Ian Somerhalder Hairstyles 

Ian Somerhalder Hairstyles | 7 Hottest Damon Salvatore Hairstyles To Try In 2024

Check out the most popular Ian Somerhalder hairstyles in my article below. Also learn how to recreate his signature Vampire Diaries hairstyle at home easily.

If you are a fan of the American actor, Ian Somerhalder, you may have noticed that his hairstyle always seems to be on-trend. From his classic crop when portraying Damon Salvatore in the hit Vampire Diaries series to the variety of long and layered looks he has sported over the years, his hair has quite the story to tell! 

In this article, I will explore the actor’s ever-evolving hairstyles over the years and uncover exactly why they made him look so good. Not only that, I will share some tips and tricks on how to achieve Ian Somerhalder’s signature styles, so read on and find out exactly what has made the actor’s look so unique!

Ian Somerhalder Hairstyles 

Who is Ian Somerhalder?

damon salvatore haircut

Ian Somerhalder is a prominent Hollywood actor, director, model, and activist. Born in late 1978 in Louisiana, he began his career in the entertainment industry as a successful model before transitioning to the big screen. 

Over his long and illustrious career, Ian Somerhalder has earned numerous awards and accolades for both his acting and modeling efforts.

In 2001, he began appearing in television series such as Young Americans, CSI: Miami, and Smallville. It wasn’t until 2004 that Somerhalder became a household name for his roles in the hit vampire series Lost and The Vampire Diaries. 

His influence in both the television and movie industries is immense, and he has been able to land lead characters in the likes of the Gunslingers and the largest production of its kind Tomorrowland.

Apart from being an established actor, Ian Somerhalder is well known for his philanthropic work and his activism. 

He was the founder of the Ian Somerhalder Foundation, a charity which works to empower, educate, and activate youth in the area of environmental conservation. 

Somerhalder is also an active spokesperson and ambassador for the UN Environment Program’s Wild for Life Campaign, promoting the protection of endangered species.

Ian Somerhalder Lost Hairstyle

Ian Somerhalder Lost Hairstyle

For a while, Ian Somerhalder was the poster boy for a classic, clean-cut look. His trademark style was a textured, layered cut that combined a timeless, polished look with a modern, edgy vibe. But that look came to an abrupt end in 2018, when the Vampire Diaries star dramatically cut his shoulder-length locks. 

In a daring move, the actor dramatically chopped off his luxurious locks in favor of a much shorter, more contemporary hairdo. As expected, fans were taken aback by the sudden change. Social media users around the world shared their shock, sorrow, and nostalgia over the lost hairstyle that had come to define the star. 

Ian Somerhalder Lost Hairstyle

Although the shaggy, layered men’s cut was long-loved by Somerhalder’s admirers, the actor had to say goodbye to the style to keep up with the ever-changing trends of the industry. Besides, the new, shorter cut seemed to fit his newly shifted career focus, which included appearing in dramas and rom-coms as opposed to long-running vampire sagas.


Ian Somerhalder Vampire Diaries Season 1 Hairstyles

ian somerhalder vampire diaries haircut

Ian Somerhalder has sported some pretty swoon-worthy hairdos on the set of the Vampire Diaries. From the longer and shaggier look he had in season 1, to the more modern, textured quiff that we’ve seen him rocking in season 6, Ian has certainly had us hooked with his hairstyle evolution.

Season 1 brought us the “Ian Somerhalder-in-his-prime” look. He had a lengthy mane of silky dark locks that he usually wore down and loose. From his bed-head look during late-night vampire mischief, to Elena’s prom night makeover, Ian’s style-savvy hairdo had us mesmerized week after week. 

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The longer, wavier look resulted in Ian being labeled as a modern-day heartthrob, with his hair becoming the perfect accessory for any look. His signature style is undeniably timeless and captivating. He wore his hair back in a ‘half up, half down’ look and all we could do was stare and swoon at the effortlessly cool style. 

Ian Somerhalder Vampire Diaries Season 1 Hairstyles

It’s clear why Ian Somerhalder is indeed “the king” when it comes to hairstyling. His classic yet current looks are the perfect fit for his presence onscreen, and have us all wishing we had hair like his.

His hairstyles have been a source of excitement and inspiration over the years, capturing us all with their attractive composure. Although Ian’s look has changed drastically since Season 1, he’s still killing it with his hairstyles!

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Ian Somerhalder Vampire Diaries Season 2 Hairstyles

season 2 damon salvatore hairstyle

Ian Somerhalder’s hairstyles on The Vampire DiariesSeason 2 have become iconic in their own way and fans of the show still admire them today. In the first season, his hair was medium-length with a modern spiked look. After the death of Elena’s brother, Jeremy, Ian cut his hair and started a new trend that is still popular today.

