How To Get Curly Hair with Straight Hair

How To Get Curly Hair With Straight Hair | 7 Easy Curling Methods For Naturally Straight And Wavy Hair

If you want to learn how to get curly hair with straight hair and wavy hair naturally at home without the use of perms or curling irons, check out this article!

Are you someone with naturally straight hair and often envy the people who have luscious curls?

Well, there are often times when envy creeps in be it in people with different hair types, hoping to have had the other. But well, the best part is that it is possible!

You can not only go from straight to curly, but also curly to wavy or straight. So, this article will tell you everything you need to know about getting those lovely curls even with straight hair.

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There are several ways to make straight hair go curly, the easiest of them is to use a hair curler or curling iron to create this texture. 

But a lot of people do not want to try this as it’s time consuming and the heat can damage hair as well. 

Then there are “perms” or permanent chemical treatments. But the chemicals used to create curls by these methods are also damaging to a certain extent. Not to mention the treatment is well.. Permanent. 

So that leaves us with harmless, temporary curling methods like hair rollers or curling creams that I’ve explained below. Check it out! 

How To Get Curly Hair with Straight Hair

Heat Styling to get Curls in Straight Hair

how to make hair curly
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Using temporary heat styling methods like curling wands, curling irons or hair straighteners (yes, it can also be used to curl hair) can help you get your straight hair curled temporarily. 

So, if you do want both straight hair and curls, then this method is the best one to use. 

All you need to do is get yourself temporary curls using these heat styling tools and then they will be gone as soon as you wash your hair out.

It is important to choose the right barrel size of the curling iron, in order to get the desired curls. So let me break it down for you. 

If you want tight spring-like curls, then you would have to use a curling iron that has a smaller sized barrel. 

The barrel size would require to be around 9.5 mm in diameter. If you wish to have loose curls that look more like waves, then you’d require to use a curling iron that has a bigger barrel size of 2 inches.

Here are the standard barrel sizes available and the types of curls you will get:

 Barrel Size  Type of Curls
2-inches Curls that look more like waves
1.5-inchesBouncy curls that look voluminous 
1 to 1.5-inches Curls that give out beachy waves look
0.75-inches (19 mm) Curls that look like spirals
15 mm Very curled curls (like springs)
9.5 to 10 mmTight and kinky curls 

Here’s what you should keep in mind when using a curling iron, curling wand or hair straightener:

Set the temperature of the device according to how thick your hair is. This means that the thinner or finer your hair is, the lesser the temperature should be, below 200 degrees fahrenheit. If your hair is thick, then increase the temperature above 200 degrees fahrenheit.

Make sure to use a heat protectant spray before starting the curling process.

Do not use any heat styling tools on wet or damp hair, make sure that your hair is completely dry before starting the process. This is because using any heat on wet or damp hair can damage the hair, because the roots are weak and this can lead to hair breakage.

Do not wrap your hair around the curling iron for a long time because this can damage your hair permanently. Make sure to only use it for 8 to 10 seconds at one time. In case the curl hasn’t formed, you can go over the hair a second time.

·         Use a setting spray to hold the curls in place once you have finished the curling process.

·         Remember not to brush your hair once you have curled it. Just run your fingers through your hair, so that the curls do not get damaged.

Permanent Hair Curling Treatments

how to make your hair naturally curly permanently

Well, apart from temporarily curling straight hair, you can also opt to switch up your hair type for a while and go in for permanent hair curls. You could opt to get a perm done.

Getting a perm will be a permanent hair treatment done on your hair using chemicals in order to get the curls. 

These chemicals will alter the hair’s natural type and texture on a permanent basis, until your hair begins to grow out. Perms usually last around four to six months, if it has been well maintained.

These perms are done using two common methods – hot perming (also known as digital perming) or cold perming (also known as the traditional perm). 

Hot perming uses chemicals along with heat treatment that will together form curls in the hair by altering the hair’s texture and restructuring each hair strand. 

Cold perming uses perm rollers that are wrapped along with the person’s hair and set using an alkaline solution that helps form the curls.

Each of these perming sessions can last around four to five hours depending on the hair length and type of curls you want to get.

