How to Curl Your Hair With A Curling Wand

How To Curl Your Hair With A Curling Wand | A Thorough Guide

Learn how to curl your hair with a curling wand for beginners and also check the best tips for curling the back of your hair and the front pieces. 

I feel there’s nothing that beats a head full of hair that is voluminous, bouncy, and, yes, flip-worthy.

You can assume that I am a bit passionate about hair; beautiful curls help me with my daily needed dose of serotonin. 

Okay, so maybe I am being too dramatic on this, but curls really are amazing, and as much as I love seeing them learn how to actually get beautiful curls is a skill that everyone needs to learn. 

So, that’s why today, in this piece, we are focusing more on how to get those perfect curls using curling wands. 

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How to Curl Your Hair With A Curling Wand

Choose The Right Wand Material 

So, for a curling wand there are so many materials that a wand can be made of, for instance ceramic, titanium, tourmaline and you name it.

So, you can choose that according to what you prefer. 

But I think titanium is the one that one should go for, because personally speaking it is made for every hair texture and type.

This also depends on how safe it is going to be according to your heat setting for instance. 

You see, titanium is a rather expensive metal. So these hair curling wands can cost more.

Adding to that the metal offers you even heat distribution all through your curling wand, so you can stay assured of the consistency of your curls. 

Further, it also emits negative ions while curling your hair, which will help you keep that frizz and get a shinier and glossy hair-do outcome. 

Select The Right Barrel Size Of Curling Wand For Different Curls 

How to curl hair with wand long hair

So, while you are learning to use curling wands for curling your hair you would also need to know that there are different barrel sizes that help you achieve different sizes of curls. 

There are three standard sizes in these barrels that you are going to find in most of the curl wands.

These are 19mm barrel, 25mm barrel, and a 32mm barrel, and trust me all these three help you get gorgeous looks. 

The 19mm barrels are mostly used for short hair and it yields super cute curls. Following that the 25mm barrel is what i call the versatile barrel of all.

It can be used on any sort of hair length and the results are always going to be finely defined curls that are going to help you look glorious. 

The last is the biggest one, 32mm barrel is for those who have long to medium length of hair. It helps them get those extra volume in their hair along with the loose curls. 

Prep Your Hair First Always 

Taking Heat Protectant as Your First Priority

Making necessary preparations before curling your hair is one of the most important things to do. In this prep comes heat protectants are at the top of the list.  

So, if you want to keep your hair safe from all the damage that curling and straightening potentially does to them, you would need to grab a bottle of heat protectant spray. 

The regular use of heat appliances on your hair dries it out of its moisture and you get more prone to breakage and even looks duller.

Using heat protectant spray every time before you curl is going to save you from all that damage. 

how to curl hair with a curling wand for beginners

Add Volume Using Sprays 

Next thing that you would require to keep with you is a hair spray or a mousse. If you ask why, then here’s a thing: curling on natural hair won’t last for longer if you don’t use any of these. 

The curls might turn out to be amazing but at the same time you would want them to stick for longer.

So, considering that you would need to use either hair sprays or mousse after your curls are done. 

Divide And Section Your Hair 

First things first you would need a curling wand to do all that curl magic to your hair

Following that you would like to do is brush your hair fully and then apply heat protectant on it from nearly six inches away

But the very important next thing you would do is take a section of your and clip it using hair clips, rubber bands, scrunchies, precisely anything that can hold your hair for good.

This makes it easier to curl your hair as you’ll be working with thin sections of hair. I suggest keeping the hair sections at least 1-2 inches wide.

Although you can go for smaller sections if you want tighter curls.

how to use curling wand with clamp

Wrap the Hair Around The Wand And Pull Downwards To Curl

Now, take an inch of your hair section and then hold the barrel of the curl wand in a way that it tips downwards. Basically, in a way that the curling wand is parallel to your head and your hands above your head

Once you have secured the position take that section of the hair and wrap it around the barrel. Then hold it in the same position for around three to four sections and once done release the hair down

Also a tip if you want your curls to be lose then drop them from the barrel directly, but if you want them a bit tighter then release the curl in your hand and let it stay that way till it gets cool and release them afterward

If you get your first section done, follow the same way for your remaining hair sectionwise.

Also, while doing so make sure your wrapping of the sections in the outwards direction from your face.

Once you are done with all the sections spray them with hairspray and let it cool 

Then when it gets cool brush it off with a wide toothed comb, and voila your curls would be ready to go!

How To Use Curling Wand For Loose Waves? Brush Out Your Curls!

How to use curling wand for loose waves

Okay I know that this tip is more like a horror thing to you but trust me it helps. You would love the results once you see the effect all by itself.

The thing is brushing your curls is going to give you more beachy waves and you are surely going to look super gorgeous in them.

But one thing that you would not want to do is brushing your hair out while it’s still hot. Just don’t ever do that. It is going to ruin your hours of effort. 

The trick is to use a wide toothed comb to brush your hair out once it has cooled down to normal temperature and then see the magic it does to your curls. 

After curling and then brushing your hair out, apply a bit of hairspray to set all that volume and beauty on your head and you would be ready to slay every place you would go. 

So now that you are done with your curls here are a few tips for curling your hair that are going to act as cherry on top to this whole process. 

Tips On Curling Hair With Curling Wand

But before we dig into the real method of it, here are a few that might come in nimble, as you would not like to burn your face or hair just for the sake of curls. 

Practise with the curling wand switch off first

So, first things first, learn to practice how to curl your hair around the wand properly. But I would suggest practicing this without turning the wand on. 

I know I am sounding a bit silly, but I don’t want you to burn your locks while you are just learning the process. Then once you have gained the confidence, try it after turning it on.

Always use a heat protectant spray or oil 

The following thing you want to accomplish is to keep a hair heat protectant spray always with you while curling.

 I am saying this because heat is known to damage our strands, and apart from that, it also affects our inner structure of locks. Also, if you have coloured hair, using heat is going to decrease its lasting period. 

If you don’t want to use a chemical heat protectant, you can simply use jojoba oil instead as it has a high smoking point. 

Do not increase the temperature to more than 392 degree F

The ideal suggested temperature to keep your curling wand at 392F. The reason behind this is to keep your hair from dulling and fading. 

So, keep your wand down and be more deliberate with your speed. It will help you both prevent damage and give you sharp curls. 

Wrapping Up on How to Curl Your Hair With A Curling Wand

So, that would be all for helping you learn how to curl your hair. One thing I would like to add on top of all of it is before going for a curling wand, do proper research and review checks.

Look for wands that really help you get your ideal curls without damaging your hair so much. 

Using heating appliances constantly dulls and damages your hair, so be careful in what you pick. 

Once you are through that choosing process, practice and practise till you feel confident enough to actually try it while the curling wand is turned on.

I am hoping that you now feel a bit confident about yourself for using curling wands, and getting those glam curls. 

But if you are still not, then I think you need just a bit of practice and you would be ready and confident sooner.

So, until next time keep practicing and keep exploring!

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