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Is Iso Bouncy Cleanse Shampoo Discontinued In 2024 | The Important Facts!

Looking for answers about Iso Bouncy Cleanse Shampoo? Is Iso Bouncy Cleanse Shampoo Discontinued? Get the latest information on the availability of this popular hair product. Our comprehensive guide provides insights into whether this shampoo is still on the market, helping you make informed decisions for your hair care routine. Don’t miss out on the details you need – discover the status of Iso Bouncy Cleanse Shampoo right here.

I’m sure all you curly-haired people out there who were frequent users of the Iso Bouncy Cleanse Shampoo, are looking out for places to buy this product because over some time now, this shampoo hasn’t been seen around sold in many retail shops and even on the Joico website.

Does this mean that the Iso Bouncy Cleanse Shampoo has been discontinued permanently?

The Iso Bouncy Cleanse Shampoo is a sulfate-free shampoo that was specifically designed to help people with curly hair, to get curls which are more defined. It is known to have powerful ingredients to even help repair damaged hair and improve hair condition.

So, if it is true, then why has this product been discontinued? Go ahead and continue reading to find out more!

Is Iso Bouncy Cleanse Shampoo Discontinued

The product Iso Bouncy Cleanse Shampoo belongs to the brand Joico and as of 2023, Joico doesn’t sell this shampoo on their official website anymore. Also, most retail stores have also discontinued the sale of this product.

But there are still some online websites like Kroger, eBay, Discontinued Beauty, Pandora Beauty etc., that still have this product on sale. This is possibly until old stocks run out. On these websites, you may find that this product is quite expensive as the prices have been hiked due to shortage of stocks and excessive demand.

Is The Iso Bouncy Cleanse Shampoo Good for Hair

Whether or not the Iso Bouncy Cleanse Shampoo is good for your hair, well, it all depends on your individual hair type. Even for those with curly hair, there are different types of curly hair types and not everyone may get the same results when using a certain product.

But overall, the Iso Bouncy Cleanse Shampoo is known to work best on curly hair, to help give curls better definition. Also, this shampoo has a very good formulation of ingredients which are very powerful for the hair. The Iso Bouncy Cleanse Shampoo is also sulfate-free and does not contain silicones.

As per my personal opinion, I would definitely say that this shampoo worked well for me.

My Review of The Iso Bouncy Cleanse Shampoo

Is The Iso Bouncy Cleanse Shampoo Good for Hair

I have been using The Iso Bouncy Cleanse Shampoo for many years now and I really loved this product. Sadly, they have discontinued it and I am yet to find another shampoo to be able to suit my curly hair this well.

My hair type is curly, a blend between 2C and 3A curls, to be precise and my hair is super frizzy and dry. So, my curls never stood out with definition the way it should. This was always very disappointing, until I found the Iso Bouncy Cleanse Shampoo.

Initially I just bought a small bottle of the shampoo along with the Iso Bouncy Cleanse Conditioner to go with it and it was really good! I thereafter only stuck to using this product for a long time, until it got discontinued, in fact.

When you have curly hair, your hair tends to get dry more easily than straighter hair types and no matter how much I oil my hair or use hair serums, my hair still feels dry.

After using this shampoo, my hair dryness reduced considerably and I noticed that my frizziness too reduced as well.

Within a couple of months of the usage of this shampoo, along with its conditioner, I could begin to see how slowly my curls started becoming more defined. I also noticed that as my curls not only got defined, but they became more bouncy and voluminous.

I really liked the ingredient formulation of this product as well. First of all, it was sulfate and silicone free, which is rare to find a shampoo that is free from both these ingredients. It is also safe to use on hair that is colored as well and I can say this from my own experience, as it didn’t damage or fade my hair color at all. Also, it has many powerful ingredients for the hair.

While individually the effects may vary, I would recommend this product for curly-haired people, that’s if you manage to lay your hands on one of these bottles, considering that they’ve discontinued this product now!


·         This product is completely free from sulfates and silicones.

·         It helps make curly hair more defined, giving it a bounce and enhancing its volume.

·         This shampoo contains powerful ingredients for the hair like keratin, amino acids, glycerin, polyquaternium-10 etc.

·         It makes the hair feel smooth and soft.

·         Helps reduce dryness and frizziness considerably.


·         The product is quite hard to find, as it is not available in most retail stores and common e-commerce websites because it has been discontinued.

·         Since it has been discontinued, the last stocks are being sold at overpriced rates.

