Kerastase Nutritive Shampoo vs. Ouai Thick Shampoo Review

Kerastase Vs Ouai Shampoo | Your Best Guide

In this article, I will be comparing the Kerastase vs Ouai Shampoo and discussing the differences between the two.

I have curly hair which is slightly damaged and dry, so let’s see which of these shampoo brands does better at repairing, defining and volumizing my curls.

So, here is a detailed review after I used the Kerastase Nutritive Shampoo and Ouai Thick Shampoo for comparison.

Kerastase Vs Ouai

Kerastase Shampoo vs Ouai Shampoo: At A Glance

 Kerastase Nutritive Shampoo Ouai Thick Shampoo 
Who can use itDry and damaged hair typesDr, thick and frizzy hair types
Top IngredientsLimonene, hydrolyzed wheat protein, glycerinKeratin, marshmallow root, shea butter, avocado oil
Main product benefitsReduction of hair drynessReduction of frizz and dryness
Gentle on the scalpYesYes
Colour-treated hair safeYesYes
Free from harsh chemicalsNo, contains sulfatesYes, completely
Item formLiquidLiquid
Quantity250 ml (8.5 Fl. Oz.)300 ml (10 Fl. Oz.)

Kerastase Vs Ouai – Ingredients Comparison

Here are the main ingredients of the Kerastase Nutritive Shampoo

Kerastase Nutritive Shampoo vs. Ouai Thick Shampoo


Limonene is an ingredient got from citrus fruits and is known to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that can protect the hair from damage and increase hair health.

It can also help keep away scalp conditions. It is also known to make the hair and scalp smell fresh once washed.

Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein

Using hydrolyzed wheat protein on your hair can help increase hair strength as it penetrates into the hair shaft easily. It can also increase hair moisture and keep the hair hydrated for longer hours.

It can help increase hair lustre and promote a better hair shine. For those who suffer from dry or damaged hair, this ingredient can work wonders.


Glycerin is a natural humectant and can thereby help keep the hair well-moisturized. It is known to be able to draw moisture from external sources and suck it into the hair shaft, thus keeping the hair strands soft and hydrated. It can reduce hair dryness and increase hair health.

Here Are The Main Ingredients Of The Ouai Thick Shampoo

Kerastase Nutritive Shampoo


Keratin is an ingredient that helps smoothen the hair, thus reducing hair dryness. It can help considerably reduce frizz and make the hair easier to manage.

It can also contribute to the growth of healthy hair and increase hair regeneration to a great extent. For those with dry hair, keratin can be a good ingredient to use, to improve the health of your hair.

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Marshmallow root

Marshmallow root is a lesser-known ingredient when it comes to hair care but it is one that can help increase hair elasticity and make the hair more manageable.

It is also known to reduce hair damage, keep dryness at bay and makes the hair feel softer and smoother. It can also promote the growth of new hair and increase hair thickness.

Shea butter

Shea butter is a very powerful natural hair moisturizing ingredient that can reduce hair dryness to a large extent. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that can prevent, treat and reduce scalp conditions. For those with dry, coarse or frizzy hair, shea butter is an excellent ingredient to use.

Avocado oil

Avocado oil is rich in fatty acids and can act as a barrier on the hair strands protecting it from damage. It can also help increase hair growth and promote better hair health.

The fatty acids in avocado oil can also contribute to reducing hair dryness considerably and can also repair damaged hair strands.

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How I Tested And Reviewed The Ouai and Kerastase Shampoos

Here are the parameters I chose while testing and reviewing these shampoos:

Ability to cleanse the hair:

This parameter rates and reviews how powerfully these shampoos can cleanse the scalp of dirt, buildup, grease and grime.

Scalp and hair gentleness:

While the Kerastase shampoo contains sulfates, the Ouai shampoo contains none. So I kept this aspect in mind while reviewing these products to see how gentle these shampoos felt on my sensitive scalp and hair.

Product effectiveness:

Both these shampoos have promising benefits in terms of dryness and frizz reduction. So this parameter will review to what extent this product benefits worked or not.


I prefer using shampoos that have a mild scent, because harsh smells feel very overpowering when my hair dries. So this is an aspect I always keep in mind.


