Shampoo and Conditioner For 360 Waves

6 Best Shampoo And Conditioner For 360 Waves In 2023

One of the most popular hairstyles for black men is the 360 waves. But these waves require some maintenance to look good. 

You need the best shampoo and conditioner for 360 waves that will keep your curly hair moisturized and free from frizz.

And since waves can disappear pretty quick, a texturizing product won’t hurt. 

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I wanted a shampoo for conditioner for 360 waves that is mild, moisturizing and can keep my wavy texture intact. 

So I checked several products in the market and found a few popular ones to test.

Shampoos And Conditioners For 360 WavesBest For Chief Ingredients
Shea Moisture Coconut Hibiscus ShampooCoarse 4c HairShea Butter, Hibiscus, Coconut Oil
WaveBuilder Wash in 360 Wave ShampooLimp, Fine HairCollagen, Hydrolyzed Barley And Wheat Protein, And Royal Jelly Extracts
SheaMoisture Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil Shampoo And Conditioner For 360 WavesDamaged HairManuka Honey, Marufa Oil, Shea Butter, Fig Extracts, And Baobab Oil
Cantu Men’s Shea Butter 3-in-1 Shampoo Conditioner for WavesFrizzy HairShea Butter, Hemp Seed Oil And Tea Tree Oil
SexyHair Texture Clean Wave Texturizing Coconut ShampooType 3 HairSea Salt, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Honey, And Avocado Oil
ACURE Wave & Curl Color Wellness ShampooColor Treated HairBlue Tansy, Argan Oil, And Sunflower Seed Oil

How I tested the best shampoo and conditioner for 360 waves?

With the help of a few African American hair care experts, I tested out the best shampoo and conditioner for 360 waves, based on the following criteria. After which, I rated them on a scale of 1-5. 

  • Cleansing Power – the shampoo for waves should be able to remove all product buid-up from hair. People tend to use a lot of styling gels, pomades, etc. for waves. So it’s important to get rid of the residue.
  • Moisturizing – 360 waves are a type of style for African American hair which usually requires more nourishment. 
  • Texturizing – The shampoo and conditioner for 360 waves should help enhance the texture and definition of waves and not leave hair smooth and straight. 

After looking through several products I found six popular ones and tried using them for a while. Here’s how it went!

Top Shampoo And Conditioner For 360 Waves

Shea Moisture Coconut Hibiscus Shampoo best for Waves

how to get waves with shampoo and conditioner

One of the biggest challenges of getting waves I faced when making 360 waves is to make them retain their shape and texture. So I’m glad to have found a curl enhancing product in this SheaMoisture shampoo.

This product is one of the best shampoos for waves, especially if you have type 3 hair or even 2b or 2c hair.

It helps your hair retain moisture and shine, while enhancing the curl definition at the same time. 

All SheaMoisture shampoos are sulfate-free, including this one. So you can use it on dry and sensitive scalps. 

Sulfates are great for removing excess oil and product build-up, but they can be very drying and sometimes strip color and natural oils from your scalp as well.

The shampoo doesn’t contain any silicones either. It uses hibiscus extracts to give your locks a natural shine without leaving any residue.  

Other moisturizing ingredients like shea butter and coconut oil help soften your 360 waves that can get dried out by the constant brushing. 

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It also contains silk proteins that control frizz and damage and neem oil that helps inflammation at bay.

I also happened to love the fragrance this shampoo leaves behind on hair. And the best part is that it isn’t perfume but a blend of natural essential oils.

You can even get the Coconut Hibiscus conditioner from this range to have a complete set of the shampoo and conditioner for 360 waves.

The only downside to this shampoo is that it’s very rich and nourishing. Yes, this isn’t quite a bad thing, especially if you have coarse type 4c hair.

But those with oily scalps or low porosity hair have complained that it makes their strands greasy and limp in the long run. 


  • Moisturizing and adds shine thanks to the shea butter and apple cider vinegar
  • Frizz control properties thanks to the coconut oil-based formula
  • Good for sensitive skin as it is sulfate, mineral oil, paraben, and silicone free
  • Natural peppermint fragrance without using added perfumes


  • Makes oily scalps greasier

My Ratings:

  • Cleansing Power – 3.5/5
  • Moisturizing – 5/5
  • Texturizing – 4/5

WaveBuilder Wash in 360 Wave Shampoo

shampoo and conditioner for 360 waves

When I started searching for a shampoo and conditioner for 360 waves, I found products designed for African American hair. But there weren’t many catering to waves hairstyles in particular.

So it was a pleasant surprise to discover this WaveBuilder Wash. But using it left me with mixed feelings.

