Is My Straight Hair Wavy

Is My Straight Hair Wavy | How To Tell If You Actually Have Wavy Hair

If you’ve been asking yourself “Is my straight hair wavy?” or looking at “what is my hair type” quizzes, then check out this article to know if you have wavy hair and why your straight hair is turning wavy. 

Have you always considered your hair as being straight and then recently began to notice that it could actually be wavy? Did your previously straight hair turn wavy over the years?

I’m sure the question that many of you may have is whether it is actually possible for straight hair to get wavy. Well, the answer is definitely a yes!

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There are 4 different hair types – straight, wavy, curly and kinky. So there could be a possibility that either your straight hair has actually turned wavy or maybe it was actually wavy all along and you just didn’t realize it.

Either way, this article has got you covered with all the information you need about hair types and how straight hair can turn wavy.

So check out the details below!

But before we get into the details of how straight hair can actually be wavy, let’s talk about hair types and the features of straight and wavy hair first.

What do you need to know about hair types?

what is my hair type quiz

Well, I’m pretty sure that most of you were aware that there are four types of hair – 1 (Straight hair), 2 (Wavy hair), 3 (Curly hair) and 4 (Kinky hair) but did you know that these hair types have alphabets A, B and C that go with each hair type?

If this is new to you, then here’s what you need to know. Hair types can come in different types ranging from 1A to 4C. Check out the table below that will help you understand this better.

 Hair Types  A
1 – StraightVery straight hair that is fine or thin in textureStraight hair that has a slight bendStraight hair that is slightly coarse in texture
2 – WavyWavy, but the hair is fine in textureWavy, but the hair strands are slightly shaped as the letter ‘S’Wavy, with the hair strands looking well-defined like the letter ‘S’
3 – CurlyCurls formed are looseCurls formed are tight and look springyCurls that almost look coily, where the hair strands are shaped like springs
4 – Coily or KinkyHair strands are formed like loose coilsHair strands look like coils in a zigzag shapeThe hair strands form very tight coils

Hair types are categorized and distinguished through the use of the Walker Scale. Using this scale, people can easily be able to identify what type of hair they have and how their type varies from the others.

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The Andre Walker Hair Typing System is also known as the ‘Hair Chart’ and it was first founded by Andre Walker, a hairstylist from the United States. The numbers 1 – 4 on the scale represent the texture of each hair strand, whether it is straight, wavy, curly or coily/kinky and the alphabets A – C, refer to the texture of the hair, meaning how each hair strand of each hair type will look.

So here’s an example, considering the two extreme hair types 1A would be very straight and fine hair and 4C would be very coily or kinky hair (or Afro hair).

Is My Straight Hair Wavy

The easiest way to know if your hair is straight or wavy is by washing it and then letting it air dry. If your hair looks pin straight, without any “S” shaped bends after drying then you have straight or type 1 hair. But if you see “S” shaped bends on hair especially near the ends, this means you’ve got wavy hair. Sometimes, the frizziness in hair after it dries can also be an indication that your hair is wavy and not straight and using the right products and diffusing strands can make it set in its natural wavy shape. 

There is a lot more to hair type however, and before we get to looking at if your hair texture is straight or wavy, we need to first learn what each type is and the differences between them. So let’s get into the details of each hair type:

What Are The Different Hair Types and Textures

Type 1: Straight hair

i have straight hair but some strands are curly
Source: Instagram@mabeth_lookandfeelconfident

A – Very straight hair that looks fine or thin in texture. It may look relatively flat.

B – Straight hair that has a slight bend. It may stand limp.

C – Straight hair that is slightly coarse in texture. Similar to 1A hair, but coarser.

Type 2: Wavy hair

why is my straight hair turning wavy
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A – Wavy, but the hair is fine in texture.

B – Wavy, but the hair strands are slightly shaped as the letter ‘S’.

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C – Wavy, with the hair strands looking well-defined like the letter ‘S’. This hair type is often confused with 3A hair as it is almost curly.

Type 3: Curly hair

why is only the front of my hair curly
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A – Curls formed are loose. This hair type is often confused with 2C hair because of the way the hair strands are formed.

