What Does Purple Hair Look Like Faded

What Does Purple Hair Look Like Faded | On Unbleached, Brown And Blonde Hair Colors

What Does Purple Hair Look Like Faded on your particular hair color. Find out in my article below whether purple hair color turns lavender, violet or pink on your hair.

The purple hair dye will lose its initial intensity and will fade into more of a pastel tone over time. But of course, this “pastel tone” will vary from person to person because of hair type and texture.

Depending on the maintenance, type of dye used, shade of purple, quality of the dye and much more, purple hair color can fade to a light purple, lavender, periwinkle, violet or any other shade. 

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What Does Purple Hair Look Like Faded

Most often, purple hair dyes will fade into a more lighter and pastel shade of purple. This happens when the color molecules gradually get broken down and wash off over time.

Sometimes purple dye may also fade into shades of blue or pink. This will depend on the undertone in the purple hair dye and how it reacts with one’s hair.

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What Does Purple Hair Look Like Faded
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There are times when some people might notice that their purple hair, when it fades, fades into a lighter shade of red. Well, why does this happen?

It is essential to know that purple dye is made of blue and red pigments (but the red pigment is much lesser) and thus, there could be a possibility of the purple fading into red when it begins to fade.

purple dye on blonde hair
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Another thing to consider is that if your base hair color is light (it could even be dyed hair), the purple dye when it fades will turn into a grayish or silver shade.

If your hair color is blonde, then sometimes the purple dye can turn into a greenish shade! Yes, it’s possible!

Lastly, if your hair is dyed purple over another semi-permanent hair dye, then that color may show once the purple begins to fade.

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What Does Purple Hair Look Like Faded Without Bleach

Without bleach, purple will typically fade to a lighter shade of purple or it may even take on a blue or red hue depending on the dominant pigment in the purple dye. 

Most often, it will turn into a shade like lavender, lilac or silvery-gray. The initial vibrancy of the purple will diminish and it will reduce to a subtle purple color.

The exact way that your purple hair fades will depend on certain factors like the original shade of the purple dye, the type and quality of dye used, your hair maintenance routine etc.

What Does Purple Hair Look Like Faded Without Bleach

If you haven’t bleached your hair prior to the dyeing session and your base hair color was a light shade, then the purple dye will simply fade into a lighter shade of purple.

If you hadn’t bleached your hair and you had a dark base hair color prior to dyeing your hair purple, then your hair will fade into a rather darker shade of purple, eventually turning into a burgundy-like color.

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What Color Does Purple Fade To In Brown Hair

Typically, from brown and darker hair colors, purple hair dye would generally fade back into your original base hair color (before you dyed it purple) and may just have a slight tint of purple.

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What Color Does Purple Fade To In Brown Hair
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Brown hair naturally has warm undertones and as the purple dye begins to fade, the warm undertones of the brown hair can become more prominent.

purple hair color on brown hair

This can often lead to a reddish shade over the brown hair as the purple dye dissipates. The final color could result in either a subtle tinge of purple on the brown hair or a subtle tinge of reddish/pinkish on the brown hair.

What Does Faded Purple Hair Look on Blonde Hair

purple dye faded over blonde hair
Source: Instagram @ haileybailey4

When purple hair dye fades on blonde hair, the result can be quite distinct. The outcome of the fading process will depend on the initial base color of your hair.

Thus, faded purple dye on blonde hair can often turn into a soft and pastel shade of lavender or lilac. In some cases, the purple dye may fade into a subtle pinkish shade and this could happen if the blonde hair had underlying warm tones, thus making the warm tones more pronounced.

Sometimes, depending on the type of purple dye used and the undertones in the blonde hair, the fading process can result in a silvery or gray shade of hair with a lavender hue.

Why Does Purple Hair Color Fade Easily

Purple hair dye contains lighter pigments compared to other dark hair colors, thus making it easier to fade once the hair is washed.

Also, other factors like frequent hair washing and using sulfated shampoos or shampoos not meant for colored hair, can also cause fading.

In addition to this, the initial depth and vibrancy of the purple hair dye also plays an important role in how fast the color will fade. Deeper purple shades may fade less faster than lighter shades.

Will Purple Shampoo Prevent Purple Hair Color from Fading

This is a very commonly asked question that many purple-haired people are looking for an answer to! Well, here it is – yes, purple shampoo can help prevent purple hair color from fading and also enhance it considerably.

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You could use a purple shampoo on your purple hair to help add depth and darken your purple hair. It can also help enhance and keep up the purple color on your hair.

purple shampoo on purple hair

It is essential to remember that a purple shampoo is a product to cleanse the hair and also enhance the purple hair pigments, but it is not a dye or a dye replacement. This means that the molecules of a purple shampoo will only sit on your hair strands and not enter it or change the hair fibers.

Thus, a purple shampoo can enhance the purple tone in your hair. But nevertheless, you can use it just once in a while, as it is not a replacement to your regular shampoo.

Overusing a purple shampoo can make your hair feel oversaturated and can create a color tone that is flat and one that lacks depth.


The fading process may vary based on one’s hair type, the level of maintenance, the initial base color and more. But does this have to stop you from dyeing your hair purple? No, of course not!

You could also use a color-safe shampoo and conditioner for regular washing and use a purple shampoo or a color-depositing shampoo once in a couple of weeks, in addition to avoiding the use of heat styling tools to be able to maintain the radiance of your purple hair color for as long as possible.

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