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What Are Babylights Hair? Are They Different From Highlights?

What are babylights hair, the new trend that has overtaken highlights, lowlights and balayage as the hottest hair trend today? Find out right here!

During summers you get this sun-kissed look on hair when certain strands get naturally lightened due to sun. Babylights is a hair coloring technique that can mimic the same look without incurring any of the related UV-damage.

It is different from highlights that add bright shades to hair and low lights that add dark hues to create an illusion of depth. It is also different from balayage that adds a sort of gradient effect on hair using different hair color shades. 

Babylights differs from all of them (despite being a foil-based coloring technique too!) because it makes your hair color look very natural and subtle. Find out more below.

What is Babylights hair coloring technique?

Babylights are a hair coloring technique that involves applying very fine, subtle highlights throughout the hair to create a natural-looking, multi-dimensional effect. The technique mimics the soft, sun-kissed highlights seen in children’s hair, hence the name “babylights.” The highlights are typically spaced closer together than traditional highlights and are often used to add a gentle brightness to the hair without a dramatic color change. This method is less damaging due to the use of smaller sections and can be applied to any hair color or type for a delicate enhancement.

Key Takeaways:

  • Babylights are a subtle hair coloring technique that mimics the soft, sun-kissed highlights seen in children’s hair.
  • Unlike traditional highlights, babylights create a natural-looking, multi-dimensional effect by applying very fine, subtle highlights throughout the hair.
  • This technique involves using foils to lighten thin sections of hair, focusing on the hair’s natural parting, hairline, and ends for a sun-kissed effect.
  • Babylights are low-maintenance and easy to maintain, as they fade subtly and blend naturally with the hair, requiring minimal touch-ups.
  • They are suitable for all hair types and colors, providing a flattering enhancement for both dark and blonde hair.
  • Regular use of sulfate-free purple shampoo can help prevent brassiness, while occasional hair gloss treatments can enhance shine and color vibrancy.
  • Babylights are a great option for those seeking a natural-looking, sun-kissed hair color with minimal upkeep.

What Are Babylights Hair 

babylights hair blonde

Babylights are also a foil-based coloring technique that is very similar to highlights. Here very thin and fine sections of hair are lightened and colored to give the impression of hair fading naturally in the sun.

To give the “sun-kissed” effect, babylights are focused more on your hair’s natural parting, hairline and towards the end. 

This coloring technique gives a more subtle result and is also more easy to maintain as faded color won’t stand out and any new hair growth will blend in naturally with the rest of your tresses. 

But perhaps the biggest advantage of babylights hair is that you can create them on any hair color and length. 

If you have dark brown or black hair, babylights are usually just 2-3 shades lighter than your natural hair color to give the impression of naturally-faded hair. 

How To Care and Maintain Babylights on Hair

The best part about getting babylights is that they are really easy to maintain. Since only a very thin section of hair is being lightened and colored, the demarcation between the babylights and your natural hair isn’t a lot.

So using a purple shampoo to keep the brassiness away from your hair is the only thing you need to do really. I’d also suggest you make sure this is a sulfate-free shampoo.

Sulfates aren’t just bad for your babylights but also strip moisture from hair, so it’s a win-win situation all around.

And speaking of hair’s moisture, using a hair gloss really helps make your babylights pop. So don’t forget to use it at least once a month. 

I really love the L’Oreal Paris Le Color One Step Toning Hair Gloss as it not just adds shine to your tresses but also enhances the hue on your babylights. 

When it comes to touchups, babylights give you a lot of freedom and flexibility. Since they fade naturally and blend into your hair’s natural tone, touch ups are a matter of preference really.

If you want to maintain the look of your babylights for longer, you can go in every 8-10 weeks. Otherwise, it isn’t a problem even if you get your babylights freshened up twice a year as they don’t look unnatural while fading. 

