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What Is 2b-Hair | Complete Guide For Wavy, Type 2B Hair Care

Learn all about what is 2b-hair and how to care for it? Also check out a hair styling routine for 2b hair and find out what are the best products for this hair type. 

You know those gorgeous, sensual beachy waves that so many people try to achieve using a number of hair styling tools and products? 

Well, people with 2b hair have that hair texture naturally? Isn’t that cool?

But the problem is that most people with 2b hair, especially if they do not have a proper hair care routine can end up with the messiest frizzy hair ever. 

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Also, it’s hard to identify if you have actually 2b hair as it sometimes starts off straight at the roots. So this can make it hard to design a proper routine.

For these reasons, I’ve got this simplified guide for you which will explain all you need to know about 2b hair, how to take care of and  what products to use for this hair type. 

Check it out below! 

What Is 2b-Hair 2022

The classification of hair types into type 1, 2, 3, and 4 started in the 1990s when Oprah Winfrey’s hair stylist Andre Walker created the Andre Walker hair typing system.

According to this curl pattern recognition system, straight hair was coded as type 1, wavy hair as type 2, curly hair as type 3, and coily (African American hair textures) were slotted into type 4. 

Further into this classification, the letter A, B, and C were assigned to hair according to the degree to which the hair was straight, wavy or curly.

So the straightest of straight hair would be type 1a, if it had a slight bend to it then it would be type 1b and so on. 

Therefore 2b hair would be wavy hair which has a medium amount of “waviness” or “S” shaped pattern to it. Sometimes, 2b hair can be straight at the roots and become wavy towards the middle. 

This hair type can often be mistaken for straight hair which is excessively frizzy. 

Is My Hair 2a, 2b or 2c?

Type 2 hair textures are generally wavy but it still be difficult for a person to know if they have a 2a hair or 2b hair as both are very similar.

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Both 2a and 2b hair are straight at the root and show their “waviness” only towards the middle. 

However the main difference is that 2a hair looks has a rolled-out-of-bed, tousled look, 2b hair has pronounced “S” shape bends in hair. 

To find out what your hair texture is, observe your hair in the shower when it’s completely hydrated. If your hair has S-shaped bends towards the end, then it’s a 2b hair type. 

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2b vs 2a hair

2b hair also starts off as straight near the roots but its wave pattern is more pronounced towards the half-way mark and manifests as an “S” shaped bend in hair. It is also more prone to frizz than type 2a hair. 

On the other hand, 2c type hair is wavy right from the root itself and has a more pronounced “S” shaped pattern throughout the hair. It also tends to be slightly thicker and coarser than 2b hair. 

Hair Styling Routine For 2b-Hair

Here is an easy hair care routine you can follow if you have 2b hair. 

is my hair 2b hair frizzy

Step 1: Shampooing And Conditioning 

There is no special shampooing technique for 2b hair, you can use your regular shampoo provided that it is sulfate-free. 

Also make sure that the conditioner you are using is silicone-free. While silicones can add softness and shine instantly they can also build up on hair causing wavy hair to get weighed down.

This can, in the long run actually create frizziness and leave 2b hair looking lanky and dull. 

best 2b hair products

Step 2: Detangle and Moisturize 

Unlike curly or type 3 hair, 2b hair doesn’t need a wet brush. So do not brush your 2b hair in the shower with a wet brush or a regular brush (oh the horror!). 

You can use a wide-toothed comb to detangle your hair. Since it’s necessary to use hair cream to moisturize curl cream to allow it to form a wave pattern, you can detangle after you moisturize as well.

This will also give you an added “slip” which makes detangling any knots easier. 

Now coming to the moisturizer. I suggest using something free of silicones and lightweight. 

I really like using the Olaplex Hair Perfector Treatment and the Moroccan Oil Treatment at this stage as they condition and protect hair without leaving it greasy.

Step 3: Add Curl Enhancing Cream (Optional)

If you think your hair doesn’t have enough texture or is extremely dry, then you can try a curl enhancing cream to make it curlier. 

