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How To Use Keratin Treatment At Home | In 6 Easy Steps!

In this article, you can find a guide on how to use keratin treatment at home! I’ve also mentioned the best keratin treatment at home and what keratin treatment at home for curly hair suits best.

Do you feel like your hair rebels you all the time? Does it always feel dry, damaged and frizzy? Well, you definitely aren’t alone in your struggle as so many out there face this same issue.

But the question remains – what about those who have lovely smooth and luscious hair? Is there a secret they are keeping that lets them have the perfect hair!

Well, maybe the “secret” is nothing but getting your hair treated to a good keratin treatment and that can do the trick! Keratin can repair your hair like never before and make your hair look super luscious and smooth.

Want to know more about this keratin treatment? Check out this article for all the details you need to know about the keratin treatment, how it benefits the hair, the steps you can use to do it yourself at home and aftercare tips.

What is the keratin treatment for the hair?

Keratin is a naturally found protein that is in our hair and this is what keeps out hair healthy and protects our hair from damage. 

But over time there are chances that the keratin in our hair gets depleted because of various factors like overexposure to sunlight, chemical treatments on the hair like dyeing and bleaching, heat styling, changes in food habits, improper hair care routines etc.

When there is lack of keratin in our hair, it begins to feel dry and look damaged. The hair strands will begin to lose their luster and shine, develop split ends and can become frizzy.

Benefits of keratin treatment for the hair

Getting yourself a good keratin treatment done on your hair can help rebuild your natural hair protein and thereby boost hair shine, regain the luster of your hair, make the hair smooth with reduced frizz and repair hair damage to a considerable extent. It will also help reduce tangles and make the hair more manageable.

How to Use Keratin Treatment at Home

While the keratin treatment can be done at a salon by a professional, many people choose to do it at home in order to cut costs. 

A keratin treatment is simply using a keratin product on the hair and thereafter uses heat to seal in the keratin, right? 

Well, it is that simple but if you are worried about whether it will have the same effect as it would be done at a salon, well, yes it will, if you do it right!

Here are 6 simple steps on how to do the keratin treatment at home:

keratin treatment at home ingredients

Step 1: Wash your hair to remove buildup and grease

Before you apply the keratin treatment on your hair, it is important that your hair is clean and grease free. 

Therefore, wash your hair with a shampoo (preferably an anti-residue shampoo) and lather it well into your hair. Massage it in and make sure to leave it on your hair for a few minutes so that the grease and buildup loosens up and gets washed off well.

If you do not have an anti-residue shampoo, you could also use a clarifying shampoo of your choice.

Thereafter, rinse off the shampoo thoroughly under running water so that no shampoo residue remains on the hair.

Make sure not to use any conditioner or hair mask once your hair has been washed as it has to be completely clean and free from any products, before you apply the keratin treatment.

keratin treatment at home

Step 2: Application of the keratin product

You can partition your hair and section it off, so that it will make it easier for you to apply the keratin treatment.

It is advisable to apply the keratin product to hair that is damp or semi-dry.

So make sure to wear a pair of gloves and probably cover yourself with a towel or wear an old t-shirt before you begin. 

Then apply the keratin product all over your hair evenly, so that each strand is well-coated. Do not over saturate your hair with the product.

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You can gently use a fine tooth comb to comb your hair in order for the product to get evenly applied. Then cover your head with a shower cap.

Please Note: Each product often comes with their own set of user instructions and precautions to be taken when using their product. Some products even have product-specific guidelines for their users. Therefore, make sure to read the instructions clearly before you start off with the process and follow them diligently in order for the treatment to work well.

Step 3: Let the treatment sit for the specified time

Once you have evenly applied the keratin product all over your hair, then you will have to let it sit for a while so that the treatment works.

Usually the recommended time for letting the treatment sit is around 30 minutes. 

But it is important that you follow the instructions on your product label, as some products require a treatment time of just 20 minutes.

keratin treatment at home for curly hair

Step 4: Rinse the product off and dry your hair

Once the keratin product has been left in your hair for the directed amount of time, then you remove your shower cap and the clip and let your hair loose. Most often the keratin product is not washed off, unless your product instructions say so.

You will then have to section out your hair and blow dry your keratin product-infused hair strands until your hair is completely dry. 

You can use the heat setting on your blow dryer, unless your product requires you using only the cold setting of your blow dryer.

Step 5: Use a straightener to straighten let the product sink in 

Once your hair has been well blow dried, then you will have to again section your hair and begin straightening it using a flat iron or hair straightener. 

Make sure that your flat iron isn’t at too high a temperature. Use a moderate temperature or the temperature directed by your product for this step.

keratin treatment before and after

If the temperature of your flat iron is too high, it can cause severe damage to your hair and the whole purpose of the keratin treatment will be a wasted effort.

Once your hair has been straightened, do not tie your hair, clip it up or wash it for at least three days after the treatment.

Step 6: Don’t forget the aftercare

What is important is the after care of post-keratin treatment care which many fail to do. Wait for at least three days before you can clip up your hair or wash it.

The more number of days you go without washing your hair (even up to 6 to 7 days is ideal) after the keratin treatment, the longer the treatment will last in your hair. 

So in the meantime while you do not wash your hair, you can choose to use a dry shampoo to help keep grease at bay.

The reason why you shouldn’t tie your hair or clip it up is because it can cause creases in the hair. So if you really wish to tie your hair up after waiting three to four days post-treatment, you can tie it loosely. 

You could completely avoid using hair ties or clips for a week or more post-treatment if possible.

Tips for Post-Keratin Treatment Hair Care

  • Make sure to only use sulfate-free shampoos and hair care products on hair that is keratin treated.
  • Do not over wash your hair once the treatment is done. Reduce the number of hair washes and use a dry shampoo in between washes if you need to, for as long as you can. Preferably for a few weeks post-treatment
  • Do not try out or use any other hair treatments for at least a month post-treatment.
  • Sleep on a silk pillowcase to help reduce hair damage due to friction.

Yes you can use Keratin treatment for hair at home even if you have curly hair!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about keratin treatments

1. How often can you do keratin treatments for your hair?

Doing a keratin treatment up to three times a year (once every four months) can do your hair good, but not often, as it can damage your hair.
Most often a keratin treatment lasts on the hair for anywhere between three to six months depending on how well you maintain your hair once the treatment is done.

2. Do keratin treatments cause any damage to the hair in the long run?

Well, using a keratin treatment is supposed to do your hair good and it does if it is used in moderation. If you use a keratin treatment on your hair too often, then it can begin to damage the hair.

3. Why do they say that keratin treatments with formaldehyde shouldn’t be used?

Formaldehyde is a chemical that is added into keratin treatments in order to make the effects last longer. 
But that being said, formaldehyde is not just damaging to the hair, but can also cause other side effects to the body, including developing the risk of cancer.
Therefore, look out for products that do not have formaldehyde substances like glyoxal, quaternium-15, methyl glycol, sodium hydroxymethylglycinate etc.

4. Can keratin treatments increase hair growth?

Keratin is a protein that is present in the hair and thus getting a keratin treatment done will only replace the lost natural keratin in the hair, thus strengthening the hair. 
So it may help reduce hair fall to a certain extent and also reduce hair damage which could otherwise lead to hair loss.
But in general keratin is a protein and protein doesn’t have any direct link towards the increase of hair growth. Therefore, keratin may not necessarily increase hair growth.

The final takeaway

Well guys, for those of you first timers trying out this keratin treatment at home, I hope that this article has helped you figure out the right process to do it! 

Take your time and make sure to maintain a good post-treatment and aftercare routine for the treatment to have the best effect.

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