Will Baby Bangs Mask A Small Forehead

Will Baby Bangs Mask A Small Forehead?

Wondering will baby bangs mask a small forehead? Some argue that they can be a fun and stylish way to add definition to a small forehead. Read on to know more about the pros and cons of baby bangs.

The year of fashion and style has brought with it a new trend: baby bangs. Let’s start by acknowledging the level of commitment it would take for one to decide whether they want to take responsibility for having bangs.

Once those tiny chunks of your beautiful and luscious hair are snipped, there is no going back.

But bangs are cute right?

I personally love bangs. And as someone who has a small forehead, I can’t think of any other way to mask this tiny area. Before getting into the nitty-gritty of baby bangs and whether we need them, let’s take a moment to point out just how cute they look!

The old belief carries that bangs only suit large foreheads and that their major goal was to cover your skin. But that’s in the past. Baby bangs are a fierce look that if styled right, can suit anyone.

So, how can you best style your baby bangs if you fall under the category of those like us who are gifted with a short forehead? 

Read on to know more about baby bangs and how to style them.

Will Baby Bangs Mask A Small Forehead?

You may not believe this, but there are bangs for all types of foreheads, and yes, that includes mine and yours too. Bangs instantly transform your face and give you that cute and yet beautiful look.

Be it going out for a grand night out or watching a movie at home with your best friend, baby bangs suit them all.

Despite what many would say, or you might think, there are ocean-wide options for the best hairstyles that you can do with a small forehead and baby bangs.

I personally feel baby bangs help enhance your hairstyles and features including your nose and brows. And if you have a small forehead, they can help pull away some focus from that too. It’s a win-win situation.

Will Baby Bangs Suit My Face Type?

The answer is quite simple: It depends on your features.

Let’s be realistic for once. Baby bangs are fairly short and how short they are will depend upon you. And because they are short, they will definitely enhance every other facial feature.

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Yes, they do work well with a small forehead, but let’s address whether we want to pronounce our other beautiful features.

Before getting baby bangs, let’s check out some of the different facial structures and how they work with each.

As they are thick and structured, it lengthens the face and makes it look more angular. While this makes baby bangs ideal for an oval face, the style doesn’t work well with heart or square shapes. 

Baby bangs require focus and so it is important to make it the focal point of your hair. Try and opt for bright hair colors and whimsical cuts as bangs will pull in all the attention they can.

How To Style Baby Bangs?

After going through all the nitty-gritty of whether you need baby bangs, whether will they suit your face, etc. let’s come to the fun part of it all, how do you style them? Here are 6 steps to help you style your baby bangs effortlessly.

  •  Use a bristle brush to smooth out your hair which can help with easy styling.
  •  Make sure you have a dry shampoo as baby bangs tend to show oil quicker than the rest of your hair. Dry shampoo helps with this process.
  •  Sleep with a silk headband on so you can get your baby’s bangs to lay flat, rather than curve in multiple directions.
  •  Get a mini flat iron which will allow you to even out the tiniest of hairs. It is advised to use your flat iron on the lowest temperature setting and only pass through each section of the hair once.
  •  Use a light and flexible hairspray which will add a magical touch to your baby bangs.
  •  Don’t go overboard with products. As said, baby bangs tend to get oily fast, and you don’t want to help speed up the process by adding oily products to it.

Ultimately, go light and easy on your hair. Make sure you are following the basics and keep it as simple as possible. Love your hair and trust me, it will be worth it!

Types Of Bangs That Will Suit A Small Forehead

Baby bangs are everywhere. They are bold, super short, and can add a lot of drama to your style. If you are considering getting baby bangs for your small forehead, then you are in for a treat.

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There are not one or two, but multiple styles of baby bangs. They range from different face shapes, hair types, lifestyles, and more.

Before you pick the one you love, make sure to book a consultation with your stylist. You don’t want to pick something you love, only to find out it does not suit you.

Your baby bangs can last you almost two to three months and you want to ensure you get it right. The last thing you need is to pin them up and never flaunt them again.

In this case, I can tell you five fun ways to style your baby bangs with a small forehead. Read on to know more.

Wavy Baby Bangs

Baby bangs or bangs in general work great with straight, sleek hair. But modern versions can be worn on wavy and curly hair. But be warned, it could turn a little messy, so make sure you maintain it well.

Source: Instagram @ceremonyportland

When opting to cut your bangs, I would advise you to stay long and slowly go short until you find your comfort zone. You don’t want to cut your bangs too short and later end up pinning them to the back.

Sleek Baby Bangs

If you are gifted with straight, silky hair, then baby bangs would look naturally beautiful on you. No matter your preferred length, go for it.

Source: Instagram @popsugarbeauty

I would advise you to comb your baby bangs straight forward and then neatly wrap them at the end so you can get a bouncy look.

Textured Fringe Baby Bangs

For those gifted with a round face shape as mine, textured fringe baby bangs are for you. They not only enhance your look but can also be placed in any way you want and still feel amazing. 

Source: Instagram @ceremonyportland

To maintain this style, I would recommend applying some hair wax to your fingers and slowly separating the bangs for a less-than-perfect look.

Check out this girl’s beautiful textured fringe baby bangs carefully separated to look uneven and beautiful.

Shaggy Baby Bangs

Shaggy bangs have less of a continuous curve and are cut in an uneven tone. They are relaxed and carry an elegant hairstyle that helps frame your face in a downward angle.

Source: Instagram @hairbyfitz

If you are looking to experiment with baby bangs, I would highly suggest going for shaggy bangs. They blend two of the biggest hair trends: the fringe and the ruffled texture.

Side-Swept Baby Bangs

If you carry a square-shaped face, then side-swept baby bangs are exactly what you need. In addition to that, we all know how annoying bangs can be sometimes.

Source: Instagram @cathyismyhero

So, if you fall under this category, slowly swipe your hair to the side and voila, you have a beautiful side-swept fringe.

Will Baby Bangs Be Difficult To Maintain?

To be completely honest, baby bangs are high maintenance, and styling them can take up all your time and energy. So, if you are planning to get your hair trimmed, make sure you want exactly that and you are ready to take up the responsibility.

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Even though you will be spending a lot of your time styling your new bangs, I would advise you to not neglect the rest of your hair.

The last thing you would want is beautiful bangs on messy hair. That is, unless you are opting for some messy hairstyle.

Don’t let your baby bangs grow out, so get regular trims to keep them short. Also, make sure your hair is always free from frizz and damage.

I personally love baby bangs and so do you. I mean that’s the whole point of reading this article, am I right? Make sure you take good care of those bangs because they can make or break your perfect look.


Baby bangs are back in trend and there is nothing trendier than following something current. If you are inspired by multiple celebrities who seem to carry baby bangs flawlessly, then know that there is a whole team of stylists behind them, waiting to ensure they look perfect all the time.

Ultimately, I suggest, get your baby bangs if that’s what you love. They would look beautiful on you regardless of the size of your forehead.

And if you are afraid you may mess up, just remember, ‘it’s hair’ it will grow back. It would be an experience and you will love it. And if not, there are always headbands to pin those tips back and bring out a whole new hairstyle.

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