How To Get Pink Hair Dye Out Of Hair

How To Get Pink Hair Dye Out Of Hair | Natural Hacks That Don’t Involve Bleach

Learn about how to get pink hair dye out of hair at home without using bleach and by using natural remedies like baking soda, vinegar and more. 

Pink hair dye is fun to have but when you get bored of it, this type of dye can be difficult to remove. If you have bleached hair prior to applying pink dye, you can use some DIY methods to fade pink dye and get back your base color.

At a glance, let’s take a look at how to get pink hair dye out of your hair in a few easy home remedies.

  • Use a Hair Color Remover
  • Use Vitamin C Powder
  • Apply Vinegar To Hair
  • Mix Some Baking Soda With Your Shampoo
  • Give Hair Some Sun Exposure
  • Going Swimming Can Help
  • Use A Bleach Bath
  • Wash Hair With A Clarifying Shampoo

How To Get Pink Hair Dye Out Of Hair?

If you want to get pink hair dye out of hair without using bleach, developer or further lightening it, you can use home remedies like bleaching powder, vitamin C or rinsing it with vinegar to remove the color. But if you want instant results, you can use hair color removers. There are also toners that will remove reddish tones from hair but won’t get rid of pink hair color completely.

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How To Get Pink Hair Dye Out of Hair

So, here’s the part you were looking for! These are a few ways that will strip off your pink hair dye easily. 

Take Help of Hair Dye Removers To Strip Pink Color

how to remove pink hair dye without bleach

Color removers like the Color Oops Hair Dye Remover are the typical and go-to treatment that you can choose to strip that extra color off. Many of the hair dye removers come with gentle formulations that remove the color without altering your natural color of hair. 

Also, these can be used on both permanent and semi-permanent colors to get rid of them. But the downside to using hair dye remover is the off-putting odor that comes along with it. So, you would have to be prepared mentally and physically to endure that. 

Typically, you would need to wash it off just once to get rid of the pink, but depending on the brand you go for, this can vary and take longer. So, before heading forward to use it, I would suggest going through its instructions and using it accordingly. 

Here are a few personal tips that might come to your help. 

  • First off, wash your hair with anti-dandruff shampoo (as these contains strong detergents and surfactants), or you can choose cleansing or clarifying shampoos too, and wash your hair thoroughly. Remove the build-up of hair products and oil, but don’t condition it
  • Following that, let your hair dry naturally and not use blow dryers
  • The next thing you would like to do is take the hair dye remover and mix its ingredients as per the instructions and apply it to your colored hair as evenly as possible
  • Afterward, cover the whole section in plastic wrap or shower cap and leave it for as long as the instructions ask you to
  • Afterward, wash it off thoroughly. also, remember that it can take some potential time to get rid of all the color and clear the product from your hair too
  • Once you are done, deep condition your hair so that you can restore all the nutrients and moisture lost during the process. 

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Go For a Vitamin C Wash To Remove Pink Dye

remove pink hair dye with vitamin c

There are so many people who can swear by the effectiveness that Vitamin C has when it comes to stripping off the hair dye. But you need to be careful with it as it leaves your hair dry, sucking out almost all the moisture there is in your strands. Seek deep conditioning afterward to minimize the damage and dryness. 

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All you would require to do is grab vitamin C tablets or 1000 mg of vitamin C powders with ascorbic acid. Both work fine. But if you choose the tablets, you will need to crush them thoroughly. Vitamin C is a natural bleaching agent.

In fact, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) there are several lightening treatments containing vitamin c and glutathione as components.

Along with the vitamin C product, you would need a dye-free cleansing shampoo. 

Here’s what you need to do-

  •  If you are taking tablets, crush nearly 15 tablets, but if you are taking a half cup of the vitamin C powder 
  • Following that, take a container and add some clarifying shampoo init and then mix it with the vitamin C powder 
  • Once, mixed apply it all over your pink shade evenly and avoid any contact with skin or eyes
  • Following the application, leave it in your hair for around five to ten minutes
  • Then rinse the formulation off of your hair thoroughly 
  • Once done, don’t forget to use deep conditioners afterward to get the moisture back, and you will be done and your pink hair dye removed

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Use a Vinegar Hair Mask to Strip Hair Dye

how to remove pink hair dye with vinegar

If you seek a vinegar mask for your pink hair dyed hair, you are going to strip off that color real soon or, to say precisely, within just a few uses. Vinegar is really effective in getting rid of the semi-permanent hair dyes, so if your shade of pink is not permanent, then this how-to could help you a great deal.

But remember the fact that vinegar is a bit corrosive in nature, so you would need to dilute it. 

For diluting, you can either choose a moisturizing shampoo or some other preferable liquid. Adding to that, you would also need to prepare yourself for the odor that follows, and that too for a few days. 

