Advantages And Disadvantages Of Dyeing Hair Black

5 Unbelievable Advantages And Disadvantages Of Dyeing Hair Black 2023

Want to know the advantages and disadvantages of dyeing hair black? Check out the advantages and disadvantages of dyeing your hair black to get a better idea.

If you are someone with naturally light hair shades like blonde or light brown, then do you often wonder whether dyeing your hair black could be just the right thing for you to do?

Let’s be clear here, just like everything else, while dyeing your hair black will have its own advantages, it will also come along with its fair share of disadvantages.

So, the question remains, are you okay to enjoy the good, but with a certain amount of the bad too?

If yes, then check out this article to know everything about dyeing your hair black, whether it is actually possible, its advantages, its disadvantages, will your light natural hair color go back to normal over time, and whether it can cause any damage to your natural hair.

Here’s all the necessary information you need to know below!

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Dyeing Hair Black

Advantages of Black Color Hair

Total coverage from gray hair

I’m sure that nobody likes those nasty gray strands of hair sticking out. The best way to cover grays is by dyeing your hair black. It serves as great coverage for gray strands of hair and can conceal them perfectly.

The reason why black can help conceal gray hair is that as a color pigment, among the rest of the color shades, black is the strongest one.

Your hair will look more lustrous

Dyeing your hair black will make it “appear” way more lustrous and fuller as compared to any other color.

This is because lighter hair shades, even though they may be healthy, they will look unhealthy and like it lacks lustre because of its light color.

Black dye deposits a dark color into the hair strands, giving it an illusion of thicker and fuller-looking hair strands.

You wish to have a darker hair look

If you wish to switch up your look, what better way than going black from blonde! The color difference is stark and will be undoubtedly noticeable.

Getting your hair colored black is always the best option to choose if you are looking for a look change because it is a color that looks good on anyone and nothing can ever go wrong with this shade!

Showcases your features more prominently

Whether it is your eyes, jawline or facial features, the color black will simply enhance the prominence of your features.

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So if you think you’ve got sharp and attractive facial features (which I honestly think everyone has because each person is unique), then choose to get your hair dyed black and show them off!

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Dyeing Hair Black
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Helps conceal hair damage better

Are you the type of person who likes to experiment with your hair? Do you often straighten, perm, blow dry and color your hair? Well, if you’ve answered yes, then I’m sure your hair can be quite damaged.

The best way to conceal this damage is by getting your hair colored black. The color black on the hair gives it more of a healthier appearance and can help conceal split ends; coarse and dry hair etc., considerably.

Black hair looks silkier and smoother

Do you know why advertisers choose black hair most often for product advertisement purposes? Well, the reason is that the color black is reflective. Light reflects off the black surface and makes it look smooth and shiny.

Thus, coloring your hair black can give your hair a smoother and silkier appearance.

Disadvantages Of Black Color Hair

Can be expensive to maintain

Touch-ups! Yes, it is a pain to keep getting your roots touched up as soon as your natural hair starts to grow back.

Well, obviously, since your natural hair is a lighter shade and you’ve dyed your hair black, the color difference between your natural and dyed hair will be very prominent and will look visibly bad. So, maintenance can be very expensive to get frequent root touch-ups.

So, all you need to remember is that commitment is the key to maintaining black-dyed hair. The lighter your natural hair shade is, the more will your commitment have to be!

Can cause allergic reactions to the dye

Most often almost all dyes contain harsh ingredients and chemicals like PPD (p-phenylenediamine) etc. These types of ingredients can cause allergic reactions in some people, especially if you have sensitive skin.

It is a difficult shade to remove from the hair

Removing the color black from your hair can be extremely tough and this is because the color black is very dark and the dye has super strong pigments that make it that dark.

They are the darkest pigments on the color palette and thus getting it off will either require a haircut or a bleach wash.

Can I Dye Black Hair From Blonde?

Yes, absolutely! Dyeing your hair black, from blonde is a simple task because there is no bleaching involved. Here’s how you can do it.

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Step 1: Choose the shade of black you want to dye your hair with

There are a couple of shades of black, wherein you have shades like “soft black” which is more like the darkest shade of brown, and then “deep black”, if you like more of an Emo look.

Using the shade “soft black” will give your hair more of a “natural” look as compared to dyeing it deep black. Deep black can often look rather unnatural or fake.

disadvantages of black hair
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Step 2: Prepare the dye you’re going to use

Once you’ve chosen your black color shade, buy the dye and mix it well, along with a volume 10 developer. Most often you will get a dyeing kit or a box dye with all the necessary dyeing requirements. Buy one or two kits, based on the length of your hair.

should i dye my hair black from brown

Caution: If you already have bleached hair, then make sure to add a proportionate amount of protein filler into your dye mix because if not, it can cause your hair color to look patchy.

Step 3: Dye your hair black

Remember to put your gloves on first, then, protect your skin (apply Vaseline over your forehead, so the dye doesn’t stain), next, wear an old t-shirt and lastly, go ahead and bleach your hair black.

Divide your hair into sections and apply the dye right from your roots to the ends. Once you’ve completed this process, let it sit for 20 minutes or as recommended in the instructions of the box dye you have used.

should i dye my hair black or dark brown

Step 4: Rinsing off the dye

Lastly, rinse off the dye properly using cool water. You can simply do this over your sink or basin. Make sure to remember that shampooing while rinsing off the dye is not required. Just finish it off using a conditioner (that is suitable for colored hair) as usual and rinse off.

Then, air dry your hair and do not wash your hair for at least 3 to 4 days after you have dyed it

If I Dye My Hair Black Will It Go Back To Normal?

So let’s be practical here, once you have dyed your hair, it will never ever go back to being “normal”, unless and until you let it grow out fully from your hair follicles.

This being said, you need to remember that you’re going from a light hair shade to black (dark), so it is obvious that when your hair starts to grow out from the follicles, you will begin to notice a stark color difference.

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Therefore, you want your hair to go back to “normal”, then you will have to bleach it, come back to a lighter shade first (one that is closest to your natural hair color), and then let your hair grow out.

So that there won’t be a stark difference between hair color shades while you go through the transition from dyed hair to natural hair.

Does Dyeing My Hair Black Damage it?

Well, let’s clear out this one aspect – dyeing your hair a darker shade is always better than dyeing your hair a lighter shade.

So here’s the deal, when you go darker, there’s only dye involved and no requirement of bleach most often.

But when you want to go lighter, from dark hair, you will require bleaching your hair first and then dyeing it. So it can be quite damaging.

Nevertheless, dyeing your hair black can cause a certain amount of hair damage that is caused because of the harsh chemicals used in the dye itself.

Here’s Some Of The Damage Your Hair Will Undergo If You Dye It Black

·         You will find your hair zapped of a certain amount of your hair’s natural moisture and will feel dry.

·         Your hair will start feeling coarse and will lack smoothness.

·         It can become brittle and end up with damaged ends (split ends) and hair breakage.

The final takeaway

While dyeing your hair black has several amazing benefits for you, it does have its own disadvantages. So if you are willing to look through it, then black will be the perfect shade for you to get. Black hair is one color that can suit anyone, because of how versatile it is.

Also, black hair will at least “appear” more healthy as compared to lighter hair shades, so that’s another plus you will always have.

So, if you are planning to make the switch from light hair to black hair, just go in for it and I’m sure you will love it and will have no regrets of course!

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