Are Barrettes Bad For Your Hair

Are Barrettes Bad For Your Hair | And 5 Best Alternatives For Damage Free Hairstyles

Are barrettes bad for your hair? Find out in this comprehensive guide that covers everything you need to know about using barrettes, from the different types and styles to the potential risks and benefits. Discover expert tips on how to choose and wear barrettes without causing damage to your hair, and learn how to maintain healthy and beautiful locks. 

Barrettes are those ever-so-charming hair accessories that have been used for years now and they have been well-known to have adorned some of the most beautiful hairstyles, even those of famous personalities.

But over the recent past, some people have started questioning the use of barrettes for the hair. They often question – “Are barrettes bad for your hair?”

Well, while barrettes can really elevate a person’s hairstyle and give one’s hair an uplifted look, they do have their own fair share of downsides like hair damage, hair breakage, tension to the hair follicles and much more.

So, the question that remains is whether or not barrettes can cause such extensive damage wherein they have to be completely avoided or whether they can continue to be used at times.

Let’s dive right into this article to get to know more details about barrettes, what alternative hair accessories can be used instead of them, are barrettes better than hair clips, their differences etc. So, here you go!

Are Barrettes Bad For Your Hair

What Is a Barrette Hair Clip?

Barrettes are hair clips that help hold the hair in place and have a clasp at one side which latches open and close. These accessories come in different shapes and even sizes and they can really add a unique touch to one’s hairstyle.

Are Barrettes Bad For Your Hair

Barrettes are usually worn at the back of the head (especially the bigger sized ones) and sometimes at the side of the head (if smaller in size), to hold the hair in place. They sometimes are even used to help secure a ponytail or a bun.

These accessories clamp down the hair and thereafter clasp it in one place not letting the hair move around.

Are Barrettes Bad For Hair?

Wearing barrettes on your hair is not altogether bad, but yes, it can cause some hair damage in certain cases. Let’s discuss it below.

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So, if the barrette you’re using has sharp edges or has metal clasps, then they could snag on your hair strands and pull on your hair. This could result in hair damage like breakage and split ends. Thus, choosing to use barrettes made of materials like silicone or fabric can help reduce the damage caused to the hair.

Differences between Barrettes and Other Hair Clips

Also, if the barrette has been worn too tightly, then it could cause a certain amount of stress to the hair follicles and over time it can lead to hair loss. Hence, it is important that you choose the right sized barrette to suit your hair volume and hair type and also do not wear it too tightly on your hair. 

Also, whenever you remove the barrette from your hair, make sure to take it out very carefully, failing which you could tug on your hair strands and break them.

Another aspect to consider is how often you wear barrettes. Some people wear barrettes on an everyday basis, while some wear them only for occasions.

If you wear barrettes on a daily basis, the chances of hair damage is certainly going to be more. Therefore, giving your hair a break from using barrettes is always recommended.

Differences between Barrettes and Other Hair Clips

Both barrettes and hair clips are types of clips. They are just accessories which are used to hold the hair in place. So we can definitely say that they do serve the very same purpose, but are just designed a little differently.

Barrettes are those that are larger in size and have a clasp like mechanism to open and close it once the hair is clamped inside. It helps hold a larger section of the hair in one area, at one time.

Clips are smaller in size and have a spring-like mechanism, which helps hold the hair in one place. They hold very limited amounts of hair and are most often used as a decorative accessory on the hair.

Barrettes Vs Regular Hair Clips

Characteristic Features BarrettesHair Clips
What are theyBarrettes are hair clips that are flat and elongated in shape and have a hinged clasp at one end to clamp down and secure the hair.Clips are those hair accessories which are smaller in size and are used to hold the hair in place.
Hair holdCan hold a large section of the hair.Holds smaller sections of the hair.
Types of materialsBarrettes come in different types of materials from metal, fabric, plastic, beaded, silicone, etc.Clips come in different types of materials like metal, plastic, beaded, fabric, silicone, etc., similar to barrettes.
UsesUsed to style the hair and hold up hairstyles, updos or secure ponytails or buns in place.Used to hold the hair back, secure a hairstyle in place, as an accessory, etc.

