Hair Colors That Make Your Face Look Less Red

Top 5 Natural Hair Colors That Make Your Face Look Less Red

Discover the best natural hair colors to tone down redness: Natural Hair Colors That Make Your Face Look Less Red.” Our comprehensive guide reveals hair shades that beautifully balance and neutralize red undertones in the complexion. From ash brown to cool blonde, explore the top picks that create a more even-toned and flattering appearance. Say goodbye to redness concerns with our expert insights on the most suitable hair colors to complement and enhance your skin tone.

There are many reasons why one’s face could look “red”, be it red undertones or skin conditions like rosacea, psoriasis etc., can all be potential causes for skin looking red.

But, when you have face skin which looks red, you should go in for hair colors that can match your skin tone perfectly instead of making your skin color look more enhanced.

So, even if you are someone who has a skin condition that is making the redness on your face look more pronounced, you can always find a way to tone it down by dyeing your hair the right color to offset it. Thus, it will make your skin redness look minimized.

But what are the best hair colors that can compliment red skin and can make your face look less red?

Well, in this article, we will discuss some of the best hair colors that make your face look less red, how exactly can hair color affect how the skin looks and how to choose the right hair color if you suffer from rosacea and much more.

Here are all the details!

Hair Colors That Make Your Face Look Less Red

Straight off, let me tell you this – avoid colors that create a very stark contrast between your skin tone (in this case red) and your hair color.

Here are some examples of stark contrasts between the hair color and the skin tone: Black or brown hair with red skin tone, platinum hair color with red skin tone etc.

These sharp contrasts can make your skin redness look more prominent and therefore, choose a warmer hair color.

Here are some of the best hair colors to make your face look less red:

Blonde hair color

Source: Instagram @ hairbyidoreen

Getting a neutral shade of blonde is a great choice if you’re someone with reddish skin complexion or someone with skin conditions like rosacea that has caused redness on your skin.

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Achieving this hair color can be tricky, because going too blonde can result in a mismatch, which means instead of offsetting your facial redness, it can make it a sharp contrast and highlight your skin redness. Therefore, make sure to strike the right balance while getting this neutral blonde hair color.

Ginger red hair color

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Ginger red hair color is another good color to dye your hair with if you are someone with skin redness or red undertones.

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This is because the color gingery red is very close to the skin’s red color and therefore, it will by no means make the contrast between your skin color and hair tone very sharp. Thus, it will not lay emphasis on your skin redness.

But here’s what you should know, make sure not to select a ginger red hair color that is too close to your reddened skin complexion. This can have a counter-effect and make the skin redness stand out.

So, you need to choose a ginger red shade that is two to three shades darker than your reddened skin tone/skin color.

Warm brown hair color

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Getting a warm brown hair color if you have skin redness or red undertones can be a great choice because the color brown has warmth and this warmth can help keep the redness from being highlighted.

The best part about getting your hair dyed a warm brown shade is that there are many different shades of warm brown to choose from.

You could opt for honey brown hair color, cinnamon brown, caramel brown, milk chocolate brown etc.

All you need to do is talk to your hair stylist to get you a hair color that is in the warm brown range and the good part is that any hair shade in this range will be able to successfully offset the redness on your skin.

Copper hair color

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Copper hair color is one of those shades that suit almost every skin tone. It has a very rich warm tone and it is a great option of a hair color to choose if you are someone with skin redness or red undertoned skin.

The color copper has a tinge of red or pigments of red that give the shade the perfect blend of warmth. It will help reduce or minimize the redness of your skin, while complimenting your skin tone perfectly.

How Can Hair Color Affect How Skin Looks

Everyone’s skin tone contains a certain underlying pigment. Those who are born with blonde hair color, those people often have cooler skin undertones. For those born with darker hair shades like brown or black, they are known to have neutral or warmer skin undertones.

Therefore, when it comes to hair color and its effects on the skin, well, for people who have warm undertones, hair colors like honey brown or golden blonde are most likely to suit their skin.

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On the other hand, for those with cooler undertones, hair colors like ash blonde, auburn brown, black etc., will suit them better and match their skin tone.

Thus, making your hair color compliment your skin tone is very essential if you do not wish to have your skin color stand out.

How to Choose a Hair Color If I Have Rosacea

First off, let us discuss a little about what exactly rosacea is. Rosacea is an inflammatory skin condition, that occurs over a long-term basis. It is a skin condition that makes the skin red and sometimes also causes a rash.

Now, for those with rosacea, you are likely to have perpetually red skin (or at least for a long time) and therefore, getting your hair color to compliment your skin tone (red) is essential, so that the rosacea will not look pronounced.

Thus, if you choose cooler hair color shades, then you can be certain that your skin will look even redder than what it is and this will make your rosacea look enhanced.

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Therefore, going in for hair colors that are warm is always advisable so it can offset your skin color, thereby not creating a noticeable contrast between your hair color and your skin tone.

Going too dark, like black or dark brown or too light like platinum or ash blonde, aren’t advisable, as these extreme hair colors can make your rosacea stand out because of the sharp contrast between your skin tone and your hair color.

So, all you need to do is choose a hair color that can compliment your skin tone within just three shades of your skin tone for the best and perfect match.

Do’s and Don’ts When Choosing a Hair Color to Reduce Skin Redness


·         Try finding a color that can perfectly match the undertone of your skin.

·         Go in for a warmer hair color shade, so that the skin redness will not be as noticeable.

·         Make sure to stay within just two to three shades of the tone of your skin. Staying closer in skin tone, will make the redness less prominent.


·         Do not choose a hair color that contrasts your skin tone drastically. This can make the redness on your skin very prominent. This means that you shouldn’t go too light or too dark while choosing a hair color to offset the redness.

·         Avoid choosing hair colors that are cooler. When the color shade is cool, the redness will simply get more enhanced because of the sharp contrast.

·         You must avoid getting a hair color that becomes a perfect match to your skin tone. This will just make the redness look more prominent and not minimize it.

Hair Color Testing To Determine the Right Hair Color to Minimize Your Face Redness

If you really cannot seem to choose the right hair color to minimize the redness on your face then you can simply self-conduct this hair test.

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All you need to do is, take a hand-held mirror and go out under bright sunlight. Then, closely look at your hair strands, to observe what color exactly it reflects.

You will be able to clearly notice the base hair color. Then, simply choose a color closest to your base hair shade (within just two to three levels), to help counter the effects of the redness on your face.

The Final Takeaway

Skin redness can be due to red skin undertones or even maybe due to underlying skin conditions. But nevertheless, if you find the right hair color to dye your hair with, it can perfectly minimize this redness on your skin; or rather camouflage it to a great extent.

Finding the right hair color to counter the effects of skin redness may be hard. You could either approach a hair stylist or even do the hair color test (mentioned above) to determine the right hair color to choose to help minimize the redness on your face.

Always remember that you must never have a stark contrast between the color of your hair and your skin tone. This means that you should stay within two to three shades of your skin tone and never go either too light or too dark.

Going in for a stark contrast between your hair color and skin tone, will only sharpen your facial redness and make it stand out, rather than minimize it.

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