Babylights Vs Highlights Vs Balayage: What’s The Difference

Babylights Vs Highlights Vs Balayage
A coloring technique that uses foils Also uses foils to cover hair after bleachingDoesn’t use foils and hair is left exposed while bleaching
Mostly focused on the hairline, parting and endsCan be done on a particular section of hair or all over (global highlights)Balayages mostly start on the middle section of hair and give a gradient effect
Babylights are created on very thin sections of hair to give the impression hair has faded naturallyHighlights are created on slightly larger (wider) sections of hair Created freehand on by colorists and can alternate between wider and thinner sections to give a more natural look
Babylights are generally just 2-3 shades lighter than your base/natural hair color to make it appear natural Highlights can be of any color even dramatically different shades like blue, pink, etc can be usedBalayages also can be of different shades but they usually try to blend in the colors to give a more subtle effect
Babylights are least damaging to your hair as only thin sections of hair are bleached and coloredHighlights can be more damaging as wider and more large sections of hair are coveredBalayage is the harshest coloring technique out of all the three as a higher volume of developer needs to be used and you lighteners are often layered on the same hair sections causing more damage
Babylights are easiest to maintain as they fade very subtly and blend naturally into grown out hairHighlights require most maintenance out of the three as you need regular touch ups to maintain brightness of the hueBalayage needs some maintenance to keep color looking bright and fresh but as it’s done from the middle section onwards, your hair can grow naturally and the color will just blend in. 

Who Should Get Babylights Hair

While I admit that babylights really look gorgeous, the one chief reason why they are gaining popularity is because anyone can get them. 

Unlike highlights you don’t have to worry about lightening your original hair color too much as only a select few strands of hair (and a thin section of hair at that) are bleached and colored. 

And to give it a natural look, most hair stylists recommend you only lighten hair upto 2-3 levels from your natural or base hair color. So it’s not damaging to your tresses at all! 

So literally anyone can get babylights – people with short hair, long hair, blonde hair, brunette hair or even black-haired folks!

babylights on dark hair

Also it is a very flattering coloring technique for women who have really fine, thin hair. 

Babylights do not get as chunky as highlights do and they look very natural and close to your original hair color. So they add depth and dimension to really fine strands. 

So if you want to give the illusion of thicker, more voluminous hair then babylights are your friend. 

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FAQs About Baby Highlights on Hair

What are babylights in brown hair?

Babylights are thin, subtle types of highlights that look natural and give a sun-kissed effect. If you have brown hair, the babylights would be at least 2-3 shades lighter than your natural hair color.

Are babylights bad for your hair?

Coloring your hair or lightening it will lead to at least some sort of damage. Period. But highlights are much better for your hair than an overall color as they target only certain sections. And babylights are perhaps the least damaging as bleach and color are applied only to thin, narrow sections of hair. Also, the bleach doesn’t sit as long on hair for babylights as we need a natural effect. So if you’re considering coloring your hair, babylights are the least damaging option.

What’s the difference between babylights and highlights?

Highlights and babylights are both created using foil and bleaching sections of hair. But the difference is that highlights are used to lighten much larger, thicker sections of hair than babylights. Also, in babylights the separation between the foils is also much smaller. In a manner of speaking, babylights are micro-highlights. 

Are Babylights more expensive than highlights?

Yes, babylights are generally more expensive than highlights. This is because babylights use thinner sections of hair and hence take longer time to do. Also, babylights require more skill to create so you’ll be paying for a more experienced colorist at a salon. 

Are babylights low maintenance?

Yes, babylights are really low maintenance. Unlike highlights only very thin sections of hair are lightened and colored. So when the color fades, there is no heavy line of demarcation. Also babylights are created to mimic hair’s natural fade in the sun. So when your tresses grow out, it looks consistent. 

What is the difference between Babylights and foils?

Nothing at all. Foils refers to a hair coloring technique where hair is wrapped in aluminum foils after bleaching. And babylights and highlights both are “foil” coloring techniques. So in technique both are essentially the same. The only difference is the size of the hair section in each foil. While doing babylights a thinner section of hair is selected. Also the separation between the foils is also less to make the hair color appear more natural. 

Final Thoughts On Babylights on Dark and Blonde Hair

Babylights give your hair a very natural, “sun-kissed” look, without you having to spend hours in the sun, damaging your hair and skin.

But the biggest advantage they have over highlights, balayage and other hair coloring techniques is that they are super easy to maintain.

And you don’t have to worry about getting regular touch-ups too as they fade very naturally and gradually. 

Also babylights are perfect for fine, thin hair as they add depth and an illusion of thickness. So they make hair look healthier too.

I suggest investing in a good toning shampoo to prevent brassiness in your babylights. 

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