What Mizani Products Are Discontinued

What Mizani Products Are Discontinued In 2024 | Find The Full List Here!

What Mizani Products Are Discontinued? Find out below. Uncover the discontinued Mizani products and explore alternatives in our in-depth guide. Stay informed about changes in the Mizani product lineup and find the best replacements for your hair care needs.

As a person who’s always been particular about hair care, I’ve found myself on a continuous quest for the perfect products to maintain healthy, nourished, and manageable hair. One brand that has consistently piqued my interest is Mizani. 

Their line of hair products has gained a reputation for catering to the unique needs of textured hair types, making them a go-to choice for many. However, I recently discovered that some Mizani products have been discontinued, leaving loyal users like myself wondering why and what alternatives are available.

In this article, I’ll delve into the world of Mizani hair products, sharing my thoughts on their overall brand and providing detailed reviews of specific products.

What Mizani Products Are Discontinued?

First and foremost, let’s address the elephant in the room – which Mizani products have been discontinued? Mizani has undergone some changes over the years, and like any brand, they have had to adapt their product offerings to meet evolving consumer demands. Here are some of the Mizani products that have been discontinued, along with my thoughts on their absence from the market

1. Mizani Butter Blend Perphecting Creme Normalizing Conditioner: This product was beloved by many for its ability to detangle and soften hair, making it easier to manage. Its discontinuation left me searching for an alternative that could match its performance.

2. Mizani True Textures Curl Replenish Intense Moisturizing Mask: As someone with textured hair, finding a deep conditioner that provides sufficient moisture can be challenging. The Curl Replenish Intense Moisturizing Mask was a staple in my routine, and I was disappointed to see it go.

3. Mizani True Textures Twist and Coil Jelly: This product was fantastic for achieving defined curls and coils. Its departure has left many curly-haired individuals like me looking for a replacement.

4. Mizani Scalp Care Shampoo: This shampoo was formulated to address common scalp issues, such as dandruff and itchiness. Its absence from the market has been noticeable for those who relied on it for scalp health.

While it’s always disheartening to see beloved products discontinued, I understand that brands need to innovate and adapt to meet changing consumer preferences and industry standards. Thankfully, Mizani continues to offer a range of products that cater to various hair needs. Let’s dive into my thoughts on some of these alternatives.

What I Think of Mizani Hair Products

 mizani heat protectant cream

Before delving into specific product reviews, I’d like to share my overall thoughts on Mizani as a brand. Mizani, a subsidiary of L’Oréal, has positioned itself as a brand that specializes in providing hair care solutions for individuals with textured hair, including those with curly, coiled, or relaxed hair. Their commitment to catering to diverse hair types is commendable.

One aspect I appreciate about Mizani is their dedication to using quality ingredients that benefit the hair. Many of their products are enriched with natural oils, proteins, and moisturizing agents, which can be especially beneficial for individuals with textured hair that tends to be drier and more prone to damage.

Furthermore, Mizani offers a range of product lines, each designed to address specific hair concerns. Whether you’re looking for products to maintain relaxed hair, nurture natural curls, or simply achieve smooth, frizz-free locks, Mizani has options tailored to your needs.

Another noteworthy feature of Mizani products is their consistent commitment to providing clear usage instructions and tips on achieving optimal results. This is particularly helpful for those new to the brand or who are embarking on a hair care journey.

Now, let’s move on to my detailed reviews of some Mizani products that are still available in the market.

My Review of Mizani Hair Products

Mizani Butter Blend Microfusion Penetrating Conditioning Treatment

Mizani Butter Blend Microfusion Penetrating Conditioning Treatment

The Mizani Butter Blend Microfusion Penetrating Conditioning Treatment is a luxurious deep conditioner designed for relaxed hair. It’s formulated with shea butter, cocoa butter, and honey, which are known for their moisturizing and softening properties. 

Upon using this product, I noticed an immediate improvement in the texture and manageability of my relaxed hair. 

It detangle knots and left my hair feeling incredibly soft and nourished. The application process was straightforward, and the product had a pleasant, mild scent. I appreciated that it didn’t leave any residue or weigh my hair down.