Ian sported a sleek and smooth look, with a comb-over on the sides and a messy, tousled look on top. This hairstyle is one of the most iconic looks in the show.

His hair was mostly black and medium length. He had subtle layers with a hint of volume that added a certain kind of attitude to his look. To top it all off, he would slick back his side part to emphasize the tousled look on top.


Another popular look of his is the ‘bad vampire’ look. It involved him having a choppy, bed-head hair with a lot of thickness and texture. This haircut was much edgier than the sleek comb-over style, and Ian rocked it well. He added more volume to the sides and back of his hair, which made him look younger and dynamic.

Ian’s Vampire Diaries Season 2 hairstyle was unique and truly captured the essence of Damon Salvatore. His natural good looks and edgy hairstyles captivated the audience and his hairstyle will be remembered for many more years to come.

Ian Somerhalder Vampire Diaries Season 3 Hairstyles

vampire diaries damon haircut

Ian Somerhalder’s Vampire Diaries characters have inspired men all around the world to get his season 3 hairstyles. After his portrayal of Damon Salvatore, many viewers sought to emulate his look, particularly his personalized hairstyles.

Ian’s season 3 hairstyles were iconic and have become widely popular in the hairstyling industry. His signature tight, textured curls added to his alluring character and made him stand out among his Vampire Diaries counterparts. His eye-catching look and luscious locks have been imitated by admirers who wanted to replicate his effortless style.

Ian rocked an edgy cut with side-swept bangs in season 3 of the Vampire Diaries, opting for a style that was both stylish and age appropriate. His short, choppy cut accentuated his beautiful bone structure and enhanced his masculine aura. To keep his curls looking full and luxurious, Ian’s long locks were softly texturized and styled with a short, textured comb-over.

As for his daily routine, Ian kept his hairstyle looking sharp and polished by regularly shampooing and conditioning his hair with light, nourishing products. To maintain his curls, he often used curvaceous, curved combs to define and separate all of his individual pieces.

From soft, romantic curls to bedhead coolness and a timeless side sweep, Ian Somerhalder’s season 3 hairstyles have been deemed a real classic in the hairstyling world. His extensive library of looks have made him a household name, making him a trendsetter that all young men aspire to emulate.

Ian Somerhalder Vampire Diaries Season 4 Hairstyles

how to look like damon salvatore

Ian Somerhalder’s elaborate hairstyles during his time in Vampire Diaries have become iconic, especially in Season 4. When viewers tuned in to the show, they were met with an array of unique and stylish hair transformations that personified Somerhalder’s enigmatic character, Damon.

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His dazzling and daring hairstyles, often swept back with product, demonstrate the skill of his hairstylist and remain unforgettable. 

Throughout the season, Somerhalder flaunted a variety of hairdos. From short-cropped pixies to intricately braided top knots, Somerhalder’s collection of hairstyles is nothing short of remarkable. With just a flick of a comb and a spritz of hairspray, his hairstylist turned up the vampire allure with each episode. 

Somerhalder also explored a variety of colors throughout the season. From bright blonde to dark smoky brown, Somerhalder stepped out of his natural color realm to show viewers a more fashion-forward take on his character. When coupled with his textured haircuts, the result was a stunning physical embodiment of a powerful vampire. 

Needless to say, fans were enthralled with Somerhalder’s beautiful, creative, and daring hairstyles. From slicked back looks, to rocker-chic chops, to his signature braids, each look showcased Somerhalder’s commitment to fashion and celebration of villainy. His hair certainly helped make the fourth season of Vampire Diaries a memorable one.

Ian Somerhalder Vampire Diaries Season 5 Hairstyles

season 6 damon hairstyle

As a cast member of the smash hit drama, The Vampire Diaries, Ian Somerhalder always know how to keep fans guessing what hairstyle he’ll have next.

Season 5 of the The Vampire Diaries proved no different, as the male lead sported an array of fashionable hairstyles. From smooth and sleek to rough and messy, Somerhalder rocks whatever hairstyle is thrown his way. 

Ian Somerhalder’s first hairstyle in Season 5 of The Vampire Diaries appears to be a relaxed and carefree style, with natural sweeping waves. Combining long layers in the front with shorter layers in the back, this is a casual but polished look. Additionally, the ends of the layers are combed slightly inward, creating a precise and finished look.

For the mid-season, Somerhalder switched it up a bit and opted for a rougher, messier hairstyle. He achieved this look by layering the sides of his head and then spike them up with a little product. This hairstyle is perfect for a guy on the go, as it gives off a cool, careless vibe.

