Jerry Curl Activator on Natural Hair

Jerry Curl Activator on Natural Hair Review 2023 | Easy Curls Everyday!

Check out my Jerry Curl Activator on Natural Hair review to see if it’s effective in enhancing curl definition on type 3 an type 4 hair textures.

Back in the 1980s, the “Jerry Curl” hairstyle was very trending and was extremely popular, after hairdresser Jheri Redding started the trend. The Jerry look was created by curls that looked shiny and well-defined; all got by using a curl activating gel.

Well, looks like this age-old hairstyle has come back into fashion and there are many people who have been trying out the Jerry curl trend and of course, I had to try it too!

I have natural curls which don’t have the best definition anyways and I knew that trying out this trend could only do me good at that point.

So, I tried out this trend and man, let’s just say that it was one of the best hair trends I have ever gone in for! My curls regained life, looked voluminous and bouncy, my hair was frizz free and I had some amazing well-defined glossy curls for real!

Well, I would definitely recommend the product called ‘Luster’s S-Curl Activator’, also known as “Jerry Curl Activator”, that can help you achieve the perfect S-curls ever.

Here is my review below.

Review of Jerry Curl Activator on Natural Hair

Review of Jerry Curl Activator on Natural Hair

Jerry Curl Activator: At a Glance

  • Who can use it – For those who want better curl definition
  • Top Ingredients – Hydrolyzed collagen, argan oil, panthenol (provitamin B5), glycerin, olive oil
  • Main product benefits – Curl definition, healthy curls, frizz reduction
  • Gentle on the hair – Yes
  • Colour-treated hair safe – Yes
  • Free from harsh chemicals – Yes, no sulfates or parabens
  • Item form – Gel
  • Quantity – 297 grams (10.5 fl.oz.)
  • Price – $7.89

Jerry Curl Activator: Key Ingredients and their Benefits

Here are the key ingredients of this curl activator gel along with their benefits:

Hydrolyzed collagen

Hydrolyzed collagen is a protein, which is very good for the hair as collagen can help make the hair stronger, while also enhancing hair volume. It can help boost hair health of each strand individually and can make your curls look more fuller and luscious.

Hydrolyzed collagen has a high antioxidant level and therefore, it can help improve hair texture and give curly hair more definition.

Argan Oil

Argan oil is a natural hydrating agent and can help prevent hair dryness. It can also help reduce frizz, prevent brittleness and can reduce hair damage, which can otherwise damage one’s natural curl pattern.

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Argan oil can help provide better nourishment to one’s curls and can also help provide the hair with utmost moisture, thus hydrating the hair.

Jerry Curl Activator Key Ingredients

Panthenol (Provitamin B5)

Panthenol is also known as provitamin B5. It can help promote better health to one’s curls and can help make the hair more manageable. It can also provide curly hair with a better shine and can moisturize the hair to a great extent. Panthenol can also help curly locs retain a great amount of moisture.


Glycerin is a very versatile ingredient that is good for all hair types. It is very beneficial for curly hair as it has natural conditioning properties that can help prevent hair dryness. It can also help get rid of frizziness and give curls a better definition.

Olive Oil

Olive oil has natural conditioning properties and can help soften and smoothen one’s curls. It helps lubricate each individual strand of hair, thus giving the curls more definition and shape.

It can also help increase hair elasticity and reduce snagging and tangling of hair. It can keep the hair well moisturized and that can reduce friction caused between the hair strands, which can otherwise lead to hair damage and loss of curl shape.

Parameter-wise Product Testing: Jerry Curl Activator

Here are the parameters I chose to rate and review this product on:

Frizz reduction:

Since this curl activator product contains a lot of naturally hydrating ingredients, I checked to see to what extent it could reduce my frizziness and dryness.

Curl definition:

Well, this product is by itself a “curl activator” and thus, I tested to see as to what extent this product can enhance my curl definition and bring back shape to my curly locs.

Hair moisturization:

This product contains many hydrating ingredients that are supposed to reduce dryness and provide the hair with moisture. Thus, when the hair is moisturized, frizz and dryness reduces, thereby giving the curls more shape. So this parameter tests this aspect of this product.


Well, this parameter tests how worth the product was based on how much it costed. So I rated whether the product lived up to its expectations and was value for the money paid or not.

Overall Review: Jerry Curl Activator

I had heard so much about the Jerry Curl Activator and had seen umpteen number of videos over the internet about how amazingly this product works natural hair and how perfectly it can help enhance curl definition.

