Can you use purple shampoo for purple hair

Can You Use Purple Shampoo For Purple Hair?

Can you use purple shampoo for purple hair? Find out here! I’ve also listed out the best purple shampoo for purple hair.

Teenagers have been posting videos of themselves applying enormous amounts of purple shampoo on dry hair over the previous few days. 

It’s unclear why, but after scrolling down the #PurpleShampooChallenge, which has 3.8 million views on the app compared to #PurpleShampoo’s 59.9 million.

Some people believe that when applied to dry hair, it will turn their hair icy blonde when washed, while others believe that it will turn their hair purple.

Unfortunately, we must break the news to them that it actually doesn’t either unless you have icy blonde hair. 

Since purple shampoo, sometimes referred to as toning shampoo, is made to prevent undertones and assist in removing brassiness. Therefore, there is no use in taking on this challenge if you are not blonde. 

The purple shampoos will work if you are, but the change won’t be as striking as purple hair. Your mane will instead appear more platinum or pure blonde.

Although the excessive application is not TikTok good, the content itself is. Because being waste conscious is precious.

Many tones, whether blond or brunette, can profit from a purple shampoo. The unexpected shade might well hold the key to maintaining the vibrancy and freshness of your color. 

The trick to maintaining your hair color appearing new, vivid, and like you recently left the salon is to use a purple toning shampoo. Everything you want to know about using purple shampoo is below.

Can You Use Purple Shampoo For Purple Hair

Why use purple shampoo?

You must first comprehend brassiness in order to grasp why the tinted product is so important for maintaining hair color.

The unwelcome warm, yellow tones that appear in bleached strands, especially blonde hair, are referred to as brassiness.

 Brassiness can be brought on by a wide range of factors, including chlorine, mineral contaminants in water, and UV rays from the sun. Purple shampoo can help with that. It releases purple pigmentation that helps your hair’s color return to a cooler tone while it cleans the strands.

what does purple shampoo do to your hair

However, why purple? The complimentary colors of purple and yellow are known to anyone who has studied color theory.

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They are hence on the color wheel completely opposite of one another. When complimentary hues are mixed together in an exact proportion, they cancel out one another.

Pure purple and pure yellow when combined in exactly equal parts will not produce a color that is either purple or yellow, but rather a dark gray or ashy-brown. 

Combining complementary hues in different ratios results in a varied impact. You will obtain a less strong yellow if you combine a large amount of pure yellow with a small amount of pure purple.

Utilizing the vibrant liquid on a regular basis will revitalize your hair color and assist in keeping brass under control.

A small action taken over time can have a significant impact. In conclusion, purple shampoo is a simple approach to get rid of brass, regardless of whether you have blonde or lightened dark hair.

Include it in your normal hair care regimen so that your cool-toned hair color stays vibrant.

purple shampoo on dark purple hair

What Does Purple Shampoo Do To Purple Hair

Lighter colors, like lavender or lilac, naturally fade more quickly than darker colors, like eggplant or violet, since they require less pigment.

If you choose a pastel purple color, a purple shampoo can remove any brassiness that may start to appear as your color ages. 

Purple shampoos are most effective at cooling down warm hues, including pastels, blonde, and white hair. In light of this, a sulfate-free shampoo is recommended if your shade of purple is deeper.

As coloring your hair might be very drying, keep in mind a shampoo that has loads of moisture. Consider components like vitamin E, amino acids, and coconut oil. 

These saviors will revitalize dry or brittle strands and strengthen your purple hair.

Can black hair be washed with purple shampoo?

While purple shampoo is commonly used on blonde hair, brunettes who lighten their hair with balayage or ombré might also benefit from it because they frequently experience the same types of brassiness and color changes. 

In other words, brunettes with lighter patches of hair can benefit from using a purple shampoo designed for blonde hair.

What qualities should a purple shampoo have?

Finding the finest shampoo for blonde women or people with darker hair might be difficult because there are so many identical products on the market.

Love Beauty & Planet Argan Oil and Lavender Sulfate Free Smooth and Serene Shampoo is now available. Multiple difficulties that frequently arise with color-treated, lightened hair are addressed by this purple shampoo.