Let’s start with the good part. This 360 wave shampoo is fantastic for removing product build-up.

Every guy knows how much pomades and hairspray goes into creating and maintaining waves. And this shampoo gets rid of all of this residue in one wash!

Now for the bad part. This is only possible because the product contains surfactants. 

While there are no harsher ones like SLS or SLEs in this shampoo, there’s still the milder ammonium laureth sulfate here. 

This still wouldn’t be a bad thing if you don’t wash your hair every single day. But this WaveBuilder Wash also contains added perfume and artificial dyes.

So I would definitely stay away from it if you have a sensitive scalp or issues like psoriasis. 

Yes, you can always choose more nourishing shampoos that are out there like the ones by SheaMoisture. 

But what sets this product apart from is the addition of wave forming powder in the ingredients. If you have difficulty setting your 360 waves patterns, this shampoo is a blessing.

The ingredients like collagen, hydrolyzed barley and wheat protein, and royal jelly extracts all keep your waves looking good.  


  • Removes product build-up without making hair dry
  • Helps build wave texture thanks to the hydrolyzed barley in it


  • Can dry out hair as it’s to strong
  • Not for sensitive scalps thanks to the use of sulfates

My Ratings:

  • Cleansing Power – 4.5/5
  • Moisturizing – 4/5
  • Texturizing – 5/5

SheaMoisture Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil Shampoo And Conditioner For 360 Waves

how to get waves with shampoo and conditioner

A lot of men (and some women) resort to cutting their hair short and adding waves when their natural hair gets too damaged for any sort of style.

If this is your case or if you just have very overprocessed, dull strands, I suggest trying this SheaMoisture hair care set.

This pack consists of a shampoo and conditioner for 360 waves that look damaged and lifeless.

I liked the blend of nourishing ingredients that include manuka honey, marufa oil, shea butter, fig extracts, and baobab oil. All sourced from organic, fair trade sources, I might add.

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These help add strength, elasticity and shine back to your hair. 

I loved how soft my hair felt after just 2-3 weeks of using this shampoo and conditioner for 360 waves.

And the best part? It doesn’t leave residue behind. In fact, it works as a clarifying shampoo and removes product build-up.

But the humectant-rich formulation makes sure your hair is hydrated despite the thorough cleansing. 

As the shampoo is free from sulfates you can use it without a hitch on color-treated hair.

Both shampoo and conditioner are free of parabens, silicones, mineral oils, and other harmful chemicals. 


  • Clarifying shampoo but it doesn’t contain sulfates
  • Keeps hair hydrated thanks to the manuka honey
  • Safe for color-treated hair due to lack of sulfates
  • Vegan and cruelty free formula


  • None

My Ratings:

  • Cleansing Power – 3/5
  • Moisturizing – 5/5
  • Texturizing – 4/5

Cantu Men’s Shea Butter 3-in-1 Shampoo Conditioner for Waves

best moisturizer for 360 waves

The one thing you should know about 360 waves, it’s a high-maintenance hairstyle. Don’t get fooled by the short length of your hair. Waves require a lot of upkeep.

Brushing your hair everyday alone can be an uphill task. So I understand if you don’t want to spend more money or time on buying separate products for 360 waves.

So here’s a multitasker you’ll like. The Cantu Men’s 3-in-1 Shampoo, Conditioner, and body wash.

Yes, this is a shampoo and conditioner for 360 waves in one bottle. And honestly? It’s not that bad.

The formulation is chiefly shea butter, which is fantastic at hydrating and softening coarse, curly hair. 

Then there’s also hemp seed oil and tea tree oil that keep inflammation and dandruff at bay.

And tea tree oil is also known to balance out the sebum production on your scalp.

So this 3-in-1 product is nourishing but won’t leave your hair oily. 

The only drawback I could find was that this product had added fragrances. And this shouldn’t be a problem unless you have an irritated scalp or a sensitivity to strong smells.


  • Multipurpose product that cleanses and moisturizes
  • Moisturizing but not heavy so it’s good for type 4 hair types
  • Controls inflammation and oiliness


  • Strong perfume that can trigger inflammation in sensitive scalp

My Ratings:

  • Cleansing Power – 4/5
  • Moisturizing – 4.5/5
  • Texturizing – 4.5/5

SexyHair Texture Clean Wave Texturizing Coconut Shampoo

good products for 360 waves

For those who are finding it a challenge to maintain 360 waves on straight hair or wavy hair, this shampoo is a blessing.

It’s a texturizing product that will enhance your curls and make sure the waves stay.

The chief ingredient here is sea salt and coconut, both distinctly tropical ingredients to give you beach-style wavy hair. 

