Tom Cruise Hairstyles

10 Hottest Tom Cruise Hairstyles In 2024 | And His Iconic 80s, 90s and 200s Looks!

In this article, I have detailed some of Tom Cruise hairstyles that are most notable. From his early days to his more recent looks, find out what styles the actor has favored throughout his decades-long career.

Tom Cruise has been a staple in Hollywood since his sudden rise to fame in the early ’80s and since then, the talented actor has consistently captivated audiences with his riveting performances.

But aside from the praise he’s earned for his impressive acting chops, Cruise has also become noted for his ever-changing hairstyles.

 From wispy, closely-cropped cuts to longer looks with defined layers, Cruise has continuously elevated his hairstyles to remain head-turningly chic. 

Tom Cruise Hairstyles

Tom Cruise Hairstyle In 90s

tom cruise hairstyles 90s

The 90s was a defining decade for Tom Cruise. From his iconic movie roles to his unique and surprisingly versatile hairstyles, Tom Cruise rocked a variety of different looks throughout the 90s.

The most eye-catching of his 90s hairstyles was undoubtedly his “Men in Black” cut. This close-shaven cut added a touch of sophistication, making it a timeless staple for any fashionista. 

Tom Cruise also sported a more traditional medium-length, wavy, comb-over look in the 90s. This classic style gave him a more laid-back, yet still classy, aesthetic.

One of the more daring looks Tom Cruise wore in the 90s was his ultra-long, straight hairstyle. This iconic style was seen in “Mission Impossible” and accentuated his strong jawline. He often pulled his locks off his face with a headband, stunting like only he could.

tom cruise 80s hairstyle

In addition to these styles, Tom Cruise rocked a more contemporary, cropped look in the 90s. This slightly more spiky, voluminous look was achieved with plenty of product, making it another timeless look for any fashion-savvy man.

Tom Cruise showed us time and time again in the 90s that he could pull off any hairstyle with ease. He truly made it his own and was always able to look good no matter what hair look he decided to rock. We could still learn a few lessons from him today.

Tom Cruise Hairstyle Mission Impossible

tom cruise mission impossible haircut

To the average person, Tom Cruise is the ultimate Hollywood idol. He has a long list of iconic films and characters that have made him a household name, but one of the most recognizable traits associated with Tom Cruise is his hairstyle. 

Over the decades, Cruise’s hair has been cutting edges of style, particularly in the iconic Mission Impossible films.

Cruise’s trademark long, layered hairstyle features a slightly disheveled look, giving him a cool, almost rebellious appeal.

Tom Cruise’s mission-impossible hairstyles are daring, yet approachable. His hair is usually slightly wavy, cut in layers and slightly longer on top, giving him a timeless, yet modern look. 

tom cruise haircuts short

Cruise’s male fans have probably tried to replicate his hairstyle a time or two, but it’s not an easy look to pull off. 

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Between shots, Cruise has to rely on a team of hair stylists to make sure he remains looking exactly the same throughout the film.

The hairstyle is the perfect complement to his heroic characters, making Cruise look invincible no matter the odds.

It’s true that Tom Cruise’s hairstyle doesn’t just come from the movies – it helps give his characters an attitude and can look stylish and modern.

Tom Cruise 80s Hairstyle In Top Gun

top gun tom cruise hairstyle

The 80s was an era of glamour, extravagance, and most of all, famous hairstyles. And what better example of 80s hairdo than Tom Cruise’s iconic style in the smash hit Top Gun? 

Tom Cruise’s look in the movie was an embodiment of fearless youth, with an air of carefree rebellion exuding from the closely cropped sides and the confident styling of the remaining longer hair. 

It was a classic mix of security and rebellion that could have only been pulled off by someone of Tom Cruise’s indisputable star power. 

The style was a daring punk-inspired cut with closely cropped sides and heavier styling on top. 

With the sides highlighted in tanned leather tones and slickened back for the perfect long-run finish, the layers created a shapely silhouette. 

Adding some lift to the back, the look featured full and fluffy ends that curved inwards, representing the daring spirit Cruise embodied in the movie. 

This bold style was designed to entice and excite, to draw the eye and mesmerize everyone who saw it. 

The Tom Cruise 80s hairstyle in Top Gun not only perfectly complemented the character and the vibrancy of the movie as a whole, but it also reflected the daring, fearless outlook of the 1980s. 

Almost thirty-five years later, it remains one of the most stylish, timeless and inspiring hairstyles ever seen.

Tom Cruise Hairstyle Top Gun Maverick

top gun maverick hairstyle for men

When it comes to iconic style, Tom Cruise is a master of the art. From the classic Top Gun Maverick hairstyle to the unique cool of his Mission Impossible do, Cruise has been an inspiration to many of us. 

While the hairstyle of Tom Cruise’s character Maverick in Top Gun may not be quite as popular as it once was, it remains one of the most recognizable ‘dos of all time.

Tom Cruise is the original modern heartthrob, a man who continues to have fans hooked on his latest action flick. Maverick was a different kind of hero—arrogant and overconfident. 

His hair was a crucial part of his image, featuring medium length sides and back, with long, sweeping layers on the top that rolled slightly under the ears. 

The back and sides were clipped tight, and a bit of added height at the top gave the classic style its signature look.

To get this Maverick look yourself, all you need is a good trim and a lot of gel. Cut the sides and back, leaving the top a little longer to get the classic shape. 

