How to Pin Back Your Hair

How to Pin Back Your Hair | Using Bobby Pins In Elegant Ways

Learn more about how to pin back your hair by using bobby pins. Also,

The global events has given us all a hard time throughout these past two years. But out of all that negativity, one thing that I consider positive that the pandemic has given me is a whole lot of time to hone my beauty routine. 

I have channeled my free time into putting minimal efforts to get the maximum results to get a pretty decent look for the Google or Zoom meets. 

Also, before heading further, just know that using your fingers to tuck your hair back constantly is a damaging habit. I mean, you already might know that constantly touching your hair is not ever advisable as it makes the scalp and hair both oily and dirty faster. 

How To Pin Back Your Hair

So, if you too want decent hairstyles but don’t have time to put effort into them also, if you are tired of brushing your hair out of your face day long, then you are at the right place. 

There are so many ways to pin your hair back so that it doesn’t get annoying. Adding to that, these styling techniques increase as the texture, type, and even the length of the hair change. 

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Basically, there is no end to creating new hairdos that help in pinning back your hair. 

However, I have typically chosen two easy ways to deal with your hair. The first one is the side pinned back hairstyle, which is one of the most elegant hairstyles that you can achieve using just hair pins. 

The second one, however, is to use a back pin to pin back your hair secretly, this one too looks graceful and mesmerizing, and I am sure you are going to love both of these easy hacks. 

How To Pin Back Your Hair

It will take some shots and tries for you to get along with the hair pins but trust me; it is the answer to all your time-consuming hair styles. 

Plus, once you get a hold of these styles, you are going to save so much time and effort overall. 

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So, without any yonder due, let’s get into the ‘How to’ section of pinning back your hair. Because let’s be honest, pinning your hair back is way better than letting them go wild. 

How to Make a Secret Pin Back Hairstyle Tutorial

Secret pin hairstyle is another hair pin hairdo that is elegant and looks seamlessly amazing. Adding to that, just like a side pinned back hairdo, this hairstyle is massively famous too. You can see a lot of celebrities going for the look.

Moving further, as smooth as the hairstyle looks, it takes so little of your effort and time to make it.

So, here’s a small step-by-step way that you can follow to get instantly ready for your google and zoom meets;

As always, you would need to smooth out your hair by combing it thoroughly.

Divide your hair into small sections

Part your combed hair from the middle or slightly off to the side as done in the previous hairdo, and then take small sections of hair at your hairline and just above your ears.

How to pin back your hair

Do the same on the other side of the hair partition as well, taking equal sections of hair and then tying both the sections up using a hair elastic at the back of your head. 

Also, make sure the section is tied up tightly and firmly.

Separate the section of hair at the back

Now, once you have tied these sections at your back, take the untied hair from there and pull it out and over your tied section. 

Separate the section of hair at the back

Also, hold the tied section firmly while pulling out the hair from above them with the other so that nothing messes up.

Tighten your elastic of the tied section again

Once you have separated the tied section from the untied one, tighten the elastic again. 

After you are done, arrange the top section of your hair over the tied one in such a way that the elastic underneath doesn’t show.

Tighten your elastic of the tied section again

Now, comb your hair through and pay special attention to the tied section, and you would be good to go, with an elegant, effortless style.

Some Styling Tips

  •  Make sure the elastic that you are using is small; the smaller, the better. If you choose a small elastic, it will be easier to conceal the elastic in your hair easily. Adding to that, I would also propose you keep the elastic transparent in color or of the shade of your hair. This way, it will be easier to conceal it.
  •  Another styling tip that I would suggest for the hairdo is to tuck or pin your hair that you separate from the tied one right above the crown, and once you are done tying the small sections with elastic, unpin the section and comb it through.
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   Secure your hair well, and you will be ready to win your day with an elegant hairstyle! 

How To Pin Hair To One Side

Side pinned back hairstyles is one of the most elegant hairdos that one can go for. Along with that, it is massively famous, even the celebrities like Sandra Bullocks to Emma Watson everyone has at least done it once, and especially at red carpet shows. 

As elegant as it seems, the hair style is super easy to recreate, even on your own. 

How To Pin Hair To One Side

Here’s how you can make a gorgeous hair style using hair pins: 

First things first, comb your hair thoroughly and smooth it out. 

Part your combed hair: Following that, part them in the middle, but if you feel like the middle parting doesn’t suit you or doesn’t look good on you, then part it towards slightly off to the sides. 

Take a section from around your part: Now, the next thing you would like to do is take around one-inch sections from both sides of your hair partition. Also, make sure you are separating them well from the side hairs and the remaining ones too.

The next phase in the hairdo would be to take these sections and pull them back, to maintain a slight gap between the remaining and side hair, and to leave both the sides down. 

Pin your hair back: The next thing you would do is take a hair pin and pin it to the sections of your hair that you have pulled back. 

Take one side of your one-inch sections along with the pin and place it horizontally at the back of your head and try to pin the hairpin.

Keep the ends or the hairpin open and stick it at an angle, holding it up so that your tucked (pinned) hair stays secure at a place. 

Using your remaining hair to cover the pins: Now that you have secured both the pin and the section of your hair at the right place, take the remaining hair that you had kept down and bring them over the pin from the back and cover the pin with it. 

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Also, make sure that hair on the side of your face isn’t caught in the pin, and if they are, take them out gently. 

Now, once you are done with one side, take the other side of your hair and repeat the same till your hair is secured nicely. 

Once done, your elegant hairstyle is good to go. Brush your remaining hair out once again to get that firm look. 

Some Styling Tips

  • The side pin back hairstyle is one of the ideal ones if you have fringes or bangs and you are trying to grow them. When you opt for this hairstyle using hair pins, your fringes will nicely blend in with your remaining hair and will give the impression that your hair has long layers. 
  • The next thing is if your hair is too thick for the hairstyle and the hair pin isn’t securing your hair firmly, then you can also take the help of additional hair pins. All you have to perform is, take both the sections and pin them at the back of your hair using the pins in an X shape. 

          Secure your thick hair from both sides, it will stay firm, and you would be good to go! 

Parting Words on How To Pin Back Your Hair 

So, that would be all on how to pin your hair back. Not only are these hairdos simple but elegant as well. Adding to that, it doesn’t consume more time, so it is, in a way, a time-saving hairstyle. 

I am hoping with just a little practice, you are going to nail these hairstyles for every occasion. Be it your online meeting or just some random party; you can always go for these easy to do hairdos. 

You can choose from any of these two easy hairstyles, and I am sure both are going to match your attire, and you are going to look gorgeous. 

So, what are you waiting for now? Go ahead and try on these amazing hairdos right away. Be it for your meetings or your small meeting with your friends, these hairdos are going to save you a loads of time and not to mention the efforts. 

Happy styling!

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