Top Butch cuts for men

13 Best Butch Cuts For Men 2024

In this article, you can find some of the sexiest butch cuts for men. So read on to find ideas and pictures to show to your hairstylist!

A butch cut is undoubtedly one of the most masculine haircuts ever. It is a men’s haircut that features an even length of hair all over your head. 

These are commonly sported by athletes or military men. 

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The haircut started off in the army and then gained a lot of popularity outside. One reason why a butch cut is so popular is that it requires no upkeep. 

You literally just have to wash your hair and you are good to go. A butch cut makes you look smart and presentable in no time. 

Here are some of the best butch cuts for men that are popular right now!

Top Butch Cuts For Men 2022

Buzz Cut with Beard

Top Butch cuts for men

This is a classic look that is one of the most popular types of butch cut. 

If you think that you have a heavy face, you can choose a buzz cut with a beard to tone things down. 

You don’t really have to have short facial hair for this. You can experiment with different facial hair lengths for this cut. 

The smooth fade and the beard are a great combination that is sure to make you the talk of the town. 

Burr Cut

burr cut fade

If zayn malik prefers this burr cut, you can imagine how cool this is. You have to neatly trim your hair short and even to give you a sharp look. 

This is one of those looks that are suitable for both formal and informal situations. 

In order to achieve this look, you can use a size 1 clipper guard or a size 2 clipper guard and trim your hair. 

Hard Part Butch Cuts For Men

butch haircuts 2021

The hard part is very commonly paired with a crew cut but do you know that it can be a great compliment for short butch cuts too?  

You don’t really need to have a longer top part of the hair to try this lookout.

When you get a butch cut, you can simply ask your stylist to give a sharp har part to get a contrasting line between your sides and the top part. 

This looks even better when it is combined with a fade from the sides. 

Flat top hairstyle

butch hairstyles for long hair

When you are selecting a hairstyle, it is important to consider the shape of your face. 

Your hairstyle should balance your facial features and compliment your face shape. 

The flat-top hairstyle is best suited for people with long faces because it helps in balancing the length of the face. 

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The hairstyle is pretty low maintenance but you will definitely have to or the routine trim to maintain the lengths. 

You also do not need a lot of styling or grooming to maintain this look. 

High Bald Fade

butch haircuts 2021

The high bald fade is a very contrasting cut that can give you an edgy and sharp look. 

It is a great option for people with thick hair who want to reduce the weight of excess hair. 

Ask your stylist for a thick long top short side haircut and a high fade. Add a thick top on the side to finish the look.

Platinum Blonde Buzz Cut

very short hairstyles for men

Platinum blonde is the lightest hair shade you could get and it looks super hot on men. Pair it up with the right butch cut to get the girls swooning over you. 

Platinum hair is best suited for people with a fair complexion and pink undertones. 

You will probably have to bleach your hair to develop this color on your hair but I would say that it is totally worth it. 

Side-swept Crew Cut

crew cut hairstyle men

If you want a neat and crisp look, the side-swept crew cut will be a great option. It looks really neat and crisp which makes you presentable. 

You will have to use a hair gel or a hair wax to side sweep your hair and style it if you are going for this look. 

Blue Butch Cut with Designs

colored butch haircut

This blue butch cut with designs will add all the oomph factor to your look. 

The combination of aquamarine blue hair and blonde facial hair is one of the coolest combinations ever. 

You can pair it with an eyebrow slit, like in this picture,  to upgrade the look. If you don’t have naturally light hair, you will have to bleach your hair and beard to get this look. 

Temple Fade Butch Cuts For Men

temple fade butch cuts for men

The temple fade butch cut reveals a lot of your scalp from either side of your head. 

In this type of cut, there should be a clear transition on the top part of the sides, but as you go down, it should be practically bald. 

This is a very neat and sharp look that doesn’t require any maintenance other than the routine trim. 

Butch cut with front fringe

butch cuts for men with fringe

Fringe cuts are not only for women, it can look equally appealing to men. 

While most of the fringe cuts cover a part of your forehead, this is only spread through a small part at the top. 

The butch cut with the front fringe has long hair at the front that lays over your forehead like mini fringes. 

This haircut will look good on people with long faces since it helps in balancing the face shape.

Caesar cut

butch cuts for men 1950s

A caesar cut is similar to a side-swept cut but your hair is swept forward instead of sweeping it sidewards in this look. 

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This is a neat and crisp look that is suitable for all face shapes. You can also add an undercut to the look to upgrade your style quotient. 