B – Curls formed are tight and look springy.

C – Curls that almost look coily, where the hair strands are shaped like springs. Many people also refer to these curls as corkscrew curls because of their shape.

Type 4: Coily or Kinky hair

why is my hair curlier underneath
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A – Hair strands are formed like loose coils.

B – Hair strands look like coils in a zigzag shape.

C – The hair strands form very tight coils. This hair type is often called as the Afro hair type.

Well, now since we know about the different types of hair, let’s get into the specific details about straight and wavy hair in particular.

How To Tell If Your Hair Is Straight

While a lot of people say that they would love to have straight hair because it is “easy to deal with and maintain”, well, this could be somewhat untrue because all hair types have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Is my hair wavy or straight quiz

If your hair has any of these features, then you can confirm that your hair is straight:

  •  Your hair may often stand limp and flat.
  •  It looks less voluminous.
  •  It feels smooth and looks shiny.
  •  Your hair is thick, thin or fine in texture.
  •  It often tends to get oily sooner.

Maintaining straight hair can often be tricky because of various reasons like how easily it gets greasy. Well, do you know why this happens?

The reason is because the natural oil from the scalp (also known as sebum), makes its way down through the length of the hair very easily because of how straight the hair strands are. 

This is how people with straight hair find their hair turning oily even though it has been washed just the day previous to it.

Now when the hair has a lot of oil in it, it stands very limp and flat. The hair will feel less voluminous. So the same logic also applies to the products people with straight hair use. 

Therefore, when choosing products, choose lightweight products and also when you use them, remember that even just a little will go a long way.

How To Check If Your Hair Is Wavy

Wavy hair is that hair type that is in between because it is neither straight nor curly. So which side does it actually fall in terms of hair maintenance then? 

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Wavy hair ranges from hair that is just a little off straight to hair that is almost curly. So how do you deal with it then?

how do i know if i have wavy or straight hair

Well here are some of the features of wavy hair that will help you define your hair type better:

  •  Your hair looks quite voluminous.
  •  It tends to get frizzy easily.
  •  It may look voluminous, but be thin in texture.
  •  Can be thick in texture.
  •  The waves in your hair can vary in the shape it forms.

How To Tell If My Straight Hair Is Actually Wavy?

is my hair naturally wavy or straight

While looking out for the prominent features of your hair to determine your hair type, the best way to test whether your straight hair is actually wavy is by testing it out by simply air drying your hair once it is washed and observing the results. Yes, it is that simple!

Everything you need to know about your hair type will lie in just the way your hair air dries itself.

So here’s what you need to observe – once you have washed your hair, pat dry it with a towel to remove the excess water and leave it to air dry on its own, no matter how long it takes. Strictly do not use a blow-dryer.

You will soon begin to notice the pattern in which your hair begins to dry. If your hair dries up on its own, in an even manner and still remains straight, then you can conclude that you have straight hair.

But for those with wavy hair, your hair will not dry evenly, but will dry up in patches. This is because the hair has waves, making it hard to evenly get the moisture out of your hair. If this happens to your hair, you can conclude that it is wavy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Wavy Hair

1. Why is my straight hair turning wavy?

If you are someone who has suffered from hormonal problems or maybe just went through a normal hormonal shift like menopause, puberty or pregnancy, then these hormonal changes could be a major cause for your straight hair turning wavy.
Also, it is important to note that hormonal changes can also work the other way round and turn wavy hair curly or straight too. Hormones can also be responsible for your hair texture and hair health.

2. Can your hair textures and types change many times in the course of your lifetime?

Well, it is definitely not a myth that hair textures and types can change multiple times in one’s lifetime. Like I mentioned above, this could be due to hormonal changes, your overall bodily health and the type of body metabolism you have.
Also, as we grow older, our skin eventually begins to lose its elasticity and this brings about a change in our hair follicles. These changes also influence the hair, its type and its texture.

Well you guys, I hope this article has been able to help you find all the answers to your questions. 

So if you do experience your straight hair becoming wavy, do not worry as it is totally normal. If you also want to confirm your hair type, you can try the air drying technique.

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