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11 Best Heatless Hair Curlers 2023 | Travel Size Kits For Easy Damage Free Curls

Learn which are the heatless hair curlers and no heat hair curlers and how to use them. Also check out foam hair rollers and curlers for overnight use.

There are several types of no heat hair curler products in the market – velcro curlers, magnetic rollers, foam rollers, curling rods, etc. I was very if a foam roller or a curling rod give the same curls as a curling iron would. However, these safe hair curlers worked like a charm!

You don’t have to sit in front of the mirror for hours curling your hair with a flat iron or rod and you can leave these curlers overnight. I’ve reviewed some of the best heatless curlers below!

Best No Heat Hair CurlersBest ForMaterial
Tifara Beauty 42-Pack No Heat Hair CurlerThick, Long HairFoam, Metal
Curlformers Hair CurlersFine, Straight HairLatex-Free Synthetic Fabric
Conair Soft, Bouncy Curls Foam RollersCurly, Coarse HairFoam with Stainless Steel Clip
xnicx 47pcs Curling RodsTraveling Foam
Aimin Soft Pillow Hair RollersOvernight UseAluminium Frame with Fabric Top Layere
Annie Medium Foam RollersBangsFoam with Plastic Clip

So far, the Conair Foam Self Grip Hair Rollers are the best heatless hair curlers that are good for hair. These foam hair rollers are easy to use and do not cause hair damage and are gentle on curls as well. You can leave them overnight and it won’t tangle or snag at hair.

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Top Heatless Hair Curlers 2023

Tifara Beauty 42-Pack No Heat Hair Curler

Best No Heat Hair Curler Overall

best no heat hair curler

I used to color and style my hair a lot which lead to it becoming dry and frizzy. So I needed to find a way to curl my locks without damaging them. 

This is when I found the Tifara 42-pack hair curlers. These are foam curling rods, one of my favorite types of hair curlers.

Foam curling rods feel soft on your hair, don’t tug and pull like plastic rollers do, and can give you curls in minutes. In this video, celebrity hair stylist and top Youtuber Brad Mondo says that the foam rollers are the best for “bouncy ringlet curls” and if “you brush the ringlets through you can get those Marilyn Monroe wavy hair” look.

What I liked most about these Tifara curlers is the variety in sizes. There are seven different sizes that can help you create loose waves, tight curls, corkscrew curls, and other looks. 

The 42 pack also helps me cover my thick, long hair completely. So I don’t need to take larger sections of hair. 

I just had one complaint though. These rods are not comfortable while sleeping. My coarse, dry hair also kept getting caught in the white ends while I was taking them off.

Other than this tiny snag, the colorful no heat hair curler products from Tifara worked well on my hair and didn’t cost me much either. 

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  • Easy application
  • Affordable
  • Multiple sizes for different curl types
  • 42-piece pack sufficient for very long, thick  hair
  • Can be used for both wet and dry curling


  • Hair gets snagged in the ends sometimes
  • Can be uncomfortable to sleep with overnight 

My Ratings:

  • Material – 3.5/5
  • Price – 4/5
  • Ability To Curl – 4.5/5

Curlformers Hair Curlers

Best No Heat Hair Curler For Type 3 Curls

no heat hair curlers for thin hair

If you want crazy spiral curls, the Curlformers are your go-to product. In fact, they make a great alternative to perms as well! 

These no heat hair curlers come in a pack of 40 which means there is enough to cover even extra-long hair.

But you can’t really create loose waves or different types of curls. There are just two types of curls, orange for clockwise curls and pink for anti-clockwise curls.

There are also 2 styling hooks that help you apply the curlers to hair just like you’d use a crochet needle.

The curls look amazing on straight hair. But curly-haired folks like myself have to deal with a lot of tugging and pulling when taking these out.

They actually tugged a lot on my scalp so I wouldn’t recommend sleeping with them without a scarf or cap on. And I definitely don’t recommend it to people with sensitive scalps.

If you’re using these hair curlers, I suggest applying them to damp, freshly-washed hair. It works better for wet hair curling. 


  • Comes with styling looks for easy application
  • Good for extra long hair
  • 40 piece pack with covers thick hair well
  • Different types of rods for different curl types
  • Adds curls to fine, straight hair 


  • All curlers are of same size
  • Costs more than most curlers on this list
  • Tugs on curly hair
  • Can be uncomfortable while sleeping and for people with sensitive scalps

My Ratings:

  • Material – 4.5/5
  • Price – 3/5
  • Ability To Curl – 4.5/5

Conair Soft, Bouncy Curls Foam Rollers

Best Foam No Heat Hair Curler 

no heat hair curlers for damaged hair

The only reason I bought these curlers is that Conair is such a well-known brand. And I was glad they didn’t disappoint. 

