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20 Awesome Tribal Braids Hairstyles You Have To Try In 2024

The most stylish tribal braids hairstyles in different hair lengths and textures for black women who are looking for protective hair care.

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Tribal braids really bring out the beauty in black girls. 

We see so many African American celebrities like Solange and Lupita Nyong’o proudly wearing tribal braids even on red carpet events. 

Tribal braids not only deliver a style statement, but it is also a cultural symbol that is worn proudly by African Americans. 

What Are Tribal Braids

Tribal braids are said to have originated in the early 3500 BC in Africa where it was popularly worn by young women.

The Himba People of Namibia were the first to start practicing the braid and it was used to reveal information about the person wearing it. The type of braid tells you about the person’s wealth, age, religion, marital status, etc. 

It was also seen as a means to socialize with the community since the process of braiding takes a long time and you need help from others to do it neatly.  

Today, tribal braids have become a style statement and have been worn by men and women of all ages and cultures.

Top Tribal Braids 2024

Fulani Braids

fulani tribal braids

Fulani braids are a beautiful combination of cornrows braided at the center of your head, a braid wrapped around your hairline, and cornrows braided in the opposite direction towards your face. 

They are often accessorized with embellishments like hair beads and headbands. This updo is known as Fulani Braids because it was popularised by the Fula people of Africa. 

It was also made popular by Alicia Keys who often wore it. 

Today, it is a very popular braid that is worn by people in mainstream culture. 

This is not something that is just worn casually, they have been worn by celebrities in red carpets and even portrayed on mainstream media. 

If you think that your hair is too short for these braids, you can just use some hair extensions to achieve the look. 

The best part is that you can customize it according to your likes. 

Add different types of beads and hair jewelry to elevate your look. This look is perfect for summer and can provide long-lasting protection to your hair. 

If you find it difficult to manage your hair, you can put it up in a bun or knots to keep it under control. Space buns with Fulani braids look super cute. 

Middle part tribal braid

tribal braids with knotless ends

Middle parting your hair is always a good idea because it makes you look younger. 

It also makes your face and your hair look more aligned. This look works best for people with round-faced or oval-faced people. 

If you want to highlight your eyes, a middle-parted tribal braid is a great option. 

You can use the long braids in the front to make your face appear long and slim. 

Side part tribal braids

straight back tribal braids

Side parted hair is perfect for accentuating your beautiful cheekbone structure. 

This type of braid works best for people with diamond or square face shapes. It also helps in drawing attention to your eyes. 

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I love side-parted tribal braids because it looks really neat and crisp. Your jawline also gets its share of the limelight with this updo. 

This hairstyle has a very delicate and feminine vibe to it. You can try different types of braids with this updo to add your own twist to the look. 

Jumbo Tribal braids

jumbo tribal braids

This hairstyle is for all the lazy bums who do their hair on their own. It is also a great choice for people who do not have much time to spare at a salon since it takes relatively less time than other braids. 

Since you have to take huge chunks of hair to do this braid rather than taking small sections, you will save a lot of time and energy. 

And it looks so beautiful! You can even add extensions to increase the thickness of the braids

You can try different types of braids such as twisted braids or cornrows with these chunky hair sections. 

Try decorating your braids with embellishments and beads to spruce up your look. 

Ghana Braids

top tribal braids 2021

Ghana braids are traditionally worn by women in Ghana. These tend to be thicker and longer than your regular braid. 

People often use extensions while getting this braid to make the hair look thick. You need thick hair to braid the hair straight back from the forehead. 

You might know this updo from its other popular names like straight backs, Cherokee braids, and banana braids. This is a very versatile braid that can be worn in so many ways. 

You can combine this braid with curly hair for a glamorous look. You can also combine it with buns, cornrows, high pony, crochet curls, etc to make heads turn. 

Long Tribal Braids

tribal braids for long hair

If you have long hair, these long tribal braids are your best friend. Long hair is generally high maintenance and takes up a lot of your time and energy. 

So if you want to get rid of all the hassle, you can simply tie them up in these beautiful tribal braids. 

This hairstyle is such a practical option for people with long hair and it protects your hair. You can also try out different looks, thanks to the length of your hair. 

You can put them up in a knot or pull the top part behind to make a crown on your hair. 

Also, these braids give you a lot of space to decorate your tresses and hair clips, add jewels, beads, shells, etc. 

Short tribal braids

tribal braids for short hair

There is a common misconception that tribal braids only work for people with long hair. 

But that is of course, not true. People with any hair length can totally rock tribal braids and short hair with tribal hair is such a look. 

Although some people choose to add hair extensions to their tribal braids, you don’t really have to do that. 

A chin or mid-length tribal hairstyle is unique and will make sure that you look gorgeous. 

Short hair also requires less time to style than long hair. But you have to make sure that your braids look organic on short hair. 

You do not have to worry about getting the same length of braids with short hair since it usually doesn’t come out in equal lengths. 

Tribal braids with ponytail

ponytail tribal braids hairstyles

If you think that your tribal braids are too thick and long to manage properly, make way for tribal braids with ponytails. 

