Hair Streak Ideas for Long Hair

21 Stunning Hair Streak Ideas for Long Hair 2023

Looking for hair streak ideas for long hair? Check out these awesome hair streak ideas that will make you look stylish and beautiful!

Maybe you are looking to get a change in hair color but you aren’t looking for a change that is drastic. Well then, getting hair streaks is a fashionable trend that never gets old!

It can rev up your style like never before and give your hair a more personalized look. Streaks can be got on any base hair color, in the shade of your choice of course! There are streaks that blend in, whilst some others stand out because of their stark contrast.

There are a lot of hairstreak ideas to choose from and this article has plenty of ideas just for you! So go ahead and check out these super trending hair streak ideas for long hair.

Trending Hair Streak Ideas for Long Hair

Golden Brown Streaks on Black Hair

The color golden is rather bright, but when combined with brown, the shade is beautiful. Getting golden brown streaks on black hair as the background can make an absolutely lovely color combination for contrasting streaks.

Hair Streak Ideas for Long Hair
Source: Instagram @nisha_umashankar_official

Since the color golden brown is on the lighter side, when it is on black hair, it can stand out perfectly and add just the right tinge of color to your hair!

Faded Red Streaks on Black Hair

Getting bright red streaks on black hair can make a lovely stark color combination, but not everyone likes bright colors, right?

hair streaks vs highlights
Source: Instagram @prettygirlsalon25

Well, how about settling in for the same shade, because red is a lovely color, but in just a more subtle color – faded red. It will add color to your hair, but just enough and not too much!

Faded Red Streaks on Blonde Hair

Faded red streaks with black hair are pretty cool, right? But what happens when your base hair is blonde? Will faded red streaks suit blondes as well?

hair streaks for black hair
Source: Instagram @allcutupsalon

Undoubtedly, yes! For all you blondes out there, this one’s for you! Faded red streaks will look just as cool as getting them with black hair as their base.

Blue Streaks on Black Hair

There’s something cool about the blend of colors blue and black. They are both dark shades but still make a rather striking combination. That’s something I really like.

one streak of color in hair
Source: Instagram @bethdoironphoto

Blue is a lovely shade by itself and when blue streaks are coupled with black hair, it looks absolutely stunning!

Brown Ginger Streaks on Black Hair

The shade of brown ginger is simply gorgeous! It is a mellow, yet so radiant shade. Getting brown ginger streaks to contrast your black hair will make a super lovely combination.

hair streaks front
Source: Instagram @marvel_hairsalon

I really find the shade brown ginger streaks on black to look extremely royal. Well, is it just me, or it actually does look royal, doesn’t it?

Sunshine Yellow Streaks on Peanut Brown Hair

Well, if you are someone who likes to stray from the regular, then this one’s for you! Sunshine yellow streaks literally stand out when on peanut brown hair.

hair streaks ideas
Source: Instagram @moonlitstrand

The combination of these two colors is super rare, but makes one of the most superb color blends. I’m sure with streaks like these, you will have heads turning in your direction!

Honey Colored Streaks on Brown Hair

If you do want to experiment and get hair streaks, but you’re a first-timer at streaking and don’t know whether you can pull it off, then I’m sure you wouldn’t want to stray too far from your natural or base hair color.

hair streaks color for indian hair
Source: Instagram @briohairandmakeoverstudio

Well, if you already have brown hair, getting honey-colored streaks can add the perfect touch of color and vibrancy to your hair!

Dark Chocolate Brown Streaks on Black Hair

This one’s one of my personal favourites. The very idea of getting dark-colored streaks on a dark hair background is in itself interesting. It is different, a good different of course!

hair streaks for long hair
Source: Instagram @embellish.theunisexstudio

Many think that dark-on-dark colors may not stand out as much. Well, guess what, it does! These dark chocolate brown streaks on black hair look absolutely gorgeous!

Orange Streaks on Brown Hair

Orange and brown as a combination is rare, don’t you think? It is a pretty awesome combination in my opinion.

hair highlights ideas for long hair
Source: Instagram @yoonacass_mmalover

Getting orange streaks by itself is rare because not many people choose this color for their streaks, but what’s even rarer is the brown base hair color to get these lovely streaks on!

Dark Brown Streaks on Blonde Hair

When I look at this stark color contrast between the dark and the light, I love how unique it is. We have dark brown streaks on blonde hair that show a very visible contrast between the streaks and one’s base hair color which is something rare and totally unique!

hair streaks for fair skin
Source: Instagram @kie_2_urheart

Getting these streaks will definitely make you the cynosure of all eyes!