Are Bobby Pins or Barrettes Better For Hair

Both barrettes and bobby pins are very commonly used hair accessories and have versatile uses. But as for which one is better for your hair, well, I’d definitely have to say that barrettes are often considered a safer option for the hair because they are not as likely to snag on the hair strands and pull them out, while bobby pins could do so. 

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Are Bobby Pins or Barrettes Better For Hair

But that being said, it is essential to choose the right material for the barrette you’re going to use. Softer material barrettes like silicone or fabric ones can help reduce hair damage considerably as compared to metal barrettes.

will barrettes cause hair loss

If you’re someone with fragile or thin and fine hair, then it would be recommended to use neither barrettes nor bobby pins altogether and instead try out other types of hair accessories like a headband or a scrunchies. These can help reduce the damage caused to your hair.

Nevertheless, is it finally a personal choice to make as to whether barrettes or bobby pins are better for your hair and experimenting with both could of course help you make this decision.

How to Choose Between Barrettes and Bobby Pins

There are a few considerations you can make while choosing between barrettes and bobby pins for your hair. Here’s what you can consider.

Firstly, the amount of hair you need to secure, as bobby pins can only secure a few hair strands at a time, while barrettes can secure a large quantity of hair at once.

how to wear hair clip without damaging hair
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Secondly, bobby pins are more discreet and almost invisible, while barrettes are fully visible. So depending on your hairstyle you could decide.

Thirdly, your hair type, for thinner and less voluminous hair, bobby pins would work great, while for thicker and more coarse hair, barrettes would be a better choice.

best hair pins for hair

Lastly, your comfort levels. Yes, consider whether you find barrettes more comfortable or bobby pins and use whichever is more comfortable to you.

It is essential to remember that some people often choose to use both, a combination of bobby pins along with one big barrette or a few small barrettes on their hair. Yes, this is always an option and experimenting with it will always help!

What Type of Hair Clips Won’t Damage Hair

Whether you have long or short hair, hair clips are those hair accessories that always come in handy at all times!

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But some types of hair clips often snag on the hair strands and cause damage to the hair. They are those that are made with smooth and soft materials, without sharp edges and clamps or clasps.

So, here are some types of hair clips that are likely to cause lesser hair damage:

1. Fabric clips

Fabric hair clips are made of materials like satin, velvet, cotton, etc., and are less damaging to the hair as they aren’t as likely to cause hair tugging and snagging, which could otherwise lead to the breakage of the hair strands.

2.Claw clips

what hair clips won't damage hair

Claw clips work well on all hair types and those with the wide teeth design have a good hold of the hair as they have a good grip and do not damage the hair by causing snagging or pulling of the hair strands.

3. Scrunchies

Scrunchies aren’t exactly “clips” of course and are more like rubber bands, but nevertheless, they are hair accessories that can help hold the hair in place and they are easy to use and are less likely to cause hair damage.

4. Silicone clips

Silicone clips are soft and are made of a soft flexible type of material that is gentle on the hair and are less likely to tug on the hair strands and cause hair breakage.

The Final Takeaway

While barrettes can add a great touch of style to the hair because they look very pretty, it is important to use them with consideration.

It is essential not to overuse barrettes, meaning not to use them too often because they could cause damage to the hair like hair breakage, snagging and tugging on the hair follicles leading to hair loss, split ends, etc.

Just to make it clear, this doesn’t mean that you have to ditch using barrettes completely, of course not! They are absolutely pretty and make any hairstyle look classy. But yes, use them with care and precaution. Avoid wearing them too often and maybe just for occasions preferably.

Lastly, choose the right type and size barrette to suit your hair volume and hair type and I’m sure you’ll have nothing to worry thereafter while using them!

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