According to Pureology Artist Emily Alders, “The purple hue comes from a transient dye molecule that remains on the surface of the locks, helping to counteract brassiness and keep those cool, blonde tones.” (But don’t worry, your hair won’t become purple.)

how to use purple shampoo

Schwarzkopf Professional Goodbye Yellow Neutralising & Anti-Yellow Sulfate Free Purple Shampoo is sulfate-free as well, so you don’t have to worry about it robbing you of moisture or color. Yes, this purple shampoo for dry hair also has characteristics that relieve the thirst.

Purple shampoo—is it a toner?

Purple shampoo falls within the category of toners since it releases pigment to alter hair tone. Brass can be neutralized by its pigments.

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Toners also include hair glosses, which increase shine and fortify strands, and demi-permanent hair dyes, which update hair color or improve your natural shade.

How frequently should purple shampoo be used?

how often should you use purple shampoo

You decide how frequently you use purple shampoo. Alders advises using it every day or substituting it for your regular shampoo whenever you notice that your color is beginning to look a little orangey or needs a quick refresh. 

It really is that easy to use; just use it like you would any other shampoo.

  • Everpure Blonde Shampoo by L’Oreal Paris is gentle enough even for daily use. And once more, you won’t unintentionally get grape-colored hair. But be prepared for your blonde to appear brighter and more cool toned.
  • Apply shampoo on damp hair and massage for one minute. Rinse the product out after lathering your hair completely.
  • Professionals advise that you follow it up with products designed for hair repair that should be used prior to any other treatments or stylers. The hair restoration treatment includes an AntiFade Complex to even further seal in your color as well as Keravis, a protein produced from vegetables that helps to strengthen strands.
  • Apply conditioner, shampoo’s perfect match, next for amazingly silky hair. The conditioner with a purple tint is for all hues of blonde, highlighted, and lightened hair that has been colored. It improves the outcomes of Shampoo and Conditioner by further enhancing strand strength and bringing out the color of hair.

How long should purple shampoo be left in?

Generally speaking, you should leave your purple shampoo in your hair longer before rinsing it out the cooler your blonde hair is. Specifics are listed below.

  • Warm Blondes: Don’t rinse for 1-3 minutes.
  • Neutral Blondes: Don’t rinse for 3 to 5 minutes.
  • Cool Blondes: Don’t rinse for 5–15 minutes.

What distinguishes purple shampoo from a color-safe shampoo?

Should I use purple shampoo after dying my hair purple

A shampoo that is color safe is one that has a gentle surfactant in it (the agent meant for cleansing  in your shampoo). 

Despite being quite effective at keeping hair sparkling clean, harsh, highly foamy surfactants are more prone to harm the hair’s cuticle  which is the outermost layer of the hair.  

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Since the hair cuticle is the first line of protection for the hair strand, it is crucial to preserve it. 

The hair cuticle serves as a barrier to protect the interior of the hair fiber inside and the outside outside, just like the skin does for your body. 

Because there is no barrier to keep artificially dyed color “in the hair,” as it were, when the hair cuticles is broken, color fades more quickly.

A purple shampoo is distinct from a color-safe shampoo since their formulations serve different purposes. 

A purple shampoo adds pigment on top of the hair cuticle to maintain the appropriate shade of color whereas a color-safe shampoo is made to be gentle on the hair cuticle. 

While using a color-safe shampoo rather than a purple one won’t harm your hair, it won’t stop the yellowing that happens to blonde hair that has been dyed.

Using purple shampoo, can you get purple hair?

Purple shampoos are often not made to make the hair look overtly purple because their goal is to prevent blonde hair from turning yellow or orange rather than staying blonde. Purple shampoo is not permanent, unlike hair dye. 

The purple pigments do not penetrate the hair fiber; they remain on the hair cuticle. The pigments are eliminated when you wash your hair again with a shampoo that isn’t purple because they aren’t inside the hair fiber and there isn’t anything holding them to the fiber.

Despite this, some individuals do attempt to color their hair  using purple shampoo by purposefully disobeying the manufacturer’s recommendations and leaving the shampoo in their hair for several hours as opposed to just a few minutes. 

Summary on Using Purple Shampoo for Purple Hair

Even while leaving shampoo on the hair fiber for several hours is bad for it, it can leave you with temporary purple hair. 

This effect will only last a short while; as soon as the user resumes normal bathing (or uses purple shampoo for only a little while), the color will start to noticeably disappear.

Since there are so many brands and it could get difficult for you to choose the one that suits you best, I have added a link to the YouTube video that will surely help you find out the best purple shampoo for your hair type.

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