Can 4C Natural Hair Change Texture

Can 4C Natural Hair Change Texture | 6 Important Truths About Coily Hair

Unlock the mysteries of 4C natural hair: Can 4C natural hair change texture? Explore the factors that influence texture changes and discover how to embrace and enhance your hair’s unique characteristics. Gain insights and expert advice on managing and nurturing your 4C curls. Read the article to unravel the secrets of texture transformation!

I’m sure that some of you might have experienced a “change” in hair texture, which has occurred naturally. Maybe you went from 3A hair to 2B hair type over the years. But, how is that possible? What are the factors that affect hair texture?

Well, while some of us love our natural hair texture, there are some of us who do not and wish to change it.

Nevertheless, is it possible to change your hair texture permanently? Can a natural 4C-haired person change their texture to any other hair type?

In this article we will discuss the possibilities of changing from 4C hair to another type, what are the ways to change 4C hair texture permanently if possible, whether 4C hair texture can be changed naturally without chemicals and much more!

So here is everything you need to know below, go ahead and read on.

Can 4C Natural Hair Change Texture: Is it Possible?

If you’ve observed a change in your 4C hair texture and you’re wondering why, well, there are several reasons why this change is possible!

Here are some of the main reasons 4C hair texture can change naturally:

1. You heat style your hair too often

This means that you are someone who very often uses heat styling tools like hair straighteners, blow dryers and curling wands on the hair, thus leading to your hair memory adapting to a new hair texture.

2. You’ve experienced major hormonal changes

If your body has gone through any major hormonal change like a stressful event, pregnancy and childbirth, menopause, andropause, puberty etc., it could lead to a temporary change in one’s natural hair texture, until the body gains back its hormonal balance.

Sometimes certain medications too can cause a change in hormones, thereby leading to a texture change in the hair.

3. You body lacks collagen (the body’s natural protein)

Collagen is the body’s protein that helps provide the hair with structure. But over time, as we age, this protein gets depleted (and needs to be taken in from external sources) and this could change our hair’s natural texture.

4. You don’t follow a proper protein-filled diet

A balanced diet is very important and some people do not follow it. It is very essential that your body gets enough of protein because that’s what our hair is made up of. Lack of protein in the body can lead to a natural texture change over time.

5. You use hard water to wash your hair

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Hard water can strip the hair of all its natural oils and moisture. It also contains a lot of minerals that settle on the hair and this could end up changing the hair’s natural texture after some time.

Ways to Change 4C Natural Hair Texture Permanently

Well, there is no way natural hair texture can be changed “permanently”. This is because hair texture is something we are born with, even though there are a few factors that can contribute significantly to texture change.

But, through chemical treatments, there are certain ways to change 4C natural hair texture almost permanently (until your hair starts to grow back).

Here are some of the methods to use to change the natural texture of 4C hair:

1. Getting a perm

So some people would wish to go from 4C to straighter hair textures, but some may still like their curls, but not as curly maybe.

Therefore, people can choose to get a hair treatment called “the perm”. This treatment is also called as permanent waves. This is where straight hair is made curly using chemicals and thereafter, your hair will remain permed for the next 6 months or so.

But I’m sure many of you may have this question in mind – “Why would I need a perm for my already curly 4C hair?”.

Well, 4C hair is extremely curly and coily. Therefore, while you might not enjoy your coily hair texture, you may be looking to get beachy waves of S-curls and the only way to get them, is by getting a perm done.

But to get a perm done on 4C hair, you will first need to straighten your hair and change its texture from coily to straight, because perms can only work to make straight hair wavy/curly.

So therefore, the hair stylist will first straighten your 4C hair and then use a chemical called ammonium thioglycolate to perm your straight hair into beachy waves or medium curls.

This is one of the common ways to change 4C hair texture almost permanently, as the perm will last for around 6 months or even more, if it is well maintained.