You can simply stack your braids at the top of your head and fasten them with a rubber band. 

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It is recommended to braid your hair towards the top to get a neat finish. 

But do not pull it too tight as it could lead to breakage and hair loss. 

You can spruce up your look by wrapping a few braids around the base of your ponytail. 

This updo will make you look like a literal goddess, especially if you have long hair. 

Tribal braids bun

tribal braids with bun on top

This is another updo that will keep your braids in place and make you look gorgeous. 

The tribal braids in a bun will make you look elegant and are perfect for formal events. 

The braids will be stacked beautifully on your head which is a great way to style them. 

You can even leave a few loose on the sides of your face to get a good frame. These braids will look pretty with seashell decorations. 

This is one of those tribal braids that will work perfectly for events like weddings and other parties. 

There are different types of buns that can be done with tribal braids. 

You can look for something more subtle by keeping your bun at the bottom of your head near the neck. 

Another interesting idea is to twist and turn these braids to get a perfect high bun.

Tribal braids with colour

color treated tribal braids hairstyle

If you are in the mood to experiment with your tribal braids, you should try out some funky colors on them. Colored braided hair is another level of gorgeousness. 

If you do not want to fully commit to it, you could choose to color only a few strands. 

You can even use those temporary hair color sprays or colored extensions to get this look. 

Bohemian Tribal braids


Move over traditional braids because bohemian tribal braids are one of the hottest hairstyles now. 

The bohemian braids are a combination of tribal braids and your loose hair in their natural texture. This is such a unique look and makes you look wild. 

Lemonade tribal braids

beyonce braids hairstyle

These braids are often distinguished by closely-knit cornrows that are parted on the side, from left to right. 

This side-swept look is perfect for people with diamond or heart-shaped faces and round face shapes.

This hairstyle is popularly known as “Lemonade Braids” because it was worn by Beyonce on the cover of her album “Lemonade”.

Tribal braids with curly ends


This is the perfect hairstyle for girls with natural hair because it helps in showing off their beautiful curls. 

The ends are left without braiding which creates a beautiful finish to your updo. 

Triangle part tribal braids

3 layer tribal braids

These tribal braids give a triangular pattern to your scalp. 

The hair is sectioned in such a way that your hair leaves triangular sections after being braided. 

This looks unique and beautiful on your scalp and is perfect for someone who wants to move on from the classic styles of braiding.

How Do I Create Tribal Braids On My Hair

When it comes to braiding hairstyles, one of the most popular and trendy styles is tribal braids. These braids have been around for centuries and are rooted in traditional African culture, creating a striking and bold look.

But before you book an appointment with your hairdresser, it’s important to note that the kind of hair you need for tribal braids is critical.

First of all, you need to have healthy hair that can handle the braiding process without breaking or thinning out. Healthier hair will also hold braids better and longer, making them look neat and attractive. If you have weak or damaged hair, seek professional advice before getting tribal braids.

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Additionally, you want to make sure your hair is long enough to achieve the desired result. Typically, hair that is at least ten inches long is perfect for braiding.

Short hair may not braid well or may require the use of extensions. Keep in mind that tribal braids require a lot of hair extensions, so be prepared to buy and use them if your hair is not naturally thick and long.

Finally, you want to consider your hair texture. Straight hair will require a lot of manipulation and products to keep the braids in shape, while curly hair is more flexible and easier to work with.

Those with natural hair are more likely to get the best outcome as this style is traditionally designed for natural and kinky hair types.

In summary, to rock tribal braids, your hair needs to be long, healthy, and have the ability to hold braids. Remember to always take care of your natural hair first before attempting any styles and seek professional help if needed.

How To Take Care Of Tribal Braids

Tribal braids are a popular hairstyle due to their unique and intricate design. However, it is essential to take care of them regularly to maintain their beauty and prevent damage.

The first step in taking care of your tribal braids is to properly wash and condition your hair. Use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner and gently massage the scalp to rid it of any dirt or buildup. Avoid using hot water, as it can loosen the braids and cause them to unravel. Keeping your hair hydrated is also essential.

Apply a leave-in conditioner or oil to the braids and the scalp to prevent them from drying out. You can also use a spray bottle to mist your braids with water throughout the day. Sleeping with a silk or satin scarf or pillowcase can protect your braids from friction and breakage.

It’s also important to avoid using tight hair ties or rubber bands, as they can cause tension and damage to the braids. Regular maintenance, such as getting occasional touch-ups and avoiding excessive styling or manipulation, can extend the lifespan of your tribal braids.

Remember to be gentle with your hair to prevent it from becoming frizzy or damaged. In summary, taking care of your tribal braids requires dedication and patience.

Proper washing, hydration, and maintenance can help you achieve a flawless and long-lasting look. With the right care, you can enjoy your tribal braids without worrying about damage or breakage.

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And these were some of my favorite top tribal braids. 

If you don’t have hair long enough for these hairstyles, you can always use extensions or crochet hair to get the look!

The best part about braids is that they are a protective hairstyle and help grow your natural hair too.

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