Purple Streaks on Black Hair

Purple is a color that is loved by many. I mean, what’s not to love about this shade, right? It is soothing and calm in its visual appearance.

hair streaks for black hair
Source: Instagram @3rd_gregorio

Getting yourself purple streaks on black hair can up your hair’s appearance like never before and increase its visual appeal making your hair look more radiant and vibrant. While it is a common streak idea, it never gets old!

Voodoo Green Streaks on Black Hair

Voodoo green is a super rare shade for someone to get streaks in. Not many people choose green, thus making it unique if you do!

streak ideas for hair
Source: Instagram @human_hair.wig

If you like to do something different, then this is a good different for you to try! Black and green make a lovely color combination that is super visually appealing as well.

Shaded Rainbow Streaks on Light Purple Hair

Everything about this streak idea spells gorgeous! Don’t you think so too? This steak idea is super unique because we often see people get streaks with dark hair base colors like black or brown, or light base hair colors like blonde or platinum.

hair streaks highlights
Source: Instagram @pulpriothair

Well, here we have a light purple base hair color along with rare shaded rainbow-colored streaks. If you like to be different, then this one’s for you!

Rainbow Streaks on Silver Platinum Hair

Here’s yet another rainbow streaks idea if you didn’t much fancy the purple base hair one, then try this one out. Here, the base hair color is rather neutral, with a platinum silver shade, along with rainbow-colored streaks.

hair streaks for medium hair
Source: Instagram @she_runs_withscissors

This streak idea is classy and rare. So, if you are someone who likes to stand out in a crowd and start a new trend in your group, this one’s for you!

Hot Pink Streaks on Black Hair

Hot pink is a really vibrant color and what makes hot pink streaks on black hair as its base unique, is its sharp color contrast.

best highlights for long hair
Source: Instagram @cosmic.artistry

The difference between the streaks and the base color is stark and that’s what makes one’s hairstyle stand out. Pink is a color that radiates the perfect vibe and looks stunning in appearance.

Pink Streaks on Beige Blonde Hair

For those of you who already have lighter base hair shades, especially if your base hair color is beige blonde or blonde, then you can be sure that pink streaks will look perfect on your hair!

long hair highlights for dark hair
Source: Instagram @m.hairsalon

You like the idea of pink streaks, but your hair is not black, well, just get the same pink streaks on your blonde hair. Yes, it is possible and it will look absolutely gorgeous nonetheless.

Silver Platinum Streaks on Black Hair

When I see this hairstyle, the silver platinum streaks on black hair, I’m reminded of Yin-Yang. But here instead of black and white, we have black and silver platinum, but with the same color contrast – dark and light.

highlights for long straight hair
Source: Instagram @faith.laforest

There is something about stark combinations like dark and light that make it a perfect blend of colors that stand out and this black and silver platinum contrast is one of them!

Strawberry Blonde Streaks on Brown Hair

Strawberry blonde streaks is a color of streaks that is rare and almost unheard of because not many know and think of this shade as one for hair streaks in particular.

should i get streaks in my hair
Source: Instagram @sinaivc

This color blends in very well with brown hair bases. Light brown to dark brown, these strawberry blonde-colored streaks will look beautiful on your hair!

Maroon Streaks on Blonde Hair

Maroon is a rather rare shade when it comes to getting streaks, because people often choose red or pink, but not this in-between shade, right?

what is hair streaks
Source: Instagram @missshaystyles

But what is rarer still is the blending these maroon streaks into a blonde hair base. Why blonde? Well, because the color black is too mainstream! Maroon and blonde can make a very pretty color combination and will rev up your hair look perfectly!

Burgundy Red Streaks on Black Hair

Many people often consider dyeing their hair burgundy red, but then have that thought in their minds – “Will it suit me?”.

are hair streaks permanent
Source: Instagram @salonshashini

Well, how about start off with just getting burgundy red streaks on your black hair base, for starters and then if you like it, consider dyeing all your hair this color! It is one that looks good and literally will suit anyone who gets it!

Turquoise Aquamarine Streaks on Black Hair

When I see the color turquoise aquamarine, I am reminded of the sea. The color is pure, refreshing, soothing and undoubtedly gorgeous. It is a color that can increase one’s visual appeal in one attempt.

what are streaks in hair
Source: Instagram @damselinfantasy

Well, getting turquoise aquamarine streaks on a black hair base will give you the same feeling! The contrast is stark and the visual appearance on the hair is stunning and one that you cannot miss looking at in a crowd!

The final takeaway

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While getting streaks is a fashionable hairstyle that never goes out of trend, this fashion lay dormant for some time while there were some other hairstyle ideas that took over, like ombre and balayage. But over time, it looks like this classic hairstyle has come back in style.

Well, if this is not a sign for you to get yourself streaks, then what is? So, hop on this trend today!

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