How To Use Mousse On 3a Hair Easy Ways To Style Curly Hair Texture

How To Use Mousse On 3a Hair | Easy Ways To Style Curly Hair Texture

Wondering how to use mousse on 3a hair? In this blog post, you will discover the best way to get the desired look with the help of mousse

If you are like me and have probably spent most of your life with those same stringy curls and are not sure how to change them. Today is your lucky day. I will be sharing how to style 3a Curls using mousse.

If you have also wondered what category your hair falls under, and yes, every hair type has a category, then read on. This article will mainly focus on type 3a hair, a.k.a. curly hair.

But this is not any curly hair. Type 3a hair appears like loose spiral curls. So, if you have ringlets that appear loose and beautiful, then you have type 3a hair.

 To help understand a little bit more. If your hair is curly, but the curls seem to get tighter, then you have type 3b to 3c hair.

How To Use Mousse On 3a Hair

Steps To Use Mousse On 3a Hair

If you haven’t used hair mousse, then remember that there is a first time for everything. And if you are someone who has curly hair and is unsure if the mousse is something you should use, then the answer is a definite yes.

With new formulas that add texture and volume without stiff or sticky residues, there are ample options available in the market.

How To Use Mousse On 3a Hair
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But before you jump in to purchase your first or maybe next product, know some things about using hair mousse that I have mentioned here in this article.

Using hair mousse can add definition and shape to your curls, hold your hair, and add texture to strands. If that’s enough to convince you, then read on to know how you can use this amazing product on your 3a hair.

1.    Clean your hair: One of the most common reasons to use mousse is to add volume to your hair. But every process must begin with a clean slate and that is a fresh shower.

2.    Wring out your hair: Once you have thoroughly washed your hair, flip your head over and squeeze out any excess water. You don’t want to completely dry out your hair, but you don’t want it to be soaking wet too. You can use a cotton t-shirt to softly press against your hair.

3.    Apply the mousse with your fingers: When using mousse, remember that less is always more. You do not need to pump out a huge amount and slater it on your head. Work with an egg-size amount and go through as required. Once you have added it, let it air dry.

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4.    Use the correct blow dryer: Your natural curls are what you want in the end, so make sure you are using the right blow dryer. You don’t want to end up straightening your hair.

5.    Always go upwards: Grab a round brush and gently pull your hair upwards while blow drying. This motion helps add a bit of extra lift at your roots and helps increase volume. Once again, do as you want your hair to look and depending on your facial structure.

 Hair mousses are meant for all hair types and textures, so make sure you pick the one that perfectly fits your hair. To help increase volume at your crown, apply some product to your roots. 

Is Mousse Good For Type 3a Hair? 

Here comes the long-asked question: is mousse good for type 3a hair?

Mousse has grown in popularity over the years. The curly-haired beauties do not shy away from using some on their hair. So, the simple answer is, yes.

While the answer seems like a definite yes for many, there are a few who are still unsure if they should be adding something to their curly hair. After today, this will no longer be a question.

how to use curl mousse on wavy hair
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Let’s start with the fact that mousse is a buildable product. Gone are the days when mousse used to leave your hair crunchy and stiff. I know it did to mine.

When I first started using mousse a few years ago, I had to spend hours in the shower, trying to release every strand of hair.

The mousses available in the market today are easy to apply and offer good coverage. And the best part of all, it is easy to wash off and does not damage your hair.

Get some definition and let the mousse do the work for you. When talking about a go-to product for your hair, mousse is not something that pops into your mind.

But that’s what it is, or what it can be used as. No matter the look, mousse can help you achieve the same for hours on end upon application.

Get the right mousse. There can be a hundred benefits to using mousse but none of those will matter if you don’t pick the right one.

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There are multiple hair types as I mentioned at the start of this article. Various types of hair in all textures, all need mousse, but not the same mousse. If you are unsure of which one fits your hair, simply ask.

Let’s note down the basic benefits of using mousse on type 3a hair.

  • It helps revive curls and fights frizz
  • Increase your hair volume with an egg-sized amount of mousse
  • Defines and lets the product hold your curls
  • The right mousse can help protect your hair from heat
  • It helps hold the curl pattern without weighing it down

Why Should You Use Mousse Instead Of Cream For 3a Hair?

You have a great shampoo and conditioner, but you need that one extra item that will help define your curly type 3a hair. And the question is, should that be a cream or mousse?

It can be hard to decide whether or not you should opt for a curl cream or mousse for your naturally curly hair. And why not? You want the best for your hair like everyone else.

To better understand, let’s start with the basics. A curl-defining cream helps define and enhance your hair’s naturally curly texture. This product is best suited for those with curly textured hair.

While they both may sound similar, there are certain differences between a cream and mousse. Aside from texture and density, it is what the product can do to your hair.

They both definitely help add some curls to your hair, but a mousse will give your hair more volume, especially at the roots. In addition to that, mousses are also a great option if you live in humid areas as they will keep the frizz away.

If you have type 3a hair and are unsure which one to choose, then I would suggest, going for the mousse. It will give you some of the benefits of a cream, added with some of its own.

In What Order Should I Put Mousse On 3a Hair?

The order of applying hair care products on 3a hair goes something like this. Wash your hair with a good shampoo and then add some conditioner or mask for moisture.

Pat your hair down and then add some mousse. Finally, to get a hold of your hairstyle, add some hairspray or dry shampoo.

how to use hair mousse for curls
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Getting to the mousse part, here is the order on how to apply a mousse on your 3a hair.

  • Once you have washed your hair, pat it dry and detangle it. 
  • Apply an egg-sized amount of mousse to start with. If you feel you need more, then go from there.
  • Smooth the mousse into your hair from the mid-shaft to the ends.
  • Using a brush, part your hair as you would normally wear it, and then comb through, ensuring all tangles are removed.
  • If you have smaller curls, then smooth them together to form larger and more voluminous curls.
  • If some sections of your hair require more mousse, then take a pea size amount and apply it there.
  • Allow your hair to sit for a few moments before continuing.
  • Use a towel or t-shirt to cup each curl and scrunch it towards your head, gently squeezing any leftover water.
  • If you require more volume, simply use hair clips. Lift the curl clumps at the roots and keep them from drying flat.
  • Allow your hair to dry naturally.
  • Once your hair is completely dried, fluff out your roots to show some volume.
  • Do not touch your hair as this might disturb the curls.
  • If you have already added mousse and find that your curls have dried out after a few hours, mist-dry them with a fine mist sprayer until they are saturated. Then go on to add a pea size amount of mousse in those areas.

Why You Should Trust Haireveryday?

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I can’t stress enough how important it is to keep your hair healthy. 3a-type hair offers moisture retention while minimizing knots and tangles. If you are unsure if the mousse is something you want to use, then give it a try.

 But before purchasing, be sure to check out the different types and pick the one that suits your hair texture. The key to healthy 3a hair is constant maintenance.

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