If you’re skeptical about using heat on hair or trying out something permanent, here are some alternative ways to get curls in straight hair with minimal damage!

No-Heat Ways to get Curly hair with Straight Hair

Using a Curling Cream To Get Curly Hair

how to make your hair curly with water

Using curl cream on straight hair is an easy but time-consuming way to get curls in straight hair.  

While a good curling cream can help form curls in straight hair, it is still important to note that it may not form the curls you desire if your hair type is very straight. 

Then you’d have to choose another hair curling method. The key lies in the type of curling cream you choose for your hair type.

Each hair type requires a different type of curling cream.

People with straight hair that isfiner in texture will require a cream that doesn’t weigh down your hair and that can keep frizziness at bay, while thick straight hair with a coarse texture will require a thicker cream, that can moisturize the hair properly.

Also, finer straight hair requires very lightweight creams that will make the hair look voluminous, while thinner coarse straight hair will require moisturizing curl creams.

Here are some tips to note when buying curl creams for straight hair:

  • Buying a curl cream free from harsh chemicals is very essential in order to avoid hair damage.
  • It is important that the curl cream is applied on hair that is wet (just after you have showered), after removing the excess water. This will let the curls form well once the hair has dried.

Trying the sock bun method

how to get curly hair overnight

This no-heat method is often used by many people with straight hair, as it can help form at least a certain number of curls, if not many. 

Well, this method got its name from the usage of a sock, to form the bun hairdo in order to get the curls.

But in the present day, you can even buy a pre-made “sock bun”, so that you do not need to make one yourself.

To use the sock bun, you will be required to apply a hair styling gel on your damp hair and leave the sock bun on overnight in order for the curls to form. 

This method is most suitable for those people with longer hair lengths, for successful loose curl formation.

Try the overnight braided curl method

Well, this method is relatively easy to do, in order to get curls. Again. You will need to work with hair that is damp in order for the curls to form properly. 

When your hair is damp, apply a generous amount of hair styling gel or cream all over your hair before braiding your hair. 

You can braid your hair in any style that you wish from a regular braid, to more complicated braid styles.

Once completed, then leave the braids on overnight while you sleep. The next morning you can loosen your braids and use a hair styling spray to set the curls in place. 

Remember not to use a hair brush to comb your hair as it will damage the curls. Only use your fingers and run them through your hair in order to set the curls in place.

how can i get curly hair if i have straight hair

Get a curl enhancing haircut

While a haircut will not make your hair form curls, it will make your hair appear more like waves or look like it has a curl pattern. 

For this you will have to get a layered, feather or step haircut to give straight hair the wavy or curly look.

Try using a sea salt spray for textured curls

products to make straight hair curly

Sea salt has been known to enhance the hair by adding texture to the hair. It makes the hair look more voluminous. The way sea salt works is by opening up the cuticles of the hair strand and penetrating through it.

While it may not give you the curls you desire, if your hair is very straight, it will give your hair more and added texture, making the hair lighter and airier. 

For those with hair that is semi-straight, it can add texture and give you soft curls or give the hair a wavy effect.

Use hair rollers

how to get curly hair without a perm

This method has been used since years and it’s one of the most effective no-heat methods to help form curls in straight hair. 

These rollers are also used in the perming of hair, but along with chemicals, while in this case, no chemicals are used.

All you need to do is use rollers of the same sizes (for even curls) or varied sizes (for different sized curls). 

You’ll need to wrap your damp hair around these hair rollers and leave them on overnight and take them off the next morning. Finish off by using a setting spray to hold the curls in place. 

Avoid using a hair brush, but just run your fingers through your hair so that the curls do not get damaged and stay in place.

The final takeaway

There are multiple ways you can get curly hair with straight hair, but it is important to decide on what type of curl pattern you are looking for – be it loose curls, tight curls, beachy waves or maybe even just some texture.

Based on what type of curl pattern you’ve decided on, you can then choose between no-heat methods to semi-permanent or permanent type of hair treatments to use to achieve those curls.

While it is easier for people with semi-straight hair to use no-heat methods, people with straight hair will have to use more intensive curling methods to get the desired curls.

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