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But be careful not to overdo this product as wavy hair’s moisture requirements are not the same as that of curly hair. So you might end up with greasy hair that lacks volume.

Moroccanoil has a great curl enhancing cream that you use along with the treatment but if you’re looking for a cheaper option you can try the OGX Locking + Curling Cream which is a fantastic drugstore product. 

Step 4: Diffuse Hair Upside Down 

While you can let your hair air-dry after moisturizing and detangling it, I prefer using a diffuser and scrunching my hair upside down.

To dry 2b hair, put all your tresses upside down and scrunch it section by section while you use a diffuser attachment on a cold setting. 

This will force your strand to form waves easily and the diffuser can dry hair faster than air. 

But the biggest reason for diffusing 2b hair instead of air drying it is that 2b hair is straight at the roots, so diffusing it upside down can add volume near the scalp.

Air-drying often makes the roots of 2b hair lie flat, so this is a better option. 

how to make 2b hair curlier

Step 4: Serum Or Spray

If you want to add some shine to your wavy 2b hair and want to make the wave pattern last longer, you can add a hair mist or spray at the end.

Some of these products have a slight hold so they can add a bit of stiffness to your waves making them stay in place. 

A hair serum or leave-in product can also help prevent frizz. 

2b hair care tips

2b Hair Care: How Can I Make My 2b Hair Healthy

If you want to get healthy here are some hair care tips you can follow:

  • The biggest issue facing 2b hair is frizz. So make sure you take care of hair cuticles and prevent hair from drying out.
  • Use a pre-conditioning treatment like hot oil or deep conditioning masks before shampooing your hair
  • Avoid towel drying your hair and only use a microfiber cloth to wring excess water from hair before air-drying or diffusing. 
  • Do not use heat on hair often as this causes frizziness and makes 2b hair lose its texture.
  • You can use a diffuser on cold setting or air dry hair instead of blow drying. 
  • Avoid using a lot of heavy conditioners or products that contain silicones. These buildup on hair, reducing volume and preventing other products from being absorbed by the strands. 

FAQs about 2b Hair Types

The thing about 2b hair is that it is neither distinctively straight, curly or wavy. So it can get hard to find a proper hair care routine for it. So here I’ve answered some of your frequently asked questions to let you know more about this hair type and how you can care for it better. 

Should you brush type 2B hair?

While it is advised to brush curly hair while you are conditioning it in the shower, 2b doesn’t need that kind of deep moisturizing treatment. So I’d advise not brushing it in the shower. 
However, 2b hair is also more prone to tangles due to wavy hair texture then straight hair so whenever you do brush it, make sure to add a lightweight hair oil or a detangling serum to hair to make brushing easier. 
The bottomline is that you shouldn’t brush 2b hair when it’s wet, but you can brush it dry provided you use a oil or detangling product while brushing. 

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How often should you wash 2B hair?

You should wash 2b hair every 2-3 days. The wavy texture of hair makes it slightly difficult for grease and hair’s natural oils to get distributed throughout the strands so it doesn’t get as oily as straight hair. However it’s not as prone to dryness as curls either. So shampooing every 2-3 days can maintain a good balance. 

Is Argan oil good for 2b hair types?

Yes! Argan oil contains a lot of nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids and other vitamins that are essential for hair health. So it is excellent to use on any type of hair. 
But as argan oil is lighter in weight than other oils like coconut, sweet almond or castor oil, it becomes perfect for 2b wavy hair type which can be weighed down by heavier products. 

Summary On 2b Hair Types

The type 2b hair type has got to be one of my favorites as it gives you such beautiful, beachy waves naturally. 

And as it is prone to frizz and can often appear straight it’s hard to set a fitting hair care routine. 

But caring for 2b hair is easy if you keep it moisturized to prevent frizz and use a diffuser and curl creams while it dries to bring out the “S” shape texture.

If you invest in a lightweight moisturizer, hair oil, and curl-enhancing cream and start air drying or diffusing 2b hair you see the difference almost immediately.

So go ahead and let your waves fly free! 

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