My ideal price range for a shampoo would be between $10 to $15. While both these shampoos were above my budget, I tested to see whether they were worth the price I paid or not.

My Kerastase Nutritive Shampoo Review

This was my very first try at the brand Kerastase and I found that the product has strong cleansing power. It did make my scalp and hair feel less greasy and fresh once it was washed and dried.

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It definitely made my dry hair much softer over time and a few weeks into using this shampoo, my hair started feeling more moisturized as well.

The top ingredients in this shampoo are Glucose, Lipids & Iris Rhizome Extract that basically have 2 functions – a) they add hydration to your hair and b) the prolong this hydration to make hair appear fuller, smoother and healthier.

The lipids in the formulation can also help repair damage hair strands and accelerate new hair cell growth. So this is a fantastic choice if you have brittle, damaged hair.

Kerastase Nutritive Shampoo review

It has a pleasant smell, of what, I couldn’t tell. But it did make my hair smell nice once it dried.

In terms of the pricing, I felt like this product was overpriced and could have been a little cheaper, so this is one of the reasons I wouldn’t buy it again.

Another reason would be that this shampoo contains sulfates (but no parabens). So even though it didn’t feel harsh on my scalp and hair, the ingredient in itself isn’t a recommended one for hair health.

Kerastase Nutritive Shampoo

Pros and Cons of the  Kerastase Nutritive Shampoo


·         Did not feel harsh on the hair and scalp even though it contains sulfates.

·         This shampoo is free from parabens.

·         Helps leave the hair moisturized within a few uses.

·         Improves hair texture and makes the hair soft, reducing dryness.

·         Has a pleasant smell and makes the hair feel fresh once it dries.


·         Contains sulfates, which is not a good ingredient for hair care.

·         This shampoo is overpriced as compared to other such products.

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Ouai Thick Shampoo Review

I had tried the brand Ouai before when I bought their Detox Shampoo and I really liked that product, so I was quite certain that this product wouldn’t disappoint me. Well, it definitely didn’t!

Ouai Thick Shampoo

Comparing this shampoo to the Kerastase shampoo, I felt like this shampoo reduced my hair dryness and made my hair feel moisturized, softer and smoother pretty quick.

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It took just a few washes, to reap the benefits.  I also liked the ingredients of this shampoo better than those used in the Kerastase shampoo.  

Since it is targeted at getting rid of dryness, the ingredients of the Ouai shampoo were more powerful in my opinion.

Ouai Thick Shampoo Review

Coming to the fragrance, I really liked how nice shampoo felt and it kept my hair smelling fresh for days.

This shampoo also has a good cleansing power (which the Kerastase shampoo also had). It helped cleanse my hair and scalp of buildup, dirt, grease and grime as well.

Talking about the pricing, this shampoo is super pricey! Even though I loved it and it totally fulfilled its promised benefits, the price was way over my budget.

Pros and Cons of the Ouai Thick Shampoo


·         Contains no sulfates or parabens and thereby feels super gentle on the hair and scalp.

·         Has a lovely fragrance that makes the hair smell good and feels fresh once it dries.

·         Helps improve hair health and reduces hair dryness considerably within just a few washes.

·         Makes the hair feel smooth and soft over time.


·         This shampoo is royally overpriced (even though it delivers good results).

Final Ratings of the Kerastase and Ouai Shampoos

 Kerastase Nutritive ShampooOuai Thick Shampoo
Ability to cleanse the hair4.4/54.4/5
Scalp and hair gentleness4.1/54.3/5
Product effectiveness4.3/54.5/5

Conclusion – Kerastase Vs Ouai Shampoos

Even though the Kerastase shampoo is priced lesser, I would pick the Ouai shampoo if I had to buy one again. It felt gentler on my hair and overall, when my hair dried, I preferred the smell of the Ouai shampoo.

Also, the Ouai Thick Shampoo contains no sulfates while the Kerastase shampoo does have sulfates (but no parabens). So there again, my pick would be the Ouai shampoo. But either way both these shampoos have a very powerful cleansing power.

If I had to choose one to reduce my hair dryness, even though both were pretty good, I’d pick the Ouai shampoo because of its better and more powerful moisturizing ingredients.

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