Top Men's Hair Removal Creams For Private Parts

8 Best Hair Removal Cream For Private Parts Male In 2021 | Pubic Hair Removal Creams

When it comes to intimate hygiene and care, there are a ton of products in the market that cater to women.

But seldom do we come across products that are for men. 

Shaving down there can get really uncomfortable and might not slow hair growth either. The solution? Using the best hair removal cream for private parts male.

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So like there are for women, there are hair removal creams for men that smoothly removes the hair from their private parts and gives them a smoother skin. 

These creams also allow in avoiding itching and other irritation that can be caused down there. 

If you want something quick, painless, and effective these creams are the better option than laser hair removal or waxing.

So check out the best hair removal for private parts male.

Pubic Hair Removal Creams For MenBest FeatureRating
Nad’s Hair Removal Cream For MenWorks very quickly4.5/5
Nair Hair Removal Cream For MenPrevents further hair growth4/5
Acorelle Natural Hair Removal CreamGood for sensitive skin5/5
Veet For Men Hair Removal CreamHydrates skin4.5/5
Kuule Depilatory Hair Removal CreamNo chemical smell4/5
Moom Hair Remover For Men100% natural ingredients4.5/5

Top Hair Removal Cream For Private Parts Male 2021

Nad’s Hair Removal Cream For Men 

best hair removal cream for private parts male

If you are looking for a product that allows painless hair removal, our first pick gives you just that! 

The cream does not allow hair growth and makes the hair strands less thick and coarse. This in turn allows you to have smooth skin without causing any irritation to the skin. 

Not only does this aid in cleaning the private area of men, it works well on the chest area as well. 

The best part about this hair removal cream is that it only takes a couple of minutes for it to be effectively removed. 

We liked how the aloe vera infused in the hair removal cream keeps the skin smooth and itch-free. 

The only thing that you need to look out for is that if the cream is left on the skin for too long it might cause burns if your skin is sensitive. 


  • Very effective
  • Needs only 3-4 minutes
  • Prevents further hair growth


  • Can cause blisters if left on for too long

Nair Hair Removal Cream For Men 

nair hair removal cream

The fuzziness down there can increase due to constant shaving which can in turn cause your hair to become thicker. 

This is a powerful hair removal cream from Nair that is dermatologically tested so that your skin can be treated just right without causing burns. 

Besides removing hair, it can also moisturise the skin and avoid rashes. 

After the hair is removed, it can work really well with keeping your hair growth minimal without having it too thick which can in turn cause irritation. 

The packaging of this hair removal product is comfortable enough for you to use and store it back without leakage. 

It suffices for about a month or two when used on a regular basis. 


  • Prevents coarse hair growth
  • Moisturizing
  • Hair doesn’t grow back in weeks


  • Can’t be left on for too long
  • Takes longer to work

Acorelle Natural Hair Removal Cream

best hair removal for men

We do understand that there are men who have sensitive skin down there and might need something natural and organic to remove the hair while also tending to the skin. 

The hair cream is so gentle and smooth that it does not stick to your skin in any way and gets washed off very easily and quickly. 

The hair removal cream is a mixture of lemon and chamomile which makes it the right choice for all skin types. 

Not only does it smoothly remove the hair from the private area but it also hydrates the skin and does not pave way for itches and keeps it cool down there. 

Acorelle is a brand that widely caters to men so they know what they’re doing with this hair removal product. 


  • Natural ingredients
  • Gentle
  • Hydrates skin


  • Expensive

Veet For Men Hair Removal Cream 

is hair removal cream bad for private parts

Just when you thought Veet had only hair removal products only for women!

The Veet hair removal cream for men works wonders in removing the tiniest of hair strands leaving behind a clear and smooth skin. 

The hair removal cream works when you apply it on your chest and other areas with hair growth. 

Using this on your skin on a regular basis can really make your strands thin and scarce which in turn will give you a nice surface. 

The 200 ml tube of cream is enough for about 2 months if you have fast hair growth. 

Veet is easily available in the market and can be bought by anyone in need of a clean surface of skin down there. 


  • Affordable
  • Works quickly


  • Not for very sensitive skin
  • Cannot be left on for too long

Magic Hair Removal Cream 

hair removal for men

Even though this hair removal cream is made to maintain a bald head. It can also be used for private areas in men and can maintain a smoother surface down there. 

