Can You Use Purple Shampoo For Grey Hair

Can You Use Purple Shampoo For Grey Hair?

Can you use purple shampoo for grey hair? Find out here! Also learn how to use purple shampoo and which is the best purple shampoo for natural gray hair.

Grey hair appears more frequently on the street-style set during fashion month in cities like New York and Paris. Several stylish women, like Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, and Kylie Jenner, have embraced the grey hairstyle, proving that it is not a momentary craze.

The grey hair trend isn’t just for “the elderly” anymore; it’s more of an attitude than hair color. Grey is stylish, seductive, edgy, and highly popular right now. 

How you accept this color is entirely up to you, whether you add highlights to the new shade or get a new haircut to add some structure.

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Grey hair, which is hair that lacks pigment, is prone to stains from styling products, pollutants, or hard water. Also, grey hair can occasionally appear brassy and dull. 

That’s because the pigment in our hair gradually deteriorates over time; yellow (grey hair often turns yellow when it gets stained) is the final color to fade.

Fortunately, the purple shampoo will assist in resolving that, which is why it’s crucial to a trying grey guide. 

Can You Use Purple Shampoo For Grey Hair

Grey hair can become brassy and lifeless, but silver strands can quickly brighten with a purple shampoo. 

Purple shampoo is the finest toner for grey hair since it reduces brassiness brought on by heat styling, chemicals, product buildup, sun, salt, chlorine, and other environmental pollutants.

If you’re new to the purple shampoo game, we’ll instruct you the following to better understand purple shampoo for grey hair:

How does Purple Shampoo work?

Grey hair has the reputation of becoming brassy, resulting in a yellowish hue. Thus, if you color your grey hair and it starts to seem brassy, it’s likely that the toner and color are fading. 

You may either go to the hairdresser to have it fixed, or you can start embracing your grey hair and controlling it using purple shampoo.

Benefits of using Purple Shampoo

Purple shampoo’s violet pigment functions so well because of a principle you probably learned in elementary school art class—how colors interact on the color wheel. 

Brassy hues are found on the color wheel’s yellow side. But, when the hues violet and yellow are combined, they work as a unit to create a neutral condition.

So when you use purple shampoo, your hair benefits from taking on a brilliant, brass-free tone.

Purple shampoo is intended to reduce the yellow in grey and white hair, even if it doesn’t eradicate the yellow color. 

A high-quality purple shampoo will not have sulfates, which means it won’t contain surfactants that will rob your hair of moisture. 

Instead, the shampoo’s components will moisturize and nourish your hair while taming the yellow.

Why is it necessary to use purple shampoo for gray hair?

If you don’t use purple shampoo and have light-colored grey hair, your hair will likely turn untidy. People that don’t use purple shampoo on their grey hair include:

  • An overly bright, brassy tone
  • Peppery, dull look
  • Being younger than you are

If you never use purple shampoo, your hair will eventually go from brassy to an unpleasant yellow. 

People who wash their hair in hard water that has been chemically treated suffer a particularly serious problem with such glaring yellow tones.

Types of purple shampoos for gray hair

The purple range, like conventional shampoos, is available in several forms to accommodate various hair types. Popular purple shampoos include the following:

  • Hydrating shampoo
  • Shampoo with protein for repairs
  • UV shields

Here are a few shampoo products that would be good for your gorgeous grey hair:

Luseta Purple Shampoo and Conditioner Set: The set is free of Sulphate, Paraben, and Gluten. The product is highly rated because it has a rich and neutral formula for giving the best hair care results. 

purple shampoo for gray hair walmart

The Jhirmack Silver Brightening Purple Shampoo and Conditioner: The products are best for silver, blonde, and grey hair. It keeps the hair bright and nourished. With the best hair care formula, the combo is set to provide you with a salt and pepper look. 

Pantene Silver Expressions: This expression product reduces the dullness in the hair and eliminates brassy tones. It neutralizes the excess yellow that is caused by the pollution. The formula gives the hair a healthy look. 

purple shampoo for grey hair

Bold UNIQ: This brand saves you ample time for salon visits. The material is sulfate and Paraben free and is PETA-approved. Anyone looking for vegan hair products can give this product a shot. 

Orca: These hair products have chemicals like Biotin, Vitamin B, collagen, silk protein, and argan oil. It is a sulfate-free product and is safe for all hair types. 

what shampoo can i use for grey hair

When Should You Use Purple Shampoo for Gray Hair?

