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Top Alternatives To Hair Perm 2023 | Get Curly Hair Without Damaging Hair

Want to get curly hair? Here are some alternatives to hair perms. These products help replicate the look of digital and wave perms without using chemicals. Here’s how to make hair look permed without a perm!

Getting a perm is a big choice. So you might want to try these alternatives to hair perm before making a huge decision.

Texturing your hair, whether it is curly or wavy when it is otherwise not, requires thought. 

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If you want to steer clear from this big decision then there are some alternatives to it which will keep your hair open to other styles. 

Alternatives To Hair PermType of ProductBest For
SheaMoisture Hair MousseHair MousseType 3 Curly Hair
BaByliss Jumbo HairsetterHeated Hair RollersLong Hair
DryBar Self Grip Velcro RollersHair RollersStraight Hair
Bedhead A Multi WaverHair WaverThick Hair
Black Monster Down PermHair GelWavy Hair
Maui Moisture Anti Frizz Curl Defining MilkLeave-In ConditionerDamaged Hair

There are many styles you can acquire and these alternatives will come in handy when you need these. 

To brief you further on what can be used on various styles, here are some alternatives to a hair perm that you can check out. 

Alternatives To Hair Perm 2022

SheaMoisture Hair Mousse Curl Enhancing Cream

alternative to perms for black hair

Having a hairspray can affirm your perm and is super easy to use! 

That’s why the SheaMoisture hairspray is the first on our list. 

The bottle of this is very much easy to use on all kinds of hair lengths and besides it has a very good effect on your hair. 

It gets rid of frizz super fast and allows your hair to form textures in seconds. 

I realised that using heating tools to get a perm was unhealthy for my hair and the best alternative to that was this hairspray. 

Not only does it take seconds, it is also safe for the hair. 

I also love the smell of this product. The good news is that it lasts the whole day. 


  • Helps moisturize hair while also enhancing curl pattern
  • The coconut oil formula helps control frizz


  • Can weigh down straight, fine hair types
  • Can be too rich for oily scalp

BaByliss Jumbo Hairsetter – Heated Hair Rollers

how to make hair look permed

If you are looking for something to boost your volume and give you the right kind of perms which will last long, BaByliss has got you covered. 

This hairsetter has the ability to keep your hair styled for long periods of time without affecting the strands of your hair negatively. 

This mostly favours those who have long hair since the texture can be formed well and heavy. But if you have short hair, don’t shy away from some bold curls. Either way, one thing this hairsetter proves is that the style will last long. 

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The Nano Titanium feature of this is a testament to the safety of your hair and does not damage it in any way. 

One thing I have realised using this is that you need to have large sections of the hair when you are styling it, else it gets dangerous for your hair as it could heat up quickly. 

Make sure you use a hair serum after to get the best results. 


  • The nano titanium build helps curl thick hair easily
  • Helps the curls last longer as they are set with heat
  • Can curl large section of hair at once


  • You need heat for these to work and this can damage hair
  • The titanium material gets heated fast and can cause hot pockets

DryBar Self Grip Velcro Rollers  Hair Rollers

what can i use instead of a perm

Drybar is one fine brand which treats the hair just right! 

Velcro rollers are best used for those who do not want too much heat to work on the curls or waves. 

The 6 rollers that come in this package are of different sizes which aid the styles that you would like to implement on your hair. 

I felt the smaller ones have a better effect on the hair if you want curls. But if you are someone who wants waves and you have long hair, then that’s the way to go! 

One thing I have felt with these hair rollers is that it works great with giving texture to the hair and allows you to experiment with styles without considering how long it will last. 

Make sure you use the right hair mousse before you use these rollers on the hair. 

After you have rolled them in your hair, use an appropriate hairspray to complete the look for your hair. 


  • You don’t need heat for these curlers
  • Different sizes available for different curl textures


  • Curls might not hold for long
  • The rollers can pinch and pull at hair strands
  • Additional products like hair mousses or sprays might be needed

Bedhead A Multi Waver Digital Perm

perm that doesn't damage hair

Bedhead is one of the most prominent brands when it comes to providing us with top quality hair appliances. 

A multi waver always comes in handy when you want to get creative with your hair without causing it any damage. 

Another thing about this one from Bedhead is that it is very time efficient. 

When I’m rushing out to the office, this multi waver is my saving grace. Within seconds, I am able to acquire the style I want. 

One hindrance with this is that it is slightly big so it can get tiring after a point to carry on with the styling. 