Tapered Crew Cut

tapered butch cuts for men

The tapered crew cut is a classic look that will never go out of style. This gives a very gentlemanly and neat look. 

You can style the top part of the hair with products like hair gel, hair mousse, wax, etc to complete the look. Make sure to get regular trims on your hair to maintain the haircut. 

Waved Buzz Taper Fade

butch cuts for black men

Waves are some of the most stylish haircuts ever. This type of butch cut is perfect for people with natural African American hair. 

When you are developing the waves on your hair, you can get this look. 

Make sure that you have a smooth taper fade from both sides to compliment the waves at the sides. 

Buzz Cut Vs Butch Cut

A butch cut and a buzz cut are really not that different. A crew cut is a popular men’s cut where the top part of the hair is longer than the hair at the sides. 

It usually has a transitional look from the top to the bottom because of the graduated cuts. The top part of the hair is uniform in length and helps in giving a neat and sharp look.  

A bunch cut is also a buzz cut but it leaves an even length of hair all over your head. The best part about a butch cut is that it does not need styling as opposed to the crew cut. 

You don’t really have to visit a salon to get a butch cut done. You can easily give yourself a butch cut using a hair clipper by using a single clipper size all over your hair. 

But you definitely need an experienced barber to give you that perfect gradient looks for your buzz cut. 

Types Of Butch Cuts For Men

Short butch cut– A short butch cut usually exposes a lot of your scalp. This haircut is also popularly known as burr cuts. 

This look can be achieved by using a number zero size hair clipper all over your head. This haircut requires no maintenance and it looks good on every hair texture and face shape. 

Long Butch cut– If you are looking for something more formal than a short butch cut, the long butch cut will be a great option. 

This haircut is popularly known as a brush cut. The long butch cut does not show your scalp and it is a very versatile look that can be styled in a number of ways. 

Butch cut with a beard– A butch cut with a beard can be popularly seen on the pop star Drake. 

If you maintain a well-groomed beard with an even length or even a gradient look, it will compliment your look really well. 

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You don’t really have to maintain a short facial hair length for this. You can also opt for a messy look with a shaggy beard. 

Butch cut with fade– A butch cut with fade gives a smooth transition around your head. 

Although the length of the hair remains the same, the edges are smoothened out to give a perfect gradient look. 

The beautiful contrasting look can be customized according to the type of fade you want. 

Butch cut with a shaved line– If you think that a butch cut is too basic and boring, you can opt for this stylish butch cut with a fade line. This will totally give you that bad boy look and create a bold style statement.

FAQs about Butch Cut Hairstyles For Men

What kind of haircut is a butch?

A butch haircut is typically short on the sides and long in the back. It can be styled into a number of different styles, including bob, lob, pixie cut (for women), or shaggy style. The goal is to have an asymmetrical look that accentuates your features instead of hiding them. This hairstyle screams “I’m not afraid to be myself!” and stands out from the crowd.
If you’re looking for a new haircut that speaks to who you are as a person and expresses your unique style, then go for a butch haircut! You won’t regret it!

What number is a butch cut?

The number of the guard that you may need will vary depending on your hair type and shape. However, some common trimmer guard numbers that could be used for a butch cut include 3, 5, or 7. It’s important to use a guard number that is compatible with the particular style of haircut you are trying to achieve. For example, if you are going for a short butch hairstyle with sides shaved close to your headline, then using a 3-guard trimmer would be appropriate.

Why do guys get butch cuts?

Guys get butch cuts for a variety of reasons, but the most common reason is that it looks good. Butch cuts are popular because they are easy to maintain and look professional. They also make it easier to style your hair shorter on top if you have long hair down below. And lastly, guys who have these haircuts often feel more confident and less self-conscious about their appearance.
Additionally, buzz cuts can help to reduce the level of heat and humidity in your hair, which is beneficial for health. Buzz cuts also provide a more unified look when wearing different hats or uniforms.
There are many styles available now that incorporate short sides and a longer top, so it’s important to find a butch hairstyle that works well with your natural face shape and looks good on you.

 Summary on Butch Haircuts for Men

A butch cut is a very versatile cut that can be customized in so many ways. It is also a favorite of many celebrities like zayn malik, nick Jonas, Justine Timberlake, etc. 

So you see, it suits men of all ages and ethnicities. You can pick your favorite style from the haircut ideas I’ve given above to get that sexy, masculine look in no time!

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