Mizani Moisturfusion Silk Cream Conditioner

The Moisturfusion Silk Cream Conditioner is part of Mizani’s Moisturfusion line, which focuses on providing hydration and moisture to dry, damaged hair. This conditioner features ingredients like almond oil and coconut oil, which are excellent for locking in moisture.

After using this conditioner, my hair felt noticeably more hydrated and less prone to frizz. It also added a beautiful shine to my locks. The formula is thick and creamy, making it easy to distribute evenly through my hair. It’s an excellent choice for those with dry or damaged hair seeking deep hydration.

are mizani products good

Mizani Fiberfyl Essential Strengthening Fix Primer

The Mizani Fiberfyl Essential Strengthening Fix Primer is a unique product designed to strengthen and protect the hair before heat styling. It contains ceramides and coconut oil to fortify the hair strands and minimize damage from heat.

I found this primer to be a game-changer for my heat styling routine. It created a protective barrier on my hair, reducing heat damage and preventing breakage. Additionally, it didn’t make my hair feel heavy or greasy, which can be a concern with some heat protectants.

Mizani Thermasmooth Hair Conditioner

The Thermasmooth Hair Conditioner is part of Mizani’s Thermasmooth line, which focuses on providing frizz control and heat protection for those who regularly use hot styling tools.

I was impressed with how this conditioner made my hair more manageable and resistant to humidity-induced frizz. It’s lightweight and easy to rinse out, leaving my hair soft and silky. For individuals who often heat style their hair, this conditioner is a must-have.

Mizani Cutting Solution

The Mizani Cutting Solution is designed for use by professional hairstylists, particularly during hair cutting and shaping. It’s formulated to provide slip and moisture, making it easier to work with the hair.

While I’m not a hairstylist myself, I’ve had the opportunity to experience this product during salon visits. It does an excellent job of making the hair easier to comb and style, which is crucial during precision haircuts.

Mizani Classic Rhelaxer

Mizani’s Classic Rhelaxer is a relaxer designed to provide smoothness and manageability to textured hair. It comes in various formulations to suit different hair types, from fine to coarse.

As someone with relaxed hair, I appreciate the versatility of the Classic Rhelaxer. It effectively straightens my hair while minimizing damage, and the included

 protective pre-treatment is a valuable addition. It’s important to note that relaxers should be used with caution and by experienced individuals to avoid over-processing and damage.

Mizani Dry Scalp Tonic

The Mizani Dry Scalp Tonic is formulated to address common scalp issues such as dryness and itchiness. It contains tea tree oil and aloe vera, known for their soothing properties.

I found this tonic to be effective in relieving scalp discomfort. It has a refreshing, tingling sensation when applied, which I found soothing. It’s a great option for those with a dry or irritated scalp.

Mizani Hydrafuse Intensive Moisturizing Treatment Conditioner

The Hydrafuse Intensive Moisturizing Treatment Conditioner is designed to provide deep hydration to the hair, making it an excellent choice for individuals with dry or damaged locks.

This conditioner truly lives up to its name. It’s incredibly moisturizing and leaves my hair feeling soft and rejuvenated. I like to use it as a weekly treatment to maintain optimal moisture levels in my hair.


In my journey to discover and maintain healthy hair, Mizani has played a significant role. While I’ve been saddened by the discontinuation of some of their products, I’m heartened by their commitment to providing a wide range of options to cater to diverse hair needs.

The Mizani products I’ve reviewed here have consistently delivered on their promises, whether it’s providing deep hydration, protecting against heat damage, or addressing scalp concerns. It’s evident that Mizani prioritizes the health and well-being of textured hair, and for that, they have earned my trust.

As with any hair care routine, it’s essential to choose products that align with your specific hair type and concerns. Mizani’s dedication to education and product guidance makes it easier for consumers to make informed choices and achieve the best results.

In conclusion, while change is inevitable in the world of hair care products, Mizani continues to be a brand that understands and caters to the unique needs of textured hair. 

Whether you’re seeking moisture, heat protection, or solutions for scalp issues, Mizani offers a range of products that can help you achieve your hair goals. As someone who values the health and beauty of my hair, I’m grateful for Mizani’s commitment to excellence in hair care.

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