Sun-Kissed Champagne Blonde Highlights

15 Amazing Sun-Kissed Champagne Blonde Highlights 2023

If you are planning to get yourself highlights for your hair, there is no better color to get than the most beautiful sun-kissed champagne blonde highlights. Read on more!

There is something about getting highlights, right? They add depth and give the hair a voluminous illusion. It makes your hair look more textured and better enhanced.

But what can make your “getting highlights” experience even better is getting the color sun-kissed champagne blonde! This warm shade adds the perfect tinge of color, blending just the right amounts of yellow and orange to achieve the champagne look.

This article will give you 15 different sun-kissed champagne blonde highlight ideas you can try out today!

Top Sun-Kissed Champagne Blonde Highlight Ideas

Champagne Blonde Highlights With Light Black Ombre

This color combination of champagne blonde highlights on a light black base is one that is pretty common but is super trendy. It radiates a very casual look and spells class.

Sun-Kissed Champagne Blonde Highlights
Source: Instagram @hairbykatelynmarie

These champagne blonde highlights create the perfect ombre with light black hair. The darker shade at the top, with sun-kissed tinges of champagne blonde highlights gradually making its way from the roots to the tips, creates the perfect ombre blend.

Sun Kissed Champagne Blonde Highlights With Peanut Brown Hair

Peanut brown hair is a natural hair color that many people already have! So, if you are one of them who has this lovely hair color shade, then guess what, you don’t even need to color your hair the peanut brown hair shade.

sunkissed highlights on blonde hair
Source: Instagram @parisrosehairartistry

Simply leave your base shade as is and get yourself these champagne blonde highlights to go with it! Very often, Hailey Bieber has been seen sporting this hair look.

Tortilla Brown Hair With Champagne Blonde Highlights

Have you watched the famous TV show Friends? Well, one of the main stars Jenifer Aniston has been seen sporting this lovely hair look a lot!

blonde sunkissed highlights
Source: Instagram @beautybyevarose

The base shade tortilla brown is one that is extremely rare, but it really gets those lovely and classy champagne blonde highlights to stand out like never before.

Golden Glow With Champagne Blonde Highlights

If there’s one color that you can use as a base shade and can be sure there can be nothing that will go wrong with, is the color gold!

sun kissed hair captions
Source: Instagram @anhnguyensalon

Gold is the most natural and neutral shade to exist! It is one that is not too dark, nor too warm. It is just right and has the right amount of glow, that can make your champagne blonde highlights stand out well enough.

Ash Grey Hair With Champagne Blonde Highlights

Well, if I am being honest here, I have to say that this hair look is one of my personal favorites! The color ash grey is the perfect match to champagne blonde highlights or so I think.

sun kissed blonde highlights
Source: Instagram @aurorasalonwlv

The reason I like this color blend is because of how aesthetically these colors blend in almost making it look as one gradually shaded hair color.

Sun Kissed Champagne Blonde Highlights On Black Hair

Do you have black hair and do not wish to let go of it yet? Well, we all like a change after a point, don’t we?

sunkissed hair highlights
Source: Instagram @hairslay_byjayy

Getting champagne blonde highlights in an ombre hairstyle is one that can literally suit any brunette! It gives an appearance of a gradual tinge of color, separating the dark from the light making it look elegant, with a good touch of class of course!

Dark Champagne Highlights With Chocolate Hair

Getting dark champagne highlights is very rare because most often, people prefer the regular light-colored sun-kissed champagne blonde highlights.

sun-kissed highlights on brown hair
Source: Instagram @ankitapaul236

These dark-colored champagne blonde highlights are those that go perfectly with dark hair and what better shade than chocolate brown to blend these highlights in with? They make the ideal combination for a dark-on-dark blend!

Champagne Blonde Highlights With Ash Black Base Hair

Ash Black is a rare shade, but when you blend it in with these champagne blonde highlights, in order for the highlights to stand out, you require to have a very minimum ash black base hair color. Ash black is almost like grey, but slightly darker in color.

sun-kissed highlights on black hair
Source: Instagram @kelly_fisher_hmua

Getting champagne blonde highlights with just hints of this ash black base hair color show will definitely make your champagne blonde highlights stand out for sure!

Cedar Base Hair With Champagne Blonde Highlights

Do you like very low-key highlights? Like you want highlights, but not too much of it? Then try getting these sun-kissed champagne blonde highlights along with this cedar hair color for your base hair.

sunkissed blonde hair
Source: Instagram @julia_stefanhair

It will give your hair the look of highlights but make it just as an illusion, without focusing too much on the “highlights” per say.

