Reasons Your Curls Look Wet After Drying And How to Fix It

6 Unbelievable Reasons Your Curls Look Wet After Drying And How to Fix It

Here are the top reasons your curls look wet after drying and how to fix it easily. Find ways to fix wet frizz and also learn how to get the wet curls look on purpose. 

Curly hair only to find they feel damp, even after they have fully dried up? This is a very common issue and is called “wet frizz” or “webbing”.

In this article I will delve right into the details to find out what are the reasons this happens, how to stop it from happening and more. So check it out!

Here are some reasons why your curls look wet after drying:

  1. You use too much of product
  2. Your hair is protein overloaded
  3. You do not scrunch out the crunch
  4. Your hair has hygral fatigue
  5. The hair gel you’re using is not right
  6. Your shampoo is very drying for your hair

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Reasons Your Curls Look Wet after Drying

1. You use too much of product

Curly hair gets dry much quicker than straighter hair types and thus one tends to use more products in order to keep the hair moisturized. But in turn, this can lead to making your curls look heavy and weighed down and over time, it can make your curls so greasy that even once you dry your hair, it still makes your hair look damp/wet.

Reasons Your Curls Look Wet after Drying

Therefore, instead of using too much product, you can dilute the product with a few drops of water in your palm before applying it to help it spread more evenly.

2. Your hair is protein overloaded

Your hair should always have the right balance of moisture and protein in it. Sometimes, you may use products that contain too much of protein and it will result in protein overload in your hair. This will lead to frizzy hair and can make your hair look wet, even after it has been dried.

3. You do not scrunch out the crunch

Scrunching out the crunch is a technique which is used to break up the bonds on curly hair formed by hair styling products. If you scrunch out the crunch, it can help soften the hair and make one’s curls look more natural. It can also help stop one’s curls from looking wet after the hair is dry.

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how to scrunch curly hair
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This is also because it can help distribute the hair styling product more evenly throughout the hair and can help reduce the appearance of wetness and dampness in the hair, especially at the roots.

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4. Your hair has hygral fatigue

In case you wash your hair too often or use too many moisturizing products, then your hair may succumb to hygral fatigue (an overload of moisture). This can make your curls stand limp and look wet even when the hair is dry. It can also cause breakage and frizz.

5. The hair gel you’re using is not right

You may sometimes use hair gel to define your curls, but you may not be using the right type. It may be a possibility that you’re using too strong (hold) gel on your hair, when your hair doesn’t require it.

how to prevent wet frizz on curls

So, depending on your hair type, you need to choose the gel. Fine hair will require a rather lightweight type of hair gel, while thicker and coarser hair will need a stronger hair gel.

6. Your shampoo is very drying for your hair

Do you find your hair very dry after you’ve washed it? Well, this could be because the shampoo you’re using is way too drying for your hair. It is draining out the moisture from your curls. Thus, you tend to use more products to moisturize it and it is all a vicious cycle.

You can consider changing your shampoo to a more hydrating one and one suitable for curly hair specifically.

How to Stop Curls from Looking Wet after Drying

Here are 4 Tips to Stop Curls from Looking Wet after Drying

Tip 1: Scrunch out the crunch

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Scrunching out the crunch is a great way to stop your curls from looking wet after drying and to do this you can simply put your palms underneath your curls and then place your curls into them.

how to add definition to curls
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Then, move your hands upwards, towards your scalp, while cupping your curls. Then, scrunch them within your hands and press hard. Repeat this process at least 5 times for all your hair.

Lastly, from the bottom of your hair, near the scalp, use your fingers to run it through your hand and lift your curls a little.

how to add volume to hair

Tip 2: Reduce your product usage

Curly hair tends to be much drier as compared to other hair types and thus, it is essential you use products that are specifically designed to suit curly hair. But, nevertheless, use your products sparingly and not in excess.

While a common notion goes that more products can help your hair become less drier, well, it can turn otherwise and weigh down your curls instead. So, just use a little product once in a while and do not overdo it.

Tip 3: Maintain a protein balance in your hair

Sometimes, the amount of protein in the hair is too much and your curls will look greasy and wet, even after they have dried. Thus, you will need to balance out your protein and moisture levels in your hair.

protein overload on curls

You can use a protein-free shampoo and conditioner for a while until this balance is regained and also use a deep conditioner to regain the lost moisture in the meantime.

Tip 4: Avoid washing your hair too often

If you tend to wash your hair too often, it can lead to a condition called hygral fatigue, which is an overload of moisture or water in the hair. Thus, it can make your locs look weighed down and will make your curls look wet even when dried.

Therefore, you’ll need to avoid washing your hair too often and restrict the number of times you wash your hair per week.

How to Get the Wet Curls Look On Purpose

Some people often like the “wet curls look” because it is a very classic hairstyle that many celebrities also get. Here’s how you can get the wet curls look on purpose:

Step 1: Wash your hair and towel dry it

If you wish to achieve the “wet look”, then you will need to towel dry your hair once it’s washed. Soaking wet hair will not help you achieve this look. This is because the products will not be able to get properly absorbed and it will not help you create any definition or hold over the curls.

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A good tip to help your curls look less frizzy is by pat drying your wet hair with a cotton t-shirt first and then towel dry it.

Step 2: Make a hair cocktail and it on your hair

Mix hair gel and hair cream, because hair gel can give your curls a good hold, while hair cream can add body to your locs. Thus, when you make a hair cocktail using hair gel and hair cream, it will add body to your hair, hold your curls in place and also give it a good shine.

Step 3: Comb your hair

With wet hair, you can get a nice slicked-back look, which is super trendy. So, you can use a fine-toothed comb and smoothen out your hair at the top to achieve the slicked-back look.

curls after diffusing
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To comb your curls, you can use a wide-toothed comb and just detangle it. Make sure not to comb it too much as it can ruin your curl definition.

Step 4: Style and use a finishing spray

Once you are convinced that your hair looks “wet” enough, then go ahead and style your hair the way you like it. You can even blow dry it if you find it too wet.

Then, once you’ve styled your hair the way you like it, use a good finishing spray with a strong hold to set your curls in place.

To sum it up!

The problem of wet frizz (or your curls looking wet even after your hair dries) can be solved if you adopt the right techniques to dry your hair, in addition to choosing the right hair products, maintaining a protein balance in the hair, scrunching out the crunch and finally reducing the number of times you wash your hair each week.

Also you can style your hair while it’s still wet and use a wide-toothed comb to detangle your hair in order to keep your curls intact.

Make sure to air dry your hair as far as possible and use a diffuser while blow-drying it. You can also use a finishing hair spray to hold your curls in place once you set them.

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