Your potential to use purple shampoo on grey hair and how frequently you do so are influenced by several aspects, including:

  • Your hair’s degree of porosity

Purple shampoo should be used less frequently if your hair is porous. This is due to the fact that your hair will absorb its color, briefly turning it from grey to purple.

It is recommended that you begin with the weekly use of purple shampoo. If you know that your hair is porous, cut its frequency in half and use it every two weeks instead.

Depending on how your hair reacts, you can gradually increase how frequently you use purple shampoo.

When you don’t use purple shampoo, wash your hair with a regular, high-quality shampoo.

  • Your hair’s degree of greasiness

Grey hair responds wonderfully to purple shampoo. However, for this to happen, you must have a lot of grey hairs, preferably light-colored ones. In reality, purple shampoo won’t function if your amount of grey hair is low.

Consult your stylist if you’re unsure which category your grey hair belongs to.

  • Your level of dark hair

A head of grey hair combined with a lot of colored hair will not benefit from purple shampoo. Also, purple shampoo won’t work on dark grey hair (whether natural or dyed).

Hold off using purple “shampoo” if you’re halfway to becoming grey but not quite there because it won’t make much difference. 

How to use purple shampoo for gray hair?

Let’s look at how to use purple shampoo now that you know the answer to the question, “What does purple shampoo do to grey hair?” and how frequently you should use it.

  • Wash your hair

We advise you to wash your hair with warm water when using purple shampoo. This is because the warmer the water, the more your cuticles will open. It thus stimulates dirt to come out of your hair. 

Additionally, it’ll allow your hair to absorb the purple shampoo better by freeing up the oil on your scalp.

  • Use your purple shampoo to scrub

Purple shampoo should be applied to your hair in the same quantity as regular shampoo. So, depending on the length of each person’s hair, the amount will vary. 

You should try to scrape in your shampoo from the roots to the tips of your hair. 

Even if you don’t have a full head of brassy grey hairs, purple shampoo’s brilliance will still benefit your grey hairs, even if they aren’t brassy.

  • Concentrate on areas that require the most attention

Even though you should use purple shampoo on the full head of hair, concentrating on the brassy parts is essential for the best results. 

You might not be aware of this: Compared to your hair, your roots are less porous. To give purple shampoo extra time to absorb, you should first scrub it into that area. 

Additionally, you should concentrate your scrubbing efforts on the areas of your hair with the brassiest color.

  • Let it rest

For 15 to 30 minutes, you should allow the purple shampoo to stay in your hair.

  • Apply hair conditioner

Apply your favorite conditioner without rinsing the shampoo out of your hair. We advise using a natural conditioner with lots of moisturizing properties and no toxins.

Purple conditioners are available on the market if you’ve already been looking for purple shampoos. I have suggested a few shampoos, which also come with a condition in the deal.

  • Clean everything up

Rinsing may seem like a simple step, but it’s more crucial than you believe because if you unintentionally leave any of the purple shampoos in your hair and don’t thoroughly rinse it out, it could result in jagged results. 

Additionally, like many common shampoos, purple shampoo can dry out your scalp and produce flaky skin.

  • Examine your efforts

After towel-drying your hair, you should be prepared to flaunt your stunning grey hair to the world. 

However, there’s no need to panic if you almost passed out when you noticed a purple color in your hair after drying it.

Even the finest of us can experience it, particularly in the instances described below:

  • You spent more than 30 minutes with the shampoo in your hair.
  • Your hair has a lot of pores.

Purchase a premium clarifying shampoo to resolve this issue. 

Apply it next in accordance with the directions, which should be identical to the stages we covered previously. Your hair will eventually lose its purple color.

  • Keep your hair moisturized

Regular conditioning of your hair is essential in between applications of purple shampoo. 

This is particularly apparent if you use a purple shampoo devoid of conditioning properties. Purple shampoo and clarifying shampoo, if necessary, can be very drying. 

So, if you think your hair needs it, don’t be hesitant to apply a heavy moisturizer to it.

Wrapping Up!

Purple shampoo is best for protecting the hair from UV rays. Mineral impurities and chlorine mess with the hair and cause brassiness. 

Salon uses purple color to give a natural blonde, platinum, and silver look. Using purple shampoo is the best solution if you face brassy hair. 

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