Here’s how you would want to do it- 

  • You can either choose white vinegar or apple cider vinegar for the stripping-off process. So, whatever you choose, take equal parts of the formula along with a moisturizing shampoo and mix it thoroughly
  • Afterward, you would need to dampen your hair and apply the vinegar and moisturizing shampoo formula evenly all through your pink color
  • Lather it and then leave it for around 20 to 30 minutes to work on the task
  • Following that, rinse your hair off thoroughly with water
  • Once done follow up with shampoo and don’t forget to condition

Mix Shampoo With Baking Soda To Remove Pink Dye

how to remove pink hair dye with baking soda

If your pink hair dye shade is semi-permanent and dark, baking soda is going to do wonders in stripping it off. Further, it is one of the most effective ways to get rid of the shade as it penetrates the hair strands. 

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You can do two things to make this formula, either choose a shampoo and add the formula to it or mix it with water. I have tried this trick using shampoo, so I will be giving you the suggestions keeping that in mind. 

Here’s how you make the solution- 

  • First, take nearly half a mug of baking soda and add it with one cup of shampoo and mix them together 
  • The next thing you would require do is make your hair damp them and then apply the formula evenly on the affected areas or the colored area thoroughly
  • Use your hands to lather it up and go through all the sections of your colored, but make sure not to make any contact with your eyes 
  • Once done, leave it for nearly 20 to 30 minutes 
  • After the stated time, slowly rinse it off thoroughly using cold water 
  • Following that, use oils to get the moisture back and lock them in, in your shafts, and you would be good to go 

Get Some Sun Exposure

Yes, I know. Getting a lot of sun or rather UV exposure is bad for hair. But did you know that one of the problems that results from sun exposure can actually benefit you. UV rays can fade hair dye. So spending a lot of time in the sun can help fade your pink hair dye.

However, I wouldn’t recommend this method. UV rays can actually damage your hair a lot. But if you HAVE to spend time out in the sun, well this is a good method as any!

Get Yourself Into A Swimming Pool

Now this is a tricky one. The chlorine and salt water combination of the swimming pool water can fade hair dye to a certain extent. However, it might also interact with it to become a weird greenish color.

So you need to be careful how you go about this. If you swim regularly and have noticed no issues with the dye interacting with the salt water then go ahead and do a few more laps.

However, do not forget to use a chelating shampoo everytime you get out of the pool as the residue of salt and chlorine can damage hair and cause scalp irritation. A chelating shampoo (shampoo which contains ingredients that bind to salt particles removing them from hair) can help cleanse your hair.

Some chelating shampoo also contain sulfates and have a clarifying effect as they contain sodium laureth sulfate and sodium lauryl sulfate that can strip hair dye.

Wash Hair With A Clarifying Shampoo

Sulfates are bad for hair because they strip hair dye and moisture from your hair. But what if you want to strip your hair dye? Well, sulfate-based shampoos can actually come in handy then, wouldn’t they?

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A strong clarifying shampoo can remove most of the hair dye pigments from your hair in one wash itself, especially if you have used a temporary dye. But for semi-permanent dye, you might have to wash your hair more than once.

This method does work well. However, it will leave your hair dye. And there are chances that the vigorous cleansing effect of the sulfates in the shampoo can damage your hair cuticles and lead to (further) damage.

I’d say avoid this method if you have very dry hair or already-damaged hair. And even then do not wash your hair with clarifying shampoo for more than once a week.

Is it Possible to Remove Every Hair Dye Naturally? 

Okay, so I know I said it is possible to strip the hair dye off of your hair but is it the same case every time, or with every hair dye you use? Well, I don’t think you are going to like it, but the answer is it really depends! 

It generally depends on the type of products that are infused into your hair. For instance, some boxed color dyes or even henna are quite difficult to strip off of your hair because of where they settle on your strands. 

Also, temporary colors and glosses are easy to get rid of, but then again, it depends on the sort of hair you have, like how porous your hair is and how many layers you want to get rid of. 

So, here’s a little help on how you can remove your shade of pink from your hair. But before we go ahead, let me just tell you, do not ever try to strip the hair dye off using bleach. Just stay away from it. 

Also, don’t try to dull the shade using lighter box color. Don’t seek the aggressive method to strip them off, and choose products that are effective as well as gentle to avoid any unnecessary damage. 

Wrapping Up On The Hacks For Removing Pink Hair Dye without Bleach

So, wrapping on the tips to get rid of pink hair dye from your hair, all I have to say is choose the method according to you. But at the same time, if you are sensitive and have allergies to any of these things, I would suggest seeking professional help instead of taking the one into your own hands. 

But if you are not too inclined to have allergies, then you can easily go for these methods. 

Apart from this, I know that pink is an amazing and vibrant color, and it is really good as hair color, but, of course, no one would want to stay permanently on their head. 

Keeping that in mind, I hope you learned the various ways to strip that color off of your hair. Also, while some of these methods are less damaging, a few can cause potential damage, so choose wisely and go the one that suits you. 

Hope you have a healthy outcome. Till then, keep exploring all the shades of pink!

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