Hairstyles of Zayn Malik

18 Stylish Hairstyles of Zayn Malik You Can Try In 2024

Check out these stylish hairstyles of Zayn Malik ranging from his stint at One Direction to his more recent ones. Learn more how you can get these haircuts for yourself.

Zayn Malik, is one of the most experimental people when it comes to trying out different hairstyles from his iconic quiff, to top short spikes, mohawks, buzz cuts and more, you name it and Zayn Malik has probably tried them all.

If you’re someone who loves taking bold steps in hairstyling and experimenting is your forte, then you can draw inspiration from some of these popular hairstyles tried by Zayn Malik.

Top Hairstyles of Zayn Malik

1. The Classic School Boy Cut

hairstyle of zayn malik older
Source: Instagram @ zaynmalikthings

At one point Zayn Malik was seen sporting the classic schoolboy haircut. Well, school boy haircuts are rather classic and blend in perfectly with both the traditional and modern look. It is a style which provides a uniform cut on all sides, with the length of your choice and some hair falling over your forehead.

2. Top Short Spikes Hairstyle

shaved hairstyle zayn malik
Source: Instagram @ zaynmalikthings

This hairstyle is quite cool, in my opinion. It entails a faded cut at the sides and the hair grown long and spiked with styling gel at the top. It is a hairstyle quite often sported by Zayn Malik and he has had this style in different hair colors as well.

3. Buzz Fade Hairstyle

fade hairstyle zayn
Source: Instagram @ zaynmalikthings

A buzz cut is basically a very short haircut and when combined with a fade hairstyle, it refers to the hair longer at the top and gradually decreasing in length as it tapers down the sides and towards the neck, revealing the scalp. This is another hairstyle Zayn Malik has been seen with very often.

4. Top Textured Messy Cut

zayn malik beard and hairstyle
Source: Instagram @ zaynmalikthings

I’m sure all you Zayn Malik fans out there will agree that he looks super handsome in this hairstyle! The top texture messy cut entails the hair at the top of the head, overgrown a little and not typically styled much and made to look like the hair has texture/layers.

5. The Mohawk Hairstyle

side fade hairstyle zayn malik
Source: Instagram @  zaynmalikthings

The mohawk is a funky hairstyle featuring a strip of longer hair running from the nape of the neck to the forehead, wherein the sides are shaved or finely cropped. Zayn Malik has been seen with this bold and rebellious hairstyle and it looked amazing!

6.  Classic Crew Cut

zayn hairstyle 2023
Source: Instagram @ serumpowerrangers

Zayn Malik’s classic crew cut is a sporty look with a short cut, tapering both at the back and the sides, while the top hair is slightly longer. This hairstyle is neat and has a lovely aesthetic and gives one a clean look. It is a low-maintenance hairstyle.

7. Long Quiff Cut

zayn one direction hairstyle
Source: Instagram @ serumpowerrangers

The long quiff is one among the most popular hairstyles ever sported by Zayn Malik. He in fact had it throughout his adolescence. It entails a voluminous lot of hair at the top of the heat, styled with a little lift at the forehead, tapering with a fade towards the sides.

8. Messy Slicked Back Hairstyle

zayn hairstyle hair strand
Source: Instagram @ zaynmalikthings

A messy slicked back hairstyle is one where the hair is combed backwards, away from the face and made to stay that way using a styling gel. It helps create a very smooth and sleek look. This is a very common hairstyle Zayn Malik has got in the past.

9. One-Sided Slick Hairstyle

zayn blonde hair
Source: Instagram @ zaynmalikthings

Similar to the slicked back hairstyle, the one sided sleek is where the hair is grown longer towards one side of the head and then slicked back with gel, but only towards one side of the head. It is a unique hairstyle that Zayn Malik once had!

10. Top Knot hairstyle

Source: Instagram @ zavadd_malik

Zayn Malik once had the top knot hairstyle that sports a very stylish look, where the hair is grown long and gathered in a bun or a top knot at the crown of the head and secured with a rubber band. It looks clean and sophisticated undoubtedly, I must say.

11. One-Sided Slick with Buzz Cut

zayn malik new hairstyle
Source: Instagram @ zaynmalikthings

Well, I have to say this, I love the look of this hairstyle! The one sided slick, wherein the hair is grown long and slicked only towards one side, while the other side has only a clean buzz cut. Yes, Zayn Malik had it and it looked funky and super cool of course!