You can avoid redness and razor bumps with this product. We love how gently it acts on the skin and works wonders when used on a regular basis.

One thing we have noticed is that it does not slow down the hair growth so if you have extremely thick hair, you might want to choose a stronger hair removal cream. 

This acts so well and quickly on the genitals as it can remove hair after it has been left on for 4 minutes. 

Magic indeed! 


  • Gentle on sensitive areas
  • No harsh chemicals


  • You need extra razor for shaving

Softsheen Carson Magic Hair Removal Cream 

hair removal for men

Here’s yet another one from the same brand which gives your skin a smooth surface. 

This hair removal cream is mostly used on the face for beards and facial hair.

Since it was primarily made for the face, it can have a very gentle effect on your skin. It might not work well if you have thick lush hair. 

But if you have sensitive skin, this is the absolute best choice since it avoids redness and other razor bumps. 

It also hydrates and moisturises the skin and works amazingly well. 

The tube comes in a very compact form which makes it easy for you to carry it along wherever you go. 


  • Works in 4 minutes
  • Prevents razor bumps
  • Hydrating


  • Can cause burns on previously shaved or sensitive skin

Kuule Depilatory Hair Removal Cream 

best hair removal cream for private parts male

This one from Kuule is a powerful and efficient hair removal cream which works gently on the skin where care is most required. 

Your skin down there can be extra sensitive so you have to be careful not to try on products without trying them out first. 

These creams can be worn as a layer first before you wipe them off with a cloth or a tissue. 

The ingredients in this cream are such that it does not hurt or harm the skin any way but keeps it supple and soft at all times.

This hair removal cream can also work wonders on armpits and other areas in the body that need hair removal.


  • Hydrating 
  • Can be used on chest and armpit hair


  • Hair grows back quickly

Stop Hair – Hair Removal Spray 

best hair removal cream for private parts male

The one thing we have missed on providing you with so far on this list is a spray. 

Can you imagine how easy your hair removal process would be if you just used a spray. 

Not only is it easy to use, it is super easy to store and keep. 

This hair removal spray has the ability to reduce and stop hair growth and gives you a smoother skin surface. 

If some of you are hesitant to use this hair removal spray we assure you that it is completely safe and gentle to use. 

The ingredients used on this spray are natural and don’t damage the sensitive area of the skin. 

We suggest you use this on a daily basis to completely stop hair growth eventually. 


  • Prevents further hair growth
  • Stops hair from growing coarse
  • Smoother skin


  • You have to use a separate depilatory cream

Moom for Men Organic Hair Remover

best hair removal cream for men

Okay, we cheated! Technically, this isn’t a hair removal cream, but a sugaring kit.

Sugaring is a different procedure than waxing and it doesn’t hurt as much. So you won’t find it uncomfortable to use on private areas.

But the best thing is, it’s 100 percent natural. And if you’re wary of putting chemicals and creams near your pubic area, this is fantastic choice!

The ingredients include sugar, chamomile tea, aloe vera, lemon juice, and Boswellia. So there’s nothing here to irritate your sensitive skin or cause any inflammation.


  • 100% natural ingredients
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Removes body hair from the root
  • Safe for sensitive skin


  • Might sting a bit when you’re removing hair

Now that we have provided you with the best hair removal cream products, here are some concerns that have been raised by users that we have briefly answered. 

What are the side effects of hair removal creams? 

There are no harsh side effects to using hair removal creams since they are safe on the skin and you avoid using a razor on your skin. 

But we also suggest you check the ingredients of the hair removal cream before you start using it on your skin. 

The effect on the skin might be because of the ingredients in the hair removal. 

If you have extra sensitive skin we suggest you use the mildest of products which are available on the list. 

Are hair removal creams bad for private parts? 

Using hair removal cream on private parts cannot turn out to be bad if you follow the instructions properly. 

The only thing you need to watch out for is not to leave it on the skin for too long and to use a gentle formula which is made for sensitive areas.

But otherwise using hair removal creams are perfectly safe. 

There are different ingredients in a hair removal cream that work so well in smoothing your skin and giving you hairless skin. 

But always make sure you have it on for the required time before you wipe it off. 

We’ve reviewed some of the best hair removal cream for private parts male in this article. You can pick out the best one according to your needs. 

These hair removal creams are an easy alternative to shaving. And they are definitely less painful than waxing. 

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