2. Using a hair texturizer

Hair texturizing is a chemical treatment used for naturally curly hair to smoothen out the hair and reduce frizz. It can also change the hair texture by loosening out the curls.  

Therefore, those with 4C hair, you can simply get a hair texturizing treatment done wherein the treatment would only take around 5 minutes and no sooner would you have changed the texture of your hair.

But it is essential to remember that this treatment is “permanent” and changing your texture back to 4C hair will only mean you’ll have to wait for your natural hair to grow back out.

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But if you do wish to keep your new hair texture, which is – lesser curly hair, then you will have to do touch ups every two months to maintain the existing texture.

3. Using a chemical relaxer

You can use a chemical relaxer on your 4C hair to be able to get rid of at least 85% of your natural 4C texture. This is another common treatment used on 4C hair to change its natural texture permanently (until the hair grows out). The chemical relaxing process will involve the use of chemicals along with heat.

During this process, the hair stylist will use chemicals that will break down the bonds in the hair to be able to reset the hair bonds/change the texture of the hair permanently.

After your chemical relaxing hair treatment is done, you can even style it and once your hair is washed, you can be rest assured your hair will go back to its chemically relaxed state.

4. Getting a keratin treatment done

Permanent hair straightening or keratin treatment can change the texture of 4C hair by chemically altering the natural structure of the hair and thereafter, will lock in the straightened hair by using heat straighteners. This is done by using a mixture of chemicals along with keratin (a protein) to coat the hair strands and enable it to get straightened.

Once the hair is permanently/keratin straightened, the hair will remain straightened until the hair grows out and there is no way to get back the natural texture of the hair which has undergone the straightening treatment.

Can 4C Hair Texture Change to 4A on Its Own

There are a few reasons why 4C hair may change its texture to 4A over time and this could be because you’ve excessively used heat styling tools on your hair or maybe you did not follow a good diet.

There are times when certain medications we take may be a cause for a change in the texture of our hair. Also, for anyone who goes through any major hormonal changes due to stress, puberty, childbirth, menopause, andropause etc., hair texture could change.

Some people with 4C hair may see that their hair texture has changed to 4A and this could also be because of the water (if hard water) they are using to wash their hair.

How to Change Your Curl Pattern Without Chemicals

Many people choose chemical-based hair treatments to change their natural hair texture. But for those of you who do not wish to go in for something so permanent and do not want to commit, but still would love that little texture change for a bit, there are a few natural ways you could do it.

If you wish to change the texture of your natural curls, you could possibly grow your hair long. When the hair grows long, due to the weight of the hair, the curls elongate and the natural curl pattern changes.

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You could also stretch your hair using hairstyles. This means that you could possibly switch up your curl pattern by braiding your hair or putting them in hair twists. Over time, your hair memory will hold the new curl pattern, changing the hair’s natural texture.

How to Change 4C Hair to 3C Hair Texture

While there is no way to change your hair’s natural texture permanently, you could change your 4C hair into 3C hair by using chemicals.

Firstly, you could get your hair stylist to straighten your hair. After your hair has been straightened, then you can go ahead and get a perm to change your straightened hair into the curl pattern of your choice.

Will Changing 4C Hair Texture Damage Hair Structure and Integrity

Changing hair texture could definitely result in a significant change in hair structure and can also temporarily damage the integrity of your hair. But since there is no way you can permanently change the texture of your hair, this means that your hair structure and integrity too cannot be permanently damaged.

By this, it is safe to say that over time once your chemically treated 4C hair grows back, your natural hair structure and integrity will return.

The Final Takeaway

There are many reasons why the natural texture of your hair can change. While some people wish to change their natural hair texture by choice, for some it happens unwantedly due to other factors. But eventually, over time our hair texture will regain its natural form because it is something we are born with and cannot be changed permanently.

Yes, there are some chemical-based methods you could use to change your hair texture permanently, but even then, after your treated hair grows back out, it will go back to its original form.

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