In fact, I was pleasantly surprised at the affordable price at which they come and that too for over 48 hair roller pieces. 

But what really impressed me is how comfortable they are to sleep in. Any woman who has used hair rollers before knows the pain of keeping them overnight.

The foam is soft and the clip-in design doesn’t tug at your hair.

There are also four different sizes of hair curlers, so you can create a variety of curly hairstyles.

If you’re looking for something to add curl definition to coily, type 4c hair this can be a bit difficult to use.

But only because it can tug at the coarse Afro hair and not function as smoothly as it did for type 3 curls. 


  • Comfortable to sleep in 
  • Gives good curl definition even on fine, straight hair
  • 48 curls cover long, thick hair 
  • 4 different sizes of foam rollers 
  • Well known brand promises good quality


  • Not for curly, type 4 hair

My Ratings:

  • Material – 4.5/5
  • Price – 4/5
  • Ability To Curl – 4.5/5

xnicx 47pcs Curling Rods

Best Travel-Friendly No Heat Hair Curler 

no heat hair curlers for extra long hair

One of the top reasons why I use a no heat hair curler is that carrying around a flat iron or curling iron everywhere is very irritating.

So I bought these travel-friendly foam curling rods. They come in a handy little pouch that fits into your handbag or travel case easily.

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And the best part? They’re easily the most affordable rollers on this list. So I didn’t have to wreck my budget.

I got over 47 pieces for under $10 and they too come in a variety of sizes. 

So I could create rag curls, loose curls, corkscrew curls, waves, and plenty of other hairstyles without too much trouble. 


  • Multiple sizes
  • 47 pieces can cover all of your hair
  • Soft foam material is comfortable while sleeping
  • Very affordable
  • Comes in a compact travel-friendly pack


  • Hair can get caught in the ends

My Ratings:

  • Material – 4/5
  • Price – 4/5
  • Ability To Curl – 4.5/5

Aimin Soft Pillow Hair Rollers 

Best Overnight No Heat Hair Curler 

overnight no heat hair curlers

Okay, so one of my main issues with using heat rollers is that I have coarse natural hair and the curlers are so uncomfortable to wear at night. 

So I was absolutely delighted after getting my hands o the Aimin no heat hair curlers.

Why? They have a double-fiber top covering which is so soft to touch and a foam cushion to rest softly against your scalp.

And the biggest win for me was the polka-dotted design. 

Wearing hair rollers for a long time can seem quite ridiculous. But these almost look like accessories or hair clips and are so cute.  


  • Cushioned hair rollers feel comfortable
  • You can use them overnight
  • Don’t tug or pull at your hair


  • Only one size available

My Ratings:

  • Material – 4.5/5
  • Price – 4/5
  • Ability To Curl – 4/5

Annie Medium Foam Rollers 

Best No Heat Hair Curler For Loose Curls

no heat hair curlers overnight

These Annie foam rollers have the traditional hair roller design. The only difference is that they are made of foam and not plastic or silicone.  

I included these on my list as their shape makes them perfect for curling bands.

Foam curling rods or even the soft, cushioned rollers like the ones from Aimin might be difficult to use on the short bangs hairstyle you’ve got.

While these helped add that volume to my curtain bangs, I was disappointed with these rollers.  

The plastic clip feels too stiff and doesn’t clasp hair properly. 

I also felt a bit cheated with the “medium” rollers as they were smaller than what I had expected.


  • Very cheap and affordable
  • Good for instant loose curls or waves
  • Easy to apply
  • Good for curling bangs


  • Plastic feels too stiff and doesn’t bend properful
  • The hook doesn’t clasp well
  • Some users feel medium rollers were too small

My Ratings:

  • Material – 3/5
  • Price – 5/5
  • Ability To Curl – 3.5/5

Dababell Soft Sleep Hair Rollers

Soft Sleep Hair Rollers

I recently tried the Dababell Soft Sleep Hair Rollers, and I must say, I’m quite impressed. These heatless curlers are incredibly comfortable to sleep in, thanks to their soft and plush design.

I love how easy they are to use – simply roll your hair around the soft foam core and secure with the included elastic bands.