Umber Hair With Champagne Blonde Ombre

My second favourite color combination when it comes to getting highlights would be the color number as my base hair shade, along with sun-kissed champagne blonde highlights.

sunkissed hair color
Source: Instagram @salonmaher

The reason I’d get this color combination is that I think it makes for the perfect blend between the dark and the light. Getting a number with champagne blonde highlights in an ombre look will be absolutely perfect!

Khaki And Champagne Blonde Highlights With Ombre

When you think of highlights, most often you will get ideas that showcase the ombre look and this is because an ombre will make your highlights stand out better than any other style.

sun kissed highlights on curly hair
Source: Instagram @deborahlynnhairartistry

The color khaki is a shade that is rare and choosing this shade for your base hair along with champagne blonde highlights will make a very pretty and aesthetic color combination for your hair.

Red Copper Hair With Light Champagne Blonde Highlights

If I had to choose one of these ideas to get for myself right away, then without any second thoughts I would go ahead and get this one!

sun-kissed highlights on dark blonde hair
Source: Instagram @julianhairstudio

The shade copper red is one that you hardly get to see people try out because they do have the surety whether they can pull off this hair look or not.

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Well, let’s be honest here, this shade is one that literally anyone can pull off because it looks gorgeous and classy! Champagne blonde highlights go super well with this hair color as its base.

Peekaboo Champagne Highlights On Brown Hair

Currently trending and super popular, is this “peekaboo” trend. So, what’s the peekaboo trend when it comes to getting highlights? Well, let’s just say it is – you see the highlights, but sometimes you don’t!

what are sun kissed highlights
Source: Instagram @urbanbloomcurls

The reason I like these peekaboo champagne blonde highlights on brown base hair is that they stand out while your hair is left look, but when you tie your hair up, they peep out here and there, making the style look super unique and one that is not tried out by many people.

Honey Dew Hair With Champagne Blonde Highlights

Yet another one of my personal favourites is this hair look. The color honeydew is a super soothing shade that makes the champagne blonde highlights stand out perfectly.

how to get natural blonde highlights in the sun
Source: Instagram @blissfullyhair

It is a color that looks super classy and gives a look of pure elegance! It is a mild shade that blends in with the champagne blonde highlights, especially when combined with a honeydew ombre.

Blonde Base Hair With Champagne Blonde Highlights

I’m sure that most of you may be wondering where are the “highlights” in this hair look. Well, if you look closely, you will find them, but I have to admit that getting champagne blonde highlights with this hair shade is almost negligible!

sun kissed blonde balayage
Source: Instagram @t.novakhair

Champagne blonde highlights on blonde hair simply will show volume and add texture, but will not show off too much of color. So get it only if that’s what you are looking for.

Get Sun Kissed Champagne Blonde Highlights Naturally

If you like the look of champagne blonde highlights on your hair, then you can actually get it “sun-kissed” by trying out the natural method of getting these highlights by sitting under the sun! Sounds a little absurd, doesn’t it? Well, let me explain.

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Many people like to get highlights of this color because of how vibrant it looks, but do not like to dye their dye because of the chemicals involved.

Well, you can get these highlights naturally by simply using lemon juice on your hair.

Here’s How You Can Get It Done At Home

You can mix together half a cup of lemon juice along with half a cup of water in a spray bottle.

Then, wet your hair under running water and pat dry it with a towel until it is damp. (Make sure that your hair hasn’t been washed for a couple of days before this process).

Thereafter, you can section out portions of your hair (which you want to be highlighted) and spray this lemon-water mixture all over those sections.

After the spraying process, you will have to lay down in the sun (like you’d do when you want a tan), with your hair exposed (so make sure to use sufficient sunscreen on your skin), for around an hour. Later, wash your hair with shampoo and condition your hair as usual.

Repeat this process once in a couple of weeks until you get the desired champagne blonde hair highlights.

The final takeaway

If you are into warm colors and cannot think of one to choose, then go in for the sun-kissed champagne blonde shade. It is a shade that can literally suit anyone and is one that will always remain “trendy”!

So, you can choose a new base color or simply get these highlights on your existing hair color, whatever suits you fine, because this shade will find a way to fit in perfectly! All you need to do is just go in for it!

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