Cinnamon Red Hair Color On Black Hair

12 Amazing Cinnamon Red Hair Color On Black Hair 2023

Looking for cinnamon red hair color on black hair? Check out these latest trends of cinnamon red hair on black hair. It’s a beautiful color that will make you stand out from the crowd.

There is something special about the color cinnamon red! It is a shade that is not brown, nor is it red, it is the perfect in-between color that blends both these shades perfectly.

It looks spicy and fiery, radiating a very fierce and bold vibe. It looks absolutely gorgeous and bright!

I’m pretty sure that some of you guys with black hair or darker hair shades may be wondering whether this color shade can be one that you can get too. What will the shade cinnamon red look like on black hair? Does black hair require to be dyed before coloring it cinnamon red?

Well, you have the questions and we have the answers to them! This article will talk about dyeing your hair cinnamon red on black hair in addition to giving you hair color ideas with this beautiful shade.

So here are all the details you need, below!

Top 12 Cinnamon Red Hair Color Ideas for Black Hair

Faded Cinnamon Red Hair Color

You must be wondering how exactly black hair can obtain this faded cinnamon-red color. Well, it is possible only if you bleach your hair and get it lighter by a couple of levels to obtain this pale yet radiant shade.

Cinnamon Red Hair Color On Black Hair
Source: Instagram @bellojarvenpaa

This shade of cinnamon red is more like cinnamon brown, with a slight tinge of red. It reminds me of one of the subtle colors of fall, radiating a sense of serenity.

Dark Cinnamon Red Hair Color

This one is for all those of you who are against bleaching your hair! Well, while it’s a great idea not to bleach your idea, you may not get the classic and typical cinnamon red shade if that’s what you are looking for, but nevertheless, you can still get this dark cinnamon red hair color that looks absolutely gorgeous as well!

cinnamon red hair colour
Source: Instagram @noramunozhair

This shade of cinnamon red is dark because of the black base and is a color closer to red with a touch of cinnamon brown.

Radiant Cinnamon Red Hair Color

This color is one of my personal favourite shades of cinnamon red. It is bright, radiant and looks stunning! But can you get this shade without having to bleach your hair? Well, no, you will definitely have to bleach your hair, get it down by a few levels, and then dye it a classic cinnamon-red shade.

cinnamon red colour
Source: Instagram @alliewella

If you’re looking for the perfect blend of the colors cinnamon and red, this one’s it!

Dark Cinnamon Red Streaks on Black Hair

Are you looking to get a dark cinnamon red hair color, but do not want to take the chance of coloring all your black hair wondering whether it will suit you or not?

red cinnamon hair color
Source: Instagram @wellaprocy

Well, how about getting yourself dark cinnamon-red hair streaks? These streaks will add depth to your hair while also giving it a touch of cinnamon red. It will undoubtedly improve the vibrancy and radiance of your hair look.

Overpowering Red with Cinnamon Hair Color

Do you want the cinnamon red shade, but not too much of the cinnamon part, just a touch of cinnamon with more of the red?

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Well, this shade can give you that color! This shade of overpowering red will make your hair look red, with the perfect touch of cinnamon.

cinnamon global hair colour
Source: Instagram @bellojarvenpaa

So, if you’re wondering whether you’d require to bleach your hair to obtain this shade, well, you’d definitely have to go a shade lighter than black.

Cinnamon Red with Brown Balayage

This shade of cinnamon red is almost like brown, with a hint of cinnamon red. If you do not wish to dye your hair completely with the cinnamon red shade, then how about going in for the balayage look?

dark cinnamon hair color
Source: Instagram @hairbykristinsnow

It is one that can let you keep your black hair while giving your hair the perfect vibrancy of this brownish shade of cinnamon red.

Cinnamon Red on Dark Brown Base Hair

If your hair is not completely jet black, but closer to dark brown, then check out this one. Getting this cinnamon-red shade requires no bleaching of your hair. All you need to do is simply dye your hair with this cinnamon-red color.

cinnamon brown hair color black girl
Source: Instagram @maryelizabeth_hairartisty

Well, of course, you will not get the “typical” cinnamon red shade because of your brown hair base, but this shade is still vibrant.

