkopf shampoo and it had a nice smooth and creamy texture.

It worked super amazingly on my hair! I simply loved it. It softened my hair like never before and actually tamed a lot of my frizz as promised! It also reduced my hair breakage to a great extent. It is easy to use and also cleansed the scalp and hair very well.

Little does go a long way when it comes to using this shampoo. All you need is to use a small little dollop of this shampoo and it rakes up a good lather, when applied onto wet hair. It can be used just like any other shampoo.

GK hair shampoo

I liked the packaging of this shampoo. I found it quite similar to the Schwarzkopf shampoo packaging. The flip cap shuts well and the shampoo doesn’t leak out. So this aspect along with its sleek bottle makes it convenient to carry while travelling.

I paid $31.90 for both the shampoo and conditioner, which is definitely on the expensive side. But overall, I really liked the product, so I didn’t mind paying the price for it. Besides, since you do not need to use a lot of shampoo, it lasts relatively long.

Summary: My pick?

Since both the shampoos did a great job working on my hair, moisturizing it and taming my frizz, it is quite hard to pick just one.

Both these brands are great and the only reasons I would personally pick the GK Hair brand over the Schwarzkopf brand would be because the Schwarzkopf shampoo brand has shampoos that contain sulfates and was slightly higher priced.

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