12. Shaggy Hairstyle

zayn malik teenage hairstyle
Source: Instagram @ mens_library

I love the “shaggy” look because it is so messy and casual. Zayn looked so casual in this laid-back vibe of a hairstyle, giving his hair a textured look, with layers of varying lengths. He really pulled off this style well indeed.

13. Long Spikes with Faded Sides

zayn malik haircut blonde
Source: Instagram @ zaynmalikthings

This hairstyle entails the hair grown long at the top and styled into spikes, while the sides are cut into a faded hair cut. This hairstyle is one sported by Zayn Malik quite often and it looks absolutely gorgeous!

14. Center-part Hairstyle

zayn malik long hair
Source: Instagram @ onie_direction_4_ever

A center-part hairstyle involves parting the hair down in the middle, with hair on either side of the part. It is a timeless, classic hairstyle which Zayn Malik too has seen sporting. It can suit various hair lengths and textures as well.

15. Undercut Hairstyle

zayn buzz cut hair
Source: Instagram @ bestintrend_

Zayn Malik looked casual with this relaxed super trendy undercut hairstyle. It is characterized by shorter sides and back, with longer hair at the top. This contrasting length between the top, sides and back is what makes this hairstyle special!

16. Short Buzz Cut

zayn malik short hair
Source: Instagram @ zaynmalikthings

A short buzz cut is one of the easiest and low-maintenance hairstyles to get and Zayn Malik has tried it out too, of course! It is a hairstyle which involves the hair, uniformly cut very short and the length can vary from an inch to half inch depending on how you’d like it.

17. Long hair with Side-part Hairstyle

zayn malik night changes hairstyle
Source: Instagram @ _z4yn__xy

Very often, people try out the regular and classic center-part hairstyle. But this one has a complete twist and we’ve seen it when Zayn Malik tried it out. He had long hair which he tossed towards one side, with a part at one side. It looked super cool indeed!

18. Top Slick with Fade Hairstyle

zayn gigi hairstyle
Source: Instagram @ 1dtpwk

Slicked back hairstyles are quite trending nowadays and Zayn Malik has always been a trend setter in the world of hairstyles. He has sported the top slick back, with side fade hairstyle many a time and it looked undoubtedly gorgeous.

FAQs about Zayn Malik Hairstyles 

1. What does Zayn Malik often use to style his hair?

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The fans have done some digging and as per research we have found out some of the hair styling products that Zayn Malik often uses to style his hair.
·         Pomade: Pomade is a wax-like product that helps style the hair in different unique hairstyles including one of Zayn Malik’s most popular hairstyles, the quiff. So, Zayn is known to use pomade when he is trying to achieve more of a formal look (like quiffs and slick backs).
·         Hairspray: Zayn Malik is known to use hairspray to help hold his final hairstyle in place and last all day long.
·         Clay: Clay is a rather lightweight type of product that helps create texture and volume in the hair. Zayn is known to use clay when he is going in for more of a casual look (like spikes, mohawks and shaggy hairstyles).
·         Sea Salt Spray: Sea salt spray helps give the hair a beachy look and Zayn often uses this spray when he is looking for a relaxed look (like a buzz cut, crew cut, undercut etc).

2. What’s Zayn Malik’s natural hair type?

Since Zayn Malik is someone who often styles his hair, it is hard for his fans to tell what texture his natural hair actually has. Well, the cat’s out of the bag, because research states that Zayn in fact has naturally thick curly hair.

4. Which all hair colors has Zayn Malik tried out?

Well, this is a tough one! Zayn Malik is well-known to be one of the most experimental singers out there when it comes to hairstyling and hair coloring. He has tried multiple different colors from lilac, to blue, beach blonde, green, purple, pink, red and many more.  Zayn’s hair dyeing seems to have a history of its own after all!

The Final Takeaway

Zayn Malik’s hairstyles are definitely inspirational to the people of this generation. This is because it is motivation to go out and experiment and try your hand at being unique and taking steps to make yourself happy.

I’m sure some of you might doubt yourselves and ask yourself this question – “But can I pull these hairstyles off?”. Well, you need to hear this – you can do so, if you want to!

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