The Vampire Diaries’ final Season 5 hairstyle for Ian Somerhalder is a slightly longer, tousled cut. He sweeps his bangs to the side and layers the top of his head close to his crown. As for the sides, he leaves them a bit longer and layered, giving off a soft and edgy look. This hairstyle is perfect for highlighting Ian’s striking blue eyes and perfect cheekbones.

No matter the hairstyle, Ian Somerhalder always brought his unique fashion sense to his character in the Vampire Diaries Season 5. Whether he’s opting for a more polished style like the first look, or roughing it up like the last style, fans can’t seem to get enough of Ian Somerhalder’s always impressive hairstyles.

Ian Somerhalder Vampire Diaries Season 6 Hairstyles

iam somerhalder 2023 haircut

Ian Somerhalder’s hair has been a real staple of his look over the years, especially during his time on the hit supernatural drama ‘The Vampire Diaries’. As Season 6 of the show kicks into gear, his gorgeous locks have taken on some new stylish incarnations!

The sexy actor sported an especially suave look during the show’s sixth season, with his golden sun-kissed tresses brought to life by some seriously glamorous styling.

The cut itself is a modernised version of his usual longer, wavier locks – short on the sides and subtly faded around the edges to add texture. To finish off the look, a side parting was created and the whole style was given a touch of definition with some well-placed gel.

The look has been proving popular amongst fans of the show, and it’s easy to see why! The style is both sophisticated and youthful and would work just as well with jeans and a t-shirt as it would a suit and tie – making it a great choice for any guy looking for a new style that will bring a bit of ‘Vampire Diaries’ cool to his look! 

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Whether you fancy yourself as an aspiring Damon Salvatore or just want a seriously fashionable ‘do, Ian’s Season 6 hairstyle is a great place to start! With a bit of sculpting and an ounce of product, you can bring Ian’s look to life for yourself.

Ian Somerhalder Vampire Diaries Season 7 Hairstyles

damon salvatore season 7 hairstyle

The beloved actor Ian Somerhalder is best known for his many layers of blue eyes and mysterious smirk as vampire Damon Salvatore in the Vampire Diaries. From Season One, we have seen Ian Somerhalder pull off some of the most exquisite and sophisticated hairstyles to possibly please the ladies.

Season 7 of Vampire Diaries has proven to be nothing less of stylish, especially with the hairstyles that Ian Somerhalder has shown off. His edgy and romantic pictures throughout the series guarantee to make any girl’s heart flutter. Trying out different lengths and colors, Ian Somerhalder has made a name for himself in hair fashion.

For the beginning of Season 7, Ian Somerhalder had a wilder and more daring hairstyle. His thick and wavy hair had an alluring effect that definitely was noticed by the female fans. His locks had tons of volume and texture, which was slightly tousled and stylish. Later, his hair was swept back, looking sleek and sophisticated.

new damon salvatore hairstyle

Towards the second half of Season 7, Ian Somerhalder started to experiment with a shorter cut. His haircut was still fierce and edgy, with choppy layers to bring out the texture of his hair type. Pair that with some product to add extra grip and definition, and you have Ian Somerhalder’s latest sexy hairstyle.

Overall, Ian Somerhalder has mastered the art of hairstyling in the Vampire Diaries. From short to long, from wild and daring to sleek and sophisticated, Ian Somerhalder knows how to nail those looks to perfection. Fans and viewers of Vampire Diaries are sure to appreciate Ian Somerhalder’s hair fashion sense and the styles he have showcased.

Ian Somerhalder 2023 Hairstyle and Look

ian somerhalder 2023 hairstyle

At the start of 2023, Ian has been rocking a messy side-part, with his light brown hair swept to one side, giving him a defined and dashing profile, framed with a stylish side-fade. This gives him a soft and natural look that is equal parts edgy and sophisticated perfect for a day out shopping or a night out on the town.

As the year progresses, we predict that he will opt for something a bit more bold with a medium length slicked-back style. This look, with its sweeping edges and defined part, will bring a bit of old-school Hollywood glamour to any look he chooses. No matter what his hair choice is, it’ll be a surefire way to make heads turn.

ian somerhalder hairstyle latest

2023 is sure to be a year of fun hairstyles from Ian, from side-swept messiness to classic slicked-back styles – with a few surprises we can’t quite predict. We can’t wait to see how Ian styles his mane as the year goes on – whether he opts to mix it up or keep it consistent, Ian will look timelessly handsome and stylish.


In conclusion, Ian Somerhalder has proven time and time again that he is truly a style icon — capable of rocking a wide range of handsome looks, from classic to modern.

His ability to easily transition between styles is truly remarkable and has definitely earned him a place in the hearts of countless fans. 

Whether you’re looking for a quirky cut, a classic style, or something a bit more adventurous, there’s a little something for everyone in Ian Somerhalder’s impressive hairstyle portfolio!

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