Iso Bouncy Cleanse Shampoo: Ingredients Briefly Explained

This shampoo was specifically designed for curly hair and to help repair hair that is damaged and restore the health of the hair.

Some of the main ingredients used in the Iso Bouncy Cleanse Shampoo were:

Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein:

This ingredient can help promote better hair strength, while also promoting better and quicker hair repair.

Citric Acid:

This ingredient helps keep the scalp and hair clean and healthy. It can also help promote better hair strength and can thereby reduce hair breakage and hair loss. It protects the hair by forming a film-like coating on the hair strand.

Hydrolyzed Keratin:

Hydrolyzed keratin can help minimize hair damage and can help fight frizz and reduce hair dryness. It can also help smoothen out the hair and make it soft to touch.

Amino Acids:

Amino acids can help boost the production of collagen and can promote better hair strength. It also helps condition and smoothen the hair, making it soft to touch.


Panthenol can help improve hair texture and give curls more definition. It can also make the hair look more vibrant, with a better hair bounce.

Hydrolyzed Soy Protein:

This ingredient can help add better shine and sheen to the hair. It can also give the hair a better texture, making it smooth and lustrous.


This ingredient helps condition the hair and acts as a lubricating agent to the hair. It can thus help reduce hair dryness and frizz. It is also known to help maintain curls.


Glycerin helps draw moisture into the hair strands and acts as a natural humectant. It can help prevent moisture from exiting the hair follicles.

Is The Iso Bouncy Cleanse Shampoo Sulfate-Free?

Yes, the Iso Bouncy Cleanse Shampoo is a completely sulfate-free shampoo that only uses a very mild surfactant for hair cleansing called sodium lauroyl methyl isethionate, instead of sulfates.

This ingredient (surfactant) is safe to use on the hair even on a daily basis and is known to be suitable to even sensitive scalps.

Sulfates are those surfactants that are harsh in nature and can strip the hair off its moisture and dry the hair out.

Curly hair is already prone to air dryness because of its hair type, as the hair type doesn’t let the natural oils of the hair properly spread evenly all over the hair. Thus, using shampoos with sulfates is not advisable, especially for those with curly hair.

Does Iso Bouncy Cleanse Shampoo Contain Silicones?

No, the Iso Bouncy Cleanse Shampoo does not use silicones in their product ingredient formulation.

Silicones aren’t the best ingredients for the hair because while they help smoothen out the hair, they are synthetic polymers and they can lead to buildup on the hair when used over a prolonged period of time.

The Iso Bouncy Cleanse Shampoo contains other hair softening and smoothening ingredients like keratin, etc., that provide similar effects to that of silicones in a shampoo.

Is The Iso Bouncy Cleanse Shampoo Safe for Color-Treated Hair?

There are two reasons why I feel it’s safe to say that the Iso Bouncy Cleanse Shampoo is safe to use on color-treated hair.

Firstly, it is a shampoo that is fully sulfate-free, which means that it is less likely to damage color-treated hair and also, it is less likely to strip off the hair color.

Secondly, I have personal experience of having used this shampoo on my color-treated hair and it has worked perfectly fine for me and didn’t damage my hair color at all, nor did it fade it either.

Nevertheless, I would personally recommend that a patch test on a non-visible portion of your hair is always advisable, especially since your hair is color-treated.

Is The Iso Bouncy Cleanse Shampoo Devoid of Animal Cruelty?

There is no concrete information regarding the fact whether the Iso Bouncy Cleanse Shampoo is completely devoid of animal cruelty or not. This shampoo belongs to the brand Joico, which is known to be a cruelty-free brand (wherein there is no animal testing done on their products) and also, this shampoo in question, is a completely vegan shampoo as well.

So, we can likely consider that the Iso Bouncy Cleanse Shampoo too is possibly devoid of animal cruelty.

The Final Takeaway

To conclude, while I do confirm that the Iso Bouncy Cleanse Shampoo has been discontinued officially by its brand, Joico and is no longer available for sale on their website and in most retail stores, this shampoo can still be found for sale on some websites like Kroger, eBay, Discontinued Beauty, Pandora Beauty etc.

Nevertheless, it is essential to remember that since the product has been discontinued, the stocks you will receive will only be the leftover stocks that had been manufactured and are being charged at an overpriced rate because of its high demand.

This shampoo works very well on hair that is curly and can help give curls a good and better definition.

So, for those of you who still wish to go ahead and try it out, try to grab yourself one of the last few bottles left for sale on the above-mentioned sites!

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