The next morning, I woke up to gorgeous, bouncy curls without any heat damage. These rollers are also versatile; you can use them to create different curl sizes depending on how you wrap your hair. The only downside I found is that if you have very long hair, you might need to secure the rollers extra tightly to prevent them from slipping during sleep.


  1. Comfortable to sleep in.
  2. Easy to use with secure elastic bands.
  3. Versatile for different curl sizes.
  4. Heatless, so no damage to hair.


  1. Long hair may require extra securing.

My Ratings:

  • Material – 3/5
  • Price – 5/5
  • Ability To Curl – 3.5/5

Silke London Silk Heatless Curler

 Silk Heatless Curler

The Silke London Silk Heatless Curler is a luxurious option for achieving heatless curls. Made from 100% silk, these curlers are not only gentle on your hair but also comfortable to wear.

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They come with a silk drawstring pouch for storage, which adds to the overall elegance.

I found that they created lovely, natural-looking curls with minimal effort. They’re perfect for those who want to maintain their hair’s health while still enjoying beautiful curls. However, they are on the pricier side compared to other heatless curlers.


  1. Made from 100% silk for hair protection.
  2. Comfortable to wear.
  3. Creates natural-looking curls.
  4. Comes with a silk storage pouch.


  1. Higher price point.

My Ratings:

  • Material – 3/5
  • Price – 5/5
  • Ability To Curl – 3.5/5

RobeCurls Original Heatless Curling Headband

satin heatless curler set

The RobeCurls Original Heatless Curling Headband is a unique and innovative way to achieve heatless curls. It’s essentially a headband with integrated curling tubes that you wear to bed.

I found this concept fascinating, and it did give me soft, loose waves in the morning. It’s incredibly comfortable to sleep in, and I appreciate the versatility it offers in terms of curl tightness and size.

However, it may take a bit of practice to get the hang of positioning the headband correctly. Also, while it’s comfortable, it might not be the best option for those who move around a lot in their sleep.


  1. Innovative and comfortable design.
  2. Versatile for different curl sizes.
  3. Creates soft, loose waves.


  1. Learning curve for positioning.
  2. Not ideal for restless sleepers.

My Ratings:

  • Material – 3/5
  • Price – 5/5
  • Ability To Curl – 3.5/5

Kitsch Satin Pillow Rollers

heatless satin hair curlers

Kitsch Satin Pillow Rollers are a straightforward and effective way to achieve heatless curls. They are essentially satin-covered foam rollers that you secure in your hair before bedtime.

The satin covering helps reduce frizz and prevent hair breakage while you sleep. I found them easy to use, and they delivered beautiful, bouncy curls in the morning.

These rollers are also very affordable, making them an excellent choice for those on a budget. However, they may not provide as tight curls as some other options if that’s what you’re looking for.


  1. Affordable and easy to use.
  2. Satin covering reduces frizz and breakage.
  3. Creates bouncy curls without heat.


  1. May not provide very tight curls.

My Ratings:

  • Material – 3/5
  • Price – 5/5
  • Ability To Curl – 3.5/5

Lilysilk Silk Curling Headband and Scrunchie Set

scrunchie hair curlers

The Lilysilk Silk Curling Headband and Scrunchie Set is a luxurious option for heatless curls. Made from high-quality silk, these accessories are gentle on your hair and incredibly comfortable to wear.

The set includes a silk headband with integrated curling tubes and a matching silk scrunchie.

I found that it created beautiful, natural-looking curls, and the silk materials minimized frizz. The set is a bit on the pricey side, but if you’re looking for a high-end option for achieving heatless curls without damaging your hair, this is a great choice.


  1. Made from high-quality silk.
  2. Comfortable to wear and gentle on hair.
  3. Creates natural-looking curls.
  4. Minimizes frizz with silk materials.


  1. Higher price point.

My Ratings:

  • Material – 3/5
  • Price – 5/5
  • Ability To Curl – 3.5/5

A not heat hair curler is different from the hot rollers you get in the market. They don’t need batteries and they don’t use steam.

But they still help create gorgeous curls in minutes. 

I’ve preferred them as they reduce the damage some regular use of flat irons and curling irons cause on your hair.

You can select a no heat hair roller that suits your hair type and gives you the type of curls you want. 

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Conair Soft, Bouncy Curls Foam Rollers

Using a no heat hair curler you can make your hair curly without using heat styling tools or chemical treatments. The Conair Soft, Bouncy Curls Foam Rollers is suitable for all hair types and lengths.

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