how to have black hair with blue tint without bleach

How To Get Black Hair With Blue Tint Without Bleach | In 8 Super Easy Steps!

Here’s how to get black hair with blue tint without bleach! The easiest way is to use  temporary blue hair dye for dark hair that will coat your hair but there are more permanent blue hair dye for dark hair as well.

Want to sport a vivid, distinctive blue but are hesitant to bleach your dark hair? 

If you’ve looked online and found folks who have damaged their hair in search of a distinctive and personalized blue, I can appreciate how you could feel. 

Bleaching is, let’s face it, a lot like the bad guy in a movie. It has acquired a negative reputation through no fault of its own.

 After all, the chemical treatment we’re discussing is quite damaging, especially to black hair. There is yet another challenge. 

You want to attain a color you’ve always wanted, like blue, and the key to making it look realistic is to apply it to hair that is quite light.

Top celebrities and regular people alike are sporting the unique shade of blue hair, which is becoming more and more fashionable by the minute. 

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The elephant in the room needs to be addressed: blue hair is very simple to accomplish on light-colored hair, but not as easily on darker hair. And trying to turn blue without bleach makes things even more difficult.

Fortunately, bleach is not required to achieve the blue hair of your dreams, especially if you have the correct methods and equipment available. 

In this concise guide, I have given you tips on how to color dark hair blue without bleaching. These options will vary according to how black your hair is. 

Dark or medium brown and black are not the same. So if you want to dye your black hair blue but aren’t willing to bleach it, stick with me, and I’ll explain:

  • Without bleaching, there are temporary and semi-permanent dyes that can turn black hair blue.
  • Applying blue hair dye to dark brown hair
  • You can select from a larger choice of blue colors to color your hair without bleaching if you have light brown hair.

How To Color Black Hair with Blue Tint without Bleach

It is entirely possible to dye dark hair blue without using bleach. You will believe it by the end of this session. One hair color brand that I would recommend is BirdsofParadyes. The majority of box kits provide all the supplies you need to color your hair. If they don’t, though, you’ll need:

teal hair dye for dark hair without bleach
  • A permanent blue hair color kit or a blue box kit, together with a 20- or 30-volume developer
  • Plastic or vinyl gloves
  • Mixing vessel
  • Butterfly clips, plastic
  • Vaseline
  • A detangling/combing brush for applying color (optional).
  • Note: For lighter blues, use a 30-volume developer; for darker blues, use a 20-volume developer.

Determine Your Hair Type

Low porosity hair can be challenging to color since the pigment molecules can’t pass the cuticle. Low porosity hair benefits from heat treatments by allowing the cuticle to open. This issue can also be resolved by brushing your hair out and obtaining a trim before dying it.

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Many products available today don’t require bleaching your hair before use. Look for hair dyes that add colors without using chemicals to lighten your hair.

For those whose hair is already dark, certain brands have developed colors. You can achieve your blue hair objectives by using products designed especially for hair that is darker.

Recall what kind of hair you have from the initial step? The dye you select to color your hair with should be influenced by the porosity of your hair. Use a color that helps lock in moisture if you have high porosity hair. You can test your hair type through this YouTube video.

Get Your Hair Ready

No matter how porous your hair is, you should wash it thoroughly before starting the dying process. Natural oils in hair shield it from the environment, but they can also get in the way of coloring.

Your hair can absorb more color if you get a trim. Cutting off broken ends prevents damaged hair from fading color more quickly. For those with low porosity hair, a cut also aids in cuticle opening.

You might want to think about heating your hair at this stage if you found that it has low porosity. With the heat on, blow-dry your hair using a hair dryer.

Keep in mind that it’s ideal to have some natural hair oils present to shield your scalp from chemicals. Wait between 24 and 48 hours after washing your hair before dying it. Refer to this YouTube video for comprehending the step by step process.

Set Up Your Environment

After properly preparing your hair, it’s time to prepare your workspace. The finest place is the bathroom because it contains a mirror and a basin or shower for cleaning up afterwards. 

I also suggest wearing old clothes, and place a towel on the floor beneath you to catch any dye that may drip.