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Then, use a strong-hold gel to create volume and hold, making sure to slick down the sides and back. 

The end result is a classic, cool style that screams Tom Cruise in Top Gun. Celebrities and everyday people alike can channel the Maverick style, using just a cut, some gel and a lot of attitude.

Tom Cruise Hairstyle Last Samurai

tom cruise hairstyle long

The Last Samurai is no doubt an iconic movie for multiple reasons, but one of them is definitely Tom Cruise’s hairstyle throughout the movie.

He was sporting a long, classic style with a deep side part, and his locks made the role all the more convincing. The hairstyle is an epitome of sophistication and manliness, not to mention it looks simply breathtaking when elegantly swept back.

The legendary actor’s style was all about being neat, polished, and expressive at the same time. 

tom cruise long haircut
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The perfectly slicked, somewhat rounded shape added to his already alluring appearance, that had the audience awestruck. There was also a layer of subtle wax that made his tresses shinier and bolder under the setting sun.

Tom Cruise wore this style with ease and grace, and undoubtedly the picture he made was unforgettable. 

The precise parting between the two sides of the hair amplified the sharp, angled edges of his face. The length of the top section was also a great addition and highlighted the shape of the samurai.

The overall look of the hairstyle successfully recreated the traditional Japanese aesthetic of the 1800s that made an indelible mark on modern pop culture. 

To recreate this hair statement of Tom Cruise, you’ll need to use wax or pomade for a sleek, long-lasting effect. The end result is sure to wow – just like the Last Samurai.

Tom Cruise Long Hairstyle

Tom Cruise Long Hairstyles

Tom Cruise has been a fashion icon for decades, and his signature long hairstyles have become one of the most iconic looks in modern pop culture. 

His ability to pull off a range of different looks with his long hair – from straight and sleek to voluminous and wild – has captured the admiration of millions around the world.

One of Tom’s most classic long hairstyles is the straight, middle-part cut. 

This low-maintenance style can easily be achieved with a brush, comb and some styling wax. Tom often pairs this look with a beard, allowing his facial features to complement his unique hairstyle.

For a more strident style, Tom also rocks a long wavy haircut. This look can be achieved with a generous application of a volumizing mousse and a good blow dry. 

Gently tease the top layer of hair and scrunch the ends to create an eye-catching, beach-ready look.

A punk-inspired style is another great way to create an exciting look with Tom’s long hair. To achieve it, use a medium-hold gel to separate and spike the hair on top. Finish with a light dusting of hairspray to make sure the spikes stay in place.

Whatever style Tom’s rocking, one thing’s for sure – long hair isn’t just reserved for hippies, rockstars and trendsetters, and Tom Cruise proves it. 

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With a little bit of effort, creativity and dedication to daring hairstyles, anyone can look impactfully stylish with long hair.

Tom Cruise Buzz Cut Hairstyle

This is a short, all-over haircut that is easy to maintain and looks great on most face shapes. Cruise has sported this haircut in several of his movies, including “Top Gun” and “Mission: Impossible.”

Tom Cruise Slick Back Hairstyle

This is a classic hairstyle that is both stylish and sophisticated. Cruise has worn this haircut in movies such as “A Few Good Men” and “Jerry Maguire.”

Tom Cruise’s Spiky Hairstyle

This is a fun and edgy hairstyle that is perfect for casual occasions. Cruise has sported this haircut in movies like “Vanilla Sky” and “Rock of Ages.”

How To Style Your Hair Like Tom Cruise

top gun hairstyle tom cruise

Tom Cruise is known as one of the most stylish celebrities in Hollywood, and if you’re looking to get the same stylish and timeless look, here’s how you can replicate it! To get the same hairstyle as Tom Cruise, look to the ’80s or ’90s for inspiration.

The 80s look is all about big, voluminous hair, so it’s important to start off with volumizing products. 

Reach for an volumizing spray, mousse, or serum to prep your hair in the morning. For an all-day hold, try a hairspray or molding paste to further define the style.

For shorter, more modern looks, opt for a layered cut that’s similar to Tom Cruise’s. 

Layers can add texture and depth to any hairstyle, and they can be styled with texture paste, wax, or gel. The right styling product will help to keep hair in place and enhance desired texture. Experiment with products to find the right one for you.

To achieve Tom Cruise’s signature messy waves, blow dry hair with a round brush that will add volume and lift. You can also blow dry with some variation in the direction you point the blow dryer to further enhance the style. 

Create manageable curls with a curling iron, spritzing hairspray to help keep the curls in place. For an extra boost, add hair wax or a texture spray for a messy and textured look.

In addition to a layered cut and styling products, choose the right color for your hair. Tom Cruise often opts for lighter colors to enhance his features, so consider going with a light blonde, honey gold, or golden brown if you have light hair. 

Darker hair colors such as espresso, cocoa, and mahogany can also give a nice touch to the style.


When it comes to Tom Cruise’s hair, he is truly a style icon. His hairstyles have become timeless over the years, maintaining a look that is continually admired by many. 

From his classic buzz cut to his modern day sculpted style, there’s nothing to dislike about the superstar’s iconic looks. 

Whether he’s going for a formal event or just running errands, his hair always looks effortless and natural. 

Tom Cruise has certainly given us plenty of looks to admire and countless hairstyle ideas to take inspiration from.

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