The ceramic blades of this do not negatively affect the hair in any way and do not exert too much heat. 

Black Monster Down PermHair Perming Cream

ammonia free perm

Hair perming is something that can be done at home. But with this self styling cream it only gets easier. 

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The down perm works well for those who have thick unmanageable hair. It works wonders in keeping the style in form for long periods of time and does not disrupt it in spite of external factors on the hair. 

The tube is medium sized and lasts for quite a long time depending on the usage. 

I love how sturdy even the tube looks. 

The best part is that this self styling down perm lasts for 3 weeks after having to spend 10-15 minutes on this. 

Since the primary ingredient of this product is argan oil, it strengthens the hair. My hair has only gotten thicker after using this product. 

Maui Moisture Anti Frizz Curl Defining Milk – Curl Enhancing Conditioner

alternatives to a perm

Maui moisture milk is a solution that can be used on frizzy hair to make it softer and give it better texture. 

The primary principle of this product is to smooth out the hair strands and give it lustre while also adding volume. 

Adding volume to hair is one of the best features of perming hair and this milk product does exactly that. 

Besides coconut milk, it also includes papaya butter and plumeria extract which contribute to the smoothening of the hair irrespective of the hair length. 

What I love about this product is that it has a sweet smell and can last the entire day. 

The form of your hair does not get disrupted for an entire day which is also pretty awesome. 

While we have provided you with a handful of alternatives for perming your hair, we have taken the liberty to answer some popular questions around perming hair. 

How can I make my hair curly without a perm?

There are a few ways that you can make your hair curly without resorting to a perm. Some popular method include using volumizing products, hot styling tools, deep conditioners (if you have a curl pattern to begin with).
If these methods aren’t suitable for you then you may want to consider using keratin treatment systems or curl-formers. These devices work by depositing keratin on the surface of your hair, which then helps in creating curls and locks. Again these only work if you have at least wavy hair to begin with.
Regardless of how you choose to go about it, always take care not to damage your hair with too much heat or frizzing agents; otherwise, you might end up with split ends in place instead of curls!

Can perms damage your hair?

Perms can damage your hair if not done correctly, but this is usually the result of using too much heat or chemicals. When permed hair is exposed to high temperatures, it can cause breakage and shedding. In addition, perming with harsh chemicals can strip away natural oils and proteins that are essential for healthy hair growth.
If you’re considering perming your hair, be sure to ask a stylist about the safest methods available so that you don’t end up damaging your locks unnecessarily. You can also use the alternatives to perm that I have suggested in this article instead.

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Is there a natural perm for hair? 

While natural hair perms take time to act up on the hair, they do exist. They also act gently on the hair without causing your hair issues that the other perm in the salon is capable of causing. 

Most natural perms are available in the market and can be done at home. 

But one thing about using natural perms is that it does not last for a long time. While the perms in the salon last for 3 long weeks, the natural perm takes considerably shorter time on the hair. 

If you are looking for a temporary look, then this might be the one for you to choose. 

Even though this is a natural product, make sure you do not overuse it or allow your hair to soak in it too much. 

Since it has a lot to do with changing the texture of the hair, it can eventually be prone to breakage. 

Washing your hair after the perm period is an excellent way to combat breakage. 

How can I make my hair wavy or curly without a hair perm? 

Perm is not the only solution to change the entire texture of your hair. While it is a very lasting and effective option, most people go for the alternatives. 

Using a hair curler or waver is one way to go around giving your hair texture. You can also blow dry your hair and allow it to be puffy and make it look like your hair has texture. 

Use a hair serum on the hair to make it look healthy and glossy. 

But the primary difference between these and using a hair perm is that a perm lasts longer and gives you a more defined look rather than when you use heating tools. 

If you have not yet made up your mind about perming your hair, then this is one way to go about it. 

Can you undo a perm? 

Undoing a perm can be time consuming and requires a lot of attention. The solution that undoes perm can be strong and can impact the hair.

Make sure you choose the right solution after understanding the formation of perms so that it can be undone with utmost care. 

Looking for alternatives to hair perm is the safest way to go about tending to your hair. 

It is one of the best solutions, especially when you have not made up your mind about what you want to do with your hair. 

These alternatives are easy to acquire and do not exert too much pressure on your hair. 

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BaByliss Jumbo Hairsetter

The best alternatives to perm help curl your hair without damage. The BaByliss Jumbo Hairsetter are hot rollers that help perm your hair at home.

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