Classic Cinnamon Red Hair

This shade is the classic “cinnamon red” shade of hair color. If you have black hair, then you will have no choice but to bleach your hair so you can get this shade. But the good part is you may only require one bleaching session to lighten your hair.

cinnamon red hair color highlights
Source: Instagram @koikonomakou

It is a typical shade of cinnamon red, that has both the touch of the color of cinnamon and red blended in equally.

Cinnamon Red Enhanced Ombre Highlights

If you are someone not keen on bleaching all your hair but do want to get dark cinnamon red hair, then how about try out the ombre highlighting hairstyle?

how to get cinnamon hair color
Source: Instagram @the_envy_society

You can get your cinnamon red hair, but also keep your black hair color at the same time. This shade is a dark shade of cinnamon red wherein you will require to bleach only a few sections of your hair for the highlight, whilst the rest of your hair can remain black.

Cinnamon Red on Ginger Brown Hair

If you like this shade of cinnamon red, wherein it looks closer to ginger, then how about bleaching your black hair a shade lighter until it looks like dark orange and then dyeing your hair cinnamon red?

what is cinnamon hair color
Source: Instagram @wellahair

With this, you can obtain this beautiful shade of cinnamon red, that looks like it has been dyed on a ginger hair base.

Fiery Cinnamon Red Hair

This shade is by far my favourite shade of cinnamon red. It is one that stands out because of how bold it is. The color is rich and vibrant.

what color is cinnamon red
Source: Instagram @ehair_hairstyling

To obtain this hair color, you will require to bleach your hair, bring it down to a shade or two lighter, and then dye it cinnamon red. Getting this hair color is one that can for sure get heads turning in your direction when in a crowd!

Royal Cinnamon Red Hair

There’s a reason this shade is called “royal”, because of how gorgeous it looks! It is almost like the classic shade of cinnamon red, but with a lesser touch of the shade of red and more of the cinnamon shade.

what does cinnamon hair color look like
Source: Instagram @wellanordic

Again, it will require bleaching your black hair, but I’m certain you wouldn’t require too many bleaching sessions.

What Color Is Cinnamon Red Hair?

This color is a rare shade, a blend of red and brown. It radiates the vibrancy and the warmth of the color of fall leaves; I think this will give you a clearer picture of what the color looks like, right?

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The color cinnamon red varies in shade depending on the person’s base hair color is. If you have darker hair shades (black, dark brown), the color cinnamon red will be dark and fiery.

If you dye your light hair (blonde, platinum, silver shades) cinnamon red, then you will have a lighter shade of this color, closer to the orange or pumpkin color.

Do You Have To Bleach Your Hair To Dye It Cinnamon Color?

Well, if you want the authentic and original “cinnamon red” shade for your hair, then there’s no other way out than to bleach your black hair first, bring it down by a couple of levels and then dye it cinnamon red.

Once the hair is bleached, it becomes lighter in color and will absorb the color of the cinnamon red dye more effectively. It will make the shade look more enhanced, vibrant, and fierce.

So, if you wish to get this bold, yet classic and elegant shade of cinnamon red, then bleaching it first will be your only option.

Does Cinnamon Red Dye Show On Black Hair?

A lot of people do not like using bleach on their hair because of the damage it causes. Well, fair enough, you’re absolutely right, it does cause damage!

But does that mean you cannot dye your hair cinnamon red because the color will not show? Absolutely not! You can dye your hair this gorgeous color and it will definitely show.

Now what you need to know is that the color cinnamon red will show up differently on different hair shades. The lighter the base hair shade, the more pronounced will the cinnamon red hair dye will look.

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So, since black is a dark color, the color cinnamon red will show up, definitely adding a tinge of color to the hair, but in a darker tone of the cinnamon red shade. The changes will be subtle but will show for sure, in its own unique way.

The final takeaway

Cinnamon red is a rare and lovely hair shade to get even if you have black hair. Be it directly dyeing your black hair this color or bleaching it to obtain a lighter shade of cinnamon red, this color offers a variety of shade choices for you to choose from.

If you don’t think you can pull off this bleaching and dyeing stunt on your own (if you’re a first-timer), then consult a stylist to get yourself this bold, fiery, and spicy hair color to up your look like never before!

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