Well, I had to try it out on my dry, frizzy and messed up curly locs. My hair badly needed help!

So, I got down to searching for the “Jerry Curl Activator” and all the results I got for this product search was the Luster’s S-Curl Activator product. Hence, I decided to go in for it and I have been using this product for around two months now.

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Well, to begin with – my review in short – I love this product! Yes, this product worked super excellently on my curly locs, which were previously very dry, frizzy and damaged, and my curls had completely lost their shape.

This product contains so many different natural ingredients like hydrolyzed collagen, argan oil, panthenol (provitamin B5), glycerin, olive oil etc., which I felt were the perfectly blend of hydrating products that really helped moisturize my dehydrated hair to a great extent.

I began using this product twice a week and within just a couple of weeks, I actually noticed the difference in my curls.

I love this product because it brought back life into my lifeless locs. It gave my hair a renewed shine. It restored the health of my dull, dry and damaged hair and overall, it gave my hair excellent definition and volume, which it lacked prior to using this product.

This product also doesn’t contain sulfates or parabens and is thereby very safe for the hair.

I paid $7.89 for this product and in my opinion, I felt like it was totally worth the price and honestly, it was also worth the hype as well!

If you ask me – “Will you buy this product again?”, I’d say, undoubtedly, yes!

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Jerry Curl Activator:  Pros and Cons


·         Contains a lot of naturally hydrating ingredients.

·         Safe for the hair as it doesn’t contain sulfates or parabens.

·         Helps promote better hair volume.

·         Enhances curl definition to a great extent.

·         Can help reduce hair frizz and dryness.

·         Shows good results within just a couple of uses.

·         The product is priced reasonably.

·         It is very easy and simple in terms of usage.



Is the Jerry Curl Activator Good for Natural Hair?

Is the Jerry Curl Activator Good for Natural Hair
Source: Instagram @ nappturabeginnings

Yes, the Jerry Curl Activator (Luster’s S-Curl Activator) is perfectly safe for natural hair, as it contains no parabens or sulfates. 

It mainly contains natural ingredients. In fact, I have been using this product for over two months now on my curly hair and I can honestly tell you guys that it has caused my hair no damage whatsoever.

Also I can endorse that this product works amazingly on natural curls and can give your curls definition like never before!

How to use the Jerry Curl Activator?

Well, this was not my first experience using a curl activator product, as I had used them in the past (products of other brands). So, I just followed the same process that I had used previously, as it had worked well to define my curls.

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Here’s what you can do:

Step 1: Wash your hair properly with a cleansing shampoo and condition your hair like you normally would do so.

Step 2: Use a microfiber towel to get rid of the excess water from your hair.

Step 3: Take a sufficient quantity of Jerry Curl Activator (Luster’s S-Curl Activator) gel in your palm (not too much) and rub your palms together.

How to use the Jerry Curl Activator?

Step 4: Apply this product all over your hair evenly. You can gently then scrunch your curls from the bottom, upwards, so as to set the curl pattern.

Step 5 (optional): You can skip this step if you wish to, but I always make sure to use the Luster’s Oil Moisturizer on my hair once I’ve applied the Jerry Curl Activator for better curl definition.

Step 6: Wait for a while for your hair to dry (preferably, naturally, without a blowdryer) and then style your hair how you’d like to.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the Jerry Curl Activator

1. How often should I use the Jerry Curl Activator on my curly locs?

I personally use this product around two times every week and I have achieved very good results on my curly locs. So, I’d recommend using this product once or maybe two times every week for the best results.

2. How can I maintain my curl pattern after applying the Jerry Curl Activator?

After you’ve applied the Jerry Curl Activator on your hair, you can apply some Luster’s Oil Moisturizer as a finishing product, to be able to set your hair well and maintain your curl pattern better. But this step is optional of course and note that the product works quite well even without the use of the moisturizer, after.

You could also cover your hair in a bandana or sleep on a silk/satin pillowcase to protect your curl pattern upon using this product.

3. Is the Jerry Curl Activator permanent?

No, the Jerry Curl Activator is definitely not permanent and is made up of ingredients that are only meant to temporarily enhance one’s natural curl pattern. Therefore, once you rinse it off and shampoo your hair, it will wash off just fine.

Jerry Curl Activator: Feature-wise Rating

Frizz reduction4.6/5
Curl definition4.8/5
Hair moisturization4.5/5

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