Combine the Dye

You should have everything you require to mix the color in the hair color you purchased. 

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If so, all you have to do is adhere to the packaging’s mixing directions. To make sure that dye and developers are completely incorporated, give the mixture a good shake or stir.

what color can i dye my black hair without bleaching

If you chose to use professional dye rather than a box dye kit, combine the developer and dye in your bowl in a 1:1 ratio. Utilizing your applicator brush, thoroughly blend.

  Section your Hair In

Divide your hair into a few parts once your dye is prepared to go on. In general, four is a fair number, but if your hair is thicker, you can make more. A plastic clip should be used to fasten each segment. It’s simple to clamp these on and take them off while you brush your hair.

Apply the Blue Dye to Your Hair

It’s really simple to apply hair color, but you do need to be careful to spread it out evenly. Wearing gloves, use an application brush or a small portion of one of the hair portions to apply the color.

permanent blue hair dye for dark hair

Set a Timer

You have to give the blue dye some time to work its magic after you’ve covered every hair strand with it. Based on the dye you’ve bought, this time can change, but it typically lasts between 25 and 45 minutes.

Place a timer on your smartphone, oven, or alarm clock and review the directions. In order to prevent severe hair damage, don’t keep the dye on for a longer time than recommended.

Rinse and Condition your Hair

Rinse the color from your locks with lukewarm water after it has finished its job. Use a little conditioner to restore moisture and lessen damage after the water is clear. It might come with the box dye. If necessary, you can also apply your regular conditioner.

On virgin hair, it is recommended to use permanent coloring. The color left behind from previous color treatments may change the final tone when pre-lightened hair is dyed. 

Additionally, your hair will require some extra care following the dying process if it is fragile, curly, or otherwise vulnerable to harm. After the treatment, you may strengthen your hair and avoid breakage by using a decent leave-in conditioning or hair mask.

how to dye black hair to blue without bleach

Dos and Don’ts of Dyeing Hair Blue

A few things to keep in mind when dying your black hair blue without bleaching.

Do make a thoughtful dye selection. On dark hair, not all blue hues will appear. Make sure the hair dye is made for your natural hue by reading the instructions on the container.

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Avoid going too light. Even though a lovely pastel blue is attractive, dark hair won’t pick it up.

Select expensive dye wisely. Even while they could be inexpensive, they might not necessarily have high-quality ingredients.

After dying your hair blue—or any color, for that matter—limit the amount of heat styling you use. Blow dryers, straighteners, curling irons, and even warm air should be avoided because heat degrades color.

After dyeing your hair, wait at least 48 hours before shampooing.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dyeing Black Hair Blue

These are a few of the most typical queries regarding blue hair dye for dark hair. Check out our responses to the questions below to see if we’ve already addressed your question.

What shade of hair must you have for it to be dyed blue?

Light colored hair is the simplest to dye for the most vivid blues, but this color is not required. Dark haired individuals can now add cerulean hues to their hair without the effort and damage of coloring thanks to a broad variety of solutions.

How can I dye my hair blue without it turning green?

Usually, fading hair dye exposes yellow tones in your hair, resulting in green hair. Maintaining your colored hair is the best method to keep the color you choose, as described in step five of this article. To lessen the look of yellow tones in your hair, think about using a purple shampoo into your hair care regimen.

How much time does blue stay in hair?

Your blue hair’s longevity will rely on a number of factors. While most products only last a few weeks, some do, especially with good upkeep. Expect the blue dye to disappear from your hair more quickly if you often wash it or style it with heat.

Why Blue Hair Is So Alluring

In the past, people in their senior years were thought to have blue hair, but this is not longer the case. Nowadays, individuals of various ages and ethnicities openly sport blue hair as an unashamed form of individual expression. Why?

Anyone can rock it, and it nearly screams “fun.” It also draws attention. Additionally, blue hair ain’t going to happen if you like other hair colors and complements almost every complexion.

Prior to dying, select your blue shade and after deciding on your new blue hue, it’s time to begin the dyeing procedure.

Happy coloring! 

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