Sea salt helps texturize hair while coconut oil keeps it from becoming frizzy. There’s also shea butter, honey, and avocado oil to keep your scalp moisturized.

This shampoo is free from harsher surfactants like SLS and SLES. But it does contain a milder version of them called sulfosuccinates.

These help clean your scalp of debris and excess sebum, but they do not strip much of the natural oils.

However, I would suggest trying out a different product like the Acure Shampoo or SheaMoisture one if you have color-treated hair. This product might strip hair dye to a certain extent. 

I’ve also noticed that it leaves scalp dry after multiple uses. So limit the use of the shampoo to just once a week.

You don’t need to use a conditioner for 360 waves after using this shampoo as it’s a texturizing product. And a conditioner might smoothen out your strands.

I loved the mild, tropical fragrance it leaves behind. But this is a result of added perfume.

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  • Adds curl definition to type 3 and 2c hair
  • Thoroughly cleanses scalp
  • Amazing fragrance


  • Can strip hair color
  • Contains added perfume

Rating – 4/5

ACURE Wave & Curl Color Wellness Shampoo

best shampoo to use for 360 waves

If you have waves and color-treated hair, then you will love this Acure shampoo, especially if you’ve dyed your 360 waves blonde.

Frankly this is a purple shampoo which is specifically designed to remove brassy undertones from blonde, silver, and white-colored hair. 

But there are no artificial colors in this shampoo. The violet pigment comes naturally from the blue tansy plant. So you can use it on your hair without any problem. 

The Acure Wave & Curl product contains argan oil and sunflower seed oil that moisturize hair and prevent hair dye from fading. 

Just like the SexyHair shampoo this is also a texturizing product and can enhance the curl definition of your hair. 

But unlike the SexyHair Texture Clean, this Acure shampoo is 100 percent vegan and free of any harsh chemicals including sulfates, parabens, mineral oils, phthalates, etc.

So you can use it worry-free on your sensitive scalp.

The only downside to this shampoo is that its moisturizing powers might not be enough for coarse, type 4c hair. 

This is a good choice if your hair is either 2c or in the type 3 spectrum.


  • Protects color-treated hair


  • Not for coarse, African American hair textures
  • Known to leave scalp dry

Rating – 4/5

How do you make your 360 waves last all day?

The best way to ensure you’re 360 waves hairstyle last all day is to use a durag or a bonnet to protect your hair from getting messed up. Also make sure your durag is made of a material that doesn’t cause static on your hair, to prevent frizzy and poofy hair.

So go for satin and silk durags and bonnets to make sure your hair is protected. These fabrics do not make your hair dry as they don’t absorb natural oils that well.

Another, much direct way to make sure your 360 waves last longer is to use a hairspray with a strong hold. However, using hairsprays and hair gels with strong holds can create flakes in hair and actually lead to buildup. So make sure you’re clarifying your hair from time to time if you’re using this method.

Why do I require a different shampoo and conditioner for 360 waves?

A regular shampoo won’t work as well for 360 waves. 

Your average drugstore shampoo contains harsh surfactants in the form of sodium lauryl sulfate (SSLS) and sodium laureth sulfate (SLES), which are terrible for your hair (waves or not).

These shampoos strip natural oils from hair, leaving it dry and frizzy. And this can prevent you from achieving the smooth, 360 waves of your dreams.

The constant brushing that is required to achieve 360 waves tends to leave hair dry. So you’ll also need a shampoo and conditioner for waves that are nourishing.

These products should soften your coarse curly hair and keep the moisture levels intact.

If you are trying waves on straight or type 3 hair, you might also require texturizing shampoos and conditioners. 

These increase the curliness of your hair, making it easier for 360 waves to form. 

A good shampoo and conditioner for 360 waves can change your waves game forever. 

This style requires a bit more maintenance than protective styles like braids, despite the short length of your hair. 

So using the right products that not only hydrate your coarse, curly hair but also increase the definition of your waves is necessary.

You can choose the shampoo and conditioner for waves that is right for your hair based on my reviews above. 

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WaveBuilder Wash in 360 Wave Shampoo

The best shampoo and conditioner for 360 waves helps you clean and maintain your waves hairstyle. The WaveBuilder Wash in 360 Wave Shampoo is mild and suitable for all scalp types.

Product SKU: WNLT297592H

Product Brand: WaveBuilder

Product Currency: USD

Product Price: $9.08

Price Valid Until: 2023-08-25

Product In-Stock: InStock

Editor's Rating:


  • Gives your hair a strong hold for waves
  • Helps hair set well in 360 wave formulation


  • Contains sulfates which can dry hair
  • Isn't very moisturizing for 4c hair
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