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Type 2 Hair | Hair Care Guide, Products, And Identifying Your Wavy Hair Type

Do you have type 2 hair? Find the hair care guide for type 2 wavy hair right here! If you don’t know if your hair is type 2 then check out how to identify your type as well. 

If you have been active on Instagram or other social media you must have come across content creators talking about hair types and showing off their hair care routines.

And if you’ve ever been confused by the words “hair type” used frequently there, I’m here to help you!

You see, Oprah Winfrey’s stylist Andre Walker had devised a system of classification for hair textures called the Andre Walker Typing System.

Here, you will see hair textures divided into types 1, 2, 3, and 4 depending on the degree to which their hair curls.

So you have type 1 hair which is poker straight, type 2 hair which is wavy, type 3 hair which curls, and type 4 hair which is coily and springy (also known as the African American or “natural” hair type).

Today, I will be talking about the type 2 hair which is wavy in texture and let you know all about caring for it and styling it in the best way possible. Check it out! 


Type 2 Hair Guide

Is Your Hair Type 2a, 2b or 2c

Now that you know that type 2 hair refers exclusively to wavy hair, let me tell you that wavy hair is not a monolith. There are different “levels” of waviness your hair can have.

And depending on how much your hair bends and twists, it’s divided into type 2a, 2b, and 2c hair. 

Type 2a Hair:

type 2a hair

This is the least “waviest” of the type 2 hair types. In fact, 2a hair can often be straight at the roots, causing great confusion. Yes, this hair type starts to look wavy only at the ear level. 

Most times, people with 2a hair think that they have straight hair as 2a hair when dry can appear frizzy making it difficult to distinguish its shape. 

Another way to distinguish between the 2a and 2b hair types is that 2a hair is finer and hence much easier to comb through.

Type 2b Hair:

type 2b hair
Source: Instagram@2bornot2bwaves

Unlike 2a hair, 2b hair does start out wavy from the root itself. But the strands here do not have a lot of wave definition. Sure, they twist and bend but there’s no proper shape to these waves.

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This hair type is also thicker than 2a hair and much coarser. It generally also has much more volume than 2a hair. 

Type 2c Hair:

hair type 2c
Source: Instagram@curlawaycarey

Type 2c is the most “waviest” of all type 2 hair. It starts out wavy and continues to be wavy through the whole strand. The most distinguishing factor however, is that 2c hair forms proper, “S” shaped spirals throughout the hair. 

Some people might confuse 2c hair as being loose curls. But this hair type doesn’t have closed ringlets like type 3 curls usually do. 

How To Care For Type 2 Hair

I have type 2b hair myself and these are certain tips that I follow while doing my daily hair care routine and also while styling my hair.

  • This is quite generic advice but using a sulfate-free shampoo is a must for type 2 hair as too much dryness can lead to frizz.
  • Try going for conditioners that have “wave-enhancing” or “curl enhancing” properties. These nourish hair and provide a strong enough hold to make your hair take and retain shape.
  • Diffuse your hair instead of towel drying. After leaving the shower, remove off excess water with a microfiber cloth and use a diffuser hair dryer attachment to dry hair instead of regular blow drying. This helps enhance the wavy shape of hair.
  • Also, applying a hair oil or hydrating leave-in conditioner when your hair is still wet can ensure maximum hydration, helping your waves take shape.
  • Remember, while you are applying these hair products do not rub them onto your hair but instead take it in your palms and scrunch them into your tresses, section by section.
  • If you do not have a diffuser then you try “plopping” your hair. This involves wrapping your hair in an old t-shirt by laying it flat on the fabric and then wrapping it around your head. The plopping technique too, helps enhance the shape of your waves.

What Are The Best Type 2 Hair Products

Type 2 hair is very prone to frizz and yet is not curly enough to experience significant dryness. So the best hair products for type 2 hair are those that hydrate wavy hair without leaving it greasy or weighed down.


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The best shampoo for type 2 hair that I’ve used is the Sun Bum Curls & Waves Shampoo which is 100 percent vegan and also sulfate-free.

I like it for two reasons. First, it’s Monoi oil formula makes it super nourishing and keeps frizz in check and two, it’s got seaweed protein that helps hair retain it’s wavy shape. The shampoo also smells delicious! 


type 2 hair products

My type 2b hair often gets frizzy, however, too much conditioner can often worsen the problem by weighing hair down. So I’ve found the John Frieda Frizz Ease Dream Curls Conditioner to be the perfect conditioner for type 2 hair.

It’s got rosehip oil as the chief ingredient. Now, this is a very lightweight oil that doesn’t make hair seem heavy, so it’s perfect for type 2 waves.

Curl Enhancing Creams:

best curl cream for type 2 hair

As I’ve said before, type 2 hair while requiring nourishment won’t be able to tolerate products that are too heavy. So the Moroccanoil Curl Defining Cream whose chief ingredient is the lightweight argan oil, is the perfect choice here.

This cream helps add dimension to your waves. It reduces frizz and enhances the “S” shape patterns on your waves.

FAQs about Type 2 Hair Care

Below I’ve answered some common queries about type 2 hair. Take a look!

Is my hair type 2A or 2B?

Can low porosity type 2 hair?

Low porosity or the lack of permeability in hair cuticles has often been associated with type 4 or natural, African American hair. But even type 2 hair can have low hair porosity. It is not limited to only curly or coily hair textures. 
Your hair is said to have low porosity if the cuticles are tightly packed together leaving little room for moisture (or even hair products) to enter or leave the hair strand. 
Some people naturally have low porosity despite having type 2 hair and others have a lot of product buildup which can form a layer on hair, making it lack in porosity. 

Do I have 1c or 2A hair?

Oftentimes, 2a hair gets mixed up with 1c hair (a straight hair type). This is due to the fact that 2a hair is very prone to frizz and this frizziness can obscure your actual wavy hair texture. So the best way to identify if you have 2a or 1c hair is to check what your tresses look like in the shower when they are fully saturated with water. If your hair forms slight “s” shape waves near the mid length, then you have 2a hair, if they still remain straight then you have a 1a hair texture. 

Is 2A hair wavy?

Yes, all type 2 hair textures fall into the wavy hair category. However, 2a hair starts out straight at the roots and only takes the wavy shape from below your eyebrow area. This can make it difficult to identify 2a hair type. Also if 2a hair is dry, it can get frizzy, further making it difficult to check if it’s wavy or not. 

Summary on the Type 2 Hair Texture 

Type 2 hair, simply put, is the wavy hair type. 

This type of hair is further divided into type 2a hair which is straight at the roots and forms waves as it progresses downwards, type 3b hair which is wavy from root to end but doesn’t form a consistent wave pattern.

And lastly there’s the 2c hair type which forms “S” shaped defined waves from the roots to the ends of the strands.

This hair type is very versatile as you can get it to behave like straight hair with a little manipulation from styling tools or enhance the curls using curl creams and mousses.

But on the other hand, this hair is also prone to be mistyped very often as type 2 hair which is dry often appears as simply frizzy straight hair.

So if you’re having inexplicable problems with frizz, your hair might just be wavy instead of straight. 

Check